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Habakkuk's Prophecy ( CPM Classics )

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Prophecy of Habakkuk (Part #1) [2008] begins our study into the darker prophesies of the so-called "minor prophet." This 40 minute sermon scrutinizes Habakkuk's prayer against Israel and Yahweh's Judgment of their harsh Babylonian dispersion and captivity. Christians can only learn how to survive in "rebuilt Babylon" by learning the morality of Yahweh though this same prophetical book.

MP4 | 2013

Prophecy of Habakkuk (Part #2) [2008] discovers Yahweh's authentic "character" by contrasting it to that of Israel's Babylonian captors. In this 40 minute sermon Habakkuk is instructed to “write the vision for an appointed end time” meaning that today's Christians are able to differentiate the enemies of Christ by studying this hostile prophecy against them and also through faithful living.

MP4 | 2013

Prophecy of Habakkuk (Part #3) [2008] examines final Judgment against four distinct classes of sinful man; the greedy, the covetous, the drunk and the idolater. This 40 minute sermon confirms that (during rebuilt Babylon) Yahweh's "ultimate purpose" is that “the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of God” as opposed to sinful and corrupt man being served as lowercase "gods" themselves.

MP4 | 2013

Prophecy of Habakkuk (Part #4) [2008] concludes our series on the prophetic visions of the "minor prophet." This 40 minute sermon covers "the prayer of Habakkuk" and examines Yahweh's ultimate Judgment against foreign races and atheists. The most import aspect of this final part is that it teaches Christians how to avoid the numerous plagues and curses covered in this four-part study.

MP4 | 2013
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