• Martin Lindstedt Has Mixed-Raced Nephews!

    Martin Lindstedt Has Mixed-Raced Nephews!


    Quote Originally Posted by WilliamB/Granmasta B Mudshark
    I listened to last night's program. Why does this known child molester keeping denying he's got negroes in the woodpile? What gives?

    Forever yours,

    Back in 2005 when I became an active member of the Church of the Daughters of ZOG I got to witnezz the dismissal of Martin Lindstedt for the rape of his own grandson. He was publishing sum very disturbing ideas about raping every non-white and using them as "breeding/brooding stock." Needlezz to say it was a great day for Christian Israel and the imprisonment of the ADL's most prolific dataminer unfortunatly led to several years of uninhibited fellowship within Christian Identity. Still, why he would condem race-mixing so adamatly bothered me and I had to discover his reasons.

    Thus, I continued to write to Martin Lindstedt while he was in the nutZhouse and during this time he admitted to me he had a sister named Elizabeth or better known as "Liz That You Luv" and he somehow felt shame because she had procreated with a number of 'negro bucks' bringin' forth several "mamzer spawn of the devil" (as Marty likes to puts it).

    Martin was released for only a few monthz before he was arrested for his third sex-crime against a minor but during this time I was able to trace down his sister's myspace account and glean several pikturez of Liz the supposed "mudshark" and her children.

    Below is Martin's sister "Liz" several years later with her current fine, upstanding boyfriend, Tyrone:

    During a radio show conducted in mid-2009 I asked Martin Lindstedt how he would be able to do the work of the Daughters of ZOG and what would happen when Christian Israel discovers his own neices and nephews were of a mixed-race. He hopped and jumped and did nothing but avoid the question. Knowing this, I still promoted him to "pope" within the ranks of the Daughters of ZOG as I felt he could aid the ADL and SPLC greatly due to his undying hatred of Christian Identity and his undying love of skat and feces.

    While Martin has since contacted his sister Elizabeth and caused her to remove several of the pikturez once showcased on her myspace account, I was able to save several of them before they were removed. Be sure to check her current account for updatez on her lovely mixed-raced family.

    This cute 'bunny' is the first-born daughter of Elizabeth named "Shaquanda Lindstedt" and Martin has recently boasted about being the childz Mack-daddy/godfather:

    This handsome basketball star is named "Jermille Lindstedt" and has dreamz of being a rapper or a fireman someday. It's recorded that he fell victim to one of Martin's ASSaults:

    Here's a current pikture (circa 2010) of both Shaquanda and Jermille Lindstedt taken during a family camping trip to the outskirtz of Detroit that Martin gleefully attended:

    So you see, dear WilliamB/Granmasta B Mudshark, we at the Church of the Daughters of ZOG have no real idea why our most prolific Rabbi Martin Lindstedt would deny theze cute little treasures unless he has a good reason for doing so. We speckulate that it's because he's desperately trying to get back into Christian Identity since his incarceration for pedophilia and these obviouz factz might not look good to those he's attempting to slander.

    Whatever the pope's reazons it should be noted that we trust Martin Lindstedt's JEWjement completely thus we ask that you keep these easily-proven factz between uz. If Christian Identity were to find out about Liz, Shaquanda and Jermille Lindstedt he might not be able to so easily falzely imprison and defame those genuine CI pastorz out there, which would defeat our very reasonz for employing him.

    Thank you for your underground support and for aiding us in removing all vestages of Biblical truth out there. No doubt Martin Lindstedt is doing an outstanding job by hizself but any help is always appreziated. Now go forth, my minion and dark succubus - rize and deztroy those silly Bible teacherz that dare follow the Bible's mandatez!

    Hail Destruction!!!

    Defiler Spictor Mapplethorpe
    Church of the Daughters of ZOG/Abuser of Linseed
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