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    by Dr. Wesley A. Swift---10-6-69

    I think that one of the things which we want to call to your attention is a rather strange and unique situation. When ‘Golden’ (Golda) Meir came to the United States, she brought a golden bible with her. And this golden bible she presented to a propaganda minister for Israeli. She gave it to Billy Graham. So Billy Graham received a golden Bible from ‘Golden’ Meir and in his speaking a few weeks ago he utilized this golden bible that he received. And last Saturday night he spoke and he said he just wanted any Christian to know that there is no reason to fear being exposed to Jewry. He wanted all the Christians to know that the one thing which was held against the Jews, by Christians, was that the Jews crucified Christ. And then he said that now he wanted all Christians to know that the Jews did not crucify Christ, that it was done entirely by the Romans. And thus Billy Graham whitewashed the Jews holding the golden Bible he got for being their press agent. And He also said that he does not know why Christian are so opposed to the National council of Churches, which we know denies the virgin birth of Christ and the blood atonement.
    We well recognize that to get the response that he must get out of Conservative Americans, and to get the backing of conservative Americans that he must never turn back on the basis fundamentals, of the virgin birth and the blood atonement, he tries to explain away, But how can he turn his back on the death of our LORD? For when he says that the Roman did it all then he forgets that it was a group of Jewish soldiers who invaded the garden. That it was working for the Jews that Judas of Iscariot performed as he did, by betraying the Christ with a kiss. It was an armed group of Jewish soldiers who took Christ and put the cuffs on him and took him before to the high Priest. And it was a bunch of Jews who said, ‘We must kill this man, for if we don't he will take away all of the children of God from under our control and we will lose control of this nation.’ It was the Jews who called for his death, it was the jews who called for false witnesses. And it was the Jews who said lets take him to Rome and let them manage the execution, for now that a holy day is in progress we can't execute him now, so get the Romans to do it for us.

    So they took him to Pontius Pilate. And you must remember that Pontius Pilate defended Christ. For Pilate said, this man is not guilty, and I find no fault with him. He did his best to save the Christ until Christ told him out of HIS background and his wisdom---"Do as it is written." And as Pilate said, How is it written? HE replied, ‘that I shall be crucified.’ And Pilate is amazed and he said, but I am the governor here, I do not have to do this. Then he turned to the jews and said:---'I find no fault with this man.' And the Jews cried;--then you are no friend of Caesars, you kill this man and let his blood be upon us and upon our children. You sentence him to Death for we want him crucified. So this was a Roman crucifixion in the pattern of deed, but not by guilt, or design. Rome would have freed him thru their governor, if Christ had not told Pilate to do exactly as IT IS WRITTEN. Thus the total guilt for the arrest of the Christ, for the insults placed upon HIM, and for the conspiracy to put him to death belongs on Jewry once and for all times. And any minister that tries to take the guilt off of the Jews and place it on the Romans completely is a very derelict minister indeed.
    I want you to know that the blinding of Christians to the guilt of Jewry, to the activity of Jewry is one of the greatest mistakes of all times.
    As Jesus himself tried to clear this up as he said 'Ye are of your father the devil. And the lusts of their father they will do', and Christian ministers come along and try to cover up the pattern of what HE said they are by saying that they are the 'chosen people' how they do go wrong.
    My friends, I want you to know that HE has chosen then all right for when HE is thru with the Jews in Palestine there won't be many of them there. And when HE is finishing taking out the 'tares' there will be less Jews than you can imagine. Strange as it may seem this is one of the strange situations we see transpiring today.
    Now we turn into the scriptures and we find that there is some remarkable statements there. One is the statement Witches and Wizards. In Leviticus it tells you not to suffer not a witch or a wizard to live. And in those days they were under the Levitical law and they could handle those sort of things. Today we have come into a time, when people say, there is no such thing as a witch or a wizard, this was just a stupid bit of pagan philosophy, and today this is an area of persecution and if anyone be called a witch or a wizard then that is a most serious thing. It would be called persecution if one was called that today. But actually there are witches and wizards even today, believe it or not.

    I do not care if you believe it or not, but I believe that there are witches and wizards today and they are still carrying out the same kind of work that they did in the days when the book of Leviticus was written. I also want to point out to you that the ancient wizards and witches of ancient Egypt were under the control of the dark priests of Set and Soth. For these were the priests of Witchcraft. Not only were Set and Soth the symbol of Sette or Satan, and Soth was like Lukii Satan's overlord and these were the most powerful pagan gods in ancient Egypt. And the service of Set and Soth was to raise up to the priesthood the children of Set and Soth, and in Egypt this would be the boys, and then they would train them in the absolute knowledge of Set and Soth, in all of the areas of wisdom and knowledge of incantations and so forth, until they served the witches and the wizards of Set and Soth.
    By the same token they had great designs against the household of YAHWEH (God). They recognized that those of the house of Moses which at that time was down in the land of Goshen, and they recognized that these people served YAHWEH. They remembered the time when Enoch and job had entered their land, a strain of the white race. And they watched the building of the city of On, and the great temples that measured the rise of the equinox, and which carried the signs of the zodiac and the Gospel of the Stars, in those azure fields of the skies.
    Now they also recognized that these were the people that had built the Sphinx and put up other great pillars of wisdom, and had placed these things in their land. They even recognized the fact that one of their Pharaoh's had been taken away into this out of their pagan philosophy. They realized that he had returned to the concept of Horus and to the concept of the white race. And thus they fought this belief and they fought until 'they could capture a young Pharaoh. And then they were able to capture him with witchcraft and they raised up a Pharaoh who was again subject to Set and Soth. And thus a Pharaoh came into power that knew not the God of the white race, and there descended this darkness over all of the Pharaohs of Egypt.
    Now then, you read in the scripture that there came a Pharaoh that knew not Joseph. This is true but he also knew somewhat of the philosophy of Joseph, but also that the temples of Set and Soth had strange designs. What was this strange design?----They had taken many of the young boys out of Goshen and took them into the temples of Set and Soth, and they decided to make them servants of the priests of those temples. They gave these Israel boys the same schooling as they had the Egyptian boys who had gone over to the powers of darkness. They would wait until the boys were going to sleep and they would give them a small potion to help them sleep. And after about an hour when the lad was in deep sleep the wizard would come in and bend over the lad and he would say over and over, ‘Sette is God, Sette is God. YAHWEH IS no God, YAHWEH HAS NO POWER--Sette is God.’
    They would repeat this hour after hour thus the doctrine of Set and Soth would be spoken into the ear of this sleeping lad. And this would be done for five hours every night, thus error was spoken into the ear of each boy, every night.

    Then the Wizard would return and the boy would wake up. And as he woke up there would be this parody that had been inserted in his brain. And the concept was that Sette was God, and that YAHWEH was not God. And the Israelite boy would wonder at the strange sound, and to all of this speaking unto his consciousness. And after six months then the lad would emerge thoroughly indoctrinated in the wisdom of Set and Soth. He would then be like the Egyptian lads for this strange witchcraft had taken over. And it is true that Set and Soth had captured a vast number of Israel boys, and put then into service in the pagan temples of Egypt.
    Strangely enough witchcraft did not cease with ancient Egypt, and it will not cease today for some time. In fact the strategy of Jewry those whom the Christ said are of their father the devil, they are also strangely united with the strategy of utter evil. Apparently they 'work on, and pay attention to all the patterns of evil. The teaching of Madam Bladvosky in all of her secret doctrines of evil, is where you find them today. And they move into all of the processes of Yogyism and thus follow the patterns of Set and Soth. And now they have come out again and decided that they must use again the policies of witchcraft.

    Now we can well see that witchcraft is used on our society by repetition. Witchcraft is used over the radio by constantly advertising the things that are not true. Or over the T.V. the constant repetition of one message after another constantly repeated until it leave an indelible impression on the mind of individuals. Whether it be 'Winstons taste good like a cigarette should', or because highballs are made with a certain kind of whisky. Repetitions are so constant that you cannot even catch the gimmicks of the tunes that they play. This sticks in your mind from time to time and this my friends, when you are awake.
    They became aware of this inside of the motion picture theater until this was stopped by the federal government. They would flash pictures on the screen and they found that the human eye catches reflections much faster than the mind records faster than the consciousness that has seen the image. Therefore they would place upon the screen an image of Coca Cola, or this or that. And they would even put it into the minds of the people that they were hungry and that there were peanuts and sandwiches and such that people could get in the lobby. They would flash this thing before the mind was aware that it had received the impulse, and there would be just a little flicker and then it was gone, but the people would start to get up and go out and get the peanuts, and popcorn or the coca cola. And this was one of the areas that the federal government cracked down on. This thus was a process that organized Jewry utilized inside of the motion picture industry until the federal government put a stop to.
    Well along with all of this policy, of repetition that they think will wear down the human mind, they then got into some strange ideas. And not only has the federal government gotten into some areas where they have no business of being. For when they entered into the areas of education of course this was a violation of law. For there is nothing in the Constitution that give any authority in the areas of education to the Federal Government which then started to subsidize all areas of propaganda that organized Jewry was placing before it. One of the areas of this maniac propaganda is this idea of sexology which comes out of Washington into many of our schools and colleges. And now into the grammar school so as to impress on the minds of many in our grammar schools this area of error. More than this we discover in the areas of statecraft, whole areas of error. The mind today is filled with this constant area of Socialism and politics, and all areas that should have nothing to do with Washington, D.C.
    Well, this year we see that they came out with another satanic design of witchcraft. And now they are saying that it is much easier for a bright mind, of a college student to learn while he is asleep, than to study in the book until he get this thing under control in his mind. So they have whole courses now when you go to college whether you are taking up State craft or political science, or whether studying the area of economy. And this is all prepared for you by Jewish companies. And these companies have a small tape recorded which lays under your pillow, and it is set to go off an hour after you go to sleep. So the machine is sold to the student, and the tapes are sold to the student. And an hour' after the person is asleep, the tape comes on and it plays for 1 1/2 hours. And they cite that if this tape is played six or seven times, then the student cannot get out of his mind the knowledge that has been put on that tape. This is the Witchcraft incantation of the witches and wizards of Set and Soth, of ancient Egypt. The same thing is repeated. Strangely enough this is a pattern of utter evil. But the results of this has been that students have bought a lot of these tapes and they have played them.
    In the area of Political Science it talks about the ultimate goal of the United Nations. How all nations must become a part of the U.N. That individual nationalism is selfish, it will accomplish nothing. There must be One World, One race, mongrelization, are constantly taught on the tapes, and the student does not know what he is listening to, thus he has no area of reason. The scripture then comes out in the book of Proverbs, and it tells you to be of sound mind, and not loan thy mind to another, is one of the things that is cited in the cook of proverbs. Thus means that you are to hold control of your mind and you are not to release it. This will protect you from the incantations of the world.
    Now they can take a student who has been raised up to understand that the United Nations is a pattern of evil, and inside of six times of this implanting thru repetition because they have heard it over and over, until you cannot get it out of the mind of that young person. It would probably take a weeks time to counteract the presence of the present day wizard.
    Now they have not only done this in the area of the United Nations, but they have also done this in the area of sexology, and social science. They have now come along and totally destroyed all of he patterns of biblical law. First they come out to deny all biblical law, first releasing a person from all inhibitions, by citing that all religions are superstitious and all religions are wrong--but nothing is wrong with sex, nothing is wrong with sex. And this is the way they start to suggest to that sleeping youth the patterns that are degenerate and depraved. This today is what government is doing in the educational fields. And this the Jews are doing with money that they have acquired from the white race, to put over this concept of total evil. That the mind of a white person would be totally against.
    Now not only is this wrong, not only is it evil, but in the areas of economy, and in the areas of political and economic science they are teaching whole areas of wrong philosophies of economy. More than this when talking about the experts patterns of tomorrows society we are to be ruled by a lot of information that has been recorded on automatic machines, and carried forward with the answers until no longer will the individual have to trust the human mind. All you will have to do is to take the knowledge of the race off of the accuracy of the computer. You have no accuracy in the computer beyond the infallibility of the person putting in the information. But therefore still repetition is still the design. So today by repetition they are teaching our College students to turn to Socialism, and an eventual welfare state and eventually the state owning everything, and everybody grabbing for a hand out under this system. This is just the system.
    I have noticed that always the advertisement talks about this sleep record, and how you can become a master of Social science. How you may become a master of that type of economics. How they can adjust this to your textbook and adjust this to your class. These records will cost you about a hundred dollars, but they will give you a perfect record a perfect score, recording forever in your mind this area of wisdom and knowledge. To all bright students they say, all you have to do is go to sleep and learn while you sleep. And you will never forget it. Thus, my friends, the witches and the wizards take over. They lull you to sleep and then sell you witchcraft of uncontrollable evil, which the mind would never permit while awake.
    This, my friends, today is modern witchcraft and if we had the wisdom to rise up as a nation, we would remove the witches and the Wizards even as they did in the scriptures. For I can assure you that these that want to capture you with this evil are no good to your society, and no good to your country. And out of the way with them, out of your nation would be the least that could be brought upon their heads. God had a direct answer in HIS day. For he said, take them out and stone them. Of course if we quoted the scripture, it would not be considered healthy in our society at this time. But this is just a part of modern witches and wizards in your days.
    I want to point out that there has been some unusual things in the past few weeks to show the patterns of evil. Negroes are being stirred more than ever, whether it is Abernathy, or Robert Williams the communist. And the state department was looking for him, then suddenly they let him back into the United States to carry on his revolution. Not an arm is to be lifted against this man who works closely with Stokley Carmichel, as they continue their crimes. And police officers in Los Angeles are constantly shot at. These are the strategies of troubles for tomorrow. Abernathy calls on Negroes to start their program on Black Monday. They are calling for every black school teacher and every black student to stay away from school tomorrow. For every black principal to stay away from school tomorrow across the eastern and southern parts of the United States. And they are saying that they will have to come our way or we will rise up and burn the schools, and we are going to fight and we are going to march.
    Then Robert Williams comes out and he says,--You Negroes are not citizens of the United States, you are citizens of the New Africa. Arise and fight for the New Africa. America will retreat and give us a new Africa, to put off bloodshed, and fire. So get ready and rise up, for the white man is not ready but we are going to be ready. Remember that you are not citizens, you are soldiers of the New Africa.
    The State Department had a price on his head but now they permit him to come back to America and spread this kind of propaganda all over the U.S.. 17 cities last week had troubles with these militants.

    At the same time we want to point out that there are areas of judgment. And that organized Jewry has had its part. And Larry Smith told you as he spoke how organized Jewry brought the Negroes to America and sold them slaves. And the book ‘Marranos’ that we told you about, and that some of the Negroes have been in America all their lives and they begin to understand a bit as to how they have been used, and they are calling for the Negroes to rise up against the Jews. Of course the Jews wanted the Negroes to fight for them, to burn America and be in the midst of this upheaval, but they did not want them to come against them. This is why they are unhappy over Watts for most of those stores burned were owned by Jews. But the B’nai B’rith said don't make any trouble over this for we will help you to go back into business. After all, this is all for your good.
    Then a strange thing happened in Washington, D.C. for the Jew stores there were burned down, and looted. But then the congress of the U.S. moved to set up every business that got burned out---how about that. All of the Jew stores are going back in business. Then the same situation swooped down on New York city. And the jews cried out for they not only robbed and looted and burned down their stores, but they seized their women and girls and raped them. They did not care if they touched a white store, or a white girl but they were not suppose to touch their businesses! And their women. So the Jews in New York cry out and they now have their own police force and they are armed and are protecting their city from Negro violence. Then 10,000 Jews left America last month saying they could no longer remain in America because of the Negro uprising, and they went to Israeli. Among them were 820 school teachers from New York. Thus in New York City things are getting out of hand, and not only has this happened on up in the New England states as well. And we see the Puerto Ricans are now in this and they looted one whole town and raped women on the streets. And in Boston the Porta Ricans and the Negroes working together destroyed a vast amount of property. And the white man is slowly waking up in the New England states.
    So it is that Jewry has sicked the Negroes on to America and is using them as the shock troops of their Communist revolution. And now the Jew is caught in the middle for the Negro did not know the difference between one white man and another. And when the Jew cried out the Negro struck them also, and then they paid rather close attention. And they found that the clothing store was owned by the Jew, and the liquor store was owned by the Jew, and the furniture store was owned by the Jew. And they found that the Jew stores were charging them 250% more, for the same object purchased any where else in town.
    So--we just stand back and laugh at the judgment that falls on them with its catastrophe and trouble, inside of your society. These are some of the strange and unique conditions that we see at this time.
    I wonder how many of you remember Robert W. Kenny here in California? As we became active, we were fighting him because Robert W. Kenny was a communists. And not only was he a communist but he organized. The movement called ---Mobilization for Democracy. --And His wife was of the Bahi organization. And soon he was of the Bahi organization and their pagan gods and pagan philosophy. The man was not a Christian, and he had a shriveled up arm, but he moved around the country as a powerful figure. He managed to get elected into politics and he became the Attorney General here in California. And as we were denouncing the socialist and the Communists then we discovered that the attorney general was on the side of the Communists.
    In fact it was in those early days when Gerald K. Smith and I held meetings in Los Angeles. We had meetings in auditoriums in Hollywood, if you will remember. And at that time Robert Kenny put together his mobilization for Democracy, and had around the high school auditorium here in the city of Los Angeles a constant flow of Communist agitators. It was 13 or 14 thousand who came out that night and went around that high school. And if it had not been for the police who had come out to see that they could hold that meeting, then Bob Schuller would have been stomped on and killed by that group. And I want you to know that in that group was Edward G. Robinson who was a Commie Jew, together with a whole lot of other Commie Jews who were marching around. And I want you to know that the Police told Mr. Smith and I later that they photographed that mob and that this was one of the ways they could photograph the Hollywood Communists, and pick them out. That this organization for Democracy was without question was the hard core center for communism there in California. And they were mystified that Attorney General Kenny was the leader of this operation.
    Now the strange thing was that we used to have a man named David who was a Gospel of the Kingdom man and he used to hold out over here in the auditorium. He was a Canadian and he had no right to butt in to things here in America, and he fell over backward for the Negroes and the Jews, and he had Robert W. Kenny come and speak in the auditorium speak for Democracy. So he was totally taken in. Well then Attorney General Kenny hired Mafia people and put them in charge of various areas of the Attorney generals office. And one of his men came into our office and tried to harass us back in that time, because we were opposed to him. Why?--- We spoke one night down in the auditorium, and we not only talked about the communist affiliation of this man but we spoke of the Communist Bahai organization. But when we left that meeting we came up to that little church where you go over then hump and back to Lancaster, and there a group of men jumped out of a car, and they had machine guns in their hands, and they showered the back of our car, on the bumper with machine gun bullets. Well we took off and we knew the way back to Lancaster, the curves and the fog, and we outrun them And when they got into Lancaster the strange thing was that their car was shot up also. Anyhow that happened to be the way the Attorney General operated. Well we called the police and told them that we had been fired on as we can over the crest, and the police told us to go home that they would keep an eye on the others. And the next day the car of those goons was in the garage getting their windshield fixed because it had been punctured with bullets. Well strange as it may seem this was Robert W. Kenny who was a communists, and he as openly a Communist and had become the Attorney General of California. He admitted his tie in with left wing organizations, and being tied in with Jewry, and the one time that we had supported a man who turned out not to be good. And the election was won by Mr. Warren who became governor of California.
    And then Mr. Kenny was defeated for governor, and never reelected for attorney general. But he spent his last three months in office harassing Christian Americans because they had defeated him in the state of California. He spent most of his time fighting the KKK which he could never find. And this caused most of the Democrats to vote against him, for they were pretty well informed.
    Now when Governor Brown was defeated for office he spent the last three months appointing men to every important job he could appoint them to in the state of California and he appointed Robert W. Kenny to the Supreme Court bench of the state. So now we have a judge who is a left winger, a Bahai' member and a man who used to be Attorney General on the bench in California. The strategy of Socialism and Communism is to reach high. And the strategy of socialism and Communism was to spread all kinds of problems. And they have set this year for the day of problems. They set this for education and called on members of the communist party whom they had teaching school all thru out the state of California, for them to suddenly come out and announce that they were Communists.
    First one here and then two there and three here. For they knew that we had finally gotten thru a man who was a great statesman and gentleman, one of the finest men whoever served in the legislature of California. And thus we were able to get a bill thru the legislature that said that no Communist could be retained in the school system of California. And the regents were duty bound to fire any Communist found in this program. Then came Governor Warren, who said,--I could not sleep at night if I denied any teacher the academic freedom of being a Communist. Thus we were very surprise at the conduct of Governor WArren, and we turned against him from this time on. However we spoke to the State legislature and we worked with them and we managed to get thru a bill that outlawed all civil service pay workers, or anyone in any branch of government who was a Communist, now could not work for the State of California. So this happened and then in 1 1/2 years the Supreme Court of California came out and maintained that you could not fire anyone because of their political background. So the law was already passed and it was working so they brought out Angela Davis. Remember here and she was teaching the doctrine of the Communist party. So she said; I believe this and I am going to teach this to my students.
    Well, the Regents fired her. So in San Diego one comes out to support her and he is fired, and then in San Francisco two come out and admit they are communist. But they say that they are Jews and citizens and you cannot fire them. Well then I do not know how to explain how this happened but the facts now are that as Angela Davis is to be tried for being a Communist and must leave her position as teacher in the College, then the strange thing is that her case is to be tried by of all people Robert W. Kenny the Communists who used to be the Attorney General of the State. The communists is going to sit in judgment of the Communist teacher, where is your justice in the state of California. This is what happened as once Governor Brown appointed him to the high bench. Californians should work to impeach this man and make it so unpopular that no Communists will ever try for that position again.
    Someone said, Dr. Swift, where is this the responsibility of the church? Prophetically it is significant. And we see the prophecy of perilous times sweeping upon our society, and it is proper that we warn and call the attention of the people unto this. And on the other hand there is only one force in this day and age that can be depended on to fight against evil and that is the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST. If this church of Jesus the Christ will not take a stand to stand for YAHWEH (God), to stand against evil then where do you expect the people to rise up from to come against the hoards of evil who are trying to destroy America. It is not only the churches responsibility to stand for God, but as Onward Christian Soldiers to lead the fight against the enemy. As the people wake up I think you will see this consequence as they realize the work of the enemy to destroy this our great free society.

    End of message.
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