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Refining the 2 Seedline belief

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In my opinion to this deep subject. I understand the two seed-line message as the trees in the garden of Eden being nations that bear the fruits of knowledge or food. The tree of good and evil was race mixing and chaos. The spirit of this tree came into Eve. The spirit was sin or death. Staying pure and separate from evil was 50% to 50%. Adam and Eve was not trust worthy to be in the garden of Eden. Afterword doing your best--- got you a long happy life and that was it. The more you sin---- the more hard work and toll.
Well Cain was the first born of Adam and Eve. So he received the spirit of Satan. Continued sorrow of Adam and Eve over the sin in the garden of Eden controlled the spirit of Satan before the next Son was born called Able.
The spirit of jealousy and laziness inside Cain caused him to murder. The Spirit already inside the colored man all over the world.
The white man was on the earth before Adam and eve. The rebellion of Satan and his angels earth brought the spirit of Cain to the whole earth against the white man. The colored peoples of the earth were happy being hunter gathers being beasts of Field before the rebellion. The garden of Eden was a place to bring the spirit of Yahweh to the whole earth. First to the white man then the benefits spread to the whole earth. The mark of Cain is identified as jealousy of Yahwehs favor to the white man. Cain is best described as a race trader. Better keep an eye on the colored/black man on account of jealousy.
The white man is truly a DNA image clone of Yahweh.
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