• If You Believe, Why Don't You Listen?

    If You Believe, Why Don't You Listen?

    by Pastor Chuck Kuhler

    There are more than 320,000 churches in America, and fully 85% of our population claim to be "Christian." You would think that with numbers like that, our slide into degeneracy would be headed in the opposite direction and our standards of life would be vastly improving. Obviously, something is amiss as all of the so-called Christian do not appear to be having any effect of value and consideration.

    I am well aware of some translation error to be found in modem versions of the Bible, but I am not going to consider that point in this message. As a Pastor, I encounter all sorts of Christians with various levels of Scriptural understanding and comprehension. The one question that I often ask of everyone is: "Do you believe that the Bible is the Word of God as written and preserved by divinely-inspired men?"

    Without any hesitation, most agree with my question in the affirmative manner. I then follow up with a second question which most often perplexes and confounds their smug and confident answer; "If as you claim, the Bible is the Word of God ... why do you ignore and not heed His Word?"

    I have often stated that the answer to every problem in life can be found in the Bible. Very few, however, consult the Word of God in search of answers to the problems of life. This attitude is mainly responsible for the conditions that we find surrounding us today. It was not too many years ago that families read the Scriptures and were well versed in the contents. Now we have allowed the "entertainment" industry to amuse us with the garbage that they televise into our homes.

    It surprises me that most people do not know the Ten Commandments and what they have to say, and where in the Scriptures they can be found. The Ten Commandments were given to Moses by God and I consider them to be "the Word of God" given to us so that we are aware of what our heavenly Father expects of us, and what we should be abiding by. Throughout the entire Bible (both Old Testament and New Testament) we are given instruction for conducting our lives by both the Father and Son, but yet, we never bother to consult these words.

    This is not some Talmudist Hollywood production where the voice of God thunders from the heavens above. Our Father most often speaks in a quiet voice to the individual.

    The Bible was not written for all peoples, despite what the churches may claim. It is written only for and to ISRAEL, and while some other peoples are referenced throughout, it is only when they come into contact with God's people. Any attempt to "graft" strangers (non-Israelites) into the promises of God will be of no avail, and man, despite his desire to create the masses, will succeed at nothing in this misguided effort. It is the fruit of modern churchianity who are attempting to promote their particular "brand" of what they consider Christianity. But modern-day, and so-called, "Christians" don't know enough to be able to refute these erroneous traditions, and they allow these misguided shepherds to lead them astray.

    Let us consider a few examples from the commandments. Most of us know that we are told "not to murder" and "not to steal." But isn't the act of coveting a serious consideration today. Also, we are told that we should not commit adultery and if this is expected by God, why do so many marriages end in early divorce? The answer is that we are not listening to what our Maker has told us is expected of us, and we blissfully, and sinfully, proceed to go our way and not listen to what we are supposed to be doing. God has enumerated the commandments, statutes and judgments and we, for the most part, don't consider that this is God's Word.

    I am of the belief that the end of this age is very close, although I would not attempt to select a date or time. How will you fare when time runs out? Will it find you blissfully unaware of what is transpiring? How much will these televised "situational reality programs" or programming like "American Idol" help you when you need to understand what is happening in a world crisis situation? God is not like a first-aid kit to sit on a shelf in the closet until you cut yourself. That type of understanding can be deadly to your future. Would you know what to do in an emergency?

    How can you claim to be "a believer" and yet not listen to what our God is telling us? None of us are above sin, but we should be attempting to live our lives in accordance with what our Father expects. We all sin and fall far short of what is expected, but we do have the shed blood of Christ Jesus, which atones for our sins. This does not mean that we should not be concerned with the totality of our shortcomings, and yes, we are to strive to lead a sinless life even if we fall short.

    There is today, a serious lack of belief due to disobedience and our lack of knowledge of what God wants of us. Will it improve? Unless we turn to the Word of God and accept it as such, and correct our way of life, nothing will change.

    If we as individuals can group together to form a band of committed Christian Israelites, then we can have a positive effect on that which is facing our nation and our people. We need to understand what "the Scriptures say," as this is what our God expects.

    Despite what many individual Christians, and churches may be saying and claiming, I think that it is clearly evident that modern contemporary Christians are not "shaking the gates of hell," or putting any fear into the adversaries and their minions.