• A Christmas Message

    A Christmas Message
    by Rev. W. P. Gale

    This being the December issue of Identity, it seems appropriate that we offer a message of inspiration to the believers in the One true God and to know more about Him who is our Father. Many Christians are lost sheep because they do not know who they are nor where they come from. One who does not know where he came from, certainly does not know where he is going. As a Minister ordained by Jesus Christ, it might sound rash of me to be harsh or critical with the so-called Ministry or Pastors of the many denominations of the Christian Faith. but i am! In this battle for Christ's Kingdom I am reminded of Elijah. Elijah took several hundred of the false clergy out into a field and literally cut their heads off with his sword. Jesus said, "Ye are a good man Elijah!" Do the false teachers wish me to give them a little bit of trouble with the printed word—or would they rather have the return of Elijah? I swear by the Almighty God of Israel who I know to be Jesus Christ, that these Preachers will come to the truth of the Identity message or they will lose their heads. The choice is theirs. Now to get to the purpose of this article—why celebrate the birth of jesus christ? It makes no difference when He was born. The fact that He came in the flesh is sufficient. We should celebrate this occasion every day!

    who is jesus christ and why did he come? Christians have been told by most of the Clergy that Jesus Christ is the son of God. Then who is god? This would make God some other entity, person or personality or whatever they can imagine. If Jesus is the son of God, why does Luke tell you that adam is the son of God? (Luke 1:38.) We can tell you here that without an understanding and knowledge of the Adamic (white) race (Racial Identity), the Bible makes no sense. The sons of Adam (the Adamic race) are the sons (and daughters) of god!

    Who is our Father? Let us look at some records of Scripture. It is actual history and a recorded and witnessed event. When we see the impact of this historical event, we may know somewhat more about why we worship Jesus Christ and who He is.

    The story begins with Adam asking Seth to relate what he had heard from the Archangel Michael when Adam had sent Seth to Paradise to ask of God that he be permitted to anoint Adam's head in his sickness. When Adam (who was a prisoner in Sheol) heard these things, that Jesus was baptized in Jordan, he called to Seth and said, "Declare to your sons, the patriarchs and prophets, all those things which you heard from Michael the Archangel when I sent you to the gates of Paradise to ask Jesus that He would anoint my head when I was sick." Seth came to the Patriarchs and prophets and told them that he had seen the Archangel Michael at the gates of Paradise. Michael told Seth that he had been sent from Jesus to preside over human bodies.

    Michael told Seth not to pray in tears or ask for the oil of the tree of mercy for Adam's headache, because you cannot by any means obtain it till the last day and times, namely, till five thousand and five hundred years be past. Then will Jesus Christ, the most merciful God, come on earth to raise again the body of Adam and at the same time to raise the bodies of the dead; and when He comes He will be baptized in Jordan. Then with the oil of His mercy He will anoint all of His children and the oil of His mercy will continue to future sons and daughters who shall be born of the water and the Holy Ghost unto eternal life. And when at that time the most merciful God of Israel, Christ Jesus, shall come to earth, He will introduce our father Adam into Paradise and to the tree of mercy. When the patriarchs and prophets heard these things from Seth, they all rejoiced. While all the Saints (believing offspring) were rejoicing, Satan, the prince of death, said to the prince of Sheol (hell)—"Prepare to receive Jesus of Nazareth himself who boasted that He was God. He did many injuries to me, for those whom I made blind and lame and those whom I tormented with several devils He cured by His word—yes, and those whom I brought dead to you, He takes away from you by force." The prince of hell replied to Satan, "Who is this Jesus you bring to me? If He were powerful in His human nature, I tell you He is almighty in His divine nature and no one can resist His power. When He said He was afraid of death, He designed to ensnare you and it will be an unhappy day for you for everlasting ages." Satan replied to the prince of hell, "Why do you doubt and why are you afraid to receive this Jesus who is your adversary and mine? As for me, I tempted Him and stirred up my ancient people the Jews with zeal and anger against Him. I sharpened the spear for His suffering, I mixed the gall and vinegar and commanded that He should drink it. I prepared the Cross to crucify Him and the nails to pierce through His hands and feet and now His death is near at hand. I will bring Him here, subject to both you and me." Then the prince of hell answered Satan, saying "You just told me that He took the dead away from me by force. They who have been kept here until they should live on earth again were taken not by their own power but by prayers made to their God and it was Jesus their God who took them away from me. Who then is this Jesus of Nazareth that by His word alone He has taken the dead from me without prayer to God? Perhaps it is the same one who took Lazarus from me after he had been here dead four days and did both stink and was rotten and of whom I had possession as a dead person, yet this Jesus brought him to life again by His power." Satan answered saying "Yes, it is the very same person, Jesus of Nazareth." When the prince of hell heard this he said to Satan, "Do not bring this Jesus to me. When I heard the power of His word I trembled with fear and we were not able to detain Lazarus. I know that this Jesus is the Almighty God who alone could perform such things. He is mighty in His nature and is the Saviour of the children of Adam. Do not bring Him here for He will liberate all those I hold in our prison under unbelief. He will conduct them to everlasting life."

    While Satan and the prince of hell were talking to each other, there was a sudden voice like thunder and a rushing of winds. It cried, "Lift up your gates and the King of Glory shall come in." When the prince of hell heard this, he said to Satan, "If you are a powerful warrior, fight with the King of Glory" and then he cast Satan from his habitations. He then called to his officers to shut the gates and fight courageously lest all be taken captive. When the Saints heard this they cried out with loud voices of anger to the prince of hell, "Open thy gates that the King of Glory may come in." The divine prophet David cried out, "Did I not truly prophesy when I was on earth that men would praise Jesus for His goodness and for His wonderful works to the children of Adam? He has broken the gates of brass and has cut the iron bars asunder." After this another prophet, namely, Holy Isaiah spoke in a like manner to all of the Saints, saying "did I not rightly prophesy to you when I was on earth that the dead men shall live and they shall rise again who are in their graves, and they who are on earth shall rejoice for the dew which is from Jesus shall bring deliverance to them. And I also said, O death, where is thy victory? O death, where is thy sting?" When the Saints heard these things from Isaiah they again told the prince of hell to open the gates for he now had no power. Then there came a great voice like thunder saying, "Lift up your gates, ye gates of hell and the King of Glory will enter." The prince of hell recognizing the same voice cried out as though he were ignorant, "Who is the King of Glory?" Then David answered him saying, "I know the words and that voice as I spoke them by His spirit. Now I say to you, It is Jesus strong and powerful, the Lord mighty in battle. He is the King of Glory and He is the Lord in heaven and in earth. He has come to set loose those that are appointed to death. Now, you filthy, stinking prince of hell, open thy gates that Jesus, the King of Glory might enter, for He is the Lord in heaven and earth." While David was saying this, Jesus appeared in the form of a man and brought a great light to the areas of darkness. He broke the fetters which before could not be broken. Death and the devils were in great horror at this coming of Jesus Christ. When Christ appeared in their habitations they cried out with fear saying, "We are bound by thee. Who are you who has no sign of corruption. Who are you who can command with such authority? We see that you are the King of Glory, dead and alive, though once slain upon the Cross. You are the one who lay dead in the grave and then came alive to us. You now release the captives that were held by us by original sin and you bring them to their former liberty. You spread a glorious and divine light over those who were made blind by the darkness of sin." At this time all the legions of devils were seized with horror and submissive fear. They cried out saying, "O Jesus Christ, thou art so powerful and glorious in thy majesty, so bright as to have no spot and so pure as to have no crime. That lower world of earth was ever subject to us and paid tribute to us until thy coming. Who are you with such courage that you enter our abodes and not only threaten us with great punishments but you rescue all of the children of Adam from the chains in which we held them? You must be that Jesus of whom Satan spoke to our prince that by the death of the Cross you would take power over death." At this moment Jesus seized the prince of hell and deprived him of all his power. After this the prince of hell took Satan and berated him for being tricked into bringing the Holy One of Israel to Sheol. He cried to Satan, "O Satan, thou keeper of the infernal regions, all of your advantages which you acquired by the forbidden tree (racial mongrelization) and the loss of Paradise, you have now lost by the wood of the Cross. All of your happiness expired when you did crucify Jesus Christ the King of Glory." Then Jesus stretched forth His hand and said, "Come to Me all ye My Saints who were condemned by the tree of forbidden fruit and by the devil and death. Live now by the word of My Cross. The devil, the prince of this world is overcome and death is conquered." Then Adam, casting himself at the feet of Jesus, said in a loud voice and with tears in his eyes, "I will extol thee O Jesus, for you have lifted me up and have not let my foes rejoice over me. O Jesus, my God, I cried unto thee and you healed me. O Jesus, you have brought up my soul from the grave. You have kept me alive that I should not go down to the pit." In a like manner, all of the Saints, prostrate at Jesus' feet said with one voice, "Thou art come, O Redeemer and you have actually accomplished all of the things that you did foretell by the law and thy Holy prophets. You have redeemed the living by thy Cross and you have come to us, that by the death of the Cross you might deliver us from Sheol (hell) and by thy power from death." Then Jesus put forth His hand and made the sign of the Cross upon Adam and upon all His Saints. Afterward the prophet Habakkuk cried out saying, "Jesus, thou went forth for the salvation of thy people." Then all the Saints cried out, "This is our God for ever and ever. He shall reign to everlasting ages, Amen." Christ then delivered Adam to Michael the Archangel where he met Enoch and Elijah in the planes of spirit (heaven). Here he also met Barabus who explained to him how he came to Paradise and did not go through the process of entering Sheol (hell).

    At this time in the history of our race, there were two men, Charinus and Lenthius who were allowed only three days upon earth. Their message was recorded by Pontius Pilate and was the reason for Pilate's investigation into the crucifixion of Jesus. These two men wrote what they had been instructed to write. They said that they were not allowed to declare the other mysteries of God but only that which the Archangel Michael ordered them to reveal. After they had both written each on different pieces of paper, Charinus gave what he wrote to Annas, Caiaphas and Gamaliel. Lenthius gave what he wrote to Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea. As they gave what they wrote, they disappeared and were seen no more. But what they had written separately was found to be in perfect agreement, one containing not one letter more or less than the other. As word spread about these writings amongst the people, Joseph and Nicodemus finally told Pilate of the accounts written. Pilate wrote these transactions and placed them in the public records of his hall. After these events, Pilate went to the temple and called together all of the rulers, scribes, doctors and lawyers. He commanded that all of the gates be closed and demanded that the great Book be brought before him. Pilate made all take an oath that they would not hide the truth from him. He asked, "Are there any things in the Scripture of that Jesus whom the Jews crucified and at what period of time was he to come into the earth, show it to me!" Then after the gates were closed, Pilate made the Chief Priest of the Jews and his son, Annas and Caiaphas remain. They said to Pilate, "You have made us swear, O Judge, by the building of this temple, to declare to you that which is true and right. After we had crucified Jesus, not believing that He is the God of Israel, but supposing that He wrought His miracles by some magic, we summoned a large assembly to this temple. When we were deliberating about the miracles which Jesus had wrought, we found many witnesses who declared that they had seen Him after His death, and that they heard Him talking with His disciples. We saw two witnesses whose bodies Jesus raised from the dead, who told us of many strange things which Jesus did among the dead, of which we have a written account in our hands. It is our custom annually to open this Holy Book and to search for the counsel of God. We found in the first seventy books where Michael the Archangel is speaking to the third son of Adam and telling that after five thousand five hundred years, Jesus Christ, the most beloved God of Israel was to come on earth. We further considered that perhaps He was the very God of Israel who spoke to Moses, thou shall take the ark of the testimony; two cubits and a half shall be the length thereof and a cubit and a half the breadth thereof, and a cubit and a half the height thereof. By these five cubits and a half for the building of the ark of the Old Testament, we perceived and knew that in five thousand years and a half (5,500 years), Jesus Christ was to come in the ark or tabernacle of a body. And so the Scriptures testify that Jesus is God, and the King of Israel. Because after His suffering our Chief Priests were surprised at the signs which were wrought by His means, we opened the book to search all the generations down to the generation of Mary and Joseph, supposing Him to be the seed of David. We found the account of the creation and at the time He made the heaven and the earth and when He placed the first man Adam on earth. (See Genesis.) That from thence to the flood of Noah's day was two thousand, two hundred and twelve years. And from the flood to Abraham was nine hundred and twelve years. From Abraham to Moses was four hundred and thirty years and from Moses to David the King was five hundred and ten years. From David to the Babylonian captivity was five hundred years and from the Babylonian captivity to the birth of Jesus Christ was four hundred years, the sum of all amounting to five thousand, five hundred years. And so it is clear that Jesus whom we crucified is Jesus Christ the true and almighty god of israel."

    Merry Christmas to all!

    From: Identity, Volume 2, Number 4 (December 1966).
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