• Jews Distort History

    Jews Distort History

    In the American Jewish Examiner of June 13, 1963 the Jew Rabbi Philip R. Alstat claims that upon the death of Pope Honorius II in 1130 a Jew by the name of Pietro Pierleoni was proclaimed by the Electorial College to be Pope Anacletus II.

    Alstat then goes on to claim that the Electorial College with a "minority of Cardinals" went on to claim "one of their own" (a non-Jew) as Pope Innocent II.

    According to Christian sources the story is just the opposite.

    From our sources we find that in the eleventh century the Jew Baruch was "converted" to Christianity and then proceeded to marry into the non-Jewish aristocracy.

    Being a banker, Baruch found his new position as a "Christian" to his advantage and amassed a fortune in loaning money to both Popes and nobility.

    Through his efforts, the son of Baruch and his grandson became powerful by "rendering valuable services" to high Church officials.

    Baruch's great grandson, Pietro Pierleoni, became a priest and through his family's backing was soon elevated to the rank of Cardinal.

    When Pope Honorius II died in 1130 the Sacred College elected Cardinal Gregory to be Pope Innocent II.

    Not to be outdone, the Jew Pierleoni called together his bought Cardinals and had himself elected Pope Anacletus II.

    Through the influence of his money and bought friends, Anacletus II seized control of Rome and had Innocent II expelled from Italy.

    Pope Innocent II went to France and rallied the support of the King and leading Church officials who were aghast that a Jew had taken over the Vatican by force.

    During his stay in "office" the Jew Anacletus II used his Jewish allies to rob churches and was accused by his foes of incest.

    Emperor Lothaire II of Germany temporarily re-instated Innocent II as Pope and the death of the Jew Anacletus II in 1138 ended the Jewish schism in Christianity.

    This is an example of what happens when gullible Christians let Jews become "converted" and become "officials" in their churches. Jews always retain loyalty to their own and always work toward the advancement of their people no matter what religion they profess to be members of.

    Now, because both Catholic and Protestant church leaders want to please the anti-Christ Jews, they make no protest when Jews like Rabbi Alstat deliberately distort Church history.

    In his article in the American Jewish Examiner, Alstat reverses the roles of Innocent II and Anacletus II and claims that Innocent II was the "anti-Pope" and had seized control of the Vatican from the "real" Pope who was a Jew.

    Alstat is incensed that White Christian Cardinals would prefer "one of their kind" as Pope instead of a Jew!!!

    From: National Christian News, Volume 12, Number 4 (1973).
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