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SIN in Psalms and Proverbs ( Classics )

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Sin in Psalms [2013] examines Yahweh's feelings towards the lawless by first defining SIN in His Word. This study opens in the book of Job then proceeds to showcase vital passages pertaining to wickedness from king David's Psalms all establishing that evil men "reap what they sow" and are always judged according to their own desires. Most importantly we verify Christians should pray against the devil's seed.

coven185 | 2013

Sin in Proverbs [2013] looks at key verses from the wise book of Proverbs all dealing with the demoralizing topic of SIN or iniquity. Most importantly this "meaty" sermon identifies the habitual behaviors and eventual rewards of the wicked providing numerous passages to hopefully rebuke rebellious Israelites into obedience. The listener can learn how to spot false prophets and fortify their own faith.

coven183 | 2013
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