• [08/04] Questions & Answers '65

    W.N.B.S. [8‑4‑65]
    By: Dr. Wesley A. Swift

    QUESTION:...There is promises and statements that were made concerning Jerusalem which are true. There are some being made that all this is given to the Jews and that this going back to Jerusalem, of the Jews, is the fulfillment of prophecy...is this true? It is reported that it is a garden place now as the Jews are rebuilding, the question is...could it be that they are Judah, as many think? If they are not then why would God give all these things to the Jews? I have read a number of places that they are Judah???

    ANSWER:...No place in Scripture does it say that the Jews are Judah. They are Cainanites, Amalakites, Hittites and so forth. Jesus has already told you that are the offspring of Satan, children of the devil. They are the Abomination of the Desolator that was to stand in the last days in this place. To be sure the Jews are trying to develop Palestine and they are spending other peoples money. A large part of the money going to Israeli comes from the United States of America. A large part of it comes from Christians who have been conned out of it. As far as anyone who has been under my ministry and still thinks that the Jews are Judah..they just haven't listened to well. Because I can tell you that no Jew on the face of the earth can measure up to Judah. There is no place for a Jew to be any part nor lot in this.

    The thing I would point out concerning this is that the rains have not yet returned. This is all pieces of figments of imagination spread out over the world to fool Christians, to try to prove to the world that 'Israel' has returned, so that they can con the world out of their money to support them, this is what they are up to.

    Now; the Latter Rain has not returned to Palestine, and Jerusalem will face destruction and judgment and reconstruction between now and the time the LORD comes. So don't anticipate that this prophecy is being fulfilled now. You can occupy an area with a lot of people, and not build a lot of towns but there is no river developing in the desert. They are trying to steal the water of the Jordan and divert it over into their own areas, but this is not what the Scripture is talking about as far as the land is concerned. There is enough Jew money being poured in to build factories, especially war industries, so they can gobble up the land round about, thus there is a certain amount of activity. All of the area of Palestine is totally dependent on the outside. If the money was cut off then Israeli would fold up right now. In the first place, these kikes moving down there are not as adapted to living as frugally as necessary to develop it, as the Arabs and others who lived there before them. They want to go into the cities such as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and there as they organize their young people into a work force it is a collective program totally based on Communism called 'Histatara', and this directs and runs everything from the drilling of wells to the operation of farms and so forth. This has nothing to do with what God has said about what He will do in the Latter Days. As God said He would send the rain and develop gardens in the desert, I will do these things, this is Gods blessings upon His people Israel not upon His enemies. So what they have been doing down there in Israeli is not in any way fulfilling what He promised to do for His Israel.

    Now; the House of Judah has to be a Christian society at the end of the age. For I will make a new covenant with the House of Judah and the House of Israel after those days. This is what God declares in the Book of Jeremiah 31:31‑34. I am going to put my spirit in them and write my laws in their hearts. The House of Israel and all the white nations of the Christian west, added to the House of Judah who are the Germanic peoples, all are Christians. The Jews are not Christians because they hate the Name of Christ. If the Name of Christ is ever raised by a Jew in Palestine he is immediately issued from any areas of activity. If a Jew in Palestine marries a Christian he is not only out of work, but he even can be imprisoned for this. So under this...there is no Jew by any stretch of the imagination that fulfills any part of the prophecy which relates to Judah. But they are attempting to continue to pull the wool over the eyes of the people of the world just like they have been doing from the beginning. They are the children of Lucifer, and Jesus said of them:...Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a liar from the beginning and the truth is not in him. So you can't tell the truth, He tells the Jews, you have to act like your father. So they operate on the status of a super deception. Jews today are not the chosen people: they are a judged people by the hand of God. And in the things which are quite evident today they are tied up in everything evil, and bad. Socialism in America, collectivism, and communism throughout the world, the spread of these patterns finds the Jews behind each situation. So because of this we have this constant challenge. The silly church in its ignorance has been told that the Jews are the chosen people. Oh, not by the Scriptures, but by the Jewish impact on their theology. They have run along with this thing..Rome taught it so therefore it was passed on from Rome to Protestantism. So we say that the Jews then have no part nor lot in this situation. In the first place nothing so fictitious as the reporting we get on the general pattern in Palestine during the time when it was under British Administration development was made with many Arabs making much heavier contributions than are made necessarily by the Jews now. Beautiful orchards were put in, they started growing oranges and grapefruit. In fact the Jews confiscated lands from the Arabs which were in beautiful gardens and vast orchards. But no one suggested that they were 'Israel' when the Arabs did this..why not? Then here comes the Jews and they try to expand some of these areas and now they say...this is Israel..but it is not. It was Israel when the British had a mandate over it, and the release of the land from the Turks took place because of the efforts of the Allies, but when the Israeli's went in after the abortive revolution after W.W.II., this then in no way marks them as Israel, this just marks them as the abomination of the desolator standing in the Holy Place. These are the people behind every war that Christendom has fought. They have been the perpetrators of the greatest revolution of terror the world has ever known and they have no part in this matter.

    QUESTION:...Isaiah 43...where it says Jacob Israel is still blinded to their identity, will this be removed?

    ANSWER:...I don't quite catch the question with this wording, but we will turn to Isaiah 43 because I know this bears on the streams of the desert. The question starts with the 15th., verse:...I am YAHWEH your Holy One, I am the creator of Israel your King. Thus saith YAHWEH which maketh a way in the sea, and a path in its mighty waters. Which bringeth forth the chariot and the horse and the army, and the power; they shall all go down together, they shall not rise, they are extinct, they are quenched as tow, or the material as was washed by the sea. Remember ye not the former things neither consider the things of old.

    Now; with this statement does it mean that Jacob Israel is blinded to their identity and it will be removed? Removed according to Isaiah 43:18‑19? Well then lets go back to Isaiah 42:18‑19., Hear ye deaf, and look, ye blind that ye may se. Who is blind but my servant, or deaf, as my messenger that I sent? Who is blind as he that is perfect, and blind as YAHWEH'S servant? In this instance the Scripture tells us that blindness in part has happened to Israel until the fullness of the tribes comes in, until all Christendom comes in. They were not to be blind as to who God was, but to their identity. Thus Blindness in Part was to happen to Israel, so Anglo‑Saxon, Lombardic, Germanic, Scandinavian, Norman, and Basque people did not know that they were the Israel of the Old Testament. The literal and total descendants of the Adamic race coming down. But they knew who God was, they had been Christian every since the message reached them. They were not blind to the identity of God but to their own identity. But the Scripture says:...In that place where it is said they are not my people they will know that they are the children of the Living God as numerous as the sands of the seashore and the stars of the heavens. So the blindness of the servant has been to his identity, and the identity of some of Gods prophecies and fulfillment of them. But they have been and will be identified with this mark:...Israel always accepts Messiah when they hear about HIM. They are identified with HIM, and the whole family in heaven and earth is named in YAHSHUA or Jesus the Christ, and known as Christians. So this is the mark of Israel which is rather significant.

    Now; the removal of Israel was only in connection with such prophecies as God made them to David. When He told him that He was going to give them another land far beyond the waters and across the seas. Here the people would be more at ease when in that land as they would never have to move any more. This wasn't the land of Palestine, for David was standing in Jerusalem when God made this promise to David. He was standing by the Coronation Stone (in Jerusalem) when this promise was made.

    Now; here in Isaiah 43:19., He says:...Remember ye not the former things neither consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing, now it springs forth and ye shall know it. One of these new things was the activation of their consciousness, and the restoring unto them by His Spirit, the areas of cognition they lost under the fall of the Adamic race. Plus the fact that He said:...I will put my spirit in you, and write my laws upon your heart. And now my Grace extends to a far greater extent than ever before. I make my law a part of you with the factors of consciousness, and spiritual responsibility. Then He went further than this with Israel, and now He says:.I am going to give you a new land. I will take you through the oceans, and the mighty seas, through the great waters, and this has happened.

    Now; this is the land carved out of the great wilderness, the land divided by rivers, a land flowing with rivers and streams. No one would ever say that Palestine today was a land flowing with rivers. They have the Jordan on the border and they are trying to steal and reroute it into Israeli. But here in America is a land flowing with rivers, here the Myrtle tree was planted, here the great Redwood trees grow. Here in America is where God said He would plant His people. The Western expanse and the migration of His people to the Isles of the sea, and then Westward to this great land would be the final destination of His people. So He said:.. Behold, a new thing, and ye shall know it. I give you a new land carved out of the wilderness, rivers in the desert, and even the beasts of the field shall honor me. The animals shall give way before my people, and they surely fulfilled this here, as the buffalo gave way as did the grizzly bears. No longer do the animals of prey threaten the security of the people for we have occupied a vast land, and pagans gave way before us. This is the kind of prophecy fulfilled here.

    Now; He said:...I will see that my people have plenty to drink, my people formed out of myself, and they shall show forth my praise. But thou hast not called upon me, O Jacob, thou hast been weary, O Israel, but know this (vs:25)...I am HE that blotteth out thy transgressions for mine own sake, and will not remember thy sins. Put me in remembrance, let us plead together, declare thou that thou mayest be justified. So the MOST HIGH declares He will restore Israel, and the New Jerusalem is not like the old although the hour of history is still to be fulfilled in that Christ will move with judgment on His enemies, He will split the Mount of Olives. And He will destroy the abominations of the desolator.

    Now; it is quite obvious that here before Christ returns, these people in Jerusalem are the Abominations of the Desolator. So I ask you who is down there in Jerusalem today? So quite obviously the catastrophe that is about to transpire, is that the earthquake will split apart some of the land, and cover the people...this prophecy is not intended for the people of God. It is intended for the usurpers down there who today still hate the Name of Jesus Christ, still spit upon it. Oh, they are real smart and they will con some of these Pentecostal preachers who go down there. Or they will take a man like Oral Roberts because they know he was quite a following. Ben Gurion had him come down as his personal visitor, and Ben Gurion, because he was going to use this man to help spread the chosen people hoax, built the Ben Gurion Tabernacle for Oral Roberts in Oklahoma. And what did they call that Tabernacle? The named it after this Zend Buddhist, apostate Jew, Ben Gurion...Tabernacle.

    This shows you how blind 'My people' can be when they let 'Mine enemies' set up certain areas of truth. He isn't worried about Oral Roberts, he just doesn't know any better, but Oral tells people everywhere...look! these are the Chosen People, they built me a Tabernacle...see? And yet when Roberts went to Palestine the first question they asked him was:...are you going to try to convert these people to Christianity? Oh no, he said, I won't try to convert them...you be the Jews and we'll be the Christians, if God wanted to make you Christians He would. So God lets you be the Jews and us be the Christians and I won't try to convert you. Well...this was selling out the Christian Faith, if he was the wide‑eyed Evangelist he pretends to be he would have been trying to make Christians out of them. If he could have swept them all in to save them from perdition he would have made them Christian whether they wanted to be or not. But this wouldn't have been the popular thing to do. So Ben Gurion said:...you have said the right words. You be the Christians and let us be the Jews, and we will build the Tabernacle for you. So they built that Tabernacle...see.

    Here is another instance...the Pentecostal went down to Palestine for a big convention and the Jews paid all the tabs for it. So all the Pentecostal went down to Palestine and there were Christian businessmen association groups, but they were not allowed to preach anything about Christ to anybody but the Christians who came there from the outside. Then they were given a tour of all the land and they went back to sell America that this is 'Israel' rebuilt. And most of the Pentecostal people fell for this hook and line and sinker. There are still some like Throne, up in Sonora, who I saw the other day and some others who understand prophecy, and know these things, they know this is utterly phoney. The thing is never give any lending of credence to a lie of Lucifer. In otherwords, Lucifer has been trying to deceive the world for years with a lie, by supplanting Israel and taking their place. Never therefore think that because he has moved in these last days, in the time of Jacobs Trouble down into Palestine, because after all he is pulling the gold and silver of the world into is claws, he is putting it down in Tel Aviv...but God said He would dump that down into the Mediterranean Sea. But the fact is that with this kind of money you can hire most anything. But God hasn't built up that desert, or poured the water out on them. It isn't what God has done, it is what the Jews have done with this money, they are attempting to prove something with money. The one thing which proves what they are not is their attitude concerning The Christ. But 'All Israel shall be saved, as it is written' and 'I shall take away the ungodliness of Jacob'. This is in the Book of Isaiah and in the Book of Romans as the Apostle Paul says 'All Israel shall be saved, as it is written'. Why? Because they are Spiritual Seed. When HIS spirit calls them they recognize The Christ and receive the Messiah. So you can identify the people of Israel today, first because they are white, second because they are CHRISTIAN, because they fulfill this prophecy. More than this, the Spiritual center of God's Kingdom was to exist in God's Kingdom...this is where the church lives. I'd like to see you operate a church down in Palestine. You wouldn't get very far with any Christian activity down in Palestine. In fact such churches and monasteries which existed there for centuries and some which were under the protection of the British were desecrated when the Jews came in. They desecrated the shrines and the altars of the churches. They raped and assaulted nuns as well as Orthodox and Protestant missionaries, and threw their bodies down in the wells. They did everything vicious and wild, there has never been a more evil and vicious people down in Palestine than is the Jews. At the same time they have driven Christians out except for a few International Monasteries they don't dare touch. They drove people out into the desert to starve, and without water. But Israel was told, especially in these latter days, that Ishmael would always have a right to dwell among Israel... peacefully. Whereas the Anglo‑Saxon, Germanic peoples have always gotten along with the Arabs, assisted them, and let them dwell in Peace and never confiscated their property or drove them out to starve...but the Jews have always driven Ishmael out. Because the Jews that moved into this area are Edomites, Amalakites, Hittites, and Cainanites, and they hate everything which was Abrahamic even tho they pretend differently. So because of this they prove in every way that they are not the people of the Book.

    Now; getting back to another phase of this question...Is there a catching away in the air????

    This is related to I Thessalonians 4:17., this is another doctrine built on very small figments of foundation. This only is a matter of translation and so we will break this down:...I Thessalonians 4:15‑18., In the original text this was written to the people of Thessalonia. 'If we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so, them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with HIM.' In otherwords, God is YAHSHUA..MESSIAH..YAHWEH..GOD. He is returning and therefore anyone who died from the time of Christs ascension then their spirits have ascended into the presence of God. So when Christ returns then those spirits will He bring with HIM. Now; as this transpires 'We say unto you by this word of the LORD, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the LORD shall not hinder those who have died from participating in this glorious victory, and this triumphant day of Christs return.' In otherwords, He has promised to raise their bodies, in a moment and in a twinkling of an eye, re-synthesizing the spirit back into the elements of a physical body. Enveloping it with Light and restoring to immortality those who have died between the time of His Resurrection, whose spirits He brings with HIM at the hours of His return. And we who are alive and remain shall also be joined unto HIM, and we shall be CHANGED IN THE ELEMENTS OF OUR BODY. We in these air‑breathing bodies shall be joined unto HIM in bodies still breathing air, but enveloped in Immortality. Now; therefore, we shall be joined unto HIM in these elements while HE occupies ...a victory. The Apostle Paul is trying to make it clear that this isn't something material, that we aren't going to be dissolved into a spiritual mist, or exist in a spiritual plane, and we are not by the return of Christ to be taken out of these physical bodies that we reside in. But the physical body is to be given immortality in these atmospheric‑air‑breathing bodies, in these elements which are now surrounded by Light...thus putting on immortality. This is what the Apostle Paul talks about as he said he didn't want to die, but wanted to put on his Light or envelope, his Light and Glory. But he knew that if he did die, that if this physical house was dissolved that he had a Celestial house in the planes of spirit, it was eternal in the planes of spirit, consisting of Light. Therefore he said:.. I don't want to die to get into that Light, but I want that Light to envelope this physical body so that this mortal will be swallowed up with immortality, and because this is true we find Paul talking about the facts that there is only one thing we wait for, which is the redemption of our bodies. We already have eternal life, we are living souls assured of Eternal Life. We are waiting to see death stopped and for mortal to put on immortality. This process is already at work in your memories, and at the time Christ returns it has not only been promised, but has been generally accepted by the whole structure of Christianity that under no area of interpretation or mistranslation could you miss this...that there will be a perpetual immortality. This means that you are in the image of God that spirit, soul, and body you will become indestructible. You will not die, your body will not be subject to death. All transgression which brings the price of death has been paid for, has been lifted off of you by the atoning work of Christ. The last enemy which He puts down physically in this world...at the moment of His return will be death. And death then has no more power over the children of the Kingdom. It has no more power now than you allow it to have by the co‑ordination of your spiritual perception, and your soul consciousness. But in a moment the last barrier is removed. The Apostle Paul understood this, and he said...I comprehend this but I haven't apprehended it as yet. In otherwords, we still have to understand the difference between comprehension and apprehension. He understands what God has promised but he hasn't yet learned how to apply it so that there was no disintegration. His eyes were getting a little weaker, he was having to write in larger letters than ever before. But as long as the Apostle Paul held to the fact that he was indestructible because he was Gods messenger, because the spirit of Christ which dwells in you can quicken the mortal body...remember that in Romans he makes the statement:...The spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death. So as far as his spirit, and soul was concerned this was true. As far as his body was concerned it was as to his comprehension. But you know, he was under pressure, he was pushed around, he was in prison, he was always being kicked around for God. But one thing about it is that the Apostle Paul was always spreading the message, carrying it out and of course fulfilling a destiny. Then one day he got real down and he wrote a letter...he said: After I am gone tell the people these things. And in a moment he was gone, just like that. The moment he resigned himself to death he was gone...see. But the process was as the Apostle Paul said:..Absent from this body is to be present with the LORD. He thoroughly understood from his heavenly trip out there and back, and he said he was to write these things in a book which he did...The Apocalypse of Paul, and then wrote them in his Epistles so that we might understand them. Then he wrote that the physical body would be swallowed up with Light, that this was what he longed for, so he wouldn't have to taste death, that this was what he longed for. He was told by YAHWEH ‑YAHSHUA that every spirit of HIS Household that had died would be brought back, that the elements of earth would be re-synthesized, their bodies would be raised, and all its component parts would be assembled. Altho it might be scattered still God would assemble the elements out of the Universe to give them a physical resurrection, and surround them with Light and Glory.

    Now this is the passage means that says:...We which are alive and remain shall not prevent them who died, for the LORD shall descend from heaven with a shout. No, this shout business, it always bugs the devil when someone tells him off. When Christ came into the Netherworld after they crucified HIM, He said:...Open up ye gates, ye everlasting gates, for the King of Glory shall come in. The devil, Beelzebub, was in charge down there and he said:...who is this King of Glory? And then Jesus replied:..The LORD strong and mighty, He is the King of Glory. These are the words of the Psalmist and David who was there in the Netherworld as we find recorded in the Book of Nicodemus. David said:...These were the words given unto me as the spirit moved upon me...Behold, the Messiah is outside waiting to come in.

    In this Book of Nicodemus is the record of these people who walked the streets of Jerusalem, the dead who were resurrected before Christs resurrection, and it tells what happened as Christ stormed the Netherworld. Every time He shouted then Beelzebub and all the Princes of hell quivered. For instance when in Christs ministry He let Lazarus die to prove His power, and when He came to Bethany then they were weeping and Mary the sister of Lazarus said:...why didn't you come earlier, if you had been here our brother would not have died? But Jesus said:..I am the resurrection and the Light, he who believeth on me, tho he were as dead, still shall he live. But he that lives and believes in me, (and this is the great secret) THEY SHALL NEVER DIE. In otherwords, if you can understand this message you don't have to die. So Jesus said:..you believe that if I had been here your brother would not have died, so what are you crying about, don't you think I can get him back? Then Jesus walked over and said:...Lazarus come forth! It tells you in the Book of Nicodemus that all the Netherworld trembled at that Shout. They don't like this shout of God because then things always happen. But as Christ said:...Lazarus come forth!..in the Book of Nicodemus then it says that Lazarus gave himself a might shake and he turned and laughed at the devil and his body came right up out of the grave, and the devils were very unhappy about losing Lazarus. So Beelzebub, when Christ was about to storm the Netherworld, said:...Oh, Mighty Prince of Hell (darkness) why has thou not given me more strength. You have now brought your enemy and mine here, a man totally without sin, yet who has assumed all the sins of the world. Now you have brought HIM down here and I can't keep him out! If I could not hold Lazarus, how are we going to hold His people, if He comes in? He may take them all out, and of course this is just what Jesus did.

    Well this mighty shout and the trumpet of God blown by the Archangel, this is all the meaning of a great and mighty noise, a great challenge. For YAHWEH‑YAHSHUA Himself shall descend from Heaven with this great and mighty noise and The dead in Christ shall rise first. They will come right out of their graves. So now they (Netherworld) do not hold these spirits, there is not one spirit of the Household of god now held in the Netherworld since the resurrection of Jesus Christ, just remember that. The only area where there was any defeat was in the physical body. And remember that spirit, soul, and body of God is ONE. Hear O Israel, YAHWEH thy God is one LORD. Not a multitude of people but a God in every dimension...spirit, soul, and body. He is Eternal, you cannot destroy His soul consciousness, you can't destroy His spirit, He only let His body die once by taking His Light off of it. Then He raised it again before it saw corruption. And HE can appear in any plane or dimension anywhere in the Universe. He can travel through space with great crafts. He can arrive as a Celestial soul consciousness. He can step up the acceleration of the elements and be visible. He can transport His body in ships, or He can walk through the walls by stepping up the electrons around the protons of the body. Can take them completely out of the area of synchronization of those areas, elements, and matter, and walk right through it like a bolt of electricity. In otherwords, this is the capacity also of a Divine Household, this is your capacity if you only knew how to do it,....and you will.

    In the hour when you have total mortality restored it will be possible for death to effect this body. The elements of Light will surround every element of your body. It will protect it, will keep it alive, it can't be destroyed. This is why the Adamic transgression lost immortality. When Lucifer cohabited with Eve, and Adam partook of the violation with the household of Lucifer...namely Lillith..you will discover that by this violation of law that the children of spirit and Celestial era could not cohabit with the darkness, so the physical body would be the only thing which could be a part of this cohabitation. And the aura of the spirit went off it and now it was a dying body. Because without the sustaining force the light of the sustaining force, the physical substance could deteriorate like anything else that oxidizes in the physical world.

    Now:...God's covenant to keep alive His sons is in relationship to this balance of the Celestial ability and the spirit to surround it. By violation of law they separated themselves from this enveloping Light and until God restores it they don't have immortality.

    Now:..God paid the price of this restoration, He gave you the elements of His Spirit and said He has predestinated you that you will conform to His image, from Glory to Glory until you conform unto His own Glorious. This is going on even now and is consummated in a moment at the return of Christ. Thus we point this out to you...Therefore we which are alive and remain, it is translated, shall be caught up together with them in the clouds...but these people coming back to earth aren't going to stay up in the clouds. They are coming to earth with Jesus, out of the clouds..or out of the Celestials unto earth. In fact when Jesus left it was in a super dreadnought, but it says a cloud. He just stepped into the cloud and two men stepped out of the cloud. They said:...don't stand there staring at the cloud. This was the LORD leaving in a ship just like He was in over Sinai, the chariot of the LORD was in the cloud.

    Now: in this instance there comes with Him millions, this triumphant army He brings with Him is also composed of His children whose spirits descended after being martyred and everything else the enemy could think of. Now, no wonder the earth shakes...the resurrection of all these people and the synthesis of their bodies out of all the elements of the earth will be a tremendous impact. In fact you talk about the Glory...talk about an excited people. Death is over, the power of the darkness is over. The Light of Christ is here, His power is here, no wonder the enemy runs for the rocks and the mountains. The Jews will be hiding in the basements like they did that day in the Temple. The pagans will quiver because God is alive. So when it says that the elements of this body, or in atmospheric, air breathing, physical bodies in this very realm..atmos..we shall meet HIM right here.

    Now it also doesn't mean that everyone will come running from all over the world, or will be snatched out by their necks, but it does mean we will meet the LORD. You will be able to see HIM all over the world. Every eye will see Him, and not just because His reflection will go all around the earth, but we already have a way for this to be fulfilled. We have communications and T.V. all over the world, and this is the last days and the climactic hour, and the vision of the world order is in your home, the image of the Beast already speaks.

    Now the moment, the very moment when these great flag ships of the Hosts of Heaven, the very moment when Christ comes in then He touches the Mount of Olives and the T.V. cameras of the world will focus on this. The biggest news items of all times in history will cover this event. But do you know that there are some newspapers right now smart enough to set this up? Some of them will have headlines 5" across the page...'Christ Returns!". When I was a young man the 'Herald American' back in New York city already had a page...'Christ Returns' already set up. They weren't taking any chances they were going to be the first ones on the street with it. (Ha..no wonder the Jews had to break and put out of business so many newspapers) I like that kind of faith for even the newspaper reporters believed in those years that Christ would return. The fact is that there are a lot of silly people who believe that this is just fanaticism, but they say that about everything of truth. They didn't think He was going to make it the first time then when He did, they didn't know who He was. When they found out they tried to kill Him. So they said He hasn't arrived yet. But He came, He arrived when Enoch said He would which was God's timetable. And He is coming on His timetable this time.

    So it says:..So shall we ever be with the LORD. I want to point out right now that it was never intended that this passage ever be translated as tho we were to be taken way out into the sky, be up in the air, in the clouds with Christ. So shall we ever be with the LORD.

    If that was what it meant we would never be on earth, never be here when the victory took place at Armageddon. And it says we are Kings, Priests, and Princes and are to rule with Him in the earth. We are going to see the Kingdom on earth, teach the kingdom in the earth, so if we were going to be caught there and hang around there in the clouds and He was going to stay up there in the clouds, then we wouldn't be here at all for the kingdom. But He is not going to hang around in the clouds, this is where we meet Him. And He is bringing back everyone of His Holy Seed to resurrect their bodies, so whether by one way or another you are all going to see this thing. You are either going to come back by Resurrection or you will still be here. Personally I would like to stay because I don't want to miss anything going on here. Some people are awful tired of the world, but I am just tired of how some people behave. I am not tired of the world as it was created, it belongs to my Father and its my plantation and I want to stay.

    Now;..there is another passage they asked about and it was Isaiah 35:5‑6. There is no doubt that in the Book of Isaiah that we have some of the greatest areas of prophecy but they are somewhat hard to understand. Because Isaiah dies not run with continuity. Isaiah is a prophet who caught as he walked day by day all kinds of things. One moment God would fill his consciousness with a great vision of what He was going to do when He returned. In another moment He was telling him about how bad Israel has been to elect these socialists, these democrats, He is talking back in those times but we make the same blunders all the time. We have a bunch of boobs like this mixed multitude from Babylon who came in and surrounded the king. And then they tried to set up the same old deal that they have now and tell us what they will give us as they take more from us. They want to bring in all other gods, recognize all religions, and be brothers with the devil. They want our sons to inter-marry with the Negroes and the Chinamen. And He said: I look on the flesh of these people they want you to mix with like the flesh of donkeys and asses. And if ye join with them your offspring shall be as donkeys and asses, and I will not consider them. So you see God talks about this in the Book of Isaiah and Jeremiah also. And Isaiah talks about this being true at the end of the age when the Great day of the Lord comes. So some of the things were going to come at that time, and a lost of them were to come later, and a lost of the things Isaiah talked about have already been fulfilled, were fulfilled centuries ago. You have to know as you go through the Book of Isaiah...whether it is now or this is something which is ahead, or this happened a way back there and it even talks about some things way back when Lucifer was thrown out of the heavens, way back there. Then maybe the next day God would give him a revelation to record, and then in the midst of this He may have a continuity of history and He inserts this vision here, and that vision there, this sums up the whole thing that Isaiah has to bring. This is why we tell you not to look for a continuity from chapter to chapter as Isaiah writes. There is not altogether a continuity in revelation, it is well organized but it is not necessarily a continuity. It goes back into the foundation of the world and reaches forward to the things which are ahead. Talks about then, and now, and jumps around. And of course we are way up to the end of the age. I believe as completely as I can with everything I know that we are in a very close cycle of tremendous events, world shaking events, they involve battles and struggles and victories, they involve all kinds of signs and manifestations and Satanic designs as well as Divine. They involve the greatest conflict the world has ever known, and they insure a victory. They will produce the kind of Faith which makes nations, and builds kingdoms. It will be Christians who will not care whether the enemy likes it or not...who are not ashamed to be counted as Right, they will leave no hesitancy in destroying that which is evil, the evil which was planning to destroy them. It is a tremendous day but it is a big one. It will not only see the re‑entry of Christ and the Hosts of Heaven, but already more and more of the fleets are moving in. As we move into the areas of what I refer to as a 'Celestial Light' there are certain times when apparently we are in the best position for vast hosts of heaven to move in. This is also astronomically true especially as we see this year progress. Go back to the preview tapes and we told you there will be more flying objects moving in, as we are not only in the line for the great flowing of force, and if they are using electromagnetic force this is the time of the year for that. If we had more time to use the scopes, we would know what course they take from out of the heavens and which direction they go. We have been recently more sure of this, plus the intuitive pattern that we receive on the basis of this...we are sure more of them will show up from July thru August (1965). This is why in the last few days you have heard of them more and more, they are over Arkansas, over New Mexico and over Oklahoma. I care not if the Air Force base does tell you it is Jupiter, you can hardly see Jupiter over Oklahoma now at this time of year. It goes down to early for people to have seen it at the time they reported their sightings. Anyone from Tinker AFB know this is true. Knows these were not the moons of Jupiter. They never have been known to disconnect themselves and sail around over any part of the U.S. More than that if they had been anything but space craft at this time, I think if this was something astronomical they would have watched them move all over instead of the course they took, if they were a meteor shower as they said they would have originated way south of South America, would have come up out of the ocean and would have crossed the tip of South America, and over the tip of the Caribbean sea and moved up over Texas and Oklahoma, passed over the High Sierras and disappeared, that whole moving shower going in the direction of Alaska.

    Now: this is course the meteorite shower of this year and last took and you can tell a meteorite shower, it will not move over again this year until September and October. At that time when we are in the mountains deer hunting we are again going to see these great meteorite showers, like those which whirled over the High Sierras about six years ago.

    Now the reason I mention this is because this was not a meteorite shower, they did not hold a special one for Tinker AFB, and if they ever come down in one spot like that they won't write and tell us about it either. If you ever get a shower over one special AFB they will land there. Then what happens is what happened to the Cainanites at Ai and no on writes about it. They just list it in the Newspapers as where it used to be. These meteorites going by don't stay over an AFB they just keep going. Buy you are in the last days, you are in the hour when the Hoses are coming in, when the signs are in the sky. Each one of these things are a challenging pattern, this is the best time to live, I wouldn't miss it for anything. You say well, but evil is more evil than it has ever been, the struggles are greater. Sure you get a great victory this way. Let them pour everything out and waste it all at once now, because the kingdom is going to be triumphant. For instance we tell you that the miracles of God, the power of God, the force that God is going to activate in His believing sons, the miracle age is on us as well, and this thing is going to be catalyzed and these things move out, suddenly from one week to the next, you are stepping into a whole new operation. The enemy knows what he is doing also, the one thing he is building is the design for to take over the world and we are playing the sucker right down the line, not we as individuals, but the leadership we have who are blinded by their power, blinded by not being guided by the scriptures, and not being guided by the spirit, with ministers around them as God says like a dumb dogs, howling in the desert. That is where these D.D.'s come from. They are not Doctors of Divinity for the Scripture says they will be...Blind is my servant in these things because their ministers are blind. And when the blind leads the blind they all fall in the ditch. But the fact is that God has promised to raise up leaders, and ministers, He has promised to challenge and quicken them until enough of them explode with spiritual energy as God pours it on them. And what is going to transpire is that there is going to be a lot of changes made. Some of these people may leave the scene and some may get converted. That would be a new wrinkle convert a President right in the midst of the Jews, especially when he has a wife that might be a Jewess (Johnson).

    So Isaiah 35:5‑6...Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened and the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped. Then shall the lame man leap as an hart, and the tongue of the dumb sing; for in the wilderness shall water break out and streams in the desert.....and so forth. This is just some of the things which God said He would do in the great upheaval. When all this catastrophe comes, when all these things happen God has promised to move, and to bless, and to develop. In the midst of this He remakes the land.

    Now; the latter rains come at this time also...and they are real water (one definition) God is going to send out more rain just before the harvest comes, to fatten up the harvest. This means a much bigger head on all the crops..more grain. He says the drought is now over, judgment comes on areas with this also. But we will see more rain in the lands of Israel, plenty of rain but also with it comes spiritual vision poured out upon His people. 'As though upon dry ground' this will be a quickening of knowledge, and people will know who they are, and where they are, from one white nation to the other they will know identity. In fact that they are the Israel of God is being spread from one end to the other. They will come out of every denomination. Oh, if you want to run out and give your blessings to the Jews you can...but they wouldn't know what to do with it, so don't throw your pearls before the swine, they just trample them into the ground. And you be sure you know a swine when you see one. Jesus didn't waste His time with the swine. He told them who they were. He didn't try to gather up the Cainanites...this is useless and fatal.

    Now; there is another question on Revelation but we won't get into it tonight, but I will say this about John eating the little Book. John was an unusual man, and here in the Book of Revelation it tells you how they hand‑ ed the Book to John and said...eat it, for it will be sweet as honey in thy mouth, but in thy belly as tho bitter..and so forth. What does it mean? Well, this Book shall we say is the document of the Will of Prophecy of the things that were to come. And of all the facts he had to absorb this was the Will of God, it became such a part of him, symbolically he was to eat up the Book but it was to absorb all the things in it. So to remember John was to know and to feel these things, and of course some things were hard... there was to come this pattern of martyrdom, there comes the struggle with the Kingdom and the Church. There comes the battles for earth, the hoards of Anti‑Christ, the patterns of the Beast. All these things are bitter, and then there is the mighty triumph, the assurance of victory, and the identification of the Eternal God as YAHWEH‑YAHSHUA the one who sat upon the throne, this is as sweet as honey when He calls His disciples beloved, and identifies His bride, and the Kingdom these make up the honey but some of those things are also bitter.

    Now; we have told you before about John the Beloved Disciple. Peter came one time after the resurrection, and they all wanted their instructions. Jesus had already inferred that Peter would be a Bishop for the church and responsible for much of the ecclesiastical order. He was to be a shepherd of the sheep. But remember Jesus came to the disciples and Peter said:... you have told me to feed the sheep but what about this man? You see...John was always listening to Jesus, he never left the side of Jesus if it could be helped. This might have irritated Peter and the others just a little because John was on the inside...so to speak. John was on every thought which came into the mind of Christ, he hung on every word. John knew every thing which was functional as far as the vision pattern was concerned. He probably caught it more than other disciple, in his way, for what he was called to do. He knew more about the Jews than any other single disciple. This is why the Book of John is so filled with these facts. Others like Luke knew about them, but wrote differently. Matthew saw the great patterns of the government on earth, saw the Great King and he dwelt in government. But the Book of Matthew was the story of the King. But to John this is the Eternal..this is the Messiah YAHSHUA the King who came down to earth, we are His children, He is Savior God, he caught all these other patterns as well. So Peter said:..what is this man going to do? Not that it was any of his business, but you can't blame Peter for being interested. Jesus said:.. ..If I will that he stay here on earth until I come back again, what is it to you...just follow me, or do what I tell you to do. Jesus wasn't mad at Peter, He was just making something clear. He just said:..what is it to you if he stays here until I come back? Jesus never wasted any words. And when He said this He wasn't just making a pun, He intended John to stay here until He came back. Because He said:...one day, there will out of you standing right here...one who will be preaching and proclaiming when the son of men comes. It is translated there shall be some of you, but it was.. ..there shall be of you standing here, that which shall be here prophesying and preaching on earth when the son of man comes. And we know when all the Apostles died, all except John, and he never died, there is no record he ever died, so he is immortal. John moved thru out Asia, to the ends of the earth, out among the Estonian Christians, and he has walked our continent, and John will prophecy again. And in that great moment probably in the immediate proceedings, a miracle could happen at any time....this is what it would be, it might happen in the United Nations while they were working the program of the enemy. It might come before the Presidents cabinet. At any time we might se a man step up and they wouldn't be able to stop him, and it would be John. We are in the miracle hour, anything can happen. John has already moved in and out of the areas of our people, been in churches, may have set in your congregation and you may not have known it. I think he did sit on several occasions and maybe for weeks in the L.S. congregation, and identified himself as John. When he came he had white whiskers but was immaculately clean. He knew more of what was going on all over the earth than anyone, then he just disappeared. But I totally believe that John is here because Jesus said he was going to prophecy again in the climax of the hour. The reason I mention this is that without a doubt John marked the evidence that Life was constant, sustaining. Thus this makes the difference in the ministry of John.

    Now; when John caught the patterns of Revelation, they told him...eat the book, whether the Scripture is in or out of your hands, you are the living word, so devour the Book. This wasn't talking about our inheritance, he didn't eat the book for all of us, but we do all live on the Word. Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word out of the mouth of God. But as we live by all the words out of the mouth of God, all of them are not honey, understand this. In fact there are some, such as the battle of Armageddon which is not honey. We would rather not have Armageddon and the conflict with the enemy but it is here. We have his hatred against us, we have the intensity of the Law of God that we must destroy evil. These are things we must yet digest, as we eat the world of God. But the great sustaining forces are all the work of God. It isn't just honey, we don't just live on desert. We live on all the things which God has said, all this knowledge, all this wisdom is food to our consciousness. Our body doesn't need this, but when the body receives this in the soul consciousness the spirit perceives it. The body is stimulated to greater vitality, can throw off the forces that would disintegrate it. But there is nothing which can sustain physical stamina until you keep on moving, and going like living with the Word...like it being a part of you.

    Now sometimes the hardest thing to get across is that we have to battle translation, with the attempt upon the part of the enemy to obscure. With the churches design of each to support their own doctrine, each of these we have to contend with as we divide the Word of God. But therefore we must live within the area of interpretation, this is our responsibility, with the spirit to interpret for us what God has said. His Spirit bears witness with us that this is what God said, and then this all falls into the Mosaic. You say 90% of this falls together but here and there is a passage which seems to disagree. It is not disagreeing to me, because I have no argument with anything which God said. But there are many passages which are not what God said...it is just the way they were translated. If they were to be interpreted as men wrote them they would make God a liar. And it tells you in the Scripture...Let every man be a liar, but God be true. In otherwords, God is right no matter how many men disagree with HIM. However a lot of men, when they say this is what God said...it may not be true. It has to bear the image of His whole plan, never to obstruct this plan. And also God loses nothing, it has to support Grace, it has to support the plans of the kingdom, and victory over the enemy. It has to demonstrate the ability of God to bring to His many sons anything in Scriptures which they have inserted, or mistranslated..defeat..in otherwords the enemy is defeated but they would like to put conditions subject to their Priesthood. This happens not only in Rome, but in the Presbyterians and in Methodism anywhere. Of course now days they have thrown all the laws out and interpreted the process their way. Someone said:..maybe we just interpret it that way? No..because we have accepted the sum total of the theology of all these movements where they have been confirmed by the revelation, by the things which God said. But we understand as we look at translation after translation, all we have to do is go to the background of the translator to see why he translated this way, when we go to the creeds accepted by the church fathers of his group...see? And then of course we always have the whiskers and the nose that is bent standing by to translate. I just received a clipping from the L.A. Newspaper, very interesting... 'Old Book and an Ancient Book found on Ancient and evil magic.' It says; now translated by the Hebrew University in Palestine, it says this book... a part of the mystery magic of the old Jewish Talmud. And one of the real secrets of the mystery of Jewish Magic has been discovered now in all its black magic purity. So the Jews have just announced to the world that they have recovered the keys to their black magic. The headline says:...Black Evil Book of Magic found...see. I put this newspaper in the file because when they say it is evil black magic which was found, and it is a part of the Jewish Talmud then this is news.

    QUESTION:...what does that mean?

    ANSWER:...Jesus the Christ is the stumbling stone, the rock of offense. He has set in Zion His Kingdom and those not of His Kingdom will bang their heads on him, be offended by HIM but they will not be able to put him out. Because we are lively stones fitly framed together into a Holy Temple of which he is the rock of offense, is the chief cornerstone. Therefore Jesus Christ...YAHSHUA...the Rock of God, the identity of His Messianic ministry is the stone of stumbling, and the rock of offense. This is set right in the midst of His Kingdom (Zion) and all that stumble over this rock are ultimately ground down by it. This is again the mark of Israel who are living stones. The Jews stumble on this, they will go along with most anything but Jesus. The devil hates Jesus, and the one good thing is to be on the side of Jesus. If they stumble over it away with them. If they don't like this, out with them. It doesn't make any difference if you offend them, let them go. I would rather offend someone who doesn't like Jesus rather than to have them around. Someone said:..oh, you should try to con‑ vert them, no, if they hate everything which relates with Christ I am not going to waste anytime because YAHSHUA‑YAHWEH is not to be spit upon by the enemy. This is the stone of stumbling, this is the rock of offense, this is the thing that brings judgment.

    QUESTION:...What did you say about....we didn't have to die if we only knew?

    ANSWER:...That's right.

    QUESTION:...Is that what Job means when he says:...

    ANSWER:...Job perceived that when the mind was in balance with God that there was an answer for every problem. So in this instance Job anticipated he was going to die. Remember Job lived probably 5000 years before Christ. The book of Job is probably the oldest book we have in the Bible. But Job says this:...after the worms consume my body I know that I shall stand upon my feet upon the earth and with these eyes I shall behold my redeemer. So Job knew he was going to die but he also knew that someday he would stand upon the earth...be resurrected and would see Christ in the flesh, with these eyes in this body. Job knew this, and in the discourses there was this..that in this body any man can do anything if he has the mind of God. So if he had the knowledge of God he could live forever.

    QUESTION:...I have heard that if you believe in it that your right hand is your power?

    ANSWER:...Oh, this is polarization, a flow of energy from the left to the right, this is backing the circulation. But the right hand is the scepter hand of authority. In otherwords, we have a confusion which takes place in the Scriptures because of translation. After Babylon set up the doctrine of the multitude of gods, then when Babylon came into early Christianity they multiplied the trinity into Deity. They had Jesus the boy growing up here in the earth, and then elevated Him to deity, they sat Him down at the right hand of authority in the translation. But this Jesus is the fullness of God dwelling bodily, this is YAHSHUA‑YAHWEH...He said: He who hath seen me hath seen the father. I and the father are one...entity. Now therefore when He took on this physical body He has taken this portion of humanity and still being Eternal it was still His body, and we being His offspring, we are also the essence of His being. And He lifted it up into the heavens and seats it on the throne in the scepter hand of authority,...in the hands of the translated physical body. In otherwords when you look at the throne, ONE sits on the throne, and the authority is symbolized as the right hand. It is also considered the area of energy, unless a person is left handed they reach out with the right hand. And healing can flow from either hand, or without hands, just from here to there. I don't think it would pass thru the right hand necessarily, any more quickly than thru the left hand if a person was left handed, but it is the symbol of spiritual power.

    QUESTION:...is there such a thing as being pre‑ordained of God?

    ANSWER:...Every individual, every white man, from Adam on down was predestinated before the foundation of the world. Now; we use the word fore-ordained, this means that God has fore‑ordained certain things which an individual is to do in their life time, and they selected, or chosen for this task. And therefore they shall perform it and their fruit shall remain. Jesus said to His disciples...ye haven't chosen me...I have chosen you, and I have ordained that you shall bring forth much fruit and your fruit shall remain. And it is....here yet.

    Now: by this same token men are called to the ministry, but God knew this before the foundation of the world, knew this would be their task, and during their lifetime He may have fitted them with their developing patterns of knowledge, but there are a lot of people who are preachers but they were never ordained..pre‑ordained..this is just a mechanical process today. We can ordain preachers here pretty fast also but the fact is that when they get through all they have is a piece of paper. We don't want to confuse enthusiasm some for a 'calling'. However I say that all over the world that 60% of the Clergy who chose that route wanted to do good, but they weren't 'called' of God...or to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom.

    QUESTION:...You were talking about Israeli, and what is going on there. Could that be one of the signs of the Abomination of the Desolator?

    ANSWER:...No. What God is talking about is not just Jew money power, what is being done is they drill a well with gold...with money. But springs aren't coming up where there wasn't any before. Rivers aren't coming out of the Mountains because God has sent rain and opened up springs. It is being done by pumping water from a river. They are making this happen with their gold, but they aren't doing this all over Palestine.

    QUESTION:...I don't mean that Dr., I mean their presence there then is the abomination of the desolator.

    ANSWER:...This is what I have said 20 times in messages..the abomination of the desolator is the Jew in Palestine today.

    QUESTION:...Is this them standing in the Holy Place or do they have to build the Temple there?

    ANSWER:...Palestine is the land, and part of the land is still in Jordan. (the Jews took the rest of Jerusalem in 1967 after swift made this tape) And the Temple site is the last place they wish to capture. One of these days they are going to cease Jordan with their tanks and their guns, and about that time the earth will split. As we approach every September or October, this is an opportune time for the measures which I understand connected with this Palestinian explosion. So any fall we could see a sudden seizure and we have the measures for even this fall for heavy disturbances upon the earth.

    QUESTION:...(unable to hear the question)

    ANSWER:...No, I guess you misunderstood what I said. Before Christ returns, or at His return, He destroys that land...see? He splits it, gives it great earthquakes, levels it down, and puts part of it into the sea. All this transpires and then comes the rebuilding of Palestine which the Scripture talks about into a memorial for every for 'My' people, who could no longer live there because it is not big enough. It will be a memorial forever after the Throne of Christ is set up in the earth. He isn't going to take all the people of the United States..all Israel to Palestine like a lot of people think. You couldn't put all of Israel in Palestine today, it would be worse than New York, they would be stacked up higher and higher. If you were to take all the people of the U.S. Eastern Europe, the British Isles, all of Israel...1/6 of the worlds population to dwell in that little spot...I should say not. God has promised to set up a city 1500 miles square. In otherwords this is the center of wisdom, of technology, and power, so it has to be on this continent because there is no other place in Israel for it..see. We have it here, the land is marked for it. But Palestine will be kept forever, there is no doubt that it is our land, it does not belong to the Jews. If you gave a piece of it to each Israelite you might have a few inches or less, but its your park over there and eventually you can go visit it. You can go to Washington D.C., that is your Capital, that is your Lincoln and Washington Monuments, Memorials, but you couldn't get the people of the whole country in there...see?

    QUESTION:...Where could I look in the Book of Jeremiah for a description of the United States?

    ANSWER:...The only thing you would find are little exerts to refer to the United States. But In Isaiah 18., here is the description. This is the Pre‑prophecy of Manasseh, the country with the outstretched wings of the Eagle country. Then this is the nation powerful from their beginning, tall and clean shaven men, the nation divided by rivers, measured out underfoot.

    Now in Jeremiah it talks about the nation whose rulers and nobles are of themselves, and their thanksgiving custom rising out of them which pertains to these latter days. But Isaiah 18., was marked for this country.

    QUESTION:...I just finished reading the book 'Morranoa' and the author said the Jews would never have a land of their own, so why did they want Israel?

    ANSWER:... Well, the Jews cross themselves all up, the reason why they never have a land of their own is because they have always been usurpers. They are Luciferian children, they never have been just one kind of Jew. And a lot of people make a mistake analyzing them. I listened to some of the patriots who are trying to get around the Jewish problem without any theological knowledge. They come along and say:..well the Jews are not a race they are a religion, so they want to convert them. But the Jews are not a race as such...they are a species. They are the offspring of Lucifer and his fallen Angels, so there are red Jews, black Jews, yellow Jews, and off‑white Jews. I hate to call them, any of them, white but they do come in that type of caste. This is one of the marks which should prove that Israel is not in Palestine. But if there is any one mark of Israel its:..'Out of Isaac shall thy seed be called', if there is any one thing, this mark out of Abraham, it was Gods own desire to maintain their racial purity. If there is any one mark of 'Israel' it is that they are not a mixed people. You go down to Palestine today and there are Jews from Africa, from India, and from China, all kinds of colors of Jews. That very evidence says this is not the seed of Isaac, this is not Gods Israel. This is instead the metropolitan polyglot of Babylon.

    QUESTION:...In Jeremiah then why does it say the church among the pagans will be both a curse and a blessing...this is talking about us as the church?

    ANSWER:...This is not proper. In this instance where as we had to push the heathens to the ends of the earth, we had to drive back the heathen. Then the heathen under Luciferian control becomes the enemy of the kingdom and we have to destroy them. But when the Kingdom comes to its full, when we have smashed their Witchdoctors and burned up their pagan temples, and overthrown the Anti‑Christ, then people will come from all over the world to be taught of God. And we are today even a blessing to the earth as far as knowledge, assistance and health are concerned. Even today we fulfill this even in the animosity that the pagans have for us thru the powers of the Anti‑Christ. Yet who is doing as much for the ends of the earth as we do, who tries to do as much?

    In the days of the kingdom the powers of darkness shall be broken down and the pagans shall be taught by the children of the kingdom from one end of the earth to the other. (This day of the kingdom...the 1000?) Now there are whims of split emotions which show up in some of these passages. As a result of contemporary problems, of struggles of the enemy, yet still catching glimpses of what is ahead.

    QUESTION:...Would you like to answer a question about the Mormons and how they fit in with what they know?

    ANSWER:...In the first place the Mormon church goes back to the founding of it after the finding of the plates, and of course you have Joseph Smith, and Brigham Young, and all these men who participated in the forming of the Mormon Church. I am going to show no hostility to the Mormon Church, I disagree with some of the facets of its doctrine. But generally speaking today the Mormon church embraces the fact that the Anglo‑Saxon and kindred people are Israel. Now; they didn't discover this before what we call the Israel movement today. We have a mis‑nomer..and you used the word British Israel..this came from the fact that British people knew they were British Israel for thousands of years, clear back in the days when Jeremiah married Tea Tephi the daughter of Zedekiah to Herramon the King of Ireland. And they knew this all over Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, why do you suppose they have on the wall of Buckingham Palace the line all the way from Elizabeth to David? Why is that hanging there? The Mormons didn't tell them this, the Mormons discovered that they were Israel, they did have truth in their scroll, did have truth in the Book of Mormons. I don't agree with all the ways they have translated the Book of Mormons and I don't agree with all these things they have in some of their books such as 'The Pearl of Great Price' and others. Because they still have the idea that Christ grew up here and became God. And that as Jesus was...so are we. There is some truth here but also there is error. For Christ was God..Eternal forever, He was the same yesterday, today, and forever. He was always God. There was never a time when He became God. But Jesus in the embodiment in the earth demonstrated His deity, His God likeness with His ability to restrain and to suffer, in all these things and yet to be triumphant. But He didn't become God in earth, He was God who came to earth. He was God before He came, He said:...before Abraham I am..Jesus is the Christ yesterday, today, and forever. A Virgin shall conceive and bear a son, His name shall be called Immanuel, YAHSHUA...YAHWEH...EL, with us.

    The reason I point this out is that there are a few areas I disagree with ...but the Mormons know they are Israel, they do know they pre‑existed and that they are a selected people. They know they came to earth, that they are a part of the Kingdom. Some of their ideas about heaven and etc., we disagree with, but I am not here to point out these disagreements. They recognize Jesus Christ and acknowledge His Deity, they have no question of the fact that a miracle was involved in His birth. But the thing I would point out to you is the fact that they were not the first people to believe that they are Israel.

    Back in 1812 a book was written on some of these things and then Dr. Oscar Wilds produced a book. So older than Mormonism is a book in my library by an early congregational minister of the Colonies after we became a nation, and he wrote about this identity. In the days of Benjamin Franklin and George Washington then Ben Franklin had among his literature in his library many of the old symbols and emblems of the Pyramid and the Sphinx and its inner passageways before they ever opened it up in the end of the 1800's. Now it was while Queen Elizabeth was on the throne that they did extensive archaeology in Egypt, but in the days of Ben Franklin they knew that Israelitish identity pointed to Anglo‑Saxon and kindred people. George Washington understood this very well. The outstretched wings of the Eagle was not chosen by accident. The arrows of Joseph and the olive branches were not put in the talons of the Eagle without understanding, and in their Masonic order they didn't have all the fol‑de‑ral it has today, they were the truth lodges. They knew identity, it was taught by them, they knew the history of the Mystery Schools.

    I can tell you that a long time before the..some of the preachers started to preach identity..and some of the clergy were stuck with Orthodoxy, and didn't know this, they tried to say people were crazy who tried to preach identity. But there were also two brothers who started to preach this and they said they were crazy, but they were not. In the days of King Arthur who was King Applestain the knights of the Round Table knew they were Israel. The Round Table was measured according to this, they had one tribe of Israel for each segment of it. They knew the pattern of identity, and Merlin who was their advisor, acted sort of like a Prime Minister, or a wizard to the King, actually he was a High Priest and the Druid Household was keeping the symbols of the Ancient Priesthood at that time in the Druid Temples of Britain. And of course they knew that the transplanting of Tea Tephi...was the throne of Israel being transplanted. They were protectors of the Throne and so this goes back far before the Mormons, thus they can't claim to have discovered that the white people were Israel. But I will say that they always knew this, but they didn't know all. They knew that the white man was Israel, and that many of the Indian tribes were originally white. So while they taught they were Israel then they also taught that the Indians were a part of the ten tribes.

    Now; Indians...part of them were from the Sethite race, many of them were from Manasseh, and of course from the Scandinavians who came across years before Columbus. Manasseh came along before the Christ...came into the Caribbean and were found in the Toltex and the Maya, and played so much a part of the text of the Mormons. Alright this is true, a part of Manasseh came across early, and the other part came later as Colonists into these United States. So there is no doubt that there is a lot of inspiration and a lot of miracle mystery involved in Mormonism. Then there was every attempt upon the part of Satan to destroy this church as has happened to all others. So errors came in and mis‑interpretations came in then the Jews came in with their gold and silver to buy influence. The weakest things about the Mormon church today is that they let the Jews into their mercantile establishment, and Jews today run it. They have caught a vision of the latter days, and they store up food, but they haven't made any provision to protect it. So if there is a food shortage they won't have it long because they have made no provision to protect it. They should have realized that the forces of Anti‑Christ are around, and that if they store up food, then get ready to protect it. We have many Mormons who come and go in our congregations. We have been friendly with many of them. They wanted us to come preach at Provo, and to come preach in the Tabernacle. They wanted us to become a Mormon and they thought we were a prophet as this was what they were looking for. I said if this is what you are looking for then there is no need of my going there, why don't you come this way. Its just a question of you walking to the Mountain and so forth.

    QUESTION:...So they are Israel?

    ANSWER:...Oh, yes.

    QUESTION:...Well, they are taking in Negroes!

    ANSWER:...Well, there is just as many dumb Mormons as there is Methodists. Ha.

    QUESTION:...Will then the Mormons be saved in the end?

    ANSWER:...Oh, don't you worry about any white man not being saved, they are all going to make it.

    QUESTION:...But they have been infiltrated??

    ANSWER:...Well, so have we. The biggest infiltration I thought came right in the areas which should have known better. So you can get some real bad betrayals. I felt read bad, and then I remembered Jesus had Judas, so I figured if Jesus could put up with Judas I didn't have to worry about a few mistakes.

    QUESTION:...Is there anything in the Bible about the storing of food?

    ANSWER:...If Joseph was a type of the leadership for the day of famine, or trouble, or catastrophe, well, he saved food which spared Egypt. Now; another factor, is you are told that certain factors are coming on earth then there are certain things which you take cognition of. As far as the climax of this age we will see certain things hit, maybe the cutting off of transportation for a while. So a great super market would run out of food in two weeks if transportation was cut off. We are in sort of a situation where at any moment missiles or even paratroopers could come in, and they are going to be destroyed as they come again at the Mountain of Israel, but they will try. We already have them here from Africa, you don't have to worry about them landing they are already here. There is this...food that you can keep, there is nothing wrong with revolving this and having a supply on hand.

    QUESTION:...Dried foods will keep a long time.

    ANSWER:...You could keep wheat 1000 years...and you don't have to rotate it if it is sealed. We have taken wheat from the Pyramid and planted it and it grew. Farmers always canned their food, and you should turn it over with three years, and they did this. We now have great canneries who will can your fresh fruits and vegetables for you and they will last for five or six years. They have proved that some of this canned food lasted from W.W.II until today and was still in fine shape. You get a lot of malarkey in this as some say anything you cook is dead, and thus you take death into your body. That is not necessarily so, there are some enzymes that don't take heat, but we now know that the minerals and food value is still there even when the life agency isn't always in tact. That doesn't make any difference and the other factors are still there. You can dry beans and keep them for years and the enzyme is still in the beans. We now know that altho fresh fruits and vegetables are good, but they are also good when cooked. Jesus sure knew what He was doing...He broiled fish on the fire, He didn't eat it raw. When He ate of the Passover Lamb it was cooked. So use a little intelligence, and don't let anyone take you into these facets of it, as to whether or not food is good, cooked or uncooked. I have studied these facets and watched vegetarians die before people who were to fat. There are things in the Scripture as a guide as to what to eat and not to eat, this is knowledge given to us that we should conform to.

    A vegetarian wrote a pamphlet and said:...every time you ate cooked meat you were putting death in your body. But the moment you cut that vegetable it is also dead. So when the fellow got down to the last two chapters of the book he started talking about faith, that Jesus was a great teacher in what He was teaching us, but Jesus didn't really die, and He didn't resurrect but that He was just trying to show us to eat the things planted in the ground and then grew up which died out in the winter and were replanted in the spring. So he was trying to say that the story of Christs death, burial and resurrection was vegetarian. I know some people in this congregation who have that book in their library but they never read those two chapters that way. So don't fall for that stuff that puts Christ in the discard or makes Him any less than He was.

    QUESTION:...What is the pure river of God (Rev. 22:1)?

    ANSWER:...This is a spiritual symbol of power, it is the restored Glory of the Kingdom, it shows the great river of fresh water out from under the gates of New Jerusalem.

    QUESTION:...What happened to the Adamites from Abel to Seth?

    ANSWER:...none were counted in the lineage but sure they multiplied and they were absorbed, they die. Then the race started with Seth because the others did not count. The others were either absorbed or killed by the Cainanites.
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