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The Lost Gospel of Peter ( Classics )

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Lost Gospel of Peter (Part #1) [2012] starts our investigation into this shorter non-canonized text detailing the Crucifixion of Christ. Peter's version defers slightly from that found in the Authorized Bible thus we provide clarification on key points important to the Christian. Here the disciple makes no apologizes on transcribing some of the darker aspects surrounding Yahshua's death, burial and Resurrection.

MP4 | 2013

Lost Gospel of Peter (Part #2) [2012] completes our two part examination into the "lost" Gospel of Peter on the 4th of July! In this sermon we highlight several inconsistencies between the historical book and the post-Crucifixion accounts detailed in the King James Version of the Bible. The apostle Peter explains the government attempted to falsely accuse the remaining disciples of burning down churches.

MP4 | 2013
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