• Separation of Church and State

    Separation of Church and State
    Col. William P. Gale

    We have all heard this phrase many times. What does it mean? It is claimed that he 1st Amendment to the Constitution provides for it. Let's go into the background of the 1st Amendment. Let's examine the conditions that existed in Europe which were the reason for the 1st Amendment. In doing so, we find that there was, in Europe, an unholy wedlock between the Church and the State. The Church would make charges against persons such as the one called "heresy". The Church would conduct hearings called 'inquisitions' and then 'trials' before the Priestly hierarchy of the Church.

    These trials were conducted under the rules of order as prescribed by the Priestly hierarchy and no other law need be considered by the Church Court. The "State", represented by the King or Queen, was in collusion with the Church in the conduct of the 'inquisitions' and 'trials'. This was the 'unholy wedlock' between Church & State. It permitted charges by the Priestly hierarchy to be considered a "crime against the State". Upon trial, if the accused were to confess, it might be to his or her advantage in the granting of 'plenary indulgences' (lessening of punishment) that is, if the 'confession' were to the satisfaction of the Court. If the 'confession' were not to the Court's satisfaction, more severe punishment would result. But, on the other hand, if the accused would pay 'shekels', he or she could be absolved of all punishment and be released from Gaol (jail). These were the conditions which brought about the 1st Amendment on this side of the Atlantic in the formation of our Republic. It was not a separation of Church & State here in this New Jerusalem. It was a separation of the 'unholy wedlock' between the Church and State which existed PRIOR to the founding of this Christian Constitutional Republic!

    The 1st and the 2nd through 10th Amendments in the Bill of Rights, are the same as the 10 Commandments. They are a "SHALT NOT" to the State or Government! THOU SHALT NOT! THOU SHALT NOT! They are, in legal terms an INJUNCTION! The 1st Amendment is a DUAL Injunction. Neither the Church nor the Government may violate it. This was the reason for the revolt (protest) by the Catholic Priest Martin Luther. He opposed and protested this collusion between the Church and the State. His protest became known as the "Protestant (Protester’s) Ethic", hence "Protestants".

    Isn’t it a surprise to 'Protestant Preachers' to learn that there were no 'Protestants' until made so by a 'Catholic'. But here is where we have been amiss. The 'Catholics' were before the 'Protestants'—now who were before the Catholics? The ISRAELITES! Every disciple of Jesus was an Israelite except one who was a Yehudi (Jew). To this one Jesus said: "I have picked one of you who is a DEVIL." This Jew walked with God for three years and sold Him out for 30 pieces of silver—and Jesus did not try to convert him. Jesus said that He did everything as an example for us—and He did not try to convert the child of the devil. Please read the Book of Acts. It makes clear that the disciples of Jesus were Israelites (NOT JEWS) and they were called 'Christians' first at Antioch! (Doesn’t this one shift your "theological gears"!) Isaiah wasn’t wrong, was he. He said that God’s children the Israelites would be known by a NEW name. The O.T. is about the Israelites and the N.T. is TO the Israelites. If you are not an Israelite throw the Bible away for there isn’t anything in it for you. For Jesus said: "I come not but for the lost sheep of the House of Israel".

    We repeat—the 'Israelites' would be called by a NEW name. (Isaiah 62:2). So the Israelites of the O.T. are now called 'Christians' and the Jews are NOT called Christians! Now, getting back to the matter of the Church and the State. This Republic was founded as a 'Christian' Republic. The government is nothing but an expansion of the Christian Church! Since its founding, there has been no separation of Church and State. The only sense of any separation is the INJUNCTION imposed upon BOTH the government and the Church by the First Amendment. The Republic is, in fact, a 'Christian' government, of the people, by the people and for the people who are THE CHURCH as the many membered body of Jesus Christ—all Christians! Its laws are based upon the laws of God (the God of Israel) from the Holy Bible. It was founded by a compact (contract) known as the ‘Articles of Confederation, Perpetual’ which have their source in the Holy Bible. Since the Constitution was lifted from the Articles of Confederation, the source of the Constitution is the Bible. Without the Bible, there is no Constitution for the Republic. Without the Constitution there is no 'federal' government, no federal courts, no federal congress and no President of these United States. No citizen is bound to allegiance to any 'government' per se. His allegiance is to God, (the God of this Nation Jesus the Christ), to the Constitution and to the Republic. Quote: "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and TO THE REPUBLIC for which it stands; one nation UNDER GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." Let us never forget that Jesus Christ is that God and every official document of our government testifies to His Holy Name and is dated in accordance with His birth. When George Washington was selected to lead the Republic, he said "You may give me no royal Title for this nation already has a King—it is Jesus The Christ."
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