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Best of Dr. Wesley Swift

04-29-64 Bible Study Q&A

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Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers
By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION: Spiritual power and blessing. why prayer isn't answered--- The Mantle of Elijah---- how can this power be obtained?

ANSWER: --- Lets take another question first, if we get into this first we will be here all night.

QUESTION: How can we determine God's Word in the Bible and someone else word? You get into a discussion with someone and they say, but you only pick out of the Bible what you want to believe --- how do you face that?

ANSWER: Well, the way you face this situation is to remember that most of these people are talking from a lack of knowledge, where as the thing you are discussing with them is from an area of knowledge. Now, the bible contains the Word of God, and most of it is inspired. However, there are books that are not inspired included therein. The book of Esther is a fraudulent book, it has a fictitious background in much of its material. It was written by Jewry, it excuses and creates a foundation for liquidation and persecution of their enemies. Esther seduced a King, and in the background of this was strictly Jewish story concocted log after the events, and should not have been considered inspired. Then the Song of Solomon is another phoney book. It does not have the name of God in it even once, and deals with the love affairs supposedly of Solomon, and three or four others of different races, Negroes and everything else and is actually a phoney book. It was not written by Solomon but was created long after his time. You have 66 books, and two of them were not inspired. These were the books correlated at the council of Nice after Constantine had decided that they should finally bind together and certify books that they should decide were official. They were to try at that time to uniform all churches and form a sort of solidified church with an official foundation in scripture. Actually we have told you before there were 163 books, or scrolls which were spiritually inspired which go back to the days of Adam. The Books of Adam and Eve, the Books of Seth, the Book of the Bee, the Books of Enoch, such as the Secrets of Enoch, the Pillars of Enoch, the Book of Enoch, and the Tower of Enoch. And we could go on and name a wast number of books which were a part of the sacred scrolls and writings. And all inspired and valuable records, and equally inspired with the most of the contents of this Book. These were quoted in scripture -- The Zohar-- all the things that God revealed to men all that he spoke to them for instruction and knowledge. And so there was the book of the Zohar and it extended over a millennium of time even in its being put together, as it wrote concerning the things of God had given unto the Patriarchs, and coming on down.

Now, there were certain things, everything which was placed in the scripture originally were inspired and true, however most of this was written in ancient Hebrew-- Coptic and Aramaic and then it was translated into Latin and Greek. It was the subject to being changed by the Jews when they wanted to subordinate the doctrine of true Israel, to their own Rabbinical position. They adjusted it in the Septuagint and then adjusted it again. But that doesn't mean that when you have a Bible translation that most of it is not true, but there areas where they have been obscured. There are areas where they have been obscured. There are areas where they sought to place a different picture, for the Jews always sought to get in on a transitional line. And remember that when we talk about Jews, we are not talking about Judah as a student of Identity understands. We are talking about the people of today known as Jews-- some are Hittites, Amalakites, Kazars, some are Cainites direct, some are out of other mongrel backgrounds, such as fallen Archangels, and other angels who didn't keep their first estate in the days of the Luciferian rebelling. So today basically their posterity are the people we call Jews. We don't have to prove that to you tonight, as most of you know this, and this is not our subject, but these people were always trying to create for themselves a background for being an authority for all sacred writings. There are all colors and kinds of Jews, and they are behind practically every religion on the face of the Earth. They created the Red Lamasaries of upper Tibet, they are behind early witchcraft, and today they conduct in Africa a whole school for Witchdoctors which is a black Jew school. So in this instance they latch onto areas of theology and try to twist and turn this as well.

Now, these Usurpers tried to come and take over the theology of Israel, they were the strangers, the mixed multitudes, the ones whose countenances Moses speaks about in the book of Deuteronomy, as God warned Israel to never let these people join them or live among you. Whereas the children of your race were the seed of the Most High, were a part of the branch of the Kingdom. Remember Jesus said :--- you are the branches and I am the vine, we being the offspring of the household of the Most High God, and they being the vine of the Devil, the Dragon and the Asp etc. And the book of Deut. explains this. But they were seeking constantly to join themselves to our race, and our theology and then twist it, pervert it, and move in as an authority and claim super authority over all the rest----this was strictly a Jewish design.

Now, when ever they got a hold of a chance to influence a translation, they always tried to inject themselves into the picture, and make themselves the people of the book. And then denounce some one else, and by this process the Jews were called in on numerous occasions. Rome made the mistake of letting Jews control translations of the Latin Vulgate from the Septuagint, and thus it is that we have the Douay Version affected by this. And when the King James Version was translated in the times of King James, he thought he was doing a monumental task---and he was---to put the English translation of the Bible in the hands of the people so they could read the scriptures. Like the Gutenberg Bible the concept was that the Aryan people would have the Bible to read. From Central Europe---German and all over the western world they would now have the Bible, but these men didn't translate the Bible---they printed it. So those who worked over the translation which Gutenberg the printer had printed had behind them---so called Jew Scholars, and these Jews scholars sought to obscure the identification of Judah, by every time this word came along they would refer to them as Jews, except in the Old Testament. They sought to obscure the New Testament in every way, and so confuse people, therefore in the King James Version they used the words Jew and Gentile, when actually it was talking about Judah and the Ethene or other Tribes. The translation:---"There is no difference in the Jew and the Greek"---should be---there is no difference between a man of Judah and a Greek who is of the same Race. But actually there is a vast difference between those we call Jews today and those Israelites at that time who were Greeks.

Thus always the deceivers were struggling to gain control of religion, on the grounds that if they gained control of religion, they could hold the fear of all kinds of situations over peoples heads. Imaginary kinds of punishment, all kinds of terrible destinies for not getting the type of obedience they wanted as they sought to weave into scriptures these errors. In fact all the brimstone, hellfire fury that was put into the scriptures was done by Jewry. They did it in Rome. They did it in central Europe and left it in the Kings James Version. And the scholarship that helped the translation of the King James Version was basically Jewish scholarship. But fortunately in the areas of Greek scholarship and Latin scholarship there was enough stability in the ancient tradition to hold it more stable than the Vulgates. They had been able to make more changes in the Vulgates and the Septuagint and Sinatic manuscripts about God, the attributes of God don't Change. He is Omnipotent with all power, He is Omniscient with all Wisdom, and if HE has all power and all wisdom it becomes quite obvious that He is going to have his way. If that were not possible there would be some question about the intelligence, so therefore he said;----"I am going to do all my will, and nothing is going to stay it"----ALL My WILL, all my pleasure making this the understanding rule, that God is righteous, he is good, that there isn't any concept or capacity in the nature of God to not do that which is best, and operates and functions this way. But because such righteousness existing as positive, there is a possibility of a negative, and thus the rebellion of it was Luciferianism.

But getting back to this----therefore we know these certain things about God. First---whatever He said he was going to do, or covenanted to do He is going to do. Nothing is going to stay it, nothing is going to stop it because He has all power and all the wisdom. Secondly we know that in all areas where they have brought in what was not supported by the scripture, all the way thru---in continuity. For instances---first the fear complexes, and the flaming tortures. In the first palace we know that God would not set up such a place like this which would eternally punish or destroy, he would not create a situation like this because it would not be according to his nature. Because he has all power, and all Will he could have forestalled and stayed any of these things, so this wouldn't be according to his nature.

Again---any doctrine---any teaching which is in opposition to the nature of God, and in opposition to what doctrine, any teaching which is in opposition to the nature of God, and in opposition to what He declared He is going to do is fictitious. For He said: "All Israel" all the white Adamic race is going to be saved. Saved from what? Any teaching which is in opposition to the nature of God, and in opposition to what He declared He is going to do, anything thus in opposition, is fictitious. For He says saved:---from transgression of errors, not from flaming areas of punishment; imaginary punishment the Jews concocted to take control of religion and then control it with their Priestcraft.

Now; when we say this again, by this very process, the nature of God has said:-- "I am going to do something." We have all kinds of statements in the Catholic Bibles, in Protestant Bibles. And these Jews were not able to obscure all these areas even though they did obscure parts of it. For here God also says:--"Those I did for know I did predestinate." From what? From the foundation of the world. He did predestinate something with all power and all wisdom from before the foundation of the world. You can be absolutely sure He is going to bring it to pass. Since He has said "I call my sheep by name, I lead them out, and all that the Father (spirit) hath given Me shall come", then everything moves with the sovereignty of being positive, and thus we positively know for instance that in this area, that if along comes something which denies what God said, what He said positively that He would do, then you look with suspect on the area of denial and see what touched it and where it came from. And generally you find that it is a twisting of their translation and by product of their handling which creates what looks like denial of what God would be able to accomplish, as well as His objective.

Now, one of the things we must always understand, is that difference in Plains and Dimensions; Celestial world, physical world, spiritual dominions and physical dimensions.

Now, the law of sowing and reaping which we have mentioned before, and again becomes a pattern, always must be with in the same plain. In otherwords, what is sown in the physical world, you must reap in a physical world. It can't be reaped in a spiritual world. Therefore you can't say that a punishment for something done in a physical world can be reaped in some spiritual or Celestial dimension. Because the spirit is a resident from the Celestial realm, and the physical body which violated the law is a resident of the physical world. Therefore this is why we see that all the catastrophes which our race gets into in the physical world comes as catastrophe upon the people of our race in this physical world. It is reaped, individually; it is reaped nationally; and it is reaped internationally. But God does not transfer the error out of the dimension where it was created into another field, and that is the reason why both the Apostle Paul in the Apocalypse of Paul and Enoch as well, both make statements that what so ever a man sows, he reaps. But he doesn't sow in one field and reap in another.

So in this instance it is not a part of area of thinking. What I am getting at is the area we find people because of the theological truths they have been in are saying;--look you believe this and you don't believe that. But you come along here with a scripture where people were being tortured, and there isn't any passage to support this except where you see a translation such as being thrown into an everlasting fire which is an error of translation, or from everlasting to everlasting this takes place, it is not talking about the fire that you are thinking about, because THE WORM NEVER DIES. Any fire you know anything about, a worm would die in it, so this is a fire where the worm does not die, thus it is not a flame. Secondly we know that what is here being talked about is the chastisement of those being diametrically opposed to Christ, so the word --fire --happens to be used again in the book of Revelation and the word fire is radiant aura, divine light, radiance. Therefore the purging factors to destroy the evil which is ruining their nature is the illumination of the whole pattern of their consciousness with what is truth. So again this is a different process of changing the seat of your consciousness. And their thinking than would be for some other changes. But out of a couple of passages like this which were bolstered by error in translation to begin with, came a whole area of theology. When dealing with the race question we never have had a period when as much propaganda has been turned in the area of theology as now. I think today and yesterday has been an example of that. Here we have it, in front of the Lincoln Memorial, a Catholic Priest, a Protestant Minister, and a Jewish Rabbi, standing there all day long praying for the passage of the Civil Rights Legislation. It does not matter whether they are praying to Buddha, or that piece of Rock, what they are asking for is in violation of Divine Law. Just like the major denominations, all these preachers are calling Johnson demanding the passage of the Civil rights Law. Here are institutions claiming to be the Oracle of God and they are demanding the passage of the Civil Rights Law which violate the law of God from one end to the other. This fulfills the prophecies of the hour. "Mystery Babylon the Great." The forces of Satanic evil move in ecclesiastically and twist people ecclesiastically and in the wrong direction. And there is a way which seems right unto men but the end is often destruction. If the objectives that these men are asking for was ultimately obtained then would come mongrelization, mixed blood, with the loss of civilization and the gradual degeneration would be the results.

Now; when they take a scripture they take part of a verse and then twist it. But the fact is that the greatest violation which can be committed by an embodied being is the mongrelization of his race. The Book of Ezra says this is the most completely evil thing of all transgressions. Moses in his writings says that this is the only thing that Grace does not correct or heal. Because no matter how much forgiveness you have, you still have a mongrelized offspring the capacity or the wave length for spiritual responsibility. So here we have today a lot of people who say; Oh, you are wrong, wrong, see how many people are going that way. Well, that is right, but when has the majority ever been right? Since the rebellion of Lucifer, the majority on this earth has never been right. So this does not change the facts of the situation.

Generally when you quote the scriptures it is right, but sometimes as we say, the theme of thee bible is dislocated because of the assistance of the translators, and it always shows up. But you hit a specific point, and we can tell you in a minute which way it goes. And there is something that transpires with you also, the more you become associated with the theme, and know the pattern god has for our race, and the accomplishment for the authority and the power for the greatness of his kingdom, then you see things. You know about the fact of his Grace being supreme, you know about thee fact of Eternal life which belongs to the children of God because they were begotten of the spirit, before they came into a physical a world. The quickening of their consciousness is another area of Divine directive, and the ultimate pattern of which God laid out plans for His race. The more you know this the more you understand this, the more discernment comes over you and something tells you when something has been touched or twisted, and you feel it and you just know.

Now; someone else without spiritual guidance may feel this and they will say; How do you know? Well--we know the theme of the book, therefore we know this is out of step. that this particular passage has suffered tampering. If it is belittling what God said; "I Am going to do", if it denies what God said He would accomplish, or limits in any way His power in what He said was to be fulfillment of his plan to reconcile, "All things" unto himself then there is something wrong. Under this instance, the Ultimate triumph of the kingdom, the rule according to God's purpose of His power, of his household to rule here, and thru out the Universe, is inevitable. There is no place in studying the scriptures, no passage, or anything contained therein, there is no defeatism to our race, or to our kingdom. It is absolute, it is Sovereign, and this is the way it is going to be. On the other hand all the forces can disagree with us, but we move right over these obstacles and ultimately come out triumphant anyhow, because it is true. If the God we have would be incapable of accomplishing these things, or it was left to chance or whim then challenge would be left on his Omniscience, on His Omnipotence, on His ability to carry it out.

Now it is true that mostly arguments come out, not of areas of information , but out of areas which they know very little about. We really don't have much arguments coming from preachers, because most of them don't want to admit that they don't know such things. When they find themselves face to face with something they do not know anything about they want to go home and study up, and when they find out there is many things they do not know they don't want to admit it. See---? So we don't get much argument out of them because they feel, well here is something I am not prepared to talk about. If they once discover that there is a lot of things that they don't know then they are on their way to finding out a lot of things.

This question would be easier to over on a specific subject, but generally where the theme of the Bible, and the theme of the message moves with the direct words of God, and his direct feats, then you can be sure of the subject. Most all of our problems don't come with what God is supposed to have said, most problems come with what the Jews say is doctrine, and what they think He said, but you don't get that from the direct word. I can lay out a row of Bibles here and translations, and you will see how much of the theme hangs together, and then soon they start to direct, and they start going in different directions as someone starts to twist.

QUESTION;--- Would you discuss briefly the Jewishness of Goldwater and some of His Jewish leanings. And give some of the evidence of his children being active over in Israel.

ANSWER;---Now; you are getting into areas, and a wide one. I do not have his birth certificate, or his records, but I do know about the background of Goldwater. His grandfather was a brothel master, and in Arizona he ran a brothel, a liquor joint, and a gambling house and they had apartments upstairs. So Goldwater was born in a brothel and I don't think we should send a man from a brothel to the white house even if he is only a 1/2 Jew. I think a half Jew might be more dangerous because people might think he was half good. I don't think he is even 1/2 Jew . I don't like to get involved in this because it does not go along with our bible study. But as far as his Christianity is concerned it isn't worth the snap of your finger. He said the other day when interrogated by a bunch of New York Jews as to how he who was from a Jewish background would go to an Episcopal church and he said;---the reason I am Christian is because there is no synagogue in my community. Of course he is no Christian, he is a phoney all the way through. He has double crossed us in more ways than one. Before anyone paid any attention to his background, when he was just a name, just a Senator from Arizona, he had a chance to make a strong play for the Republican Convention so what did he do? He led the Right Wing, on until they thought they had a Right Wing candidate, and then he made a deal and sold them out, and all their hopes of organization collapsed. And when they went into this and found out what the depth of this deal was, how it was related behind the scenes to the Bilderbergers, and Internationalists line, he said to the conservatives, don't ask me to do this for I cannot at this time. he led them up to this point an then ran out on them. He is the man behind the mental health program in Alaska. He is on Urban renewal, Metro government 1313, and all kinds of liberal Internationalism. The fact is that altho he poses as a conservative, the areas he does support are deadly. Plus the fact that he talks out of both sides of his mouth. He talks one way to a conservative group one day, an then to a liberal group another day, another way. We have his speeches and one denies the other because he was talking to different groups. We have had enough of that kind of politicians, had them all along so lets not get a half-Jew Christian because we won't know what we have. I am not interested in Goldwater Conservatism. Someone said;--but he came out against the United Nations. He came out in the U.S. World News, and said the United Nations must be preserved because it is our last best hope. Then when he got over with a bunch of hard core conservatives he thought its power should be limited, and we should explore whether it should continue. and then two weeks later he said he didn't want anything to do with these guys who wanted to abolish the Income tax and the United Nations. So I am not interested in Goldwater, and I really don't think he should be a candidate. (but he was).

QUESTION: ---Is it true that Jesus had Moabite blood in him?

ANSWER;----No. No this is kind of complicated for one whole area was called the land of Moab and anyone who dwelt in it was called a Moabite. They could be a Cainanite, or any of these others who dwelt there, and they were called a Moabite. There were three Moabs so who are you talking about? A son of Job was named Moab, he was a Hyskos, or white shepherd chieftain. In other words Job and Enoch were descendants of Seth, and Job was a great Patriarchial High Priest, a Hyskos, and as such he was a King priest of a very powerful group who had tribes moving in certain perimeters looking after his flocks, and of course they rotated their pastures, but Job lived at the central ranch house. I might be sort of like our ranchers of today who move their cattle into the forests, and then later into the lowlands by trucks, in order to change pastures. But in Job's days the great wealth apart from his homes, his barns, and so forth were these roving herds of cattle. He had these men out with their herds, and maybe they wouldn't come back for a year, and then the herds would be bigger than the others. This is the story and remember the trouble when it came on Job, and one messenger came from one place and everything had been wiped out, and then another came from another area and the report was the same. But one of the sons of Job after his restoration when God blessed him after Satan tried to take every thing from him was this son named Moab. And you will note that as Moses left Egypt after he had slain the Egyptian he caught killing an Israelite, you remember that it was to Jethro's daughter to whom Moses was married, and this is all in the Biblical record. But Jethro was a Priest, a Patriarch of the Moab line. He was from the Moab Dynasty which came down from Job, and this land they dwelt in east of the Dead Sea was called the range of Moab.

Then you have a different Moab, a different group of people, and they didn't graze at. They had a city society , they roamed and lived in tents like the Steppe Mongols. And they were a helmeted warrior people, and they worshiped Dragoni, and the other gods like the Philistines. And when they made an attack they would strike like the hoards of Genghis Khan and run off with the herds and the women and liquidate the men. These were a different type of people, and had no attachment to the Moab Dynasty. Then there was the Cainanites in the land, and these were just a bunch of Kites and rascals. And these Moabites set up shops in the outskirts of cities on the plains of Moab, of Shinar, and they were just another bunch of Cainanites.

Now; in this land of Moab, where this had once been the ranges of the white shepherds, there had also been communities and farms and they raised grain and other crops.

Now; also here comes Ruth, and she was an Israelite and yet she is called a Moabite, because she lived in the land of Moab, but her lineage could be traced back to Joseph because she was out of Ephraim. Thus Ruth was also called a Moabite but she was of the Ephraim lineage, but in the migrations of Israel, Ruth was a part of the people of Israel who had staid in this area. We thus note that she was called a Moabite.

Now; I want you to note something, --in the prophecy of the 49th., chapter of the book of Genesis, there one of the prophecies concerning the house of Joseph says:--"From hence comes the Shepherd of Israel". Actually the lineage of Ephraim or the house of Joseph ties in several times with the Davidic House line from whence Christ comes. And Mary was of the House of Levi, and the Davidic line. The Levi line is the priest line, and the Judah line is the King aline, but also the daughters of Joseph are inter-dispersed into this line. So in this instance this woman called a Moabite was in the direct seed line back to the Davidic house. This is the reason why you must be specific because this seed line of Christ is a pure seed line. And the David line is out of the tribe of Judah, and there is no break in this line. In other words you might live in ten countries but you are still the same. A German can leave Germany and live any where he wants and be the same person, he can be a German American, but of course Anglo-Saxon, Lombard, Nordic, Basque, Scandinavian is just our family names, ours of the same race and we hope to stay that way Johnson or no Johnson.

Now; this first question as to spiritual blessings and channels, and ways we might hinder such blessings. You might be surprised that we are not always able to hinder as much as we think but we aren't always aware that we have the capacity to receive either. To pick up the temp, like this, to give over the message, is not always easy. But the major factor is of course to understand your origin. We are Celestial Children, and we came out of Celestial plains into a physical world, and of course our entrance was by the process of physical birth. But Basically each and every one of us has dwelt in Celestial plains for this is our origin. Every Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Basque, Lombard, Nordic, Germanic we are the Adamic race --Celestial people.

Now; when we say this it is important that we learn to distinguish between plains. There are Celestial plains and physical plains. We have cited in the past that, which is spiritual, or in Celestial plains shall we say, is composed of light particles. The synthesis of the spiritual or Celestial plain is entirely out of light. Your spirit is composed of light.

Now when I say that it is not just a fleeting reflection because light is a composite pattern of light vibration particles which are an entirely different wave length and alignment pattern than what we refer to as the substance of electricity in the physical dominion, for instance all the physical atoms, as we have cited to you before, and all the things we can touch or handle in what we call the physical Universe is made up of the positive and the negative units of electricity, and their other component particles. So the physical Universe, and the physical body you dwell in is electronic, and is made up of electronics. But every one of you has a Celestial body with you always. You are not able to behold it by the wave length of the video frequency of your eye, but it possible that it could be at this very individual moment be showing. The video frequency is measured and colored and so forth, and is all pitched to the electronic pattern of the physical Universe, as we call it the electronic Universe.

Now; the Celestial dimension is just as tangible and just as real as this one is. And the resident you which is conscious in your body, we may refer to as your soul or your soul ego. This is the personal you, and you are perfectly aware that you are here. You are sitting here in this body listening and looking at me. You are just residing in this house, you are here, you, that ego which sits on the inside, is the offspring of the Father in more ways than one. And was an entity from the beginning , and is dwelling inside the physical body. It also has with it a Celestial body composed of light particles and if this physical body were to die, that consciousness is also a part of that Celestial body and would be just as much alive in the Celestial body as it is in the physical one. Or as far as you are concerned, you dwelling in Celestial plains were never conscious aware of anything was missing, because the Celestial dimension you moved in patterns somewhat similar to this one. This again we point out to you, that the Apostle Paul and Enoch both these men, could not tell whether in the body or in the spirit when they were in Celestial plains, when they were caught up into the heavens. They were unable to tell the difference, so life and existence in Celestial plains is comparable to life in the physical plain, so comparable that a person doesn't actually know which dimension he is in. In other words when God sent for Paul then Paul could not tell whether he went in this physical body, or not. But he saw, he ate, he visited, he talked, he traveled, and when he looked at himself in reflection he could not tell whether in the spirit or in the body and he said:--"God alone knows."

The reason I point this out is because there is a very thin dimension between awareness in the Celestial and the physical plain. The soul consciousness is capable of residing in both. That soul consciousness is the sum total of your experience. That entity of being is built up, and adds to its personality thru the generations, thru its experiences. In other words you remember everything which has happened to you since you were born, from the time when you came to the age of remembrance. In other words you don't remember when you were a baby, not until things started being recorded. But when you start looking and seeing then you have nasion electrons around nasion electrons in this physical nerve fiber of the body, and there you are laying your record of what you remembered. You are the sum total of all that you have experienced, or that you have remembered. You just sit here in this room and you just ask yourself what am I? What made me? What am I composed of? And you say:---well I am a being. I have been here all my life. Well, then what are you but the sum total of all that has happened to you since you arrived. Therefore your soul consciousness is the sum total of what it knows, and what it has experienced. Also what you may not be aware of because it requires the utilization of remembrance, requires the filaments of the nerve tissue---so the brain happens to be the ganglia of nerves around which then as on electrons has recorded the experiences. So here we have translated in the sensitive process of dwelling in this body, our areas of remembrance, and have stored them here around the nerve tendrils of the brain. And we can bring back to our remembrance anything we want to remember by the delicate device which is controlled by the essence of the being itself. It can reach back and produce, but but you say; --oh I forgot something, but this act of forgetting is never forgotten, it is the results of the lack of physical energy and remembrance and perspective, the knowledge is still there. And you know that sometimes a man says:--I forgot, but if he would place a tiny milamp of energy on the nerve which stored what he thought he forgot it would start to revolve again and he would see it. He could have things brought to his remembrance again, that he thought he had forgotten. This is in the scriptures and God said His spirit could bring back to your remembrance everything that had ever happened, way back before the foundation of the world, or He can lead us into knowledge of all truth, ---that will come to pass, and will teach us all things. But you can't bring anything to your remembrance that you haven't experienced, that wouldn't be remembrance.

Now; since the scripture teaches us that we were with the father before the world was framed, and that the Celestial body which you have is a light body, and it has arms, legs, and feet and everything else, in other words the light body is where you lived all your existence until you were born a physical baby into this physical world of the Adamic race. And when you came as a physical baby a forgetfulness was pulled down over you until the time when you begin to perceive that you were here. So in this interval the baby may be remembering a lot more, but he can't get it articulated because he doesn't have the language, and the vocabulary, and he hasn't the adjustment a yet to the new dimension of the plain into which he is going. But the moment he starts to perceive then his environment starts to register and he learns how to dwell in this physical world. He does not know that in his electronic memory stored behind him, he has also inherited something else. That when he stepped into this physical body, he inherited a chromitin pattern of remembrance which reached down thru all the generations of his forefathers.

I want you to know that you have stored inside your physical body, all the experiences not only by you, but by your father, your grandfather, great grandfathers, all the way back to Adam. You say:--I couldn't hold that much, but there are millions of millions of chromitin particles, and they are infinitesimally small, an their memory is electronic. And this is the reason why that the things which you normally remember, are the things that you personally pile on this memory tree. But again, if someone talks to you or someone would activate to you an experience of something which happened to your father, or grandfather you would erect a mind image. And 85% of the time the image you erect would be right out of the background of this memory. More than this it is because of this that you have inherited a wave of culture. In other words you inherit the knowledge of the worship of the true God, the ALMIGHTY YAHWEH. And all down through the year their monotheism, their concepts have been sowed in you. In other words in Anglo Saxondom we have used the word --Jesus for YAHSHUA , because it was translated from YAHSHUA, TO JESUS, so these words and this concept was normal with us. We may be of another nation such as Norway, and we will have a little different semantic, maybe a little different words for the same thing, because of the idiosyncrasy of our conversion, but our general image patterns is the same. This is proven when our artists paint a Norwegian Christ, a German Christ, or an Anglo-Saxon Christ, or when you see it, then you all say ---this is Jesus---why? because we have inherited this cultural pattern.

Now; this was once known as Aryan, Manu, and this word Aryan is one of the oldest words which exists. This means the continuing people of YAH. And YAH IS POSITIVE, YAH IS YES, YAH IS RIGHT, YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, YAH-ZEUS -JESUS.

Now, Aryan is the putting into embodied destiny the race of God, this is what Aryan means. Aryans are the race of God, divine offspring placed in earth.

The word Manu from which we get the word man is another old word, and it came out of the Persian Gulf from our forbearers, as they came down from the Steppes. The word Manu was used for the distinction in the Vedic, for white people who came into India, which was already mixed up from mongrelization, brought on by Luciferian rebellion. But the highest culture India ever had came from the Manu, Aryans. So there is a world of semantics, and you can pick it up everywhere. It is tied in with nations and races. Always, when they talked about the white man in the Vedic writings the old word was Aryan. This is why the Jew hates this word Aryan. He knows he is not Aryan. He knows he is a mongrel. He knows the Aryans are descendants from the MOST HIGH GOD. And that this is an antiquity theology; that it goes beyond all the watering down patterns. It goes back like the 82nd Psalm: "Ye are Gods, and all of you are the children of God." And the word here is: 'Ye are Elohim and all of you are the children of YAHWEH,' for Elohim is Gods, plural.

Now, the great wisdom schools of our race taught these things, but these things have been aborted by our enemy. But is so simple when we understand that the Christ identified the enemy. And this enemy is always identified by being in its first and upper echelons, the offspring of these fallen angels who rebelled against God. From Lucifer on down, they became devils in rebellion. Their offspring are a violation of Divine Law because these angels didn't keep their first estate and intermingled with the various races of mankind. The result is that you have black ones, red ones, yellow ones. But they are still an unassimilatable people. The Jew is an unassimilatable person because he is the offspring of Satanic origin. This is the reason Jesus said: "Ye are of your father the devil. the lusts of your father ye will do.' You cannot hear my speech because you don't understand my words, you don't make this image in your mind when I speak. Now Jesus could talk Aramaic and they could talk in Aramaic, but the image was not the same.

Thus all the way thru in this, then we have the most important beginning to any understanding, and it must be concerning what we inherited. We are a Celestial being whose soul entity which is the ego person within the Celestial realm, this soul which dwells in you has the capacity of thinking and moving within all realms of the Celestial consciousness. In that Celestial body there is a sum total wave length of Divine knowledge. Because that spirit is the essence of God's own nature. And everything that is known by YAHWEH, God is known by the consciousness of His spirit. Therefore when God begat children they became Elohim, Gods plural, and when he put them in physical bodies they became sons of man because Adam was the son of God. But when the word in scripture is son of man, it is Aryan---Sons of YAH in the flesh. This is why one of the prophets of the scripture as he referred to The Christ said;---"I beheld the son of Man".

Now; there are all kinds of men running around but he was talking about a Divinely embodied form---YAHWEH in the flesh. The word Messiah then is YAHWEH-YAHSHUA embodied in the flesh, for Christ was not a name, it is a condition. So Jesus Christ is YAHSHUA in the body. And therefore as we go into this background we find that we have a race. And there is nothing, it does not matter how many people turn prayer wheels of theology around, and all kinds of religions, there is still no religion, no facts that are so important to the consciousness, than to get your soul so adjusted to your point of origin, as sit relates to the earth you are now in. Because the Adamic household, the Adamic race is God's Household, and from Adam to our time we are fulfilling a destiny of multiplying and increasing until the eventual increase of his kingdom shows there is to be no end.

The book of Isaiah says;---"Unto us a child is given, unto us a son is given"----the President better learn this, and all the mongrelizing clergy better learn this for ---"unto us a child is given, unto us a son is born, and the government shall be upon his shoulders." Who do you think is doing this talking---the Jews? If they did then all religion belongs to them. But we know who they are and they don't fulfill any part of it. When God, himself, walked the earth he identified them as to who they were, and told us they were the frauds, and warned us of their conspiracy.

Now; we have the history, we have the anthropology which laid the foundation of races, and we know who we are and what our capacities are, for it is self evident in our responses,and in our civilization. So knowing these things, then the most important thing that you can know is, who are you. That is why we say that the word of God is the things God said;--they are the knowledge which comes forth out of the mind of God. The word of God tells us where we came from, what we are here for, and you can't get it anywhere else. It doesn't come out of dime novels, you can't get down here in the motion picture show, you can't get it over here in most of the churches, because they do not know anything about it. Therefore what we are faced with then is that the only place you can get the facts you need to know, is to get them from God himself. How do you get them? You get them from YAHWEH --therefore you search the WORD, you go through every avenue to find it.

Now; God never changed his policy, he has always reserved unto himself men who He has called. These men are his Priesthood, to His ministry, to the areas of his Administration. Ministry is called a factor--we want you to understand this. It is not a profession men choose, they either have a strange stirring which pushes them to it, or else they are a professional entity which has merely gone to school and learned facts about religion, and facts about a denomination which may wall him off from other areas of truth. But in the purposes of God he talks about One Faith, One mighty Eternal YAH, one baptism, one spiritual perception, because there is only one area of truth. There is a lot that can be said about that but there is still just this one area of truth. What we are pointing out to you is, the first thing which must envelope the consciousness before any spiritual strength or power descends on men, is the awareness of how they are, what they are here for, and what their relationship to earth is. Because this is what marks us as different. It isn't hard to show any intelligent person the difference between a Negro, an Asiatic and a white man. Take a look at their nations, their capitis, their technologies, but look also at their background.

Ever now and then you see a contamination in the areas of religion because of the patterns of their environment, and this is what Moses warned about. Do not join ourselves to the strangers, don't permit the errors of his theology or philosophies to become part of your thinking, or it will lower us to his level.

Now; all this is because from one end of the bible to the other God taught first--to preserve the destiny of "My household". Therefore you must preserve the purity of the house they dwell in. Because this house is a very sensitive instrument, while it is made up of flesh and bone, it is also made up of chemicals synthesized together in their atomic molecular masses, but it is a living pulsing pattern whose dimensions even of nerve tendrils, ordained by Him from the beginning, make up the whole. Therefore we are different than every other creation. There are Asiatics who walk upright, and they wear clothes, and there are Negroes who wear clothes after you make them, but the fact is they are different. They are a little different in their structure, a little different in their skull structure and in their anatomy, but they are different. As we have said before, you go down to the grocery store, and there are thousands of cans and there are tall one, and short ones but all are cans, and yet the difference is in the labels, for they tell us of this difference as to what is in the cans. Today if you were going to accept the reasoning by which the mongrelizers speak we would say; there is no difference in the cans, they are all the same shape, altho some are bigger or smaller, we can't care if some say Campbell soup, an this one over here says Coffee, they are still all the same because they are cans, therefore being cans they have to be the same. There is just that much reason in this searching of today. Just because of the general design of architect used for the containing of people in certain symbolic areas of form does not mean that the content is the same.

In this physical body we dwell in that is why it was referred to as Tabernacking, or Penthousing, but this is what we reside in while in a physical world. It happens however that this physical body is the very express image of the spiritual (invisible) body.

Now:--We can get into a lot of things with this because this type of question can run for 30 days, and just be the beginning of opening up a whole course in theology. But I want you to recognize what I am saying to you cannot be said of the Negroes, other than to tell them that there is a race of God a household of God here with civilization and culture that can help them, that can lead them, guide them and rule them. Not to integrate with them, absorb them or share an administration they are not capable of. God never sent us down here to tell them a bed time story like this. He never sent us down here to destroy, integrate and mongrelize ourselves in order to accomplish this.

Now; there is another factor here, in the days of the creation of some of these races, they were greater than they are now for they have degenerated, and the Luciferian rebellion did this. Thus when God set up his program to send his kingdom from heaven to earth, he had to embody Celestial children who existed in Celestial plains, and had been a part of a greater science, and knowledge, and greater technology because they had been with HIM in the formation of all this, but they had never dwelt in earth. Thus it was, how to get them down here into earth because if you kept them in the spirit form they never would be visible. Spiritual hands do not build buildings or bridges. Spiritual hands do not do that in physical dimensions, therefore He put us in physical bodies where we would accomplish this transition. The scripture is filled with this, and I could spend the rest of the night just producing passages here to prove that you came in from the outside, that you were born here, but if you die, the spirit would go right back where it came from. Someone said --how far is that? It does not have to be far (there is a break here as someone came in and Swift said;--another attack boys.--Then someone said;--they went back )

This is the only Bible class in the world probably where the enemy may come around. The fact remains that they don't believe that this is a Bible class in here. The strangest thing is that they think this is a Right wing plot. I remember a while back as an officer was investigating one of our people, and he said; --you belong to a secret organization? And they said; --no, but he said; you go to that place every Wednesday night. Our man said:--that is a bible class there. And the officer said;--you can't fool us, we know more than that, because people don't' go to Bible classes for several hours, so with Right Wing leaders, and ultra Conservatives meeting there must be a plot. Well I am going to tell you something, if it is a plot, our Father hatched it out before the foundation of the world and it is a good one.

In the instance of this then, to answer this question we would have to talk about several things and we don't have the time for that, but one thing; the way you are made and put together is rather important. Your set of perception for instance, for there are more senses than you realize. There is those we are to use such as taste, touch, sight and sound and so forth, but beyond the seven senses is the idea centers. Inside the center of the consciousness which is generally the head to this degree, the nerves run from the head to the solar plexus behind the stomach. Many people don't realize that this is also a very definite center of energies, and receptive energies as well. The seat of consciousness, and the recording of all area of awareness actually is in the head. There happens to be a center of nerves referred to as the 3rd., eye. In various periods of time this was given various names. In early medical schools they gave one set of names to a ganglia of nerves, and they were metaphysical terms given because of areas of perception. There was theological terms given and then to define it and get it across I want you to know that there is a seat in your head of perception which has the same type of nerve factors as are behind the eyes, much the same. Only the third eye does not have the lenses before the optical nerves which set up the images and translates this by light vibrations. But the vibrations strangely enough which move on this ganglia of nerves are light vibrations, being translated at this receptive point into miliamps of electricity.

Now at the back of the head also is another point of nerves which comes to a focal point. And in this ganglia of nerves it also picks up waves of energy, light waves, and translates them into miliamps of electricity. Now these miliamps of electricity form images in the consciousness when a person is aware, and is reaching for it, and it forms images in the consciousness much like your closing your eyes and thinking about something which happened, or thinking about something which you are going to do. You see, you think in pictures. You think in environment, you have been raised in a world where every thing has been given names, so you give them names, as you think in pictures. If you think in words, you are an unhappy person. Some people read this way, and that is why they fall asleep because they see in words. But you translate in images all the time, the consciousness does this, your spiritual being remembers all the yesterdays of the Celestial plains in images. In things it saw and experienced. but the physical consciousness is the predominate consciousness because you are now in a physical body, still retaining the capacities to reach back into spirit for guidance, wisdom, and knowledge. And the spirit which is such a basic part of you is still vibrant, a part of the Father, because you are spirit of his spirit, essence of His essence of his essence. And there is one thing which is Universal, and that is that which is begotten of God possesses an intelligence that is one with HIM.

Now; if you understand this I want you to perceive that in your Celestial or spiritual being, the intelligence in that consciousness is one with the intelligence of God only HE is all Supreme. It is because of this that the Christ referred to the fact that if He were to come, that in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, you would see like He sees, and know like He knows, but how would you learn so fact? Because your spirit knows it now, but you don't as of now have a clear cut dimension. Do you know what would happen if you did? You would probably all leave.

The scripture says that the reason why this forgetfulness was drawn over your eyes was because we are strangers an pilgrims in the earth. After all how long have you been here? From 15 years on up to 65 for some of you here. Alright; that isn't very long when you begin thinking back to the fact that you were with the father before this creation was formed, when this Solar system was created --you were with the father, your spirit was with the father. Now that is a long time, millions of years have rolled by, as you check the traits laid up by volcanic tuffa, after this volcanic tuffa appeared in Yellowstone for instance. You can look at this and see mountains upon mountains, forests upon forests, wiped out more than once, and yet you were there, with the father.

Now then where is your 65 years, if you remembered how to get out of here, how easy it was, and how much more there is to the universe, then you would probably go. there isn't one single reason that you and I might think as being important for our being here, than you and I don't' have on a bigger scale scattered out there through out the universe, except that we have a job to do. This world doesn't like it, but we have to conquer Lucifer and his sons and daughters, and all the areas of his political, economic and social force with which he enslaves this plain. This is what we came in for, an this means that we have to defeat the power of Jewry, world Communism, Socialism, pagan forces and so forth, have to defeat it, and it is going to be defeated in every way from spiritual to physical defeat. And no approach which we have absorbed from sentimentality in this physical world is going to work. In other words we try to be peaceful, we try to teach them, and we have had enough silly saps trying to give it to them, and they don't like us any better for that either.

In other words there is only one way you set people free, and that is to overthrow the tyranny which holds their consciousness. Therefore Lucifer operates by temptation and error. He erects the wrong image in peoples minds, he does it with Priesthoods in areas of religion, and with semantics in the areas of languages, he does it with fallacies and errors. Or he captures economic minds with Marxism which is another fallacy and error. In order to set men free we have to negate these powers. We came down here because the father said; --I am going to put my family in earth, and keep them there until they multiply and increase, and build a kingdom, and conquer the darkness, and set the world free. Then on to other things because he said; ---you are going to rule with me, for you are a part of my household, a part of the endless tomorrows. And when people understand this it opens up whole new avenues in their thinking. We are not just limited by three score and ten, or four score years. In fact as we understand the law, as we are going to understand it more perfectly in this dimension, we are going to stop this silly business of dying, for we don't have to die. In the 82nd Psalm remember how God says;--"Ye are Elohim, and all of you are the children of YAHWEH" . So what are you doing down here dying like men, why don't you stand up and rule? Why are you accepting this fallacy? What caused this activation of the glands, and this balance of every part of the body to replace itself? Actually you know the process of mitosis is moving fast. In the days of our youth we see this in operation, we see it up until about middle age, and then something happens, and we see a slowing down. We are not replacing tissue at the same speed. Or when we replace it we do not replace it with the same area of vitality. Actually the emergency levels which start to move which set up the time factors for starting the patterns for aging are in the seat of the consciousness. And they are controlled by areas of consciousness. And they are controlled by areas of conscious awareness or controlled by mind images. In other words we carry with in our selves, in our thinking the sum total of all the impulses which start to slow down all the functions of all of the glands and the synthesis of material. And men generally carry what we call a subconscious expectancy, and they are aware, and sometimes are not able to help it as they pass 50 or 55, they start planning their aging, and they start planning and they wonder what is going to start hurting next, what will start to wear out next, and all these subconscious factors work.

In the patterns of spiritual law as was taught back in the Mystery Schools of our race, in the days of Enoch for instance, they understood some of these principals and some of those old boys lived 900 years and yet they had a little of this guilt complex working on them. But you can set yourself free from this guilt complex because it has already been paid for. If you can accept what has been bought and paid for, and consummated event his death process can be reversed. In fact we are living in the climactic hour when God said;--I will step in and finish this for you. This is part of the casualty, part of what we have lost, this ability to think in this area of full clarity, but in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye this can be reversed.

One of the things God has said about bringing his people back to himself is:--I am going to present unto myself a people with out spot or wrinkle, or one spot or blemish. And so when you can get a people back without a spot or blemish then God has reversed the deteriation pattern and started the resynthesis of substance.

Now; the physical body we are living in is not only made up of elements in molecular masses, but it is made up of the elements, and out of the chemicals, and compositions. It is made up of patterns of substances. Actually you have been rebuilding it totally ever seven years so why isn't it synthesized with perfect life at the time of full strength and vitality? This is entirely controlled in the inner senses of consciousness.

Now, remember that the last enemy Christ is to conquer is death,--alright He has already conquered it. He said:--I can lay down my life and pick it up again, anytime I want to. Death was no problem for him. They crucified Him but the body did not even change, not one chemical transition started on the decomposition of that body. other peoples bodies when they die ---chemical transition starts immediately. but when He surrendered His consciousness, He fixed it, not one thing moved until He came back into and raised that body---not one thing.

In the instance of this, that same spirit which synthesized all substance has the authority and the power, and the spirit inside of you, and in the seat of its consciousness has the power to synthesize the substance needed to fill up the norm of that body, and raise it from the dead. For you are spirit of His spirit, and life of his life, all you have to do is activate the power and that power will start to work, even now, in you to restore and to re-stimulate. This is a part of the spiritual power which belongs to areas of the kingdom. This is activated with Divine healing often, it is activated with a sense of awareness in many things. But the thing I wanted to get into --because we never cover all the subjects in one evening, but the important thing is to recognize that we have inside of us, since we have spirit, soul and body, one person, but we can live in any one of these three dimensions. You can live in the Celestial plain with conscious awareness. or you can sit in a chair and take yourself back to your childhood, or take yourself into next years vacation. In fact it is easier to get people into next years vacation, than it is to work, but the fact is that you can travel all over with thought.

Now; we do know that within this same thought you are master of your body. You dwell in this body because the father put you here in it, but you were also to master it. But at the same time you still accept a part of your ancient defeat. In the day that Adam violated the divine Law, death passed on your race. Lucifer said:---Did God say that?---Oh, he just doesn't want you to join with us and be a part of our household, you will never die, but death started right there. It started with areas of perception, improper thinking and the moment he violated the pattern of Divine law it mongrelized the race. And God had to cleanse the race over a period of time, and restarted it with the house of Seth. But here we are tonight, and from one man's family we have grown into a great nation, and a company of nations. We are the sons of God , the forbearers of our race have come and gone. Their Celestial spirits ride through Celestial plains, come and go through out the universe, and some may even be around us in this very room, right now. These are the Valkyrie, they ride thru the skies, they are a part of the Eternal household, nobody can touch or stop them for they live in an area where nothing deteriorates, nothing deteriorates in the Celestial plains. How our enemy hates the fact that we are surrounded with a great cloud of witnesses, but this is true, and this is exactly what the scripture says. Thus this could be a highway in the dimension of spirit and never bother us in this room, only because of the difference of wave lengths. By this same pattern also we cite that by stepping up or slowing down of the acceleration of the wave length of the substance in the atomic structure of the body, it does not change its form, it only changes its dimensional wave length or vibration. So this wall is a whole set of solid electronic vibrations fit to a pattern of law. It may be composite, but it is all in a range of plus or minus of something like 412 points of vibration electronically. So that is not to far in expanse as far as substance is concerned, it is only variations of this pattern.

Now; the Christ knew how, because even though He became like you and was born into a physical body by His own will, so that he might be just like his kinsmen, His relatives (Heb:2) still He could feel just like you feel, in every sense, but at the same time He had not surrendered---this is one thing---God did not surrender any area of His Omniscience remembrance for this was God walking around. So if the wall was in the way, an they were trying to lock HIM in, He with that 'will of consciousness' could set up the wave length of the electrons until every electron of his body went right thru the wall and he was outside of 412 cycles, and went right thru the wall to the outside.

Now; the fact is that this was known clear back in the days of Enoch, and was demonstrated at that time. Now; the reason I say this is because the Christ did this while in the body before the resurrection, and if you could remember you could too. This may not seem important because it into something which we have been doing, but it was pretty important to HIM when they were about to move in on Him, and He just went out through the wall and they could not find HIM.

Another thing which might be important, is we could summon in and suddenly make visible the Celestial allies that are ours, all the guardian Angels, the ministering spirits, all the mighty hosts of heaven, that would be something in time of trouble. For we are not alone, there are millions and billions of people in the background of your race. If we had one thousand 260 trillion kinsmen, you can't even envision that can you? But with all the natural speed of multiplicity since the days of Adam we would not have had that many people from that day to this, on thousand 260 trillion kinsmen. Well it just happens that if you go out to the electronic scope which is being used at Harvard University, and we find over one thousand 260 trillion suns up there in space. That says something about how many planets in their solar systems. Do you know that the scripture says that 'of the increase of my kingdom (My posterity) there is to be no end. They are not only as the sands of the seashore, but also as the stars of the heavens. Computing the weight of sand they filled a thimble, and counting the granules of sand, in the thimble, they said; if all the worlds weight was divided up into sand, there would be just about as many particles of sand as there are suns in the sky. And the father said;-- I have to have at least as many sons as this because there has to be at least one to rule over each Solar system, at least one.

LISTEN; MY FATHER put all together, do you think that mobs frighten me? Let me tell you something, the thing I am pointing out here is that only the minds of my race have the scope to even comprehend these things, even to the perimeter of it. Every area of developing technology of idea or opinion starts within the inner center of consciousness, and advances on to paternal, and ends up as a technological blueprint. There is not anything in the world that you see other than the molds of the caves, and holes which you have built for your selves, that have not come out of your technology. Foxes have holes, birds build nests, and Chinamen built houses long ago and sometimes we look back on their ancient antiquity, and they built better ones than they do today because they have degenerated in their thinking. Africans never built anything but a few thatched huts, and if they hadn't looked on Islanders they would never have done even that. In fact they looked on the wheel for thousands of years, and never had sense enough to make one, in all history, of the Africans until right up to advancement in this country, there never was any African wagons. When Stanley Livingston went down into Africa, not one single wagon was in Africa. Although the Egyptian wagons rolled by, Israelites rolled by, and Asiatics rolled by, and all across the Steppes of North Africa, and across the plains of Shinar thousands and thousands of generations rolled by on wheels, and yet the Negro never was smart enough to make a wheel. You cannot remember a time when your race never had a wheel, for they always had a wheel. This shows how far back this pattern goes, your race had the wheel.

Again they had chariots in other parts of the Universe as well. In fact our areas of transportation so surpassed anything that happened after the Luciferian degeneration of this continent, and the earth itself, because we were moving across endless dimensions of space. No wonder there flashed back into our Aryan background concepts and ideas. Actually today we wouldn't have had to worry about the Russians getting into the sky first if they hadn't captured German scientists, and they weren't looking over the shoulders of American scientist, they wouldn't have been there at all if they weren't retarding us with Jewish spies, to hold us back, we would have been in space, and they wouldn't have gotten there. They would never have gotten there at all if they had to discover or find themselves all those things. They had to use our brains, and then trick us into not doing what our brains were setting up for them to do. Then after this we jumped up and did it better, then we were not hampered under this instance as much by them. But what we are doing is just primer stuff. In fact what came in the other day, set down, and then took off, got this speed a long way off, because it didn't even come from earth. Set down, and went away, just last week, a great huge object came in, and set down on four legs, and when it went into the heavens at great speed even the field light observers from our New Mexico rocket base saw it. And they went to the area and examined the ground and there was where the legs set, and this type of Jet virtually atomized the ground underneath it when it took off, just dissolved it with heat.

Alright, we won't get into that either, but I point our that you possess, ---there is absolutely no limit in anything known to God in the process of synthesis that He holds back. He said; 'Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened', for your are spirit of my spirit, life of my life, my household. My children, knowledge of My knowledge. the secret today to unlimited attainment in any field, is an awareness of Sonship. All awareness of Omniscience, Omnipotent, knowing that we have been put here to occupy, to rise, and to conquer the darkness, to liberate the earth.

Now the difference in our race is that when we conquer because we are a part of this situation of occupying, we then, after we take over, we do not enslave, we liberate. the best thing we ever did for Japan was that we took it over and liberated it. We did more for Japan than the rascals did for us. Why?--because in the instance of this, men like McArthur with vision sought to build with substance.

Now; lets take a look at this, when we as a people whether from Belgium or Germany, no matter, when the people of our race marched into Africa as Colonists, we brought civilization, we brought culture, we rolled back the darkness, ignorance and superstitions. We rolled back thousands upon thousands of years of stupidity and demonology and what did we built? We started to move in with sanitation, with education, with hospitals, and factories and started to develop resources. We started to take them out off their dependence on starvation substance and eating one another, and gave them civilization and they could never do this for themselves in all those years. So when the Kingdom conquers it liberates. When Asia or Africa conquers it enslaves and destroys. So under this same instance war can be destructive, but we have a resoluteness. Even in this fantastic war, W W II we found the enemy tricking one branch of the white race into fighting another branch inside the kingdom. And thus Anglo-Saxondom and Germany were engulfed in a struggle we should never have been in. We should have been on the same side wiping out the darkness. So what happens? even with this destruction the resoluteness that is built into our race is demonstrated. Today Western Germany is ahead of those round about, and ahead of all the enemy on the other side. Why? Because it is built in. The same things is true about you, there is a spiritual capacity --unlimited forces for your race, for your use, but even about that last war, the scriptures told us that we would be trapped in that one.

Now; we move out beyond that area, and point out to you that we have certain inherited rights. We are the children of God and the only name He ever reveled in earth was YAHWEH, this is His name. The Jews don't like it, they put up a set of little funny characters and say; nobody better name it, don't mention it, they are afraid of it--why? because Lucifer knew that things in this name had a certain vibratory call that synthesized the call of heaven, which called for the ares of spirit and flesh to move together. Thus you are told in the Old Testament as well as in the New Testament what so ever ye ask, in MY name , what so ever you ask in the Father's name, and ---I and the Father are one. so what is it? The word was YAHWEH AND WHEN EMBODIED IN EARTH IT IS YAHSHUA.

Now; the energies catalyzing heaven and earth together defeated the powers of darkness and crystallized greater areas of energy. Some one said; but we ask in the name of Jesus----alright but that is just a word---Jesus is a precious word to you because it is associated with your language, and with the personage of God. That will come as a shock to people, actually that was not his name for His name wasn't Jesus, it was YAHSHUA AND YAH is God and YAHSHUA is God the savior, and YAHWEH IS THE ALMIGHTY ETERNAL GOD over the universe, this is his name.

Now; the question is sometimes asked why we refer to the fact that there is great power in the name of YAHWEH. There is no way for there to be a lack of spiritual catalyst in this name. If your name is Jack and I was to run along side and keep calling you tom, you sometimes don't turn around. And if I keep it up you may not listen at all. Frankly God looks on the heart, and over the ages he has answered to a dozen names. But frankly --at the end of the age, he says;---when My people call me by my name, and hen again----"I am going to take out of their mouths the word baalie, and put back in the word 'Ishie'. Baalie is an old and ancient Luciferian name for God, and Baalie is the Devil god and not the God we know. And when Lucifer wanted to set himself up in the earth he called himself , in lots of areas--Baalie. That is why the words; ---Baal and Baalism and Baalie are all found , for Lucifer as he is being worshiped. Now, in one set of tongues the word Baalie is translated Lord. Another great emblem of the Luciferian watch was a great dog. There was the Lion dogs, the Devil dogs, an the spirit dogs of Asia, and the Babylonian word for dog was god. So here we talk about God and Lord and we are saying Baalie, Lucifer and Baal. So here in our time, God knows our hearts but we find ourselves using ancient words which were Babylonian and pagan. So YAHWEH says; He is going to take the word Baalie out of our mouths and put back the word Ishie.

You will say YAHWEH -YAHSHUA, however a lot of people don't know what you are talking about when you say YAHWEH or YAHSHUA, but a lot more people know about it than they did a few years ago. These tapes go out by the thousands and are copied and go further, and I even heard a man on the radio the other day saying YAHSHUA, and Jesus, the words are interchangeable. Where did he ever hear that before? They did not teach him that in the Methodist seminary did they? But you have certain rights, you have a right to call him your father. If you are to proud to call your Father and ever once in a while I find some big boy with a little boys mind and he is just biggest thing that ever walked along, and he is going to do everything for himself, and he wouldn't call his father for anything. That's alright, but ever once in a while he finds out that he needs help and so he calls. But if he calls his father with another mans name, his father has to know the sound of his voice or he wouldn't know when to answer.

The father said;---what ever ye ask in my name I will do. If you have enough faith to call the Father, then he will answer. He has the power, He will answer. Therefore the reason why we have been told that what we ask in the father's name, this is as it relates to the opposition of the enemy, the problems, the conditions, the situations through which you pass. Alright---I am the Father, call Me, and I will answer, this is our assurance.

Now; don't do as some people as they pray, then say, just as I expected nothing happened. The difference in your father in the flesh, and in the spirit is that your Father in spirit is already connected to the seat of your consciousness in Celestial realms and already knows what you are thinking. Where as your other father has to get it thru the senses, although he might get a little contact according to his perception. But here your Father after the spirit knows exactly what you are thinking so if you call on HIM, and it is lip service then he knows you don't' accept it. He knows what you ask for before you ask.

This is also why it is so silly for people to get into their churches and lift up their hands, and shout at the top of their voices to get God's attention. And they think this is a sign of spirituality, because of the noise they are making. But this is just because they don't' know how close He is, that He knows what they are asking before they ask. This is why sometimes God is referred to as 'a still small voice '. Sometimes we recognize this and remember that when Isaiah heard the great crowds, he saw all the great assemblies, he got his great perception, he went out and he watched the lightening flashes and heard the thunder roll and it wasn't the voice of God. He caught all the forces of the tornadoes, and all the storms, he was looking for something from god and it wasn't there. He sat down, and he was very still, and then he herd a still small voice, audible an clear, as to talk to him, but he had never stopped to listen. One of the great secrets of spiritual perception is the ability even in the midst of the operation of great many people, to get very still in the seat of your consciousness and listen. To many people ---and they call it prayer----but they do not listen.

tape runs out.

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