• America: The Land of the Deaf, the Dumb and the Blind

    America: The Land of the Deaf, the Dumb and the Blind
    by Pastor Chuck Kuhler

    I am not utilizing the aforementioned terms in a derisive or derogatory manner to those who may be physically handicapped, but rather I am referring to those millions of Christian Israelites in this land of ours who are mentally and spiritually deaf, dumb, and/or blind.

    Before considering these conditions, it would be wise to look at the definitions of these terms so that we may have a better understanding.
    DEAF: 1) unable to hear; 2) refusing to listen DUMB: 1) without the power of speech; 2) bereft of the power of speech temporarily; 3) that which does not speak or is little addicted to speaking. BLIND: 1) lacking the sense of sight; 2) unable or unwilling to try to understand; 3) not controlled by reason; 4) not possessing or preceding from intelligence; (5) lacking all awareness.
    I have used italics to indicate those parts of the definitions which I feel are perhaps most applicable. I fully understand that the "remnant" reading this tract are cognizant of the matters which I will present herein, but this message very likely is applicable to your friends and family who may appear blissfully unaware of the coming judgment of the Almighty. Are you fulfilling your role as a watchman in accordance with Ezekiel 33:6?

    Over the years, since Roe vs. Wade, we have witnessed more than fifty million babies being murdered under the guise of abortion. Sadly the vast majority of these babies have been Israelite babies. We don't see foreigners and strangers (non-Israelites) having a great number of abortions. After all, more babies means more public assistance.

    Our Israelite people, whether they like to acknowledge it or not, are under the Law. Those who say the Law was "nailed to the cross" are in serious error. The only thing nailed to the cross were the "ordinances," mostly pertaining to the animal sacrifices—since the Lamb of God was slain for us—there is no need for further blood sacrifices, And our people are deaf dumb, and blind.

    Violent crime (murder, rape, physical assault, armed robbery, etc.) continues to escalate throughout the country and the U.S. Justice Department statistics indicate one such type of crime occurs every four minutes somewhere in the nation. The growth of Hispanic and Oriental gangs in the past decade had been epidemic with senseless initiation-type murders, car-jackings, home-invasions, drive-by shootings, etc. It has reached the point where those who are supposed to protect us are in fear for their own lives. And while our people may appear to be concerned, they are in truth, deaf dumb, and blind.

    While the Scriptures are very clear on homosexuality, (Lev. 18:22, 20:13, Rom. 1:24-28, et al.) we have in the past two decades witnessed an explosion in the open flaunting of such decadent behaviour. Prior to that time, these sodomizers dared not parade their disgusting acts in public. Today they have parades in our major cities and special "queer" weekends at "theme parks," and "resorts" and they openly demand "their rights" to do so. In addition, we have elected politicians who openly admit that they are "gay" and who continue to be re-elected by their mainly Israelite constituents. And our people, while they may disapprove, are deaf dumb, and blind. Our God is not mocked! Judgment cometh!

    Have you noticed the tremendous growth in pornography, in all forms—print, movies, television, etc. that is sweeping the county? And it is not all "adult" in nature but it is expanding into the area of intimate acts of child porn. Notice if you will the heavy involvement of the Talmudists in these endeavours. And our people, some of whom subscribe to this filth are deaf dumb, and blind.

    We are literally being invaded today by tens of millions of aliens and strangers from all of the third world countries of the world. These illegals bring into our nation sickness, filth and disease and non-Christian traits and living conditions. We have been informed in Scripture that we shall not "put a stranger over thee," and yet today we don't seem to understand this admonition. If our political leaders would listen to, and abide by the Word of God, illegal immigration would cease immediately. Miscegenation is on the increase and why would we expect anything else? Read the history of our people! And yet, most of our people are deaf dumb, and blind to what our God states with regard to this.

    Our so-called "excellent" system of public education is costing hundreds of billions of dollars every year to achieve nothing better than mediocre or failing grades and dumbed-down graduates. According to the U. S. Dept. of Education, almost 46% of the students who graduate from high school are considered "semi-literate." We have allowed the humanists, the AFT and the NEA, and dare I say, the "satanists" to take over our schools. We have "outlawed" school prayer, and removed God from our schools. Yet, even though parents clamor for more educational resources, they are deaf dumb, and blind to the many shortfalls. Is it any wonder that many of our people have commenced "home schooling." From about 1,000 children twenty-five years ago, home-schooling now numbers almost 8 million children.

    As a nation, we have expended huge sums in the "wars"—the war on poverty, the war on drugs, etc., and we have obviously LOST all of these. Drugs and Poverty are still with us, and more so than ever. We have exported our manufacturing and industry in the name of corporate greed. Our manufacturing is now done in Thailand, Japan, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nigeria, Cambodia, Peru, India, Pakistan, China, and other nations in Africa and South America. Just look at the labels on most all of the products you buy. We have become an "information" and "service" society! We are a destitute nation who has given our God-given resources to third-world nations that despise us. And our people, and our leaders are deaf dumb and blind to the consequences.

    We have no morality and ethical levels of conduct left. We see the corruption and greed running rampant among our leaders. We have more lawyers in this nation than all the rest of the world combined. Contrary to Scripture, we have become a "suing" people. And our people for the most part are deaf dumb, and blind as to what the Word of God says.

    We have expended hundreds of billions of dollars in aid and support to the ungodly Talmudists. We are even now involved in the war in Iraq at a cost of 2,000+ of our sons, fathers, husbands, mothers, sisters, and brothers. I would like to pose to President Bush, the question asked by Jehu, son of Hanani, of King Jehoshaphat of Judah long ago: "Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the Lord? Therefore is wrath upon thee from before the Lord." (2 Chron. 19:2). And the Fundamentalists and Evangelicals and many from Protestantism are deaf dumb, and blind. The Zionists reject Jesus Christ, and such conduct was unheard of fifty years ago.

    Our churches for the most part have become hollow, empty and Godless buildings. Many of the pastors, ministers and priests follow the traditions of men over the Word of God. Materialism governs the established church. The pastors, ministers and priests are supposed to be teaching the Kingdom message, but many have no idea of what the Kingdom message is. There are some who deny the "virgin birth" of our Saviour as mere fiction. There are others who question the truth of the resurrection without which there is no salvation for Israel. There are others who see nothing wrong with same-sex maniage. There are some who are practising homosexuals and lesbians. For many of the clergy, it is a career, and not a heartfelt commitment to work for the LORD our God. And our people follow these blind leaders and are deaf dumb, and blind to what the Scriptures say.

    We are a sick and troubled nation! We are a sick and troubled people!

    We are deaf. We don't want to hear about such unpleasant things as I have mentioned in this article. We are mentally and spiritually unwilling to hear.

    We are dumb. We don't want to use the power of speech to speak out on the critical and important issues that we face as a people and a nation. We prefer not to get involved.

    Some may think that we are religious extremists or kooks, or at best religious intolerants. Remember, whatever the issue, if it conflicts with the Word of God, we have both the duty and the responsibility, and the right to speak out. Use the power of speech!

    We are blind. We don't want to see what is going on all around us. Many do not want to search the Scriptures to find out what God has to say about some issue. When you know the truth, you have to react in accordance with the Word, or pay the price of disobedience, and isn't that price SIN? You cannot merely pay lip service to God. God is not mocked!

    We have had the "blessings" as stated in Deuteronomy 28:1-14, and now we have progressed to the "curses" section of verses for disobedience. Read this chapter of Scripture and compare what we have been and what we are today.

    There does appear to be somewhat of an "awakening" on the part of our people today as they question some of the concerns that I have enumerated herein. And surely, the ultimate solution to all of our problems is to follow the instructions contained in that famous verse of 2 Chronicles 7:14. Amen.
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