• The Truth about British Israel

    The Truth about British Israel
    by Col. William P. Gale

    There seems to be a great deal of misunderstanding about the so-called "British Israel," whatever it might be. When one mentions the word "Israel" in relation to the Bible, and particularly when one attempts to identify the true Israel of the Bible, others who disagree will immediately say, "Oh, that is British Israel." When they are asked "What is British Israel?" they cannot answer.

    If they can attempt an answer, they present the propaganda of the enemies of Jesus Christ and the smear that has been placed upon a former group or association of some kind who they say are "subversive." As far as we can see, there have been serious theological errors propounded as "British Israel." For instance, some claim that British Israel claimed that only Anglo-Saxons constitute all of the "House of Israel" (with the exception of the tribe of Judah who they believed were Jews). If this be true, we would disagree with British-Israel in that we know that ALL of the white-Christian nations make up the "House of Israel." These are not only the Anglo-Saxons but the Scandinavian, Nordic, Basque, Lombard and Germanic peoples. The Germanic peoples are the true House of JUDAH and no "Jew" of today has descended from Abraham’s stock (Israelites) NOR FROM THE HOSUE OF JUDAH OR THE TRIBE OF JUDAH!

    Most of the battle that exists in some areas of the "right wing" movement against British Israel however, is uncalled for. Like any other group of Christians, they are all anti-Communist, opposed to the United nations and are classified by the Jews as being anti-Jewish. Anyone acquainted with the world communist-socialist conspiracy, knows that it is a Jewish conspiracy. This is not the hour for division amongst those who would stand for Christ and Country in this struggle.

    Ample volumes of Jewish literature establishes that they (the Jews) know that the white Christian nations are Israel and that the Jews are NOT Israel, even though this might be the opposite of what has been erroneously taught to Christians for many centuries. In fact, JESUS Christ himself made it clear that the Jews are NOT Israel when He said, "I come not but for the lost sheep of the House of Israel" and then He said to the Jews that they (the Jews) are not His sheep. If His sheep are the House of Israel and the Jews are NOT His sheep, then the Jews cannot be the House of Israel. If the Jews are the Israelites, then Jesus Christ would be a liar—and when Clergymen preach that Jesus Christ is a Jew, they do err and make the Word of God of no effect.

    It is apparent that the critics of so-called British Israel do not criticize their Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Episcopalians, Roman Catholic and other denominational friends , who in the error of their theology, make the Jews God’s Chosen people and Jesus Christ a Jew, when all the truth of the Holy Scripture says otherwise.

    One can best evaluate the truth and sincerity of people today in the struggle to save America, by what that person is doing or saying with an unswerving approach year in and year out against the common enemy. Sometimes the best evaluation of truth can be determined by the animosity, fear and hatred that is directed against it by the Anti-Defamation league, B’nai B’rith (ADL), the A.D.A. members of the Communist Party and their "fronts."

    White Christians (God's Israel)—It is YOUR destiny to save America. UNITE in the Name of Your GOD Jesus Christ, regardless of denomination.
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