• [08/11] Questions & Answers '65

    by DR. SWIFT

    QUESTION:‑‑What are the seven spirits‑‑‑(Revelation 3:1)

    ANSWER:‑‑This is not seven spirits, this is the seven fold spirit of God, this is a facet of 7, and seven is a divine number. So anything of Divine origin is set up in cycles, sometimes as, the seven churches and so forth. So this is a seven fold spirit, a Divine number not seven separate spirits, not at all. Now, there are guardian Angels over the church ages, but this is now what is referred to here.

    QUESTION:‑‑Last week you mentioned the language of the Pyramid, I wondered if you would explain this?

    ANSWER:‑‑The language of the Pyramid or the Language of the Pyramid builders‑‑‑I can't hear you‑‑‑But the language of the Pyramid builders was Coptic‑Aramaic, this was a basic language which started out with the Adamic race, but the Pyramid language is measures and alignments. It is definitely an instrument for measuring time, and for carrying forward patterns and symbols. Therefore it has its own language, but in mathematics and measures and timing. If we referred to the language of the Pyramid this is what we referred to. It is a numerical, prophetic, symbolic language. It is only given for some to understand.

    QUESTION:‑‑People say that Isaiah prophesied after the fall of Babylon and therefore he must have prophesied for our day and not for the fall of Babylon.

    ANSWER:‑‑But Babylon did not fall until 586 B.C. and Isaiah was dead then. Isaiah was prophesying 200 years before Babylon fell.

    QUESTION:‑‑Well, that is what I said, but Pastor Comparet said Babylon‑‑‑‑

    ANSWER:‑‑Well, different men have different opinions but we can prove that there are Assyrian prophecies that reach into our time because the hoards which we fight come out of the same genetic lines which we battle through the ages. There are prophecies which do relate to the last days. The fall of Mystery Babylon the Great is in our time the Reactivated Babylonian or Satanic system which we were told would be reactivated at the end of the age. Of course this is the second reactivation. Remember again when you want the chain of events, when Jesus talked about the Satanic chain of events, the great mystic powers against the Kingdom of God, he said that there would be false doctrines, false religion, false prophets, and he said this is symbolized by the woman as is the true church, but this would be the Satanic symbol. This would be the Luciferian bride so to speak, of that kingdom. So under this He says: this woman sits on seven mountains, and then Jesus explains and He leaves no doubt as to what He meant.

    Every once in a while people try to make something fit their own ecclesiastical Pet peeves. But when Jesus explains something we have to take it as He explains it. Jesus said: these seven hills are seven kingdoms which have been against the Kingdom of God, thus they have been used at various times as pagan powers against the Kingdom. Even though everyone associated with these powers would not necessarily be pagan. But the Firestone which moved out was Assyria, then Egypt, and going on you then had Babylon, Medo‑Persia, Greece and Rome which existed in the time of Christ.

    In Egypt the power which dominated there was the Satanic power of Set and Soth, the Temple Priests who moved to control the Pharaohs. And although a Pharaoh was influenced in the days of Enoch and Job and had lent his consent to the Pyramid building in his land, though the husband of Nephertiti was converted to the worship of YAHWEH, the one God under the Priests of On, still the enemies of the Temple of Set and Soth sought to kill him. And then later there came the Pharaoh who knew not Joseph and put our people in bondage on the advice of these dark Priests. So Egypt was one of the first powers against the Kingdom.

    Then came Assyria who warred against us at the time of our Exodus, but Assyria involves most of Asia, actually many of the Cainanites who came into the old land of Palestine before Enoch and Job and their company had migrated south into Egypt to build the city of ON, the Pyramid and the Sphinx would be termed Assyrians, although they are Cainanites. As they came into the old land now called Palestine they wiped out the remaining people of that land who were Adamites. The Cainanites were fused with Assyrian blood and they settled in that land, but God raised up Moses and then Joshua to become captain of Israel, to go back to that land and take it. So Assyria was against us and continues against us all down through the history of our race. The Assyrians supplied the man power of the hoards of the Steppes who later came against us.

    Now, after Assyria then came Babylon because she was the symbol of all the pagan powers of the world because all pagan religions were rolled into Baal worship. Actually the Baal Priesthood which were Luciferian offspring, which we call Jew today, controlled Babylon just like all the false religions of the world are controlled by Jews, have been down through history.

    Next came Medo‑Persia, and it ruled in gentile succession so to speak, the power that had gained influence in Medo‑Persia were reckoned against us until Darius was raised up.

    Next came Greece with the Greeco Empire extending far beyond just the Sythians in Greece. So it was a world power, and not the gathering together of the nations which comprised the Kingdom. Then came Rome under the control of financial power of World Jewry which had transferred their position from Babylon over to the Isle of Pergamos. This was the headquarters of World Jewry. And here they had the headquarters of their International gold manipulations. Here all the Priests who were once in Babylon had moved to Pergamos, but some went back as Medo‑Persia were breaking up under the advance of the Greek Empire which moved all the way into India. So the Jewish Priesthoods went back to hold positions in Babylon and Alexander the Great didn't have any use for them but they stayed there, and later they were in Jerusalem. It was Mohammed who came to Jerusalem, they tried to trick him as you remember.

    But Jesus said: 5 are fallen and one I, this one was Rome at that time. Rome then was the 6th., and the seventh was to come which would be a mighty anti‑Christian force to come against Christendom. But this beast would get wounded nigh unto death. But the false prophet who built him up would heal again his wound, giving his strength to this beast and the 8th., would come out of the seventh. This is the final power against God's Kingdom on a world wide scale. This is rather clear as Jesus describes this as Mystery Babylon riding on this 7 hills or kingdoms, and of course this seventh was Genghis Khan who was a Jew inspired. The hoards out of Asia under the program of World Jewry, they had sent from Venice, their organizers who built up the strength of Genghis Khan, had supplied him with the finances, paid for the bows from Turkey, and the swords of Damascus. They had the openers of the gates of Sammerland, and Baghdad, and the cities of Europe. But Jesus said: that the false prophet, the one who built this first beast whose wound was nigh unto death, would bring him again after the wound was healed. When Genghis Khan died the power of the Steppes waned and Christian civilization remained strong, we survived the battle of the hoards from the days of Genghis Khan to Martin Luther and thereafter. We were still fighting the hoards as they came in across the Danube and attacked all the way to the gates of Austria. They even sacked some cities in Spain and joined with the Moors, they beat on the gates of Rome, and in the days of Martin Luther even the Pope signed a confidant with Martin Luther so as to turn all the weight of Christendom against the invasion of the hoards. So what Jesus literally prophesied was fulfilled by the hoards of Genghis Khan from Asia and some of the Negroes of the North Africa who were moved into the battle.

    Now, we have come to the 8th., which is out of the seventh, and this is communism, Karl Marx's philosophy, Jewish money, the same false prophet has cured the wound of the beast. And in this your time we have watched Communism arise in the last 40 or so years until it is not only a military threat but it invades the country.

    Now, in the Bible in the 18th., and 19th., chapter of Revelation, you still find that Mystery Babylon is at war with the Church, the Kingdom of God, and all the Christian nations. Thus Jesus identifies Mystery Babylon the Great. These are thy Merchants who have come into your country from all over the world. And they have deceived all the nations, they are the prophet killer, and in the days of Jesus they waged war even on HIM. Jesus told the Jews that they were these people, then in the Book of Revelation, HE says they are the power behind the World Government, behind that strategy, behind the U.N. and behind World Communism. When any Bible teacher talks about the prophecies of the Assyrians which relates to the last days, these are some facets of it since they are Asiatic hoards whether out of the Steppes or out of China, they are the ancient Tungus people, and make up the stock of the Assyrian Empire which the 31st., chapter of Ezekiel says were all over the world in the days of Eden, and were a strong and tremendous Empire at that time. Their racial stream was strong at that time, and their smaller nations as well as their Empire were great. It existed before Adam, it exists in our time, so it is not wrong to say the Anti‑Christ forces are referred to as Assyrians. But we do not say that all of them are Assyrians, for Negroes are not Assyrians. And there are some Assyrian Jews, but some of them are not Jews. The people who are called Assyrians and are growing grapes up in San Juaquin Valley, and came from Syria, are not the Assyrians, had nothing to do with these called Assyrians in the past. These belong to the Arabic people, but the ancient Assyrians were Asiatic hoards, they were of the stock of the Mongols and others, these were the Assyrians who rode into Europe. They were slant eyed Orientals.

    Now, sometimes a mistake is also made in classifying the Huns as Assyrians. But the Huns were mostly of the Goth, or Visgoth, and belonged to the Teutonic group. There were some Mongols who came into Europe through the passes and they were called Huns, and they were pushed back. The Germanic forces drove these Steppe Mongols back. It

    is true that there were Germanic tribes, some were lent early to the establishment of the throne of Russia, and thus in the East, but they were with a white throne which was due to German Princes conquering that portion of the hoards of the nephews of Genghis Khan. And accompanying them were a great number of troop who settled around the throne, and across the barrier line to help hold the hoards back. There was some integration to a degree, sometimes these hoards came over a period of time, going raiding on missions of their own in some of the periods of the dark ages, and there was some integration, but the Huns as we know them were called Barbarians by Rome, where as historians say they were warriors of the saddle. The word was sometimes miss applied to the Barbarians who came from the other side of the Danube. When these hoards came in they were in no way Germanic at all.

    Now, the people who made up the Teutonic groups or tribes, that were under the Princes who were called Huns, they formed Hungary, and thus Hungary was made up of people called Huns, but they were Teutonic people. And in W.W.II people called all the Germans Huns. This was not true in the way that they thought. In fact this was once a part of the Roman Empire and St. Stephens at one time held the whole crown of Central Europe at that time. So when we talk about prophecy the understanding of this symbolism is important.

    I am not going to get into a discussion with someone by name. It is much better if I don't know the name of the other Bible student if there is some disagreement. But there is no disagreement here, because it is true that Isaiah is referring to the Assyrians. This could have significance in referring to the last days because he mentions the day of THE LORD. But Isaiah's prophecy concerning the fall of Babylon was literally fulfilled.

    QUESTION:‑‑The ten kings who will rule one hour with the beast?

    ANSWER:‑‑Well, we have had ten kings who have ruled their hour with the beast, all over the world. Mr. Tito would fall into that category probably many more than that.

    QUESTION:‑‑Mr. Johnson?

    ANSWER:‑‑Oh! No, Mr. Johnson is not a king.

    QUESTION:‑‑He acts like one.

    ANSWER:‑‑That is beside the point. You cannot put America in the beast system, so don't try. This has nothing to do with the white nations of the world. This has to belong to the Beast system, the Anti‑Christ forces. I would say that Mr. Johnson is a captive, by either his ambition, or his mental adoption of a philosophy, which is foreign to what is normally American. And as such tries to carry a watered down brand of Christianity. At the same time he may think he is Sir Galahad on a white horse. He may have himself convinced of this, who knows, but he does not belong to the beast system. He may do their bidding, he may be numbered with the transgressor from the injury he might do, but this nation is never going down.

    QUESTION:‑‑Speaking along the same line, I was reading this morning in Elements and he was talking about ten kings, and then 4 horns which would rise out of the earth, and then there was a reference in Daniel Chapter 7.

    ANSWER:‑‑This was a cross reference in the Apocrypha?


    ANSWER:‑‑This is old Orthodoxy.

    QUESTION:‑‑Then in Daniel 7:17‑20 says that there are 4 kings who shall rise out of the earth.

    ANSWER:‑‑These came up in the days of Alexander the Great, this was how the Greeco Kingdom was divided.

    QUESTION:‑‑How about the little horn, they talk of a little horn, and then ten horns. I know they talk about 7 mountains in Revelation, but her in Daniel, I am puzzled about all these horns?

    ANSWER:‑‑Well, to study the symbolism of Daniel would take more than one night. You see Daniel covers the fall of Tyre, and all those others, and sometimes he is talking of contemporary kingdoms like Tyre, and then he actually talks about things that are to follow right on down to the fall of Rome. And he saw this great image, and the little counter parts of Empires which were in here. He sees the areas of the divided kingdoms, but going through this you cannot hitch that to today. There is only one part of it which hitches up with today, for many of these things have already happened. They try by what they call types and shadows to say these are reflected and projected into the future, it is however just that leopards do not change their spots. People continue their strategy then by carrying through their background culture. They who are the enemies of the Kingdom of God are always the enemies of the Kingdom. Strangely we find no place in history where the Assyrians ever become our friends. They are always our enemies. We find no place in history where the Jew is ever our friend, he is always our enemy when you come right down to it. We are still fighting a war with the Philistine, and with the Amalakites, and God said this war was to be in all generations. Cainanites in the picture, but there are Jew Amalakites, and Cainanite lines started with seduction, and the infiltration has continued and marks them all.

    Today in the Book of Daniel it tells us that these powers of darkness, these forces of evil, in the last days, in the end of all these things there rises a king with a dark and fierce countenance. He utters dark saying and rises up to take a stand.

    They give a new reference here. You see the paragraphs have been separated into these various groupings according to the translators, and their various interpretations of what they thought it should be. So they grouped these things together, but sometimes there are things which have been fulfilled which they have still tagged on to some statement Daniel made having a glimpse of which is way out in the future. He sees someone who is going to try to stand up against the Prince of Princes. He sees the Anti‑Christ leader of the Luciferian powers standing up to battle even the Messiah when He comes. He sees the stone uncut by hands which is the Kingdom of God rising to power headed by the Messianic Leadership, and when he says "He shall be cut off in the midst of the week", he is talking about Jesus Christ being crucified in the midst of the week. And also the cutting off of Jerusalem, that Jerusalem nation which would not fulfill its prophecy there. Thus the dry tree would become the green tree, and the continuity of the Kingdom ran down through all this measure of prophecy to our time.

    Now, as far as the Anti‑Christ forces are concerned they come in the later days against us, but the Saints of the Most High God in these latter times are going to take the Kingdom and possess the Kingdom. So in this climatic hour, the Living offspring, the word Santest, Saints, or believing offspring of God, we never go down, but we are going to be in the biggest battle that we have ever been in. And in the midst of this very battle we will not be to proud to call for thy Father. And he said: everyone who calls shall be delivered. He says: when you call the captain of My fleets, who is Michael, the Archangel, then he and the great fleets of God are going to get into this battle. Make no mistakes, and Daniel is now talking of the last times, but also the end of the age. Here he is talking about the time Michael the Prince shall come in the fleets, thousands times ten thousands ships of fire. Space will be filled with the crafts of God. So this day is not so far removed, and when this transpires we see all their power arrayed against all Anti‑Christ forces will wage their war against the Kingdom of God. So the Book of Revelation goes on to outline the climatic struggle and wars against the Kingdom, against the church because it goes on to describe the seven churches, and the people who make up the Kingdom of God. The New Jerusalem, the New Order of the ages is made up of the 12 tribes of Israel. The people who have the testimony of Jesus the Christ, who make up the New Jerusalem are still the twelve tribes of Israel. You cannot separate the Nations of Israel, and the church because the church is the spiritual center of the nation of Israel, and this is the reason why when you see, the bride, the Lamb's wife you again see this Holy Jerusalem descending from Adam on down to our time. Coming down out of the heavens, this is the living people, the bride, the body of Christ in the world today. Also this is the race which produces his children. He says: "I am married to Israel".

    There is not a church in the world today even Rome which does not say that New Jerusalem is the church, They say this church is the bride coming down through all generations. Even the Pope with all of his divergence from other positions of the church will tell you that the church is the bride of Christ in the body of God in the world today. He got himself caught in a dispute in Rome last year over this.

    So what do you have, God said that this church and his bride are nations of the 12 tribes of Israel. You will thus find the church in these nations, this again, everyone of these people are involved in this battle. And the battle is AGAINST CHRISTIANITY. And the communist lead it because communism is the political philosophy, it is supplying the semantics of all this opposition. But behind all this, the Leadership is Luciferian. Lucifer's own family and you can best identify that by what Jesus said about it.

    As far as the battle is concerned I don't just sit down and read Daniel to find out about this battle, because he has given us prophecies which have been mostly fulfilled. Just these little flickers, and as he sees this, he also looks over them to the last days, and sees little bits of it here and there. Daniel's prophecies have very little about the church except when he says believing offspring. He uses the word Asntest, believing offspring of God. But he talks about nations and people and yet here was the biggest thing in history, the spiritual empowering of God's Kingdom into His great and glorious church. To activate them, to help form their culture, to give them their resistance, to give them their standards, so Daniel prophesies are specific. John's prophecies however dealt with the latter days, with the battles and wars, with Armageddon with victory, but you will note that John when he talks about the Kingdom, John basically in his message is talking to the seven churches. And then the fulfillment of what happens to the followers of The Christ, and to the Kingdom, and to the churches which make up that Kingdom, and run down through the New Testament.

    I know some people who understand Identity are prone sometimes to eliminate the impact of the church. This is because all the books which they read were in this category. Theology is sometimes framed by what people digest. And I have hundreds of books on the theme which relate to identity, and they come out of the Baptist theology, out of Presbyterian theology as well. I have a Catholic identity who understood who they were way, way back there, and I have them all. You say, which one of these theologies then are you going to accept? I am going to accept only one theology, all truth, and we are going to dismiss all else.

    QUESTION:‑‑The abomination of the Desolator.

    ANSWER:‑‑When Jesus talks about the abomination of the desolator who stands in the Holy place, this is for the last days, at the end of the age, and that is these Jews down in Palestine today. When they rush into Jordan to grab the old site of the Temple then the time will be complete, and the abomination of the desolator will then come to its fall.

    QUESTION:‑‑How long?

    ANSWER:‑‑Well, we are in it, but there is no time given to that measure, you see no one knows the day or the hour.

    But I have thousands of years, when I have been here thousands of years, bright and shining as the sun it says, my forbearers watched them roll out the earth, and the fact remains that we were with the Father at the time of the creation of this earth, so why would we worry about time. We have all the time, in fact time is only running out on the World Order, that is the end that is showing up.

    When we talk about the end of the age, there is no breaking of the continuity of the Kingdom‑‑IT JUST EXPANDS, and gets brighter and more glorious. A lot of people think we are all through here, but I don't, I haven't gotten tired of it as yet. But a thousand years from now we will be rolling up to the end of a thousand years of perfect administration by the white race. Maybe there will be a lot of places in the universe to explore, a lot of them we have probably been there.

    QUESTION:‑‑The binding of the powers of Satan‑‑when?

    ANSWER:‑‑This following the battle of Armageddon. The breaking of all the hosts of Satanic power all at that time.

    QUESTION:‑‑Is this army coming in‑‑(Revelation 12)‑‑is it the same one as at Armageddon?

    ANSWER:‑‑This is the hoards of the Luciferian forces against us.

    QUESTION:‑‑Does that bring the return of Christ?

    ANSWER:‑‑The return of Christ is not mentioned at this time, other than the deliverance of all the people who keep the commandments of God. And the hoards of the enemy are the flood out of the Dragon's mouth. The scripture in Revelation 12, tells you that Lucifer is the serpent, and Dragon, called the Devil and Satan as well. So his progeny war against us, and the hoards are the masses they hurl against us. So his progeny war against us, and they are seeking to destroy us at the end of the age. They don't understand this, so they think they can, and a lot of people seem to have to make an alliance with them to survive. But your best offense is opposition.

    QUESTION:‑‑Where in Ezekiel does it talk about the Untied Nations, the Prophets like foxes in the desert?

    ANSWER:‑‑Chapter 13, "O Israel, thy Prophets are like foxes in the desert. Ye have not gone into the gaps, neither made a hedge for the House of Israel." In other words you have not made the kind of alliances which God wants you to make. We are only to make alliance with our own race, the Anglo‑Saxons, Nordic, Scandinavian, Germanic, and kindred people, this is the kind of alliances you are to make. We should never join an alliance with any pagan country with an enemy of God, with none of the other races, only with the white race.

    Now, the scripture makes it quite clear, we haven't blocked off the enemy or made the circle of defense we should have formed. Because the prophets told us to enter into this alliance with these other people means that "They have seen a vain and lying divination". I don't care whether it was the Pope, or Pike, anyone who said we should join the United Nations has been a lying prophet, I don't care who it is. God said: "I am against her, don't do it, come out of her".

    Now, the Lord did not send them and did not tell them to say this, and thus they have caused others to hope that He would confirm the word, so there would be no Peace.

    "Have ye not seen a vain vision, and have ye not spoken a lying divination, where as ye say, the LORD hast said it, but I did not say it. Therefore because you have spoken vainly, and lies, behold I am against you said the LORD, and mine hand shall be upon the prophets who tell these lies, they shall not be among the assembly of My people. "

    The word is, they shall not be counted in the Glory of Israel, they shall not be the leaders that they think they are. They will not be counted in the assembly of 'My people'. Neither shall they be written in the writings of the House of Israel. So they will not be counted as leaders, or the accomplishers.

    Now, "neither shall they enter into the land of Israel, and ye shall know that I am YAHWEH God." So they will not be a part of the administration of the Kingdom. Because "Ye have seduced My people saying Peace, Peace, and there is no Peace. Let no weapons be had for weapons produce war. Of course you have to have a few to protect such as the Vatican treasury. But if we abolish all weapons we will have Peace, so place your weapons in the hands of the World Order, but leave the Swiss Guard to protect our treasurers. But you know that with thee World Movement out numbering us 6 to 1, and all the weapons in the hands of the World Order, then they can come over here, and take your home and put Negroes in them, and you don't have a home. Its bad enough now with this silly immigration bill, they are going to try to flood us with Asiatics. In fact they are going to bring the biggest fifth column into the U.S. that has come in since they brought these refugee Jews over and after W.W.II. They are going to take them in from Cuba, and Castro and his boys are going to pick the top Commies and send them in here, agents as refugees because this is a part of the commies plan. Believe it or not Moscow has been training a lot of Cubans, Spanish speaking Communists, and they have been going back and forth. They have been taking them by ship load preparing them for this Trojan Horse. And the President is making a away for them to come in.

    So again this whole Untied Nations is a bad thing. It says: "They seduce My people when there is no Peace." It is like building a wall of un-tempered mortar. The Holy Spirit of God which is only the confirming of things which are in the mind of God, or the things God said, The Holy Spirit of God is referred to as Mortar. So when anything is put together against the World of God then it is un-tempered mortar. It is like building a wall with dust instead of sand, it is trying to thin down the mortar or lime, or cement not properly treated. Therefore it is going to fall down. And He says: He will send hailstorms and whirlwinds to break it up. Because I do not want My people taken in with this thing. And when it falls they will say, "Where is the daubing, where ye have daubed it." As you say: "Peace, Peace, we are getting ready for the biggest war in history, and its all going to come down. We have spent millions of dollars on it and set our boys off under its banners. They wouldn't let us win a war, we should never go into any war we don't go in to win. For instance the other day I listened to a Bishop who said: We must remember that Christ is always for Peace, never for war. God never stands for war. But who is he kidding, God is always against evil, He said He would have war with Amalek through all generations. The Book of Revelation says that as Christ returns as King of Kings, and Lord of Lords that the world order will try to make war with HIM and HE will conquer, this is KING OF KINGS.

    Now, the scripture says: "The Lord is a man of War"‑‑‑I AM THY YAHSHUA‑‑SAVIOR. This is why it sometimes is very simple for the church to make its own doctrines. And anything you come up with in scripture that you disagree with then they say: well, you just don't understand this, we have authority here, we have to get a final authority on this, but where does the final authority come from? Anyone in their hierarchy whose doctrine they want to follow.

    QUESTION:‑‑(Couldn't hear‑‑but something about salvation.)

    ANSWER:‑‑Anytime you talk about salvation you are pulling people out of the ares of error, and you are adjusting them to the right way of living, thinking and acting. People are saved from transgression, from sin, from error. They are not saved from God, they are saved to HIM.

    So there are people right here today, I don't think we have to spell it out, there are people today who are spending their time in pubs, and cafe's, and beer halls, night after night, this is their life. Their literature and their reading is filled with fallaciousness. Their thinking at this moment, they would rather see a group of nude women, and a belly dancer than to see something of culture. Lets face it, there never has been a period of history of the white race that is as rotten as today . The contributors to this is the Jews, who run the Brothels, who run vice, and who have sought to destroy the morality of our people by twisting and bending the motion picture industry to create an image which is not real.

    Now, there is not anything wrong with good entertainment and good pictures and so forth, but more and more they are trying to get all the bounds taken away, all the limits taken away. In other words in this generation we are living in they are trying to destroy as much of the white man as they can. Therefore in this climatic period, the church tries to do its best to correct these things. This has been called the garment spotted with flesh. We have been told what manner of people ought we to be at the end of the age, with the kind of things which are coming.

    Now, God is not against humor, or against pleasure. We have a lot of funny ideas, but God is not against ball games, hunting, or fishing. He is not against people sitting together and eating, or having a party, it is only when it moves into areas of depravity that

    He is against it. And it is only when it moves into areas of drunkenness, and carousing that it is wrong.

    Now, I do not have to spell out what has happened in our generation, and to our youth, and this right to the end of the age, for we have had hoards of Anti‑Christ battling against us. Therefore what are we trying to do is to snatch people out of a tremendous impact, the catastrophe which effects our society. In other words we call this what is referred to as even the end, snatching people whose garments are spotted with flesh.

    In the structure of your society, you not only give ascent to the Faith, but you give ascent to that which is good. We not only are the children of God, but we are spiritually enlightened, as such therefore in our thinking and in our coordination, in these processes we are opposed to this evil. This does not mean that there might not be an area where people oppose evil, that they might not violate Divine Law, or be involved in areas of temptation, but you know it is very hard to find people of your race who do not give ascent, that goodness should reign. Most people want their children to be good, even if they aren't. Do you know that? But the fact remains today that we have a peculiar twist, we have educators in our schools who want to make our children an immoral society right now. They want to degenerate and they want to degenerate the whole society. The church wars against this kind of evil, make no mistake about this. This is one reason why they, although they battle it, they still do not like it.

    What a strange time, lets face it, why does the Federal Government come around the right wingers, why do F.B.I. men snoop around preachers? Why around us? Because the Jews are behind this, do not want the opposition of the church to expose their evil. They do not want a moral society, they want us all to go down the drain so they can take us over. So at this time then we are extremists because we say this must stop.

    Now, I am deadly serious when I say that everything which would destroy, which would change the morals of our race, would try to destroy our youth, and corrupt our society should itself be destroyed, see. They may not like that, they may want to lock me up for that, maybe they have that much power, maybe they haven't but I still say it should be destroyed. But at the same time there are a lot of people trapped. There are a lot of people who don't know any better, who are trapped. There are a lot of people who are neutralized by living this way. So what is the most powerful thing in the world, sharper than a 2 edged sword? It is the Spirit of God and the world. So as men hear the truth, and understand truth they are drawn to it. Their lives are changed by it. There is no greater power, the Spirit of God calling His own children making them to know things changes lives.

    Now, therefore as it changes their lives, it changes their conduct. This is one reason why Jude speaks this way. This is the end of the age, the final struggle, and this is the design, to try to pull as many out of the catastrophe as possible. This is an end time story, of an end time judgment which is going to fall on the enemy. Remember that Angels who did not keep their first estate, who mongrelized and integrated went after strange flesh, they were given to fornication, and going after strange flesh, this is the story of Jude. Some of them are moving into cycles up in the Netherworld until the judgment. Others are moving into cycles of evil, and warring against us. This is what Jude is talking about.

    Remember Jesus said‑‑in the end of the age it will be as it was in the days of Noah‑‑like Sodom and Gomorrah‑‑so shall it be in the days of the Coming of the SON OF MAN (the Kingdom). So what was the matter with Sodom and Gomorrah? This was such rotten and filthy cities, fallen Angels intermingled with people, and all kinds of immoral and depraved situations resulted. So corrupt, so utterly evil, that even when the Angels came as Lot was dwelling there, in that city, that when the Angels came they tried to seize the Angels. They forced Lot to surrender his daughters to buy security, this is how corrupt it was. So by the end of the age the conditions are the same. This is that type of corrupt evil. This is the enemies strategy, this is their hand, this is their kind of corrupt mortality. The idol worshiping, depravity of India has helped produce its over population, but it is as filthy and corrupt as it can be.

    Now, I think in the general sense outside of the Pikes, and the pastors of the Glides Memorial Church and some of the screwballs who may be homosexuals themselves, I don't know but they are trying to bring this into the church. But I think almost all level headed Clergy would say that we are battling a design to corrupt our society. The people who form what they call the Modernists in the church today who don't believe in the Deity of the Christ, this person embraces anything because he apparently lacks the spiritual pattern to take a stand on the only thing which is basically important. I don't expect people who are going to repudiate The Christ to take a stand against evil, they move in and enjoy it. On the other hand then we are engaged in a struggle against all these areas of evil. Probably one of the most important things we can do is hold up the ethical and moral and spiritual standards of a chaste society. Mongrelization is the greatest of violations of Divine law so we fight for racial self respect. For what God talked about for the preservation of our race, we support the legislation and activities as individual Christians which would make this a more probable possibility.

    Now, we speak out against the open acceptance of evil. What we are attempting to do today is make evil acceptable and commonplace, and make people who are opposed to it as old fogies and out of date. They tell this to our children, and they do this politically as well through their books. One text book from high school which was dealing with some facets of government showed how far it went. It said that, remember that people used to call the United States Government a Republic, but it is not a republic it is a Democracy. This is in that text book. Under the facets of the constitution, it says, there is a mistake in concept, many people who wish to abuse others have, or think they have under the constitution and second amendment, the right to bear arms, but this is not true, only a militia has that right, a government controlled army, no one else has a right to control weapons.

    This my friends is in the High School text book, and they are throwing aside all the things which would block a Commie take over. All things that would cause us to give up our representative government, they move on that. In Sociology there is a text book and it sites that ares of human conduct are classified by various religions according to their creeds as right or wrong. Most of the problems of mankind come from having a standard of right or wrong, without this there would be nothing to complain about.

    Now, Mr fortes, introduced Mr. Chisom, and I have the whole copy of Chisom's speech at Yale and Harvard, and one other college, and he said: 'In order for our race to grow up we must do away with all concepts of Right and Wrong, and all moralities which are basically the superiority points of digression with which we suppress the human spirit. So he said: When we eliminate all right and wrong, we eliminate all problems of the pressure on the human spirit, and there ceases to be much of the areas of legislation and prohibition that now exists. So Fortes (Judge Fortes from the Supreme Court) said: I must

    introduce this speaker to you whose brilliant essay on fact, that right and wrong on the basis of principles are the cause of all human problems. If we eliminate these from our thinking and have no moralities where we require someone to measure up to, then we will see that everyone gets along much better.

    This was said by that filthy rotten Kike we just put on the Supreme Court bench. This is what we try to save people from, there are various ways to save people, THE LORD is even going to take some of these tares out that will help because they hurt the Kingdom.

    QUESTION:‑‑I don't quite understand about the Resurrection and the reincarnation? How does this work?

    ANSWER:‑‑What do you care, you aren't going to be reincarnated?

    QUESTION:‑‑I know, but I would like to be sure of what I am thinking.

    ANSWER:‑‑Well, there will never be any more Asiatics than there was at their fall. Because no new spirits are provided for them, and there are cycles of return set up for them numerically as cycles of time. I believe that Asiatics reincarnate, but Negroes do not, because they do not have any spirit period. When they die they are dead like a dog and maybe some dogs are higher because they are a degenerate specie. And there is resurrection for that kind of dead, far in the future. But as far as the Negro are concerned they do not go through a cycle of return. There is a walking Zombie, but they are Zombie as they lived, see. "The dead when they die know nothing at all." The word Zombie means WALKING DEAD, the Book of Ecclesiastics refers to this, but the LIVING, children of God when they die their spirit returns to God who gave it.

    Now, you are children of resurrection, your Celestial body is exactly like your physical body, it existed in a spiritual plain or a dimension of light. So your soul consciousness resident immediately in both dimensions leaves the body at death, and it continues to exist in Celestial plains. That Celestial being accompanies Christ at His return, and a re-synthesis of physical elements occurs for physical embodiment which IS PUTTING ON IMMORTALITY FOREVER.

    The Netherworld children or those who are under the bondage of the Netherworld that populate the earth, is only as they reenter the world through the process of birth, THIS IS CALLED REINCARNATION.

    Now, remember that this is sometimes an obsession, and sometimes by birth. Judas of Iscariot was actually an embodied son of Lucifer. Jesus called him the son of Perdition so that the scripture might be fulfilled. Remember that he went out and hung himself to get back to his own place. So he came up out of it, was born into the world and then hung himself so he could go back to the Netherworld. He did not come out of the heavens like your spirit did. He came up out of the Netherworld, so reincarnation comes up out of, and goes back to the Netherworld. So any people under this bondage, then this is their cycle, but our race has even been lifted out of that bondage with Christ's crucifixion and resurrection. We did not go through a Netherworld cycle because we were an incoming seed. But remember we were lifted out of judgment of every last soul consciousness of every last child of Adam and ascended into the heavens with The Christ.

    QUESTION:‑‑Then do they come in different forms?

    ANSWER:‑‑No, no, that is a silly doctrine of the Hindus and the devils taught this. We don't believe that you have men coming back as goats, or rats, or horses. That is silly bestial doctrine that crept in, which no doubt they put out. I do not doubt that demons themselves, and now I am talking about the Asiatics whose spirit line was cut off, and therefore they run the cycle, but some of these fallen demons might take on grotesque appearances, but they don't live in earth in this form. In other words great spiders waddling around aren't devils, but they might appear as spiders, but this isn't something they live in. But back in the dark ages there was much of this, and we do find much literature on it. But in those dark ages we found much witchcraft, it was the lowest spiritual ebb in our society. And yet witchcraft still functions, and it is very highly developed, and the technology of Lucifer is functioning, at a great rate, there are times when you find Incubi and other factors that we don't have time to discuss tonight. But you are talking about reincarnation, this doctrine where they sweep away the ants so as not to step on grandfather. This is phony, they have all these so called scared cows running around India, and although they starve they won't eat them. The 200 million cows running around in India they don't eat because they might be grandpa. The cow is very high in reincarnation, higher than a person. There are over 200 million cows running around in India that they won't eat because they might be grandpa, but they run around and pat cow manure on their heads because it might make them holy, see. That is only part of it, we won't go any further, but if the cow dies they have a fancy burial.

    QUESTION:‑‑Would you go into transmigration of the soul?

    ANSWER:‑‑Well, transmigration of the soul does not quite fall into this category, a transmigration of soul doctrine was the embodiment of the soul consciousness, it could be in human form or could be in another planet or somewhere else. A transport of soul, actually when the soul consciousness came out of Celestial Plain and entered a physical body, that was a migration.

    QUESTION:‑‑Wasn't that what the people of India called transmigration of the soul?

    ANSWER:‑‑No, because they believe you can come back according to who you behave, according to the Temple. You can come back in any form, they believe you can come back as even a gnat, or an elephant, and so forth, or you can come back as a cow, and that is extra good. The thing is that when I say you have to be good to be good enough to come back as a man, you have to be bad enough to measure up to their level. You have to be an idolater whose morality is equal to theirs in order to get back, and an idolater who gave a lot to the Temple, this always helps, but then it helps every where. HA!

    QUESTION:‑‑Then do the Jews fall into this category?

    ANSWER:‑‑Yes, the Jews are reincarnationist, they are Sadducees. This is why they would rather die than give up their money because they think it stays in the cycle. You see they have this strange idea that they get back faster, if they stay in the same family, thus control the loot. That is right, they would rather die than give up their money.

    You remember that Eisenhower never did much good but when the Jews invaded Egypt and that upset his whole foreign policy then Eisenhower froze all their money in the U.S. and the moment he froze their money here in the banks, the Jews ran back to Palestine. So you just touch their money and they react.

    QUESTION:‑‑This question we are having, does this have something to do with why the Jews as soon as they die, they have the funeral right away?

    ANSWER:‑‑Well, they have the funeral in 24 hours. They may want him out of the way in more ways than one, which I won't go into now. But Jew's bodies turn black with tremendous speed. I don't think there is enough formaldehyde to keep them bleached out. Some chemical process takes place in Jewish bodies and their skin turns purplish black, so they bury them real fast. But remember that Jews are Sadducees, Ben Gurion said last week in "LOOK Magazine, all Jews are Asiatics, but there are a special brand of Asiatics who are Jews, Luciferians, and there is a chemical factor involved. There is something not compatible with an Asiatic who is not polluted. The fact is Asiatics don't all turn purple but Jews do. I can show this to you in their own books, see. They don't take any chances on this they bury them right away. As far as their theology is concerned they are reincarnationist.

    Remember when they came to Jesus and said: now Jesus you resurrectionist are going to have a problem, your Pharisees believe in the Resurrection, but we don't believe in the resurrection. We believe that when a man dies he comes back, and back. But you resurrectionist, suppose that a man had several wives, whose wife would she be in the Resurrection? They were trying to trap Jesus with this question, because they thought they would have no problem, since by‑gone's are by‑gone's with them, they just go on and on. Jesus knew they were trying to trap Him with this question and He was not going to get into an argument with the Sadducees over this facet, for this is no problem. He wasn't going to go through all the laws, and all the discourses, but they had asked Him this question to trap Him. But they did not word their question right, according to the Kingdom administration, or around the throne, and in Celestial orders. So I am not going to get into this either because Jesus just turned the question. I was just trying to point out that Jews are reincarnationist. I can take down a Talmud from here and quote from it.

    QUESTION:‑‑Well, all the Asians must not reincarnates, or their population might not be so much today?

    ANSWER:‑‑What do you mean, we do not have any more Asiatics, the total world population can go up or down. You can wipe them out with Massive wars, atomic bombs and starvation, but they can never build up higher than they were at the time of their fall.

    QUESTION:‑‑When was that?

    ANSWER:‑‑When Lucifer took over the Asiatics, when they came under Satanic worship. They are never free from this as long as they are under bondage to it.

    QUESTION:‑‑What were the spirits of the Asiatics like before the fall?

    ANSWER:‑‑Well, before the fall they had what we now call the Netherworld and it was not a satanic area. In other words the inner earth was like the outer earth, and the dimensions through which their spirits could move, they were not hindered in this. And death wasn't a short time pattern, longevity was extreme in their old records which show that they lived a long, long time. Only accidents brought early death, before Lucifer's fall there were no germs. They tell about this in the Mantavaro (the battle of the gods).

    QUESTION:‑‑Then what happened to the spirits when they dies?

    ANSWER:‑‑They moved into what they called the Chambers of Birth, or a Celestial dimension in which although it was not in our dimension of spirit, still the Netherworld was not a dark world. Their cycles of life were given by measure but much differently than now.

    QUESTION:‑‑Someone said: your stomach is your soul.

    ANSWER:‑‑Who said that?

    QUESTION:‑‑The Canadian Consumer.

    ANSWER:‑‑Well, some people then have a lot of soul. Your soul is the ego, the personable individual that does the thinking when you are listening with these ears.

    QUESTION:‑‑The Lemurian civilization, was it different from that of the one on Atlantas?

    ANSWER:‑‑We basically used this term Lemurian for the Pacific but it stretched also into the Atlantic area. There were people who under the cycles of Luciferian, attempted to mutate all religions and all people, they mongrelized, and they violated all the laws, and they began all types of crimes, and there was atomic wars in along panorama of history.

    Now, I can't prove as giving you an accurate continuity of history because as I say, I don't remember all of this, see. I can only tell you what I have gleamed out of archaeological records, out of all kinds of old records, which we pick up today which are pre‑Adamic, and these records do show up here and there. We find them on the Isles of Sea, and on the floors of the oceans, and we find even on the floors of the oceans those great walls. We have the evidence of this, from the Highest Inca civilization to the Steppes of Asia, and we can show you their symbols. We can show you today maps of highways which existed where today there are oceans. We have the traditions and the records which we have put together. We have studied these as best as we could, and we find all these tying links in the scriptures, which these people, and these conditions, and their theologies all tie in.

    So I can tell you that Lemuria fell for all this evil, but the Egyptians survived from the better people of Atlantas. This is why the prophecies of Horus and Khufu their prophet and King at the time they left Atlantas looked forward to the embodiment of the white race who were the children of YAHWEH‑PUTAH the God of Light on the earth. That someday they were to build altars in their land and establish the symbol of the victory of the Kingdom like unto the Temples which they had. The Temples were Pyramid shape in Atlantas, and the ancient records of ancient Egypt substantiates this, as does their tradition. Then sure enough here is the white men, and they build the greatest Pyramid they ever had, in Egypt, and they built the city of ON.

    QUESTION:‑‑Well, then was the first creation white?

    ANSWER:‑‑No, you are overlooking the fact that the early Tungus were Asiatics, but there have been changes over the years, through all the contacts and there had also been mutations to some degree. But remember that the sons and daughters of YAHWEH who served in the Temples of YAHWEH in the Pre‑Adamic world on Atlantas, according to their story, they were in bodies of Light and they could appear and disappear. But they preached to the Atlantians and they could hear the symphonies of Heaven. They could hear their music, could walk among them but could not touch them. Then after Lucifer's fall some of them started going down to the lowlands from the high mountain area where the Temples were, and Lucifer started mongrelizing them with orgies of violence, and immorality and depravity. They then heard the judgments of YAHWEH, as HE thundered from the mountain saying HE would take His children away and they would not see them anymore until the day HE put them in earth to save the remnants of Earth, and lead them in the way of righteousness. This is in the book of Horus. So things were becoming evil on earth, and God split open the great crevices and faults and water ran into the volcanic cones and exploded the top from off the mountains, and then more water went in. Then pieces of the continent began to go down. It was just like a great earthquake, if it were to hit the Hawaiian Islands, it would open up that one rift that goes into the Hi Lo crater and would blow one half of the Hawaiian Islands up with one bang. This was what happened when Atlantas went down. And finally the whole continent called Alatcan went down. Today only the Azores of that volcanic chain are still above the waters. But on the ocean floor are craters with 12 to 20 miles of volcanic scarf out there, and everyone knows that volcanic scarf does not flow under water, but those volcanoes thus erupted when they were a part of the continent on top. And half way across the ocean in its shallow parts some of it is rising again. We know from the volcanic craters and scarfs that this submerged at one time. Then I could go into the Queechie records of the Mayas for this, and this was a long time before Adam. Then Quetzacoatal the final symbol of the serpent god came into being, replacing the God of the Heavens, but they still knew that the children of the Eternal God had visited them and taught them righteousness. Then the flying serpent took over and brought them all these other things and this was Luciferianism. But they prophesied that the day would come when the white man would come. Then Manasseh crossed the ocean on ships of Dan‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑
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