• Introduction by Clifton A. Emahiser

    My name is Clifton A. Emahiser, 1012 North Vine Street, Fostoria, Ohio, 44830, phone (419)435-2836. About seventeen years ago, I purchased Comparet’s fourteen audiotape series, hoping to become more informed on the subject of the Revelation. To my disappointment, the audio quality was so poor it was very difficult to make out all of what he was saying. I first tried to improve the quality of the tapes by running them through equalizers. I even played with adjusting the audio tracking in order to get a better signal. But I soon found that this endeavor was hopeless. I then decided to type out the entire series on paper, hoping to read the content back on tape. In the process, it was necessary to use an equalizer, and listen to his message through earphones.
    This I did over a period of several months in my spare time at my place of business. In the process, there were several words that I could not quite determine, and left a blank space to be filled in later. Many of these words were names of cities, wars and various people in history, along with Greek and Hebrew words. At that time, I did not have the library I have today and it would have been quite difficult to find all these words. Needless to say, I set the project aside, but saved the lengthy manuscripts I had typed.
    Then about 1998, a man sent me a set of these same tapes by Comparet which had a somewhat better sound quality, but was still difficult to hear. I soon found, though, this man didn’t have the entire set and substituted one of Comparet’s other tapes in its place. By having these two sets of tapes, I was able to select the best tapes of each set. By reworking the audio, I was able to put together a reasonably fair set and advertised them in my Teaching Aids Supplement.
    One thing that I didn’t realize was that many people have audio cassette players which have poor sound quality, and no equalizer to adjust for it. About September, 2004, a lady called me complaining she couldn’t hear what was on the tapes. I knew the tapes were not the best, but not as bad as she was saying. I then realized that she had a very poor quality tape player which made a barely adequate audiotape even worse. Upon that call, I decided to get out the old manuscripts that I had typed years before and put them into my scanner on my computer to see what would develop. I soon found myself scanning all these into documents which then showed many of my typos and misspellings. To add to this, these scanners are not perfect and caused typos I had never made when originally typing the documents.
    But then I started to run into all those missing words I was never able to account for. Every time I finished scanning a lesson into a document, I would start searching through all my many history and reference books to find them. This slowed down the scanning process considerably. Sometimes I spent an entire day to find just one word. After about three months, I was able to find all the missing words except two of little consequence, so I spelled them like they sounded, the best I could, and apologized. As it turned out, I now see that it would have been impossible to have done this years ago without the library I now have. And, as usual, in the search for these missing words, it added to my knowledge on the subject.
    After all this, I would play each entire tape while reading my document on the computer, and there were several places where I had missed a word or phrase. Upon completing this, I went back over the documents, making as many corrections as I could before sending them to my proofreaders. Because Comparet was somewhat redundant in his speech, it was then necessary to restructure some of his sentences. And as everyone knows, who has ever transcribed speech into documents, one must use, at times, unorthodox punctuation, especially when the speaker changes his thought in the middle of a sentence. But all-in-all, you now have the context of Comparet’s Book of Revelation fourteen audiotape series of lessons before you in as close as possible a word-for-word transcript.
    Now while Comparet did quite well in his prophetic interpretation overall, he was not perfect. Therefore, it was necessary to add critical notes at the end of each lesson. In a few places, I placed some of my own critical notes in the body of Comparet’s text in brackets. By-and-large, the greater part of the critical notes are by William Finck, who I consider to be advanced on the subject of Israel Identity beyond that of both Bertrand L. Comparet and Wesley A. Swift, though Finck (by his own admission) owes his basic enlightenment to Comparet and Swift, as do I.
    Where Comparet stands out is his superior method of interpretation on prophecy. As many of you may be aware, there are three basic methods, of which only the historical method of interpretation is the correct one. Comparet uses the historical method of interpretation! The other bogus systems are the Futurist and Praeterist methods. Years ago, when I first had the opportunity to listen to Comparet on Revelation in this series, it soon became apparent to me that my own views on Futurism were completely in error. I needn’t tell you, my interest in the subject became quite heightened. I found myself in a position where I had to erase from my mind everything I thought I knew on the subject of prophecy and start all over from the beginning. The correct method of interpreting prophecy is on the day-equaling-a-year basis. The second mistake I made was thinking that Comparet was totally correct in his interpretations. It has taken me those 17 years to discover (though he did well) he was not.
    Almost all the mainstream today speak of a coming great “three and a half years of tribulation” after a so-called “rapture.” The “tribulation” which the Bible speaks of is 1260 years of tribulation. Whether it is stated as: “time, times and a half of time”, “forty-two months” or “1260 days”, the prophecy has a duration of 1260 years. Some falsely interpret a so-called “seven years of tribulation.” This they attempt to saw off of Daniel’s seventy weeks prophecy, which works out to 490 years, all of which have already happened. Both the doctrines of Futurism and Praeterism were fabricated by two “Jewish” Jesuit Catholic priests! Need I say more?
    Once one has studied all of Comparet’s fourteen lessons on the Book of Revelation, along with all the critical notes, one will then be in a position to reach out on their own to explore all Scriptural prophecy. But it will require an investment in several history volumes. Usually the best place to shop for them is at a used book store.
    My prayer is that you’ll find this series a blessing in your prophetic studies!
    Clifton A. Emahiser
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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