• Is William Finck Jewish? By his own words, yes, he is Jewish.

    White Kinsmen,

    Mr. William Finck of christogenea.org may have some explaining to do. Apparently he has multiple converso catholic ancestors of the Heeb persuasion:

    Finck's genealogy reveals a few apparent crypto jewish ancestors:

    Doris VASILE (wassel) (His mother's maternal Grandfather married Doris STEVENS) Madelena MEMBUNO (Wife of mother's Grandfather) LaBerta BATTACOTTA (Potok, Batak) (His mother's Father's surname) Elizabeth LAUER (his father's maternal grandmother)

    Based on his genealogy and appearance William Finck may be directly related to Mark Potoc (Patak) of the SPLC/ADL henchmen brigade. His mother's surname is "Battacotta." This was not the original spelling of her name. It was also spelled differently in earlier family documents. "Battacotta" is a re-spelling of "Batakaite," which is the Lithuanian feminine for "Batok" or "Patok" which is a Hebrew surname that means destroyer or ruin. It is an exclusively Jewish name in the slavic areas of Lithuania, Old Prussia, Poland.

    "Battacotta" was the Americanized mis-spelling of "Badekaite", which is "Badek" + "kaite", the feminine suffix. "Vasile" obviously is from "Wassel", a very common Jewish name. Membuno is some kind of Sicilian converso-catholic line, and Lauer is German Jews.

    Also his mother's first name of "Laberta" is a change of her original name which was Labuta (umlaut u, found in census documents) or Lipeta and means "little lioness" in Yiddish and Hebrew. Labuta is the feminine form of Levi or Lebi. This is William Finck's mother. Her real name without the Lithuanian gender suffix is Labuta Batak or Lipeta Patak. Both her first and last names are common Jewish names.

    He should join the mischling Rodney Martin on the Injun reservation. That is of course, unless he can prove these common Jewish family lines are somehow Aryan.

    William Finck has publicly said that his "opponent" Joe November, AKA Eli James, is clearly Jewish based on the surname, "November."

    Yet William Finck has at least three Jewish surnames in his immediate ancestry! By his own logic he has convicted himself of Jewishness. Based on what judgment William Raymond Finck renders to others, judgement is rendered that William Finck also is a Jew, and a serpent-seed deceiver.

    Followers of Christian Identity who fail to act on this information expose themselves as Mr. Finck's fellow brood of vipers. Failure to expose the devil is collaboration with him. If Eli James is a Jew based on his name of NOVEMBER, then Bill Finck is a Jew based on the three strikes rule of three Jewish surnames in his family line.

    By failing to publicly hold Mr. Finck to this standard, all who know these presents are enemies of the white race.

    The question remains--why is a man of obvious Jewish ancestry preaching for the extermination of Jews?
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    1. Pastor Visser's Avatar
      Pastor Visser -
      Here's the only link one needs to see who the slanderer and Pharisee is:


      It's impossible to engage in such behavior and know Christ, that's a fact.
    1. PHILnBOAZ's Avatar
      PHILnBOAZ -
      I was a former member till I disagreed with Rabbi Finckelstein. He has changed my avatar there from PHILnBOAZ to PHILonBOOZE. I expected that from his cronies. Now he label me a jew/mamzer as he does w/ all his critics.
    1. K-2's Avatar
      K-2 -
      You'll like it here, Phil - unlike Finck's OSL slander palace where he praises his own Jr. High School dropout "scholarship" all day we don't allow sockpuppets here. Welcome.

      Finck and Lindstedt: Changing CI into "Satan is Aryan Flesh"
    1. PHILnBOAZ's Avatar
      PHILnBOAZ -
      I have found a home here
    1. Son of Yah's Avatar
      Son of Yah -
      I looked at Fink's forum and I have to disagree on his doctrines in many places. I think his forum is just his fan club singing all finck's praises.
    1. Son of Yah's Avatar
      Son of Yah -
      Wow, He sure is full of himself. The thing tht makes him dangerous is that, in my words and I don;t mean it as a compliment, he is a genius ! But I notice he also plagarises alot of his work. The word studies and eptymology( is thi the correct term?) of races have already been published many years ago
    1. seedliner's Avatar
      seedliner -
      True - Finck's forum and "fan club" are all mostly himself using sockpuppets, however. Pathetic, itz!
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