• Martin Lindstedt vs. Pastor Visser

    From Christian Identity News (12/15/2010);

    (RABBIT TRACK ROAD) GRANBY, MO - So what’s the scoop on all this Lindstedt vs. Visser nonsense that has polluted our once pure movement? For the last year we’ve heard Martin “Mad-Dog” Lindstedt howl and whine that Pastor Jeromy Visser is the antichrist and a “thieving mamzer.”

    In all five reported Movement Turd smack-downs Visser is clearly the victor, at least theologically. To the average listener Martian [-sic] Linseed comes off as a total head case, even claiming to have spent over three years in the Fulton County “nuthouse” for alleged child molestation but once in awhile he’ll spew forth a gem of logic. Perhaps it’s something he’s heard from others, perhaps its “retard’s luck.”

    All five audio files can be obtained here, each averaging about four hours a piece!

    Each of these shows contain adult language and thousands of unsubstantiated claims from both sides of the argument. Did we mention that somehow Morris Gullet and Pastor Bill are involved in the conspiracy to murder all opossums (or is that ‘possums)? Indeed, to Martin Lindstedt everybody in Christian Identity is mixed, thus he’s recently claimed himself “the pope of CI.”

    Who is Martin kidding?

    Everybody on his shizz list is a better theologian than himself, that much is obvious. His gossip show violates Yahveh’s Law on so many levels we link it here for entertainment purposes only. So while we don’t agree that Pastor Jeromy “The Mad Bonger” Visser should be teaching the youth to smoke what molesting Marty terms “nigger weed” our vote’s for the only sane man.

    Go Visser!

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