• Susan Atkins vs. Pastor Visser

    It’s amazing what a person can learn about themselves when "playing dead."

    After making the Covenant People’s Ministry website invisible for several weeks last month we managed to become (temporarily) removed from the Google and Yahoo search caches. Naturally, I did several web searches during this time on the term “Pastor Visser” just to see the results without the main site.

    After all these years of ministerial service what do you think I was most remembered for? The fact that I’ve published four books that sell rather well on Amazon.com? No. The fact that I’ve preached over 250 audio sermons and numerous Christian Identity articles? Not even close. My affiliations with so-called “terrorist” organizations? Somewhat.

    Here’s what I am most known for – letters to and from a member of the Mason Family.

    Indeed, in the summer of 2005 I authored and preached Thou Shalt Not Suffer A Witch To Live which mentioned grisly details concerning the Tate-LaBianca killings and I concluded by stating scripture teaches murderers have no eternal life. Harsh judgment, perhaps but substantiated by I John 3:15; "Be certain that no taker of life has eternal life in him."

    Soon afterwards I decided it wouldn’t be very Christian of me to talk about people in prison who can't defend themselves so CPM sent copies of the sermon, both audio and text, to every surviving Manson Family member involved in these killings.

    Charles "Tex" Watson didn’t respond. Charles Manson didn’t either. Susan Atkins did.

    As expected, her letter was full of justifications for the act of murder. She used the examples of Paul and Moses of how God was sometimes pleased with the act of killing. Honestly, Sadie Mae Glutz gave it her best and I was most impressed with her seemingly having more courage than her murderous male accomplices.

    You can read Susan's five-page letter for yourself here.

    Susan Atkins died little over a year ago on September 24, 2009 and as a result many people mirrored and linked her letter to me on a global scale and copies were everywhere on the internet. The mp3s ended up on numerous Charlie Manson fansites. There’s even a loyal Atkins fan that narrated and transcribed it for several memorial YouTube videos.

    I suppose this type of behavior is to be expected during an apostasy but it’s sad to me that our modern culture truly centers around icons and we live in a world where serial killers gain more attention than preachers of God’s Word.

    Still, these days I let God judge Susan.

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    1. Solomon's Avatar
      Solomon -

      Susan looks in her mugshot.
    1. admin's Avatar
      admin -

      Here's local copies of the two audio sermons mentioned:

      http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-23727/TS-234614.mp3 (2005)
      http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-23727/TS-275067.mp3 (2009)

    1. Paul Vargio's Avatar
      Paul Vargio -
      Quote Originally Posted by Solomon View Post

      Susan looks in her mugshot.
      Those are the eyes of a demon. Only Satan's children could commit the crimes the Mansons did. Its interesting how most of those wackos turned judeo christian after being sent to prison. Its like they all know they're going to Hell and try to repent by grabbing on to religion. In a weird way they remain reprobate right up until the end.
    1. Staropramen's Avatar
      Staropramen -
      You do realise that Apostle Paul was a murderer before he became a Christian right?
    1. Tobias's Avatar
      Tobias -
      An excellent interview Pastor. Kudos.
    1. JamesTheJust's Avatar
      JamesTheJust -
      I try not to worry about these things. I believe Charles Manson was a jew and as for the others? We don't know. Could be mamzers or other crypto jews.

      Cheer up Visser! You're doing a good thing.

      While most of the world sleeps, we thank YAH that you are here.
    1. Tobias's Avatar
      Tobias -
      Who is Susan Atkins?!? She has no clout compared to Pastor Visser. What a joke.
    1. Archivist's Avatar
      Archivist -
      Suffer No Witch To Live! ( aka: "The Susan Atkins Sermon" ) [2005] deals with the unsavory topic of witches and their influence in today's society. Pastor Visser gives several Biblical examples of witches or sorceresses and then proceeds to contrast man's dealings with the serial killer Charles Manson to the eternal commandments of God. Copies of this cheerful sermon were mailed to "the Manson family" and serial killer Susan Atkins replied ( scans of her letter are featured in this video and further viewable at the CPM website ).

      coven 18 | 2012
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