• To all CPM supporters (December 26th, 2007)

    Brothers and Sisters,

    It’s been over a year since our last ‘official’ update so we’d like to let you know how things have progressed for the year 2007 and provide a handy overview of recent works:

    Pastor Visser began the year by publishing “Anointed Cherub That Covereth” on February 28th, 2007 generating much debate at the CI subsection at Stromfront Forums. Even though this sermon garnered ample support from Duel-Seedliners it unfortunately also created unneeded discord with those who adhere to mistaken “no-devil doctrines.”


    Following the success of the previous sermon, Pastor Visser published “Judaism Has No Devil” on April 8th, 2007 using a variety of jewish sources to prove that modern atheistic jews worship no other “god” outside of themselves. This strangely resulted in a prompt banning from the entire Stormfront site by the CI moderator and a move to VNN Forums.


    Still, both “Anointed Cherub That Covereth” and “Judaism Has No Devil” have proven to be among the most popular sermons on the CPM website. They both send tremendous amounts of traffic from the Google and Yahoo search engines by people looking for and desiring the deeper truths about fallen angels, jewish “no-devil” atheism and cherubim.

    Remember: mp3s of these sermons (and others) are available in our audio section @


    The remainder of the year has been dedicated to “The Morning Stars Series” with seven comprehensive parts having been produced with the final segment geared towards a year’s-end release. This entire series will be published in paperback form due to the tremendous feedback that it’s generated so far. This significant set is not to be missed!


    In Spring, Pastor Visser surprisingly received a dedication in the newest book by Rev. Burgess Shale entitled “God’s Green Gift.” Apparently, his 2005 pro-herbal sermons led Shale to write an entire book covering cannabis as found in the scripture. While Pastor Visser’s stance has always been about less government control of plants and not necessarily ‘recreational use’ he was nonetheless honored to discover his stance had inspired another Christian to write more in-depth on a subject that he would not.

    Pastor Visser is also proud to have worked alongside Michael S. Burks on his excellent show the ANSWP Spiritual Hour. This 64 minute broadcast is straightforwardly titled “Praying for the Death of God’s Enemies” and can be downloaded at CPM or @


    As a reminder, there’s also another program about the pagan origins of Christmas that should be released within the next few days. Swing by CPM Forums or the above link for notification about its release. We also suggest that you tune into other inspired ANSWP Spiritual Hour broadcasts for deeper Christian perspectives and other Biblical truths.

    It’s our earnest prayer that 2008 will be even more prosperous than this one. Those who use our materials can make this a possibility. Please inform us if you desire to receive our monthly updates in a slick HTML design as opposed to this plain text format or if you simply wish to be removed from our mailing list altogether. We’d love to hear from you.

    That being said, our forums are still active and we invite you to revisit if you haven’t as of late. Share your concerns, voice your feedback or simply revisit old Christian friends.

    Under the eternal Blood of Christ Jesus,

    Pastor Visser and the Covenant People's Church
    (Wednesday, December 26th, 2007 a.d.)

    Covenant People's Ministry
    P.O. Box 256
    Brooks, GA 30205
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