• Pastor Visser - Busted! '84

    We here at The Resistance have unearthed absolutely genuine documents proving Pastor Visser is a criminal!

    We present this evidence and invite you to judge for yourself;

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    1. Billy Wood's Avatar
      Billy Wood -
      Quote Originally Posted by The Resistance View Post
      I laughed so hard I scared all the cats...THATS TOO FUNNY>>>
    1. admin's Avatar
      admin -
      Saying that girls have "cooties!" How DARE you, Visser!
    1. JamesTheJust's Avatar
      JamesTheJust -
      This is too cool Pastor Visser. The stories of boyhood we could share. Maybe in the Kingdom or maybe it won't matter.
    1. Obadiah 1:18's Avatar
      Obadiah 1:18 -
      "Either Jeremy must be put on medication..."

      If they can't dumb down the kids with the lessons themselves, they'll get big pharma to lend a helping hand.

      How appropriate that all of this happened in 1984.
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