• The Covenants of the Bible

    The Covenants of the Bible
    by Pastor Chuck Kuhler

    In view of the fact that all of our Christian Teaching is based on the Promises that Almighty God made to Israel, we should look carefully at these Promises. The Bible is divided into two parts referred to as the Old Testament, or Old Covenant; and the New Testament, or New Covenant. Many therefore believe that there are only two Covenants or Testaments. But the fact is that there are eight covenants found in the Bible. In these Covenants will be found the Promises of God to Israel as well as a Revelation of God's Great Plan and Purpose for the World.

    1. Edenic Covenant: Made with Adam in the Garden of Eden—Genesis 2:7,15.

    2. Adamic Covenant: Made with Adam after the Fall—Genesis 3:15.

    3. Noahic Covenant: Made with Noah after the Flood—Genesis 9:1.

    4. Abrahamic Covenant: Made with Abraham, and later confirmed and enlarged with Isaac and Jacob-Israel—Genesis 15:18.

    5. Mosaic Covenant: Made with Moses and the Israel people at Mt. Sinai—Exodus 24:8.

    6. Palestinian Covenant: Made with Israel when they were about to enter the Promised land—Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28, 29, 30.

    7. Davidic Covenant: Made with David, and his seed forever—2 Samuel 7:16.

    8. New Covenant: Made with Twelve-Tribed Israel [ONLY] through the Blood of our Saviour Christ Jesus—Jeremiah 31:31, Hebrews 8:8.

    Yahweh's promises, as contained in the Covenants are indeed sure and true. May all Israel praise Yahweh-God.
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