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Best of Dr. Wesley Swift

06-24-64 Bible Study Q&A

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Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers
By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


Question:...Can you tell us anything about the operation down in Mississippi....3 people missing?

Answer:...We don't have any report on it, but this disappearing act is caused by the enemy, and it started some time before this. There is no question in my mind that the disappearance of Pastor Herroll out of the Christian Conservative Church was by the left wing, elimination of the man, his wife and five of his children. That was six months ago, and this just goes to show you how far the strategy of the enemy can go in eliminating a man. This man was actually Chaplain of several patriotic organizations and he was worth about $600,000.00 in liquid assets, as far as property is concerned which he had given to the church. And when he disappeared it was when he was to go to an interrogation, and then on to a patriotic meeting in New Mexico. They found the car and some blood stains and this is all they ever found. Then the F.B.I., said that since he was coming to be interrogated that they thought he just skipped out, and after 3 months they put out a wanted poster, and I have a copy of that, but they never found the man, his wife or his children. They have one piece of correspondence he was supposed to have been able to have smuggled out of some place he was being held prisoner. I personally don't believe he did this, I think it was a personalized copy, and that the signature is a forgery. I think he was liquidated along with his family. I am just to the point where high officials in areas of investigation are in on the whole conspiracy. The man was very outspoken, and it seems rather strange that they couldn't dig up something after this. You remember when it was the Sinatra affair it didn't take them long to get on the ball for the Sinatra's. I haven't any particulars yet on these last missing people, but even the enemy sometimes liquidated their own just to blame it on the right wing movement. I think we may be fortunate that Johnson got in and out of California without the other side liquidating him and then blaming it on the right wing. This is just the way they operate. I do not trust Government agencies today with the present administrations set of advisors. Question:...What is the Biblical position on indecent exposure... specifically these so called Bikinis?

Answer:...According to the New Testament women especially are to dress in a manner not unseemly. There are several places where they were not to permit themselves to be dressed in such a way as to cause high criticism. In fact in the Darby Version when instructions were given to the church it said:...a wife or daughter should dress in a way seeming pleasing, but in no way give offense to anyone. In otherwords if the world has a pattern of dress which is offensive and unseemly then a Christian isn't supposed to dress like that. In otherwords I guess it is alright for Hottentots, and Hawaiians, but not the way Israel should dress. When ever Police move out along a beach to make arrests for indecent exposure you can be sure it is off a little to far. Anyway 95% of the people would be crazy to wear this garb anyhow...just taking into consideration how they would look.

Question:...What will the passing of the civil rights bill mean to us as far as our rights to speak out are concerned?

Answer:...Well this is going to take time to incur. As far as the content of the civil rights bill is concerned it tries to control that which would be unconstitutional and illegal. Oh, it might be something they could enforce in a public part or in front of a swimming pool with someone on a soap box making a speech to incite a crowd, but to deny to people the right to discuss or criticize any area of legislation is not only a violent invasion of free speech, but to in anyway seem to effect the discussion by any public assembly does not modify this. We are not to be permitted to discuss the critical or opposing way, in the area of this any public assembly. So now they would have to define what they would classify as a public assembly. Now:...the church is normally a public assembly altho it does have a membership, but the constitution strictly forbids any regulation of religion by the Federal Government. So..with this bill they would be in no position to attack you for the advocacy of your religion..or would they? Most of those who oppose the civil rights are conscious of the fact that this is a religious issue, and as people become conscious that this is a religious issue there is no way legally by which they can suppress...'Thus saith the LORD', or the Bible teaches this, or we are opposed to this because it is against the Biblical pattern of our Race, and our Faith. I have cited this before...Christianity is a discriminatory religion, and this is a law against discrimination. Where as they have made a law against discrimination, then you cannot practice Christianity without discriminating. This is not Christianity which is being practiced without discrimination. The very first thing a Christian is admonished to do is to discriminate in his associations, in the places he goes, in the things he does, and what he subjects those under his control to. A Christian is responsible as far as his parental authority goes, to protect the environment of his children, as to where he goes and to see that the laws of God are fulfilled. The righteousness of a Christian is not pegged upon his own self accomplishments under law. The righteousness of a Christian is impugned to him by the Grace of God which he is a partaker of because of the Spirit which is within him...this spirit being of Divine Nature. So the righteousness of any Christian in the flesh, is the righteousness of God given unto him by God's Grace, but such perception requires the fulfillment of the law. Not that the individual be righteous, but be the intelligent pattern of God's Grace. So the keeping of the law isn't a matter of consigning individuals to some kind of punishment in areas of it in which he is disobedient. But if he is disobedient to the pattern of the law, knowing it was given to him for his good, knowing that it was the order of his society, then he subjects himself to the troubles which arise from it. For instance we have been told not to join ourselves to other races, to other Faiths. We were told not to dwell in their midst, not to have an open society, not to inter-marry, not to permit them to enter into areas of the control of our economy, not to be the teachers of our children or to let them participate in administration over ecclesiastical relationship in our religions, and our religious services, and not to let them enter into an area of ministry to administer unto us. There are all thing which God had declared, that he does not want His children to do.

Now; he has admonished his children that they are to bear testimony unto the truth, to bear witness unto HIM to the ends of the earth. We, may tell the world about the facts of God, we are to instruct the world, to teach the world, to let the world take authority over us. So in this instance again remember that the world order round about is basing its thinking of course on a Luciferian substitute for the program of God. The world order is not built on righteousness or Holiness. It is not built on spiritual attainment, it is built on pleasure...power..and we could split that power into economics as well as the personal ego that they want to exalt. The world where as it makes itself an open society by its declaration is a very selfish society because it has only one responsibility which is to please itself. Whereas the process of Christianity is built on a different basis of value. We don't live merely to accumulate for ourselves, and we do not live unto ourselves. We not only live under Christ but we work under the whole household of God's Kingdom. A man lives unto his family, and unto his brethren, and as a servant of God. These things come before his own personal ambitions and his own personal pleasures. But the world doesn't think in terms of this. Now; the Luciferian order does know that they have to suppress the Kingdom or the Kingdom will take over. They can see this for the Kingdom is technically advancing all the time. Understanding this then the powers of darkness will do all they can to try to suppress the Christians. But basically this whole integration program...this whole civil rights program is actually a United Nations design, and the advisors around the President started it. For instance I have right here in my Bible a statement Mr. Johnson made before things reached this point. And one of the things that he said as Senator Johnson before he became Vice President even was on March 9, 1949..and the bill then was a mild bill compared to this one today. Such a law would necessitate a system of Federal Officers such as we have never seen before. It would require the policing of every business institution, and every transaction between employer and employee. It would take every hour of an employer and employee...for every hour of work...a complete coverage of activities. I can only hope sincerely that the Senate will never be called upon to take seriously any such silly proposals ever again. Then in the next civil rights bill which came along he said:...the passage of such a bill would infringe upon the constitutional rights of every citizen of these United States. Then when he became Vice President, the Kennedy machine was surrounded by an unprecedented number of Jews, and he went along with that. And then when he inherited the group...instead of showing the position he had as a Senator from Texas, he said:...lets pass legislation in memory of Kennedy. Well of course you don't pass legislation in memory of people, you pass it on the basis of is it good, and is it necessary. The things Johnson said about this civil rights legislation is still true, it confiscates the civil rights of every individual Christian.

Now; a Christian is not only supposed to be selective in his companions but in every area of his administration, whether it be his farms or his factory. He is supposed to be equally responsible for the welfare of his employee, he is to hire the kind of employees that he can associate with, and is supposed to employ those that he would want his employees to associate with. He is not supposed to contaminate the association of his employees so you see this bill is in violation of every American principal. No longer will you have a right to determine who you are going to hire, or who you will rent your property to, or how you will dispose of your own property, so you don't have to many liberties left. In otherwords this is one of the most important areas of civil liberties, that your property be your own, and your home your castle. This is just a normal accepted principal of Anglo-Saxon law. And from the days of the colonies on there has been more and more the demand by Anglo-Saxons that their homes be their own, and that the control of their affairs and property is their natural right. Now; one thing we do see here in this bill, they provided that they could integrate every apartment house as long as it was over five units. So now people tell me they are going to overhaul all the building complexes over the country and make them all under five unit apartments, so as to get around this. If more than five units they will break it up and put it under management of another member of the family so in this way they can still determine who they will rent to, and thus the resistance goes on. As to how it effects us as far as the church is concerned, irrespective of how they say they are going to suppress Churches, fact the move began last week, to have Negroes move into tall white churches which are known to be segregated in Los Angeles, but in the first place a church has a membership, and a church does not have to permit people who are objectionable to their congregation to come in. All over the nation this has always been true, in the south as well as the north. In fact some of the northern churches were the most segregated churches I have ever seen. The law does not have the power to touch religion but they are trying a new wrinkle. They say the State has the authority to regulate anything which has a tax exemption, but this is not true either. No area of the tax exemption status granted to churches empowers the government to make laws concerning the establishment of religion. I don't think you need fear saying:...'Thus saith the LORD'. If a person who is a Christian says concerning an integration question, I do not wish to integrate my family, and the Bible is against integration, you cannot be wrong. In fact it is time every Christian repeated this. The greatest transgression in the Scriptures is the mixing of the Holy Seed. It mutates the bloodstream, mutates the race, and of course with it the spiritual perceptions. Now; one minister came out with quite a long list as to believing and he we know that everything which relates to God is spiritual and of course the spirit of God has nothing to do with the flesh, this is all spirit. Therefore it doesn't make any difference what is done in the flesh, but this individual doesn't realize that every commandment which you are told to keep relates to your occupancy in this body as a child of God. When you come to the Book of John he tells us that HE came to empower His many sons. Then you find that the quickening of the consciousness of the Sons of God to produce a more Godlike conduct out of them, and make them understand why it is important that they are in conformity with the patterns of Divine Law. Knowing that the sins of the parents descend upon the children unto the fourth or fifth and even to the tents generation and beyond is the basis for forbidding mutations. You are just going to have to accept this because we do not have the time to take down volumes on biology, anthropology, and physiology, but the fact remains that there is a vital difference between the Negro, the Asiatic and the White man. Structurally... and on the speed of his nerve reactions, on the type of thinking capacities that he has, even the electronic beeps recorded from the nerve impulses, from a thinking Negro are different from a white man. And different even from an Asiatic, so we have different levels of higher potentials. A man placed in a circle of electrodes will determine this to a given point, and they have worked this out to a fine science. They can record the different reactions, but the moment that you mutate the race, you mutate a wave length of perception, for this physical was the receiving with its senses carrying the concept of consciousness. Even as such there is a difference then between the wave length and the ability of the Negro, the Asiatic and the White man, different levels of reception, and different levels of reaction. But we do know this....that the content of the package is ...different. The soul consciousness of a white man erects one image of the senses, and is being monitored by the spirit which acts with checks and balances even upon where he thinks. Where as a Negro records the same things which are the emotional waves...almost animalistic, and his soul conscience is extremely primitive. If this individual had been in contact with heavy evangelistic invasion due to white Ministerialistic activity inside a white nation, maybe a Negro preacher has been trained and he preached in Negro churches, of course he tries to hold them in line because they are his congregations. At the same time their reaction and perception, their emotional response, and their ethnic level is in no way comparable with that of a white man. So they still have a different pattern and a different image of the same matter. So the moment you mongrelize the race, you get a wave length of thought perception and reception which is different from either parentage, thus you have a mutation. Now; never pull races up, the second inbreeding only pulls the higher race down instead of lifting the lower race to a higher level. If a race continues to absorb and absorb one particular family of a race you could build their bloodstream up...but at the expense of mutating family after family in your own race. So strict was God in this matter that he said that no one could ever enter in to the social, religious, economic and political order of the Kingdom unless they had been absorbed back by ten whole generations of our breeding. And those families up to the 7th., generation who had been contaminated by the attempt to inbreed back a person from this situation could hold no office in any of that time which related to the Sanctuary. This is what the Zohar was so strict about, this is why in the Old Testament that this was made clear in the Hebrew. The center of perception is mutated in getting thru consciousness which does not have the wavelength of receiving it, for this is not the issue, for it does not carry the Holy Seed. So if this is so important that God makes so much out of it all thru the Scripture, and of course when God made clear to the prophets the depth of transgression when they went out of their race, the prophets wept over this. God said that the Princes of Israel had erred in doing this. And told them to send all these strangers away, even the strange women and the children even tho they by yours...send them outside of the land. If you don't then a judgment falls on you inside the land, but they must go. God was always strict on this, he would dry up the land, bring famine and catastrophe until they corrected these situations. When they obeyed the rains came and conditions were rectified. We are not in any position to say that is Old Testament, for the Apostle Paul in the New Testament comes forth and says that God does not want you unequally yoked together. Makes it clear that he is talking about the body because he says that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Their body the temple of memories of idols, and all kinds of factors. This is talking about the physical body. Every once in a while some preachers want to go off in the clouds and spiritualize everything away, but when you understand a spiritual truth you bring it into being, into reality. You don't take yourself out of reality you bring yourself into the area into which God has made you resident. So I think this civil rights legislation is going to challenge the Christians and always be sure you can give a Biblical position for your stand. In otherwords, if the south had said ten years ago, this is a Biblical matter and we are against integration because...and then have started laying this out it would have been much better. You know it would almost be an impossible thing for an administration to openly flaunt the Bible in this matter over this area of Faith. Of course they have done a lot of Bible flaunting in the activities of the Supreme Court, and the ruling out of prayer, even in Baccalaureate services this year, for instance in Florida and they do this because the church fails to stand. As long as they can get away with it they will continue, but if you would get the people to shouting in great waves against then it would be different.

Now;...this is Biblical, and we are going to have to see that integration, racial absorption, and the forced absorption on our homes, and our own property, and in the areas of our employment are stressed, and stood against. These are Biblical matters, and you should stress this, and you are then on solid ground.

Question:...Tell us the difference between Esau and Jacob.

Answer:...Well one of the basic differences between Jacob and Esau was that Esau violated Divine Law. Esau married into hill country peoples line, and they were almost like Steppe Mongols altho they had been wealthy raiders, and were tied in with Asiatic area of theology and error. For you remember that Esau after he had married into this line, altho he was the natural heir to the Birthright, still Jacob perceived that Esau could no longer carry forward the Birthright. You remember the story is told that Esau said give me this stew....for this mess of pottage I will sell you my Birthright.

Now;...I am going to tell you something...this is symbolic of an allegory here. To sell the Birthright for a mess of pottage was to marry outside of the race, outside of the law, this is the pottage for which Esau sold his Birthright. Esau married outside the household, and this was just like the symbol of salt. This is why Jacob wanted this blessing from his father very much, because he knew his brother was not able to carry on his fathers house by marrying outside the fathers house. Do you remember how Esau is said to have gone to the hill of the Satyr? This is a very delicate subject but the hill of the satyr is one of the heavy abominations of Pagan religion. Like ancient Ya-Pan, the god Pan was half man and half goat. 'This is a Satyr Hill.' The chromosomes being the same number as in many of the species of goat and sheep...the violation of Divine Law in areas of Hinduism to this day, and all thru the High Steppe Buddhist is the same thing. I can show you for I have ivory caricatures of the symbols of offspring of such a union which they give special deification to. In fact this was a prevalent factor in this violation of law among the Asiatics, and this is called bestiality. And we know in the laws of Moses that if an individual was found alive after this violation, the beast was to be put to death, and if any offspring was found of man and beast, not only was the offspring to be put to death, but they were to hunt down the parents of such offspring and put them to death, destroy them at once saith THE MOST HIGH GOD. For this is one of the greatest of abominations. Now; all pagan religions violate this law to different degrees. In fact in Temples high up in Tibet, and over in India, and over in the Islands monstrosities are given a high reverence. And in Ancient Ya-Pan the god Pan was Minitar, and was half man and half bull in their images, but actually was half man, half goat. In Armenianism this was called Satyr, and this same word was thru out all the east, and clear up to the English language. Go to the dictionary and you will find a man with goat body and legs. The Pipes of Pan is again the story of the half man and half goat, who piped the children down the street. Now; It tells you in the Bible that Esau hath committed abominations before Me, and Lo he goeth to worship before the Hill of the Satyr. He married women outside of the race who worshipped at the 'Hill of the Satyr' they were Pan-god worshippers. This was the case also among the Philistines who were low cast Assyrians, and they worshiped Dragoon, this was a Fish god who was waited upon by a half-man half-fish and whose vestal altar service was supposed to be the symbols of Satyr. You say:...but that is all pagan mythology, but it ties into all these rites, and thus was one reason Esau was not acceptable. There were other reasons also, but God knew how he would choose in this matter, that this was not the line to carry forward the seed. So he said...children not yet born neither having done good nor evil, it being my I have accepted the other I have assumed. The translation says:...'one I loved the other one I did not. There are other matters here also, but as far as Esau is concerned he went outside his race and thus sold his Birthright by this way.

Question:...Was he born assumed?

Answer:...well Esau was born of the same mother as Jacob but I am not going any further than that...not now.

Question:...well is a Mermaid a reality then?

Answer:...This is a hard question to answer, there is a people in the deep called Rephaim, and these are the dwellers of the deep. The Scriptures refer to them several times. Many of them were the fallen Angels who had not kept their first estate, and were involved in the sinking of the great land masses. Out of this comes the background of the Elementals on both sides, the spiritual order, and the negative order. So you find as you go into the concordance about the Rephaim that they belong to the Nephilistic order, they are giants, fallen beings who did not keep their first estate, dwellers of the deep. All I can tell you is that I can go back 4500 years and find them discussing this...part man, part fish like creatures. I have looked upon what may well have been a person you would have classified as a Mermaid. They were not particularly attractive, the head was like a man and the skeleton and framework like that of a fish. This was not some freak put together by Barnum and Baily, but a research expedition which had been out in the South Pacific and had gathered a lot of strange creatures at very great depths of water. And this was one of those things which was brought up. It died, whether it was brought up too fast or just why, I do not know, but this creature had arms and head and shoulders, but the rest was fish. I know scientists at Smithsonian and others doubt this was a very unusual creature and what was sometimes seen and called a mermaid. But going into the Scriptures we know that the Rephaim...dwellers of the deep are classified as Angels who did not keep their first estate, and are of the demon orders living in the depth. Never having associated with any of them I can't give you any other than this. However I can show you old plates and ancient lore which goes way back into antiquity which discusses these people.

In the oldest book we have today in our English language as far as it being known as a work of research...'The Court of the Gentiles', having all the knowledge of the Ancient Scrolls which were in the Alexandrian library which survived it is this discussion of these Satanic orders who dwell in the deep, just as they have Satanic orders who dwell in the earth, and Satanic orders in the atmosphere as well. But this is getting into the story of positive and negative orders known as Elementals.

Question:...would you please explain Isaiah 4:1?

Answer:...This is talking about the tremendous battles ahead for Israel. 'In that day seven women will take hold of one man saying, we will eat our own bread and wear our own clothes, only let us be called by thy name.' This was because in the struggle with the powers of darkness the individual time here referred to would have so liquidated, by the struggle the men of Israel that the women would out number the men seven to one. But in order that the race not die out, that they carry out the instruction of increase for the race, it says that seven women would say to one man, we will be in no way a burden to you, but we want to be joined to your family. This prophecy could have been fulfilled on several occasions, for under Israel law ...and we are not talking about the general practices in the United States and England, or the Western world of today...but under old Israel law if a brother was killed in battle his other brother was responsible for that brothers wife, and was to add her to his family. If they had no children he was to raise up seed unto his brothers house. The reason being that one of their responsibilities was to increase, to multiply the race. In face of overwhelming attack by pagan powers to liquidate the race, this was a practice which was Biblical under the Old Testament era. In those days when Israel came under attack by the Assyrian hoards the men would be liquidated by the thousands. This prophecy was a prophecy made after they had gotten themselves in trouble and were in this position...'If my people who are called by my name, if they will obey my law, and keep my commandments, do the things which I have instructed, they won't get in this position.' In otherwords I will be their strength, I will be their right arm, I will give victory to their forces, and they will overcome their enemy. Instead of being liquidated until there is only one man left for every seven women of Israel. This is a description of a condition which happened several times in the Scriptures. I do not anticipate that in our part of the conditions of Armageddon that this will take place, but it has already happened among white people in some of the countries of eastern Europe. They the Russians came into Estonia and Latvia they took almost every white man out of those countries, and sent them out to Siberia and out to the salt mines. This was not bad enough even, for I understand that there was not one man out of ten left in Lithuania and Estonia and Latvia, and they put Mongols in there where these white women had no men of their own kind. This was even beyond the seven to one of this prophecy in those lands. However we have been told not to set up our camps on the perimeter of the enemy and spread out troops thin. We have been warned to stay where we are a majority, unless we back such colonization with the strength of the armies of the Kingdom. Never have we been told to colonize where we did not have the military strength to protect our own. Pitch your tent in the camp of the enemy and you are therefore dwelling in the midst of the enemy without the strength of the Kingdom to support you. If you do this you are not living in proper proportion to the Kingdom. Many of these people such as in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania were on the edge of the Soviet Union, and it was easy for this to happen. Today there are people who get caught in outposts like this. The day they had to bring the British flag out of India those people should have come home. If the army of the kingdom isn't there then don't you stay to dwell among the enemy.

Now; as far as South Africa is concerned it could hold and Rhodesia could hold, and Kenya colony could long as the armies of Britain and Belgium stay there. But the moment you pull these armies you come to the latter days, and these armies get out, then you can't trust the world order for the world order wants to mongrelize you and wants to destroy you. It is historic that the women of the race do not turn to pagan men, this is something ingrained and inbred into the women of the Kingdom. Therefore this passage refers to that kind of a condition. One could not under American law advocate this policy, however what God advocated for the increase of the race, or permitted under Divine Law under these conditions of adversity was understood as more righteous than to permit the kingdom to die out. This happened to the Mormons when they were massacred on the Mississippi River as they went west. After that then as they moved over the west maybe one man would have five wagons under his care from other families which he kept and raised to make sure that they carried out what they felt was their destiny. I don't agree with many areas of Mormon doctrine, but as far as what they did in this matter, it was Old Testament Biblical action, if not American accepted.

Question:...In Revelation 7:9 it says that they stood before the throne and were of every nation, creed, and tongue?

Answer:...Now wait a moment here, this is the kindred you are talking about. What should be translated here and which is in other versions is:... and I beheld, and lo a great multitude which no man could number of all KINDRED and people and tongues....The proper translation is that I say this great multitude which no man could number of all the nations, and people, and the languages of the Kindred, or relatives of the kingdom or family.

Thus I saw this great multitude out of all the nations and languages of all the people of the family of God. For there is only one family in Heaven and earth that God recognizes and of course that is His own Holy Seed. This is the reason that when you want to clinch this fact that you come over here into the book of Revelation and show who the bride of Christ is...who the New Order...the New Jerusalem is made up of, and find that it is not made up of all the races and all the people of the earth, but it is made up of the Lost Sheep of Israel. It is made up of the people who come thru the racial gates of the Twelve Tribes of the children of Israel. The New Jerusalem lists one way to get in and that is thru the gates with the name of each tribe of Israel listed upon those gates. Now; remember this is the message given to the churches, remember that when John writes this message he is told to give it to the church. It becomes quite obvious again that this Ecclesia is the Spiritual center of the Elect. The word in the Old Testament is Kehilla meaning spiritual center of the Elect. And the Elect according to the foreknowledge of God are HIS race, HIS people...Israel. You are told this in the Book of Romans..' according to His foreknowledge.' Again this is a rather sewed up circle. The Grace of God is an infinite thing for men to consider. His Grace reaches out to the Salvation of all races and all nations. But the Salvation of all nations and races is not the same as the restoration of HIS sons and daughters, to their Divine status while in the world to bring in HIS Kingdom. For the setting up of the kingdom is God's Salvation to the ends of the earth. It required His atonement to put His Kingdom back in order, and in order to do this in the world they fell as they came in, HE had to pay the price for the whole world so that Lucifer could not call it injustice, but the perception, the capacity is still dependent upon the household.

So under this instance again, when we extract fear from Religion, that is using the word advisably, when we extract from religion the concept that God does not do all things positive and well...and the word I like here is the one which means to the Uttermost, to the complete limit, and is translated 'He saves to the Uttermost.' The word for Uttermost is the finest, tiny point that the intellect can perceive. In the Hebrew when it talks about saving to the Uttermost it talks about the extreme fine point of a pin. Therefore Gods Salvation is to the extreme point which is visible. This being so the Grace of God has not left anyone outside of His plan. But also He has not altered that plan to use His household to overthrow evil, until evil itself has to acknowledge and bow down.

Question:...when Christ comes will He come in a Seamless suit?

Answer:...well, I don't know anything about tailoring in Heaven, I don't remember much about that. that a true story as to when they brought Pontius Pilate before Caesar? Answer:...There is no doubt about Pilate coming before Caesar and the vesture he had with him was the vesture of Christ. But the vesture that Jesus wore was similar to the vesture worn thru out Palestine, and even Rome at that time. Because the Toga that Jesus wore was one like that which would be worn by a teacher, or by any Ecclesiastical leader, or attorneys all wore this type of toga. The difference was this band worn over it almost like a colored scarf which identified HIM as the voice of God, or voice of Clergy. Now; what you are driving at...I don't know whether there is any particular significance to this or not, I don't anticipate that Christ is going to wear the attire of the Romans of 33 A.D., as HE comes in. He could come in with the attire of Heaven, with the robes of His position, and enveloped in Light and Glory and Power. I don't think we will worry much about that. There are many things described by those of the family who have been up and back like Enoch and the Apostle Paul, however God continues to show the things He is going to do. A person might be surprised at times at the picture passing before their consciousness as they see something God intends to show them. And they may be on into the picture before disassociate the similarity of attire with which we are normally accustomed to. I had an experience once with a man who attended our Oakland meeting. He came four or five times to our meetings. The first time he came I noticed him and yet I didn't pay too much attention to him, he was just one in a great bunch of people. But he sat down several rows from the back of the auditorium, and he listened quite intently and after the meeting as I talked to him I noticed that he had on a sort of sweater like upper garment and there wasn't a seam in it, there wasn't a button hole in it, and it had sort of a turtle neck collar. And over on his shoulder he had a solar system with four or five planets on it. The mans head looked a little on the long side but at the same time he came up and he said:...I came specifically to your meeting, I want you to know that we are on your side, we know what you are teaching and what you are preaching. He said:..when the time comes you will find that we are with you. Well....I wondered who this fellow was, where did he come from and so forth. Then I happened to look down at his shoes and they were of soft leather and they turned or curled up at the tip. But this fellow was in our Oakland meeting, but when I asked him where he lived he said:...I am not from this planet. I did you get here and he said:...outside of Hayward is my ship. So I asked how he got to the meeting and he said we have a little car, which I drove in from my ship. So....I got right down into the elevator and went to see and he drove off in a little automobile which looked like a bump with four wheels and made no sound, but off he went. I mentioned this to others and they said...well I guess I saw I didn't ...but I knew I saw him and talked to him. So the next meeting in Oakland he was back. I looked around in the parking lot for that little car when I went in and I didn't see it, but during the meeting he came in, and after the meeting I talked to him and my driver saw him this time, but the women didn't....but he was there. I again noticed his attire and it was seamless but he wore pants. Someone you think he was from Venus? I don't know where he was from I just knew he was there, and his attire was different from the others. So again he came to the meeting and this time I talked to him longer, and he said:...I just want you to know that the hosts of heaven are standing by and that your interpretation in this matter is right, and we are with you. But beware of all these forces that tell you that the heavenly forces want you to get real close...loving with Russia, and that they want you to make Peace before they blow up the world. He said:...there is going to be a great struggle but we are standing by. This time he went out of the meeting before the others left, but then he came back the fourth time and the people there saw him. And he came the fifth time and then he never came back anymore. I mention this because I don't know where he came from, but twice I saw this little man leave in a little car like I never saw before, and I know that he had the only clothing I ever saw which I don't know how he got into. In otherwords he had to go in thru the neck hole cause there wasn't any other route in. And I touched this outfit and if metal could be flexible I would say it was woven out of soft wire. It was metallic but soft.

Question:...Did he talk like us?

Answer:...He talked like us with a very precise, very clear bell like voice. accent?

Answer:...No..except it was very clear and very sharp with each word very clear and impeccably spoken..Bostonian English only without the drawl. Clear and sharp English. I wouldn't have even mentioned this if my drivers and my wife didn't know all about it...I would have hesitated to mention it because some one would have imagined it. But I didn't imagine it, the man was there, and some of our crowd at the meeting saw him a second time, and I was just silly enough to believe he came. Question:...Would you talk about 'free agency'?

Answer:...There never was such a thing. There is a doctrine known as such in theology. We have friends in theology developing, and have had for a long time. The Armenian doctrine and the Calvinistic doctrine are two schools of theology. Armenian was a monk and he outlined what was the doctrine of Rome as it had developed. Later St. Thomas of Aquittus was to put all this in one codification. Back in the time of St. Augustine then he codified a lot of theology also. Only he was part way between in his theology. But Calvin was one of the first theologians in Europe to totally codify what was known as the doctrines of Grace which became known as the Calvinistic doctrine. But this was the doctrine that the early Apostles gravitated to around the Apostle Paul. But this doctrine lies in the fact that a person would be born into the world in the Adamic race...under the fall of Adam, and therefore this individual would be incomplete in areas of perfect and vibrator balance with the physical Universe. Because the gestation period is 9 months, but the former gestation was a solar cycle which before the speeding up of the revolutions in our track around the solar system to 365 in one trip. In otherwords we were slowed down in how long we went around, but we made 365 days one solar year where as we used to make it 360. And one year was one time, and this is why 7 times...a prophetic measure and seven times 360 or 2520 years. Thus a day for a year..prophetic measure and seven times was 2520 years.

Now; a gestation period for a complete being in perfect balance with the Universe for the physical body he was to inhabit was 360 days. But now you have 1 quarter of the 360 days left out so each individual is incomplete. All the synthesizing and vibratory particles of light and of positioning in electro magnetic forces, and in electronic vibrations, pulses, lightning pulses are short. You say:...what has this to do with it? Well, whether you know it or not you are what you are nourished with as you grow plus the fact that there is synthesized into you all the elements of the food consumed by the mother at this time. This particular food has all the vibratory patterns of nine months cycle plus the fact that the body has received all the light energies and all the vibratory impact from the light of the stars and planets in their positioning for 9 solid months. This is the reason why every individual has the exact pattern of the natural absorption in the synthesis of this body, found in the substances synthesized in it. Now; as far as the Spirit is concerned it was begotten in the heavens and is absolutely perfect. As far as the ego consciousness that the Father put into it then this is Holy Seed, and as good as the background of that Seed. As far as the physical body and its capacities are concerned it is subject to its synthesis. This is the reason why the measure of the stars had so much significance and importance in the past in the measures of the time of birth. In fact we have today two schools of measure. One is done merely for divining and we call this fortune telling, and this is not good. One who understands measures because of their consistency to events, and because of utilization of measures in Divine measures of prophecy, this has its purposes and is good. Now; when we talk about the signs of the Zodiac into which we have divided up our months, according to the Constellations and the names of these signs...we have divided these up and a person born at a given time depending upon what portion of that sign he is in has been classified as to whether he is a Virgo, or a Pisces, and so forth. And we have imputed a general pattern of characteristics which has a general tendency in the natural to be the tendency of a person born under that sign. Someone says: ...why is that? Because the electronic pattern of the vibratory forces of the synthesis of a person born at that time was such a small variation in orbit that takes place over thousands of years has set up such a pattern, that this pattern has been set up and observed. In fact when the Zohar was being used, the Savants of Israel knew this, and Enoch was told this. And when they built the city of ON in the land of Egypt with its famous Temple before they built the Pyramid, this was even back before the days of ..... (Agnotin) and .......(Nepherti) the Pharaoh and his wife who followed Enoch and Jobs teaching after their entrance into Egypt, and finally accepted the ONE YAHWEH as God. In fact this Pharaoh stood for the One God because of this belief and eventually died because the priests of Egypt didn't like this. But this Queen of this Pharaoh was a blue-eyed Aryan. So this shows you the influence of Enoch and Job. But as they set up the city they divided the big oval where the city was to be...into 12 sections...after each month of the year. And there was a court in the center of this oval which was divided by these sections. As Job and Enoch entered into Egypt the Savants with them, and shall we say the architects, the stone men, the engineers, the surveyors, the artisans the workers in engraving, and the polishers and so forth. Of the 144,000, Enoch and Job took 12,000 Artisans and their families for each month of the year into Egypt. Why did they do this? Because there was known....what was called the opposition month. And so the month directly across from the time of birth was when a particular set of Savants were in charge for the building. Coordinating their efforts because this was the time when their efforts were highest...not during their birth month. Therefore the alignment was oval. Therefore when they built the city..all January was in one section, and all February was in one otherwords these people dwelt in sections or blocks according to their rank closer to the center, but still by their month. This shows you just how far this measure goes. These patterns are quite significant, for you remember that the number 12 is also born 12 Apostles, 12 Patriarchs, and the number 12 is particularly important, it is the number of the house of the sun...and 'The sun of Righteousness rises with healing in his wings.' Then 'Osiris is the Ka of Ra' and Christ is the Morning Star who rises with Light and Power. Thus the Morning Star is the sun coming up, the sun is your day star from on high. When it talks about the light of a solar system mainly it is the day star, and its far greater Light. And as far as the great Light, Wisdom, and knowledge and Grace to a Race, then Christ becomes the Morning Star to the earth. Lucifer lost his light, he was the star of the morning who Jesus said he saw fall from the heavens. Christ today then is the Day Star of earth, His is the Sun of Righteousness that rises with healing in His wings, as we are told in Malachi. This is the symbol...the winged orb that our race carried...down into Egypt, and all thru our migrations. This is one of the great emblems of light. Some say:...oh, we don't use that anymore, they used to use them for good luck charms down in Egypt and so forth...but, we do use the emblem 'The Sun of Righteousness with healing in his wings' was the winged orb of a Great Faith. I'll tell you something else also, you have the Cross also, do you realize that 'With this sign you conquer?' In this again, 'God forbid that I should glory save in the cross of Jesus the Christ'...this is the amulet (Talisman). Someone said: but this isn't the Cross, it was a silly old 'X' or a busted up tree branch. Don't let anyone tell you this kind of junk. The Southern Cross high up in the sky was the same kind of Cross, and it still forms that in the sky. That marks the measure of the sign given unto Enoch as the sign of Atonement, the sign of the Majesty of Divine purpose. I can show you a star in that Constellation....but maybe we will some night just show the whole Constellation on the screen, because the whole Gospel message is in the stars, and the relationship to this, to people, to conditions to things is a very vital thing. There has been so much going on, so much to do that we haven't had time to get into these things at this late date. But the tremendous amount of wisdom and knowledge involved in this late date. But the tremendous amount of wisdom and knowledge that you have 612 illuminaries from first to seventh magnitude, that you can look into the sky and see these always visible 612 luminaries visible to video frequency from first to seventh magnitude...even tho there are thousands of stars up there.

Now; the reason for this is that if you would take a star globe and cut the horizon, and no matter what you do to this horizon if you move thru it on the cusp of the month always you discover that one-fourth cut from that point gives 153 of the first to seventh magnitude in the spot. This is how we know where the horizon is. Now; 153 is the numerical displacement factor in the Bible for incompletion. In otherwords if our race had not fallen by the seduction of Eve and the loss of Aura came, we wouldn't have an animal gestation of 9 months like the Beast system, we would have had a system of 360 days like the sun. So that would mean that everyone would have a physically perfect, mentally brilliant, intently alert, balanced in, surrounded with aura and Glory... undefeatable perception. There would then never be an error in thinking, never an error in the pattern of desires, this would be because we would be complete. Therefore Christ is the completer. And this I will say....yes, everyone has their nature according to their measure, and these are the normal patterns. This is the natural mans body which is subject to the synthesis time of his birth but remember in the Pyramid as the architectures built the Great Pyramid the displacement factor there was also 153 inches, and this is one of the factors lacking in completion. This is the instep...153. And remember that as Jesus wanted to bring this to the attention of His disciples He used the fish as a symbol. They had been fishing and hadn't done very good so He told them to put their net on the other side of the ship. This they did and as they pulled it in then it was filled with fish. He had them count the fish and there was 153...this is again the displacement factor. For instance the United Nations is totally displaced without God. When they first met in San Francisco to first form this house of Anti-Christ the signers who first signed that thing numbered 153. This shows the accuracy of this measure. Remember how Jesus had the disciples throw all the fish out of the net which were not good to eat, so He could show them this displacement factor.

Now; I want you to see that this house of the sun...this Temple built by our Wisemen down in the city of ON was like no other Temple. The whole Azure sky like lapis lazuli (the sapphire of the ancients) and set on this sky were 612 stars of gold and silver, in perfect orientation. In the days when they built this Temple there wasn't any Venus in our solar system, she was still just a comet out in space. But there on the dome of this Temple.. ...even before these wanderers were in place in our sky, they were set in this sky of the dome of the Temple. The Mayan calendar didn't list Venus for she never came into our solar system to stay until the time of the Exodus out of Egypt, before this she had twice caused ice ages to come and catastrophes but this shows you the precision with which the Bible sky lore hold together. This is the reason why when...Cosky plagiarized the knowledge of modern astronomy and the 'Worlds in Collision'...this is how he knew that Venus came into our solar system, and he incorporated it into our solar system. This is a good book to read but remember all the time that the Jews stole it...for he is a true blooded Jew, but Donnally did the original work. What I want to get back to is this....that anything that your race lost by this attempt to destroy your race by Lucifer, Christ has paid for. In otherwords when YAHWEH himself came to earth, and embodied himself he took on himself a body formed in 9 months, not a 360 day cycle. He took a body just like you had, you His kinsmen. So that He might be tempted in all things just like you. Because you could not tempt a 360 day body, so He took the body just like you have, and yet in all things would triumph. So 9 is the number of judgment, and the 9 month cycle is the Beast system cycle so therefore men without spirit were of 9 month gestation. So under this instance we had fallen in to their condemnation and their curse, but we still had inside the spirit seed of the sons and daughters of God. We had the destiny of conforming to his own image. This is again the reason why it was promised to us that He would restore back to us our life, and our Glory, everything which had been lost to our race. This is the reason why Restoration as well as Regeneration....a full pattern of Divine Life was a part of the promised Covenant to Israel.

Now; you will note that Peter says:...'All of us as living stones fitly framed together grow into a temple unto God', in which HE (Jesus) is the Chief corner stone, the stone which the builders rejected, the same to become the head stone of the corner. In otherwords then the Pyramid built by Enoch and Job had the capstone left off. And they left this capstone off because it had such tremendous significance. Completed...the capstone in place represents the completed kingdom, and all which will go on there in all of its Glory and Majesty in the days which are to come under the rule of the KING. But what it was to show, to symbolize in all the lore of our race...from the days of the Light Carriers as they moved thru Israel, in the days of Solomon, in fact from the days of Enoch and Job right down to today, they knew even back then when they built this Pyramid that they had to leave the capstone off. More than this they had to leave this off to set the factor for measure. They knew that would set everything...complete... that Christ offset the error and when they bring the casing into alignment with HIM then it will be perfect. He is the Chief Cornerstone by which we are all perfectly sealed into the building.

Now; Christ is the completer, and what you lack He will finish. In His Atonement He said:...'It is finished'. He not only paid the price for error but He restores by His Grace, by the activation of Spirit, and light. He restores the spiritual power in the areas of completion which might exist as far as the cognition capacities of the individual in the incomplete physical body. If anyone today does not perceive or does not understand they can be casualties to all the energies, vibrations, and forces, but they don't have to be a casualty from the standpoint that Christ has paid for it, nor will they be when HE by the sheer energy of His own Will activates the fullness of this which is in them. He says: not only will we be changed from one radiant Glory to another, one vibratory field of spiritual power unto another until we conform to His own image...not if or but...He says:..I have predestinated My Elect, the Seed of My Kingdom, to conform to My own Image. Thus this is why I bring out that Christ is the completer. You are just as complete Celestially as far as your ability to be guided by the spirit, and the destiny of your body for perfect mortality, and for synthesis of God as tho there was nothing incomplete. But the reason why 153 shows up is because no matter how you spin the wheel there are 153 basic illuminaries from first to seventh magnitude that you can see, altho there are multiple millions....and this is the reason this progression pattern moves around.

Now; under these natural measures we can say that there are certain measures which build for certain normal reactions. One can be perfect in any house thru out the sign, but without the spirit they could have a tendency to move in this area or that area of influence, but with the spirit there is no limitation.

Question:...What is this number 7, you see it so often?

Answer:...Number 7 is a Divine number. It is the number of the Light Energy forces of spirit that moves forth from the Father. It gives you the red, orange, green, blue and violet, then the sheer white light that these combine to make. In otherwords seven is the number of the Father complete. Six is without spirit, the number of man. This one operates with his senses and his ego. But the senses ego with Spirit is the whole thing. I want you to understand in the flesh with his ego is only 6, but man in the flesh with his ego and the spirit of the Living God within him is 7, a Divine number. Therefore the number of man without spirit is 6, and in his consciousness and in his perception, and in his body he is 666. Where as the child of God is 777 unpolluted, Holy...see, physically soul consciousness with capacity for residence of a spiritual being. Now; the new thing then of the synthesis which God utilizes creation beyond His person is 8. But the energies of judgment for that which is beyond His purpose is 9, and the activation of a completed work, or even having to overthrow with the judgment if necessary, but the forcing it into a position is 10. Thus this is why you have these particular sets of values starting with 6-7-8-9-10, which are so often used in Biblical numbers. There is numerology as it relates to Biblical patterns, and may be maybe a fourth dimension shall we say...a fourth heaven law. Because in the pattern in the areas of the 4th., measures Enoch was taught that numbers had their values and if men knew the law of numbers he knew the law of things, and the value of exchange. And if man upsets numbers with a law of exchange, then men were robbed and always end in catastrophe. So...this may sound strange, but when you come down to money, or units of what ever we accept in exchange for hours of work, or labor, or the things we create or produce, then if we don't operate with spiritual mathematics you operate with a bite out of it. And in doing this unless you have placed the numerics to increase by numerics...increased as you did the material you exchanged for goods then you are always taking a bite out of it. Everytime you put out $1.00 and do this to get $1.06 for instance, some of the dollar lost 6 cents. This is why in a fourth plane of responsibility they were shown mathematics, but I don't want to get into this for it would take to long tonight. Some night we will talk numbers. But this is why a pyramiding field of indebtedness is destruction. Lucifer understood how to handle numerics, and in the areas of the units of exchange he does not care what kind of money you have, just so he can control that money, in areas of juggling its units.

Our production is our wealth but if we set up parity production and permit numbers to be taken from numbers without numbers having created wealth, we have depressions, catastrophes and everyone trying to get down to the bank trying to get enough money to live. Now, I just bring this out because this is a phase of numbers. In mathematical law is one of the foundations, you can never advance to the law of the Octane, the syntheses was far as perception is concerned in this spiritual order until you understand the law of numbers.

Now, this is something most churches don't know anything about, and has long since departed from these factors. But back in the days of Enoch and Job, and back in the days when the Levites studied between the porch and the altar, what they had to know was every spiritual order that God showed unto Enoch. And had been passed down to the kinsmen of his race--up to the point of eight (8) or the law of the Octane. This is something we will get into when we have time.

QUESTION:---Was there someone with Adam when Lucifer was with Adam's wife?

ANSWER:---This was Lillith the Serpent woman. Now this we have to depend on India for. The word Indus comes from Lillith's offspring. In otherwords, Lillith's offspring was called Indus. This is the story. So a whole people, according to them, arrived from this point of origin. There is not much doubt that some of that offspring is in India alright. Because Lillith made the Ganges the stream of her fertility in the earth and set up the Temples of Kali. This is a hard question to answer. There might be more than we know about here.

QUESTION:---Comment on the Supreme Court decision on the violation of trespassing.

ANSWER:---The Supreme Court reversed the decision this week. When you enter onto someone's property to riot, to picket, or when a restaurant owner asks them to leave, the restaurant owner was arrested. It is my opinion that the present Supreme Court is as much a bunch of outlaws as any who ever rode down the trail. I think they have no constitutional provision for the decisions that they make. I think they are doing this by decree. And I think America is like a bunch of sheep or a cowed dog that is letting these men give decrees, then accepting these as laws and obeying them. I say "Shame on us." I think it is about time we stand up for America.


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