• [08/18] Questions & Answers '65

    by DR. SWIFT


    QUESTION:‑‑Why did the Mayans welcome the Manasseh people?

    ANSWER:‑‑They were received by the Central American Indians because they thought this was the return of the Children of the Sun, who had come to their chronology in the great time clock of the Mayas‑‑‑800 B.C. which was the time when some of the house of Manasseh were supposed to have crossed the sea in the ships. But this was only a part of Manasseh, as this Bible tells us that Manasseh would cross the sea in ships. But the bulk of the Manasseh people moved out with the bulk of Ephraim and Manasseh as they migrated in their period of time, thus this does all tie in. But most of the tradition of South America leans toward the west instead of the east, to the west out of Lemuria. And the artifacts, and the images, and the religious symbolism of South America which are Pre‑Adamic, and which come out of the oldest stratus comes out of the oldest Temples, and it is the same as that coming out of Easter Island, the Steppes of China, and also from

    Samoa. So this land was one time tied together in one orbit. Some of the finest work on these studies are by Kabar and Dubbs. In fact he is one of the experts on the Pacific Islands, and their civilization and antiquity. This proves that the Bible talks about things which man didn't find out about until just lately. And it speaks about these things with accuracy, and the explanation of these things is proven. The Bible says; let every man be found to be a liar (or Mistaken) and God be true. This is what happens, they think they have an exact and absolute science, and then they find out that the record was here in the Bible all the time. If they could have only understood it. However your race carries this capacity to be led to this discovery when all things are understood, when you reach the peak of 'All Truth'.

    QUESTION:‑‑Up to the time of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob there must have been a lot of Sethites and Noahites, but all we hear about are the 12 tribes of Israel, but there must have been a lot of people out there somewhere?

    ANSWER:‑‑Now, wait a minute Ivan, you are getting mixed up. It was in the Upper Tarim Basin where the sons of Seth lived. And of course Adam's son Seth was the 8th., gestation, because it took 7 gestations to cleanse the womb. After the seduction of Eve, none of the offspring of Adam and Eve would be acceptable to carry the Holy Seed onward until after this 7th., gestation. And the scripture says that after Seth was born that Adam said: I have now begotten a son in my own image, and in my own likeness. So it was the Sethites who lived in the Upper Tarim Basin, in the Tien Shan Mountains, north of Turkestan, and on up in the Steppes. In the book of the Vedic writings they said that Khrisna would come, and buy the whole world and redeem India as well as the whole earth, just to get his own children. In other words Christ died to get the whole world treasure hid in the field, which is the world. Didn't Jesus say that there was a treasure hid in the field. We come under the judgment because of the lost mortality, by the fall of Adam, but we were to be restored by the Atoning work of The Christ, and the power of His spirit, which was also Khrisna, or Christ. The word Christ is not a name, it is a condition, Jesus Christ is just simply YAHWEH embodied in the flesh, and His name as a baby was YAHSHUA. Therefore you are also christed, or embodied, and you are here in the physical bodies. You are Elohim in the 82nd. Psalm and all of you are the children of YAHWEH. So who is He talking to, He is talking to your race alone, and the statement of destiny, and the fulfillment of prophecy is thus involved here. So these Sethites migrated, and came down and some went to the Persian Gulf area, and some went on to England and built Stonehenge. They built the DoRing in Persia, and they built high in the Himalayas the great measuring stones, so what were they measuring? Not only were they recording the equinoxes, and the planets and their constellations, but they were waiting for the prophecies of Enoch. For Enoch had written this prophecy which had gone by carrier to the Basin, in which he had told them as to the signs of the coming of the embodiment of God, and what would be the sign of his coming, and of the Kingdom and so forth. Thus they built these great ring of stone to measure the heavens, because they were waiting for these signs to be in Aquarius, and the coming of the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter for the sign of the birth of Christ. They knew what would be the indicators and where the comet would move. They knew these things, and in fact I can show you this in the Book of Enoch, and in the Book of Records. I can prove to you that they were in all these places, prepared to see these things.

    Of course, we could get into Biblical facts related to this as well, but there is no question of the fact that the knowledge as related to the movements of your God and His coming and going in earth, for the building of His Kingdom was given to His children. How He marked your race, by prophets and their spiritual revelations, and by inspiration, and how Lucifer tried to mongrelize your race with Asiatic and Negroid blood. This is as much a fact as any part of the scripture. More than that Lucifer has the most evil forces on earth, which is Jewry. And yet we have seen these usurpers move in and claim they are the people of the Book. Of course, this is exactly what the scripture says: "Woe to them who say they are Judah and are not." They are the synagogue of Satan, Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. Numerologically the number 9 is the number of judgment. This is significant also as the Gospel of measure. So these people carried a great civilization to the world, and some of these descendants of Seth came into Britain. And some of these Sethites move on from Britain to other places, but the time came further down the lineage, for the descendants of Abraham, the covenant people, but they could also marry with the Sethite descendants for they were all of one race. You remember that Joseph was in Egypt, he married Aseneth the daughter of the Priest of On, but here again were descendants of the Sethite line. You listen to bedtime stories sometimes, and when they don't know the patterns of history they come up with some fantastic. But we haven't lost anybody, in other words we know where white men are.

    When Alexander the Great came into the Mid‑East to Persia, he said: "Who are you", and they replied: "We are Aryans, tanned by the wind, but we are Aryans". So the Persians told Alexander the Great they came from the streams of the white race, and he made an agreement with the Persians, and then the Persians rode with the Macedonian soldiers, and from this time on the Persians joined the Greek Armies, and they swept all the way to India. And they made, nor carried any idols, or images for THE LORD WAS ONE. Even Islam which is from Ishmael says: Allah, Allah Akabar, THE LORD IS ONE. Then the scripture says: "Hear of Israel, YAHWEH THY GOD IS ONE LORD," or THE LORD GOD IS ONE."

    Alexander the Great was very much misunderstood, he was a brilliant strategists also an Empire Builder. But what he wanted to do was to bring all the white people together, and rule the world with intelligence, leadership, and make it impossible to fight wars against each other of earth, because the policing powers of the white world, the educational powers of the white race would stretch all over the world. The one spot he did not go to was through the Himalayas, but he sent messengers through the mountains and they came through the passes, and returned to report that there were people over there like the sand of the sea. There were about 500 million at that time, and about 800 million of them today. There has been great catastrophes which we know about which reduced their numbers by great plagues, but they would then increase again. But Alexander the Great said: I find that there are men across that great river, warriors like the sands of the sea. And although we have the best warriors and the finest equipment, it would be foolish for us to go through those passes where these people could swarm all over us like ants, and destroy our fine columns and our fine equipment. But if they try to pour through those passes then we will take our military and stop the passes, and we will whip them because we are better warriors, and we know what we are doing. But we can't fight them if they swarm all over us, so we will just stop them at the passes. Alexander the Great was smarter than President Johnson, for he realized that the place to hold off the Asiatics was at the passes. You can't send troops over and conquer 800 million Chinamen, not man to man, fighting by infantry. That is the only reason why Alexander the Great did not push on through the passes.

    Now, Alexander the Great went through the Himalayas and came down into the back of India. In fact today some of Alexander's great company are today firm civilizations, and on up some places in the Himalayas are "Little Europe", white civilizations which go back to that time. Hunza for instance is a fine strain of white people, fair haired and brown haired, and blue eyed and they carry the genes of the white race. They were isolated from this company, and formed a civilization. But you see the woman, the families also traveled with Alexander the Great, and when this group stayed in Hunza they built their civilization. Some of these people are 120 to 125 years of age, and they have all kinds of vegetables, and fruit, and they are not sprayed, and they have all kinds of wheat with the wheat germ intact, and they did not have sickness until outside civilizations found their retreat. That is remarkable but it just shows you what happens when you are cut off from the rest of the world. On top of this the fish were good, and the game was fine, and they stayed there and built quite a culture. After Lowell Thomas went back into the mountains and photographed it for Cinerama, the people started going into this land, then they started having the flu, and everything everyone else had. Civilization carried germs into them which they did not have any contact with in all that period of time. But again, these white men came into that area with Alexander the Great. These white men were Aryans, some of them were existent before the days of St. George and the Dragon.

    Now, this is very interesting, because in the days of King Applestane of Britain, we call him King Arthur today, but at that time the Knights of the Round Table and their sports were just games. This tradition was built on exploits which they did, and in the high mountains of Turkestan between Asia and Europe, in those mountain ranges in the valleys Aryans lived, who were Sethites or White men. And they built cities, and they became Christians as well. In the days of John the Apostle he went out and traveled through these areas and preached to these people and they became Christians. You can go back through the records and find that these Christian cities talked about Prestor John, and the word Presbyterian comes from Prestor remember that. In other words Prestor, the carrier of messages, the carrier of the Gospel. Remember the words of Jesus as He talked to Peter: What is it that you want, if he tarry until I come, you just follow me.

    Now, every disciple was killed, or crucified by the Jews and the Romans, they all died a martyrs' death but John, and there is no record of anything ever happening to John, and we find years and years, hundreds of years of exploits where in we can trail him.(John)

    Now, back to these cities through the mountains, they would come under attack by long Chinese columns. These Chinese would come in during the days of King Arthur and after the death of Genghis Khan then still the hoards came, for Kublia Khan a nephew of Genghis Khan and his descendants ruled China with a Mongols Empire which lasted down to the Ming dynasties, or the Chinese delivery, and was one of the last dynasties in China. But these Chinese soldiers or warriors in those early days marched over to these mountains in which were Aryans cities, these were like little isolated Christian civilizations which went all the way back to the Messianic ministry of the Disciple John, and even further. And they would fall under the attack of these hoards, and as they came they would make this great Dragon, and would light them up at night, and fire firecrackers, and come charging with knives. The Mongol hoards were the first to make fire bombs, and use gunpowder in this way. These cities had great walls to protect them, but they were being cut off in this way from their source of food. There were so many Chinamen it was frightening, and finally they sent out a messenger, and he went all the way across to Germany and he appealed to his race in Germany, telling them their cities could not take all the Chinese in the world. Then he went to France, and on into Britain to the court of King Arthur. And he said that the Dragon was devouring Christians and warring against the Church. So King Arthur called for Knights to go help these people, and defeat the Dragon. So St. George went forth to do just that, and as his army went into Germany they gathered up German Princes, and gathered Knights from Finland, from the tribes of Issachar, and some of the Slavs of Zebulon, and all of these were Christian knights. And when George came over the mountains led by the courier, there were about 2000 Knights with him. And these men were moved efficient, had armor and had been through many campaigns. When they came to the city the Chinamen were still in siege against this city, and they had this great Dragon and it spit fire out of its mouth. The fire would come out and then the smoke in great puffs, and they would then shoot off their fire crackers, but this did not bother the Christian Knights. They just set their shields and charged their horses down into these Chinese hoards, and run over the hoards who were not using metal

    shields or armor. They had only light shields of brass, so these Knights decided their armor and strength would be sufficient, and they did defeat the Asiatics, and went on into the city. And George taught these people to use the long bow, and to build battlements. And all the Aryans of those mountains from then on used the "Long Bow" while all the hoards of Genghis Khan and the Mongols used the reflex, or short bow, or Turkish bow.

    But George taught these cities how to use the form of Archery, and how to defend their cities, and they melted great pots of lead on the walls, and resisted the hoards of the Dragon. And in the process they defeated the Dragon and chopped up the Dragon which they carried as a flag. And George defeated these Dragon troops, and so great was that defeat by these warriors of Light, with their Long Bows that the Dragon troops retreated, because of their great loss of life. And when George came home then the legend of St. George killing the dragon became legendary to the Knights of the Round Table, and King Arthur. It is symbolic of the hosts of God against the Luciferian powers. Lucifer as you know carried the symbols of the Serpent and the Dragon, and their battle at that time was to wipe out Christianity. Of course it is an old battle for you, because today you still fight the Dragon and the Serpent.

    QUESTION:‑‑Did you say that Stonehenge was built by Adamites?

    ANSWER:‑‑Yes, Aryans, the same who built DoRing on the Persian Gulf. Stonehenge was built for measuring. It was not built for anything else. They use to think it was built for Pagan sacrifices, but that has been proved false, never was any truth to this at all, it was built as an observatory for measuring.

    QUESTION:‑‑But how do you convince these experts who say that it couldn't have been built by intelligent people because they were only savages and monster living there at that time? They say this because of the age of Stonehenge.

    ANSWER:‑‑Well, just remember that our race has never produced monsters, they were intelligent people 7400 years ago. Remember that Adam and Seth both wrote of their experiences. Remember that Seth and Adam had knowledge of the law and the Fulcrum. The law of the Fulcrum and its mathematics was applied in the building of the Pyramid. The masters of the Rose Cross was the spiritual foundation of things which had been taught in Celestial Plains, and brought to earth by Enoch. There were in fact two pillars of wisdom, the Jerusalem word and the Universal word of Wisdom. These schools were in the early part of your race, and came down all this way through this race. Stonehenge, DoRing and the one high in the Himalayas were all built by Aryans, they were all built the same way. When you talk about savages, then its hard to talk about savages, without giving a period of time, for today down in Watts, there are savages, see. They haven't gotten used to civilization which rules them, and rubs off on them, because they do not have the capacities to respond. Never will these be equal to the white man. But savages may exist in any age, and any realm, and even warriors are not necessarily savages, because they defended an area, or because they became involved in battle. But this idea that cavemen built Stonehenge and DoRing is far fetched because these men were Aryans.

    QUESTION:‑‑The man who talked about this is a Christian.

    ANSWER:‑‑I know but he is sure mixed up. It would be hard for us to talk about any period of time in the last several millenniums when there were not great cities and civilizations, and yes savages as well. Even back in the periods of time when the great continent sank beneath the waters, there were great cities which sank with them. So in Europe and in fact that area of the North Sea, there were once great cities, and they had tremendous architecture, and great stones and huge towers, and they can be found now on the bottom of the North Sea. And it antedates all the history of Europe. This was even

    before the Norsemen, and you see the Norsemen were also not savages. In the cities of the Scandinavians they built great stockades around their cities, and they sometimes fought against each other, but remember that most of their living came from the sap of the trees and the Sea. But their theology was the theology of Asher and the Naphtali, two of the tribes of Israel. If you follow their destiny and follow the tribe of Dan, and their destiny was Dan's land‑‑Denmark and so forth, then these people knew who they were. So Norway, Sweden and Denmark go a long way back in the antiquity of your race, to the time of the migrations of Israel, and their theology was all interwoven. They knew of their sons who became great, and they knew when they died, that they had immortality. When their famous sons went into the Celestial world they called upon them to intervene for them, and to give them advice. Odin was the son of Tea Tephi, and Eochaidh the Heremon, or Milesian (Zarahite of Jerusalem) and Tea Tephi was the daughter of Zedekiah who was brought to Ireland by Jeremiah and married to Heremon the King of Ireland, and then the throne went from Ireland to Scotland and Wales, and then to England. But this was still from the seed line combined, and today this is why on the walls of Buckingham Palace you find the history of this throne traced all the way back to David, and thus it is true. You see Odin was a great one to the Scandinavians, and for years when they got into trouble they cried Odin, Odin, and he wasn't a monster, he was one of their forbearers, see. And they believed that he rode with the Valkria, and their Austrian Kinsmen and the Germanic both used the word Valkyria. This was the spirits of the dead who rode through the Celestial Heavens, and used their influence to battle for protection

    of their people. They believed that these interceded with their Father, YAHWEH‑God and they taught that they were the children of the MOST HIGH, and that the Valkyria rode through the heavens, and would so ride until the day when the Valkyrie would join the children in earth. This was fundamentally the same prophecy and background which was introduced into Christianity. And this is of course why the Apostles went out to these tribes of Israel, into Europe. Remember that Jesus said: "Other sheep have I, who are not of this fold". And then said: "I came only to the lost sheep of Israel." And He was not talking about the Jews at all, but about the Normans, and the Germanic (Judah) people, the Vis‑Goth in Judea who finally came out in migrations in the days when under the father of Titus the Roman, their work in Palestine being done. So we can trace them exactly as to who these people are and where they went in that time. The Lombards, the

    Germanic people, the Basques, the Scandinavian, and Anglo‑Saxon people were all Israelites.

    QUESTION:‑‑Who were the Teutonic gods?

    ANSWER:‑‑Actually they were 'Hero' sons, practically every one of them was a 'Hero" son. Remember Israel was in migrations and they taught at that time also that they were a Divine race, they knew that they were Elohim, and that they were the children of YAHWEH. And this is what the Old Testament taught, "Ye are Elohim" and all of you are the children of YAHWEH. Thus said the Psalmist and so they waited for restoration and their former glory.

    Now, in this instance therefore all their sons on ascending into the heavens were the children of God, the family of God and they rejoined the great God of the heavens. Remember that Jupiter was also the Almighty One, and Zeus was the Almighty One, Valcan was also the Almighty One, so you see as they used these names they were talking

    about the same one, The Eternal God. When they talked about Odin and these others, these were the sons of the Eternal God, but they knew that they dwelt in earth at one time.

    Then remember that when the Apostle Paul went over to Greece, he knew that these Greeks were Sythians, and had all come out of Egypt. He said; all our fathers passed through the waters and ate the same manna. This is the Apostle Paul and he tells them that all their fathers had passed through the same experiences. And he wanted to refresh their minds to tell them that this YAHSHUA JESUS WAS NONE OTHER THAN THE ETERNAL YAHWEH, that he was Zeus, the Mighty God who served, that this Zeus had come to earth, or Jupiter came to earth when talking to the Romans. This was the embodiment of this Almighty One in the Book of Colossians made all things, and by HIM all things were made, and without HIM nothing was made. He was before all things, and by HIM all things consist. So the Apostle Paul called Jesus, YAH‑ZEUS, God in the flesh. There never was a word in the scripture such as Jesus, the name of that baby was YAHSHUA.

    In the 43rd., chapter of Isaiah it says: "I YAHWEH AM THY YAHSHUA". In other words I the Eternal God am thy Savior. Now, the Angel Gabriel came to the Virgin Mary, and didn't talk to this little Hebrew Girl in the Anglo‑Saxon tongue, or in the Greek. He talked to her in Hebrew, and he told her, "Thou shalt be with child which is of the Holy Spirit." Then he said: "Thou shall call his name YAHSHUA for He shall save His people from their sins." So this Angel messenger did not talk Greek to her and say: thou shalt call his name YAH‑ZEUS. No he shall call His name YAHSHUA. Then Paul spoke to the Greeks and he translated into Greek and said: YAH‑Zeus. And when the Gospel was carried all over to the 'Lost Sheep' it is spoken to them in their languages so they could hear and receive.

    QUESTION:‑‑This is a written question and it is built into a figure of translation in II Peter, Chapter 3:10.---"But the day of the LORD will come as a thief in the nights in which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, and the earth also and the works that are there in shall be burned up. Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved what manner of person ought ye to be in all Holy conversations and godliness?"

    ANSWER:‑‑This passage is a matter of translation. When it talks in this instance about the planet earth, it should not have been translated in this way. The word earth should have been translated, World Order, because this is talks about the world order dissolving in fervent heat, this is a prophetic pattern for the day of the Atomic Age. In the struggle between the World Order and the Kingdom, the elements and catastrophes involved here will of course effect the world order. We have other passages to show this and of course the Prophet Joel talks about this, as he tells about the day when the great pillars of fire and smoke take place. And of course, the Book of Esdras tells us that bright and horrible stars shall burn over the cities of Asia (World Order) when they rule one hour with the Beast. And when those stars burn then their cities will turn to powder and dust from the heat of these terrible stars, which is again like an Atomic burst over the areas of Asia, who are involved in this warfare against the Kingdom. And Esdras was talking about this 700 years before The Christ, this is a marked pattern of prophecy, just like the pattern of Joel, and of course the prophet Joel was just slightly earlier in writings. Then Peter talks about this same thing. He talks about the catastrophe which effects the world order, about the first world order. And at that time it did not mean that the whole world was drowned just the world order of that area‑‑‑ERET‑‑‑this means‑‑in that country. This was a Luciferian World Order trying to integrate and mongrelize and destroy all the white race, and all the worshipers of YAHWEH‑God. So in the Upper Tarim Basin where the Adamic Household had their largest population, this was where these evil forces moved in on them. There were Giants in those days after this mongrelization. But we know that the flood never reached South America or even Egypt. The word in Hebrew is ERET, meaning all that country. We know that the Egyptians were a great nation even in the day when Adam was placed in earth. In the 32nd., chapter of Ezekiel it tells us the Egyptian Empire was a great Empire, and that the Assyrian Empire was all over the earth at that time. We know that as Abraham went down into Egypt long after the flood that Egypt was still there. And we know that Joseph, generations after that went into Egypt and Egyptians were still there. In the days of Ezekiel, between 800 and 700 B.C., long after the flood, God tells Ezekiel that the Egyptian and Assyrians Empire existed long before the days of Adam, and was still existent when Adam was placed in Eden, but this was the beginning of the Adamic race, the garden of the beginning. This is also quite evident as to where the flood was, as you deal with all the creatures which were to be carried on the Ark. If we take what the Hebrew actually says, that place, then the world order concentrating on that place was wiped out by water, as it was trying to destroy the Kingdom. And therefore the Fauna in that area did not include so many species and could be taken on the Ark. Thus the fashion of the world Order of that day passed away with the deluge of water, with the catastrophe which hit that area.

    Now, today the World Order is arrayed against God, against the Celestial fields, in the earth, is designed for yet another destruction which is with fervent heat. In this struggle they make up the attempt to destroy the Kingdom with Nuclear warfare, and it turns back upon them, and they are defeated by the very forces which they intended to use against you. Which also gives an indication of the fact that we are going to go through the period just ahead such as Armageddon, with Atomic power playing a part. Because elements dissolving in fervent heat, and all the World Order which is trying to destroy the Kingdom, all this boomerangs against them, and thus demonstrates of course the Atomic catastrophe which has to envelope the World Order. So this again is what it is talking about for the earth abides forever. And in the ages to come it is called the New Heaven and the New Earth because you get a Celestial Order in power. You get a new ruling force in earth because this new day brings in the Kingdom of God, and of course the Kingdom of God replaces the World Order. Where as Lucifer has held the world as Prince over this world since the rebellion, but the Kingdom of God was placed here to overthrow Lucifer, and overthrow him it will. This passage brings many indication of this very thing.

    Peter, of course had his knowledge restored to him through his Discipleship, and through the spirit. Remembering also that there were many things Jesus discussed with his disciples which were not in the record at all. If all the things had been written in a book you would probably have several libraries to hold them. But we have only four little books which sort of duplicate each other in their first chapters. So we do know that Peter was informed by The Christ, and you couldn't get any better information than that.

    QUESTION:‑‑Speaking of the Egyptian Empire being in place at the time of the Adam, are these the people who built the Pyramid?

    ANSWER:‑‑No, the Pyramid was built by Enoch and Job and their great company after they came down from the Tarim Basin, came down along the Persian Gulf, and finally into the areas of Palestine. These were Sethite people, they came into this unsettled area, and actually Enoch and Job were actually raised in this Palestine area. Enoch of course came from a family of Patriarchal leaders. And Job of course was a man of great wisdom. He has been raised up for this task he was to perform, and he was a Hyksos or White Shepherd. He lived in the city, but he had vast herds of cattle, and sheep, practically everything which could graze. He was a very wealthy man, and the Book of Job tells you some of the things which happened to him, and how God then restored all these things to Job after Lucifer could not destroy Job in this contest between Lucifer and God, over Job. But Job was the man given wisdom and understanding, and had certain things brought to

    his attention. Of course we know that Job and Enoch were the two pillars of wisdom, one with complete knowledge of spiritual law, and the other with the application of that spiritual law with the knowledge of the law of the Fulcrum, the law of mathematics, the law of construction and so forth. Of course there is lots of other things which we won't go into at this time concerning this, but the Pyramid was built by Enoch and Job and their great company of 144,00, and as they went down into Egypt to build they took these men of the white race with them, 12,000 for each month of the year, Savants, Wisemen, mathematician, the whole structure of those necessary to build the Pyramid and the other structures they were to build.

    The city they left was the city of Ur, Ursalem, the words Ur, means city, and this one was termed the city of Peace. We use the word Jerusalem today but the old word was Ur for city. Ur of the Chaldeas was a city of Chaldea and Ur‑Usalem was the city of the Prince of Peace. So in ancient Palestine where Enoch and Job were raised, their forbearers were Sethites who had migrated to that place. They had built this city of Peace for the Eternal YAHWEH who was their Father. In other words they knew that they were the descendants of YAHWEH‑Putah who had placed His descendants in earth to build His Kingdom. The Egyptians thus called Him YAHWEH‑PUTAH, THE ETERNAL GOD OF LIGHT. They referred to Him as the God of Heaven and Earth, and also in the teachings which were given unto the Egyptians by this white race after they went down into Egypt, then they looked forward to the Atonement and Redemption from this Great Father of the White Race who was the ETERNAL GOD OF THE SKY, and was known in earth as the God of Light, Life and Resurrection, so they called Him Osiris. This is the Egyptian word for Messiah, who is none other than YAHSHUA, or in English today, Jesus. They knew about HIM through out only what Enoch and Job had preached but also by things they had been inspired to know.

    Of course Enoch had traveled out into space in the craft they had sent for him, he had been to the Pleaides and back and he knew about the ends of the earth, he knew about the Paradise, in the Garden of God. The Book of Enoch contains this, and of course he told about what he was to unveil in the "Towers of Enoch" and the "Secrets of Enoch", for in these books were the things he wrote when he came back. And Job was given the knowledge of wisdom, and joined with Enoch because he was a pillar of wisdom also. And Job's knowledge of the earth, the science of the Universe, and of the earth, and its relationship to it. This is why you find so much of this 'sown' in the Book of Job. So when they came down into the land of Egypt, the Egyptians living there were of the people who had crossed North Africa, probably about 6,000 years before that. This was before the Great land masses had sunk in the final sinking of the land mass of Atlanta. At that time when those fields of grass, up to the belly of horses. All this is to be found in the books of Horus which is the story of their migration. The Egyptians who came across the north part of Africa settled in what we call the 'Crescent of the Nile', in the Nile valley. These people had certain things, for instance the oldest Priesthood they had was the Priesthood of Horus which was also the Priesthood of the One and Only God. And the name for the rulers of the ancient Atlantcan was Khufu. And ever single one of them had the title Khufu, just like we use the title of King or Pharaoh. And the Priesthood carried the title of the Priesthood of Horus, so each succeeding Priesthood was titled the Priesthood of Horus. This is most interesting because the thing which brought about the catastrophe of Atlantas was mongrelization, and Horus tells about it. In the days of the Luciferian rebellion, in the days when Lucifer had fought his battle in the heavens against God, one of the strange things is that he gathered people from several planets in the Milky Way, and this involved the Negro people. They were of course under Lucifer's control and already a fallen society at that time. And after bringing the Negroes to earth, then Lucifer tried to mongrelize the races of earth with these Negroes. His design and rebellion against God was to mutate and change everything God made, to mutate, to destroy and to curse it, this was his strategy. So mongrelization started in earth after Lucifer's rebellion, and there were other angels in this rebellion who did not keep their first estate such as Voodoss, and of course the great sections of the fleets under Voodoss went into Africa, and then he started to claim that he was deity and started the religion of Voodooism. And he came in early in the rebellion with these Negroes, and we know we can start that date at 73,000 years ago. Because at that time they were burying Negroes in the caves of Kilimanjaro.

    Now, radio carbon has proved the antiquity of the Negro fossils, and their campfires as 73,000 years ago, when they were burying them in the caves of Kilimanjaro. They do this with the study of skulls, they know a Negro skull has a super‑orbital ridge almost as heavy as a Chimpanzee, almost one and one‑half inches thick at that point. And they did walk upright because the hole through which the spinal column comes through on a monkey is further back. But then monkeys and chimpanzees never build campfires anyhow. But the Negro has evolved a lot since that time. But we do know that there were Negroes on the earth 73,000 years ago. We do know that not one white skull was found on earth before approximately 7,400 years ago. And with all the chronologies we have the correct date then for Adam as 5400 B.C., and he was the first white man on the face of the earth.

    But then within a generation or two the Adamic race was in trouble up in the Tarim Basin. The other races were attacking and of course Lucifer was attempting to mongrelize the race, and the results brought on the flood, in that country. Where the most trouble comes from scientifically is that in earlier days they did not know that, ERET in Hebrew meant that area or that country. In the days of the King James translation, and in some of the works of the Septuagint, they translated, ERET, as earth, and it should never have been translated as earth. For the flood never touched Egypt at that time which had existed ever since Atlantas. And Atlantas didn't go down until about 11,000 years ago. We know that as far as times and measures are concerned that the last sinking of the Pacific continent Lemuria was about 14,000 years ago, and Atlantas about 11,000 years ago. We can complete this measure by artifacts on Easter Island in the Pacific. We find there great walls which go down into the Pacific Ocean, and Easter Island is just one of the high spots left on the east, where Japan is on the west of Lemuria. These are just a carry over from the Pre‑Adamic world and just a part of it in the Pacific area of catastrophe. In the days of Enoch and Job the tradition is that these people of Egypt had migrated from the land which went down in the Atlantic waters.

    Now, further on in this Adamic race, after the flood, then you find Ur of the Chaldeas, a great city and it was ruled over by Nimrod who had descended straight down from Ham. And Terah was Prime Minister and he had descended straight down from Shem, these were both sons of Noah. This was a white civilization, a white culture, but because of the moving in of the caravans and the Priesthood from India, and other parts of Asia, then appealing to the pride of Nimrod, his court started to serve these pagan gods, and philosophers, and then started this mongrelization process in Nimrod's Kingdom. This is why God called Abraham out of Ur of Chaldea, even while Abraham's father was Prime Minister. This also scuttles the idea that Negroes came from Ham, Shem, or Japhet who were sons of Noah and his wife. And if you had children and one of them was a white child, and one a Negro, and one a Chinese, then you wouldn't want to take a chance on raising a family would you? But the Law is‑‑‑"Kind begats like Kind" this is the law of God, and you can't get around that with a silly idea of theology.

    Now, there is existent in the oldest manuscripts and records the record of what transpired early in earth. That is that things transpired before the coming of the Adamic race. And we know that the Adamic race did not show up in earth before 5400 B.C., but there had been prophecy that they would come.

    Since W.W.II they have found through Temples being evacuated and by moving them because of this big Dam being built in Egypt, and in this evacuation they found Temples on top of Temples, and since the English and Americans did not want to lose all these old Temples they have been down in Egypt evacuating, and moving them getting ready for the Asswan Dam and its flooding. And because of this there was a scientist, or scientists in England who picked up a key and went right to the spot and unearthed a whole library of scrolls and treasures in Egypt. And here was the complete books of Horus showing that these fragments we had were accurate. And these books of Horus told how these ancient people of Atlantas had served the Great God, YAHWEH‑PUTAH, how His Temple was like a huge Pyramid in ancient Alatcan, which was the land from whence they had come. How in this Temple they had not only served this Great God, but that this God had many children, and they ruled with HIM over the Universe. That their bodies were bodies of Light, and they could see them at times, but never touch them. In other words when this Lucifer whom they called Sette rebelled against God, and went into warfare against God in outer space, as we are also told in chapter 12 of Revelation, that he fought this battle in the heavens then brought these rebelling people into earth, and some were dark and curly headed ones, and they were sort of like animal creatures. This was back at the time of the rebellion of Lucifer, and at that time the Negro was brought into the continents of earth, and Lucifer sought to teach them all sorts of vice and immorality. All the time seeking to mix the races, to mix and fuse, and confuse everything God had created, to change it in violation of Divine Law. In fact disease and germs start here because of the mutation of invisible life, as they boiled and mixed together the cultures in order to seed the various types of bacteria, and protozoa. And they poured the cultures together and out of this mixture came the humors and vapors as they called them, from whence men became sick and died. In other words by mutating these bacteria they had created disease.

    Now, way back in ancient Egypt they knew that this rebellious Archangel had moved with Light and created sickness. There are lots of things which the books of Horus tell us. But remember that when Plato went down into Egypt to study, this was after Alexander the Great had conquered Egypt and built the Great Library at Alexandria, Egypt. Probably this was the greatest Library in all the history of mankind, for in it was gathered all the writings and records they could find from all the known world. Irrespective of its religions or country, these writings and records were gathered and set in sections in this great Library. And when Plato went to Egypt to study in Alexandria, then of course the city of ON was also there, and it was another University city, and this city was the city built by Job and Enoch in about the year 5000 B.C., when they had also built the Pyramid and the Sphinx as well. This city of ON was laid out according to the months of the year in 12 sections. And they divided this city up according to the Savants and Wisemen, the builders which they had, 144,000. And in the books of Horus, in the story of our race, the prophecy was that the Great God would again send His children to earth to teach the people of earth, but this time they would be embodied in bodies like these earth people had, but they would be enveloped with light (wisdom). Then when you turn to Deuteronomy 32, it talks about the God who begat us having been first begotten in spirit, and then God having begotten Adam, thus we are also the children of the flesh. So as we are the children of Adam then we are also the children of God because the genealogy of Jesus goes back to Seth who was the son of Adam, who was the son of God.

    Again this confirms what Mosses had to say, and I can show you 11 places in the Old Testament where it says the Adamic Race, is the Issue which rules with HIM, and this is where you get the word, Israel, Princes ruling with God.

    Now, I am not talking about the Jew, for there is not a Jew on the face of the earth that is an Israelite, or who has any part or lot in the Adamic pattern. They did not come out of the Adamic race, there were Jews before Adam, there are black Jews, yellow Jews, semi‑white Jews, and yet they call themselves Asiatics. I can show you their paper of two or three weeks ago when they boasted of the fact that in their activities they supported the Negro operations, that their affinity is with the Negro and the Asiatics, not the white man, although it pleases them that they can pass for white people. I think this is rather a unique admission on their part. There never would have been a white Jew in the face of the earth if Lucifer had not seduced Eve. Remember Jesus said of these Jews: 'I am of God, and ye are of your father the devil', and then went on to say: 'the lusts of your father ye will do'. Then He said: 'Ye cannot understand my speech because you cannot hear My words.' He was a murderer from the beginning; here He was speaking of Cain. He was thus identifying them with the Cainanites and was proving this by the Book of Matthew, and the Book of John. Jesus said they are guilty of all the righteous slain from Abel to Zacharias who was killed between the horns of the Altar. If Jewry was guilty of the blood of Abel, they had to be Cainanites. They had to descend from Cain, and these things are very important because the significance of all this is brought out all through the Old Testament. And these children of the Serpent, the Viper, this is just symbolism by which Jesus identified these Jews, and it is yet today their symbol for it is on their synagogues of today, because the serpent weaves their star and the Serpent is Lucifer.

    Now, it was not any snake which crawled into the garden, that emblem was a part of the symbolism of the Mystery of Lucifer. In the Book of Revelation in the 12th., chapter it says that Lucifer was Satan, the Serpent and the Dragon. So the antiquity of Egypt is therefore established in their own writings and here in the Book of Revelation, and of course as it says in the scripture, in the Book of Ezekiel, this is giving the renewing of prophesies, and he has things brought to Ezekiel's remembrance. He says: speaking as God brings things to his remembrance. In the days of Eden, when God put Adam in Eden, the Egyptian Empire was a great empire, but the Assyrian was greater, and was all over the earth. And if the Assyrian Empire was greater, and the rivers of its streams of life had built many tress (kingdoms), that the Egyptian kingdom was also great, just not as great as the Assyrian, then by no stretch of the imagination did all these great people come from Adam. It was totally impossible for Adamites to be all over the earth, when Adam, the first Adamite, was placed in the Garden of Eden. This again another Biblical support for this pattern.

    I can show you volume after volume of archaeology and anthropological evidence today which ties into a vast Mosaic which isn't an attempt to interpretation, but is only a matter of FINDINGS, and findings where in now we have procedures to establish the periods of antiquity involved, and which would have to be explained. To merely ghost up a yarn or a story which archaeology has done in the past, with a little blind ignorance does not satisfy the facts at all. No wonder we have a generation of students that with the Jews interfering with our educational systems, and seeking to make as many of them Atheists and Agnostics as possible. They are teaching every facet of opposition to spirituality, to Bible truth and to history. Therefore it is a simple thing for them to make Agnostics, because they made the interpretation of theology look so improbable and impractical in the face of some facets of evidence which you could not discount. Where as the theologians who had the background in anthropology, and who knew also what the scripture taught, and had any access also to the documents, and the records, and scrolls, then he understood that they all fit together. And of course since W.W.II we have made greater advances in archaeology than we had in the history of archaeology previous to this because we now have the use of Radio Carbon, and other things to use in measuring. Since 1946 we have had more to use than ever in the periods before this, and we had a lot of things before that, and we had evidence of it. For instance we positively know that the seed line and harvest shown in the Grand Canyon where the river cuts down to expose 275,000 years. In other places we have 150,000 years of layer upon layer of 'Seed time and harvest' which was left in layers in one spot, and then the river comes along and cuts through these layers unto its present spot. And when it did it cut down layers of earth that of course had been the alluvial of a high mountain which had disappeared in mid‑continent. In fact the last of that high mountain chain went down in the earthquake which went from Tulsa, Oklahoma all the way to the Great Lakes.

    In the year that proceeded the Lewis and Clark Expedition there had been a great earthquake and the quake ran all the way down from the Great Lakes into New Mexico, and also on down a fissure into Oklahoma. A mountain has been swallowed, and the last of that mountain had gone down at that time, and when the Clark Expedition arrived the Indians were still talking about that mountain which had gone down. Then as the Lewis and Clark Expedition were crossing that area they still felt some great earthquakes and shudders in this area. That mountain and mountains to the west of it had sunk years ago, but the unique things about it is that we now know that where as this mountain went down at one time that mountain was high, and the alluvial from that mountain made the great plateau area (in Arizona) where later it was cut down by the Colorado River, in the upheavals as the river changed its course. If you go down by the Colorado River, you can see how the river has cut down and exposed layer after layer, set up in the lime, "Seeds are right there". You can take a glass and look at the rock and here in the stratus are the seeds of each years crop of natural seeds, frozen in the water, and the lime as it came down from the high sandstone and lime alluvial. There is no argument about it, but when I was a boy we had the theologians who said that the world was made in 6006 days at best. They had the earth in 6‑‑‑24 hour days and they had 4000 years from Adam to Christ, and about 2000 years from then to now, and thus we had everything at just 6000 years old. But the fact is that we have the absolute evidence of the antiquity running so far beyond that. We have 600,000 years of the Tungust man, so this alone is just one step of the High Steppe Asiatic. This all ties in with the scripture showing that our race was specifically placed here as a Household of the Most High God to overthrow the darkness, to build the Kingdom, to carry Light and Truth to the ends of the world. And of course the Luciferian offspring have sought to mutate our society and destroy our culture. They wage war against us at all times and in all periods. This is why today these offspring of Lucifer whom Jesus identified are identified with the Luciferian household of every age. They are the creators of the world communism, and socialism, and they are the 5th. column in our land, and society. And today they are behind our deterioration even in this hour.

    Let's take a look at this, and remember that the Book of Hebrews is OURS. Remember that Seth had a son, and his line comes down with a perfect line to Abraham. So there is no way to lose sight of the race there. And thus going back to Noah and coming down we cannot lose the race in Shem, or Shem's grandson, Heber. Thus all the Anglo‑Saxon, Scandinavian, Nordic, Basque, Lombard, and Germanic people have come this way. We can trace their migrations after the Assyrian captivity, and under their release as they moved in their destinies. We can trace every last one of them unto where they are now in the world, and everyone of them is the son or daughter of Heber. And therefore there is not a Jew on the face of the earth which is a Hebrew. In other words the language the Jews use is not true Hebrew, it is plain Babylonian. And as he says he uses the Old Testament, it is not the Old Testament he uses it is the Babylonian Talmud. And when they dress it up to give you a substitute of it the Talmud they give you is not anything like the book of the Pentateuch, or the rest of the Old Testament, it has been changed and mutated. I have all of the Talmuds here, I have the one being used right now in the New York Synagogue, and I can show you what it says. In fact they say that Jesus is the Devil, and that the Devil is God. And their Rabbi comes right out and says this, that YAHSHUA‑JESUS whom we Christians call God is really the Devil, and that Satan is their god. So I will accept their own testimony that our Devil is their god. No wonder HE said: 'You are the children of the Devil, and he is the one you serve, he is the one you worship'. The difference between you and I is that we have different fathers.

    Now, remember that in the second chapter of Hebrew it says: since the children of God are now in bodies of flesh, then God, HIMSELF, took on a body of flesh, so that HE might be just like His kinsmen (family). So if the children of God came down into earth and took on bodies of flesh, then the children of God were celestially begotten in spiritual plains before they were ever physically embodied. Thus God sent His children into earth through the process of birth, and this is the way God Himself also entered earth for this prophetic fulfillment. The only difference is that the immaculate conception He had, projected for Himself, still He took upon Himself the flesh of His people, and identified Himself with that Household, and of course today we have 1900+ years of the attempts to subordinate the patterns of the Kingdom of God as it related to its race and its identity, by these works of these people who are out to subordinate the Kingdom if they can. But prophecy still continues, and the scriptures are still being fulfilled. There is no question of the fact that the Adamic race is the household of the MOST HIGH. They are a different people, a different specie, a different race, and have a spiritual background, and were with the Father before the world was framed. This is the only area of earth who thinks the thoughts of God. After all, He said: Unto you it is given to know the thoughts of God, unto them it is not given. In the 14th., chapter of John He said: I shall send upon you the Paraclete (My Spirit) and when He the Spirit of truth comes , it will bring all things to your remembrance. As I told you from the beginning, it will lead you to the knowledge of all truth. Even the spirit that the world cannot receive. Again all if it is one Great Mosaic, and the more you get into this picture the more it fits together, the more completely it establishes the superiority of the Kingdom of God and How it relates to us.

    QUESTION:‑‑You mentioned the refugees from the lost continent of Atlantas who migrated into ancient Egypt, but you also said that a similar people went into Central America‑‑‑‑

    ANSWER:‑‑Yes, Central America and also South America before Atlantas went down. Remember that the Andes mountains made their last uplift about 11,000 years ago, on the north end, and 14,000 years ago in the Central Andes, and this again shows both of these upheavals and their time. I told you how they know this because after W.W.II they found that city, half of it sheered off, and on top of the mountain, and the other half at the bottom of the Basalt Cliff. And so the debris shows this, and in other words when that city was built there was no mountain there, nothing but the great plain. In fact a great plain all the way to the seacoast. So in the catastrophe and upheaval at the sinking of the last of the Lemurian continent this great uplift occurred which sheered this city in half with one‑half up on top of the cliff, and the other half at the bottom of the cliff, and the jungle and debris came to bury it. But they evacuated here and they ran into the buildings and so forth. They took pictures of furniture and bones and used Radio carbon, and thus we know this was 11,000 years ago.

    Now, when we talk about the migration of the Incas, remember that the high cities of the Incas were not built by the later Inca Indians, not at all. In fact there were blocks of stone weighing 800 tons, this was black basalt which had been moved from the Montagrossa half the way to Argentina. And by no stretch of the imagination did these Indians with anything they had, move those stones up there. This had been done by a civilization which had antedated them. These latter Inca Indians just came along and built their civilization on the foundations of one which was older than theirs. And thus when we talked about the migration of these people into ancient Egypt we know that they came from Alatcan. Over here in the book of Genesis remember when Abraham was called out of the land of Ur of the Chaldeas, and he was crossing the great plateau and moved out to cross the plains of Shinar, that there was a great battle going on there, and all these various characters never from the Adamic race. There was the King of Sodom and Tidal King of the nations, and many others. Tidal in Hebrew means king of the lands beneath the waters. Thus this is what tidal means, water washed lands, and this King Tidal was a descendent from the people of Atlantas. He was there when this battle was going on but he does not show in the genealogy of Adam. This great battle was for the gold of Ohpir, and Abraham found himself in the midst of this battle.

    Alright this is very unique because this proved that there were other people besides the Egyptians who came from that land before it sank.

    Now, we are not interested today in the pseudo‑scientists in the areas of migration, when the migration does not step with the record. But these ancient Egyptians tell where they went and why they went, see.

    The Mayan culture goes way back in Central America, and they talk about a catastrophe, and also the children of YAHWEH‑PUTAH show up in their language called 'Queeche' of the Ancient YAH. And they talked of the day when there would be a return of the children of the White God of the heavens. And Quetzalcoatl symbolized by then as the Great EAGLE. And the Phoenix Bird was also the symbol of that Great Eagle, but then Coatal, the name of the serpent in the Mayan theology became also known as Quetzalcoatl as the Serpent took over.

    Now, about 800 B.C. part of the children of Manasseh sailed on the ships of Dan, out through the Mediterranean, and they came all the way over into the Gulf of Mexico, and into Central America.

    Now, when they came this was sown into the Mayan history, and the Mayas had a previous history which said that the children of the God of the Sky would come and fight the Serpent, and they would be White. Thus the Mayas received the Manassehites, and sowed into their civilization, this area of theology which the Mayas had which is like in our own Bible. But remember that because of the Mayan influences which also moved up to the Toltecs, and on to the Aztec civilization to some degree, also moved on north to build the seven cities of Cabolla in New Mexico, those seven cities of gold. When Cortez came across, he was also received by the Central American Indians, because they thought this was the return of the Children of the Sun, in their period of chronology, in the great time clock of the Mayas, which was 800 B.C. And this, 800 B.C. was the time when some of the tribe of Manasseh are supposed to have crossed the sea on ships of Dan.
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