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    As you read the National Christian News it will be helpful to bear in mind as a fundamental tenet that it identifes the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic and Germanic and kindred peoples as the House of Israel in the world today. The key to understanding the national aspect of the Bible lies in the acceptance of this basic truth. The ten-tribed Kingdom of Israel, or House of Israel, is district and separate from Jewry. In the Scriptures the terms "Israel," "Judah" and "Jew" are not synonymous and the course of history is widely divergent for the peoples properly classified under each of these titles.

    The information published in National Christian News provides the evidence showing that Israel left Palestine. The movements of the Israel clans are traced out of the East, across Europe into Germany and Britain, and then on to America. The prophets foretold Israel's westward trek and the monuments and traditions record the Divinely-guided wanderings of this people who left "waymarks" behind them as they journeyed toward their ultimate destination. Today the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic and Germanic peoples alone bear all marks by which the House of Israel was to be known in the latter days and they have unconsciously fulfilled in their history, and do fulfill in their present-day activities, what the Word of God declares would be accomplished by them in these latter times.

    It is natural that, in the presentation of facts at first though so startling, the immediate effect of proclaiming these new (yet not new) truths will bring opposition from some quarters where past beliefs are upset. But the evidece of racial movements throughout history, and the marks set forth by which the Israel of God was to be known in modern days, are so unmistakably clear that the failure to seriously consider the evidence will jeopardize the future welfare of the Anglo-Saxon race. For if the people of this race are the lineal descendants of the Kingdom of Israel—and they are—there has been placed upon them today a responsibility they cannot escape. The failure to awaken to the knowledge of their identity and assume their responsibility as the people with whom God made His unalterable covenants, and upon whom He laid His law, will bring upon them inevitable national suffering and trouble.

    Were the opponents of the identity right in their assumptions, there would, of course, be no such responsibility: but here again it is essential that the facts be made known. This the National Christian News is doing. The people themselves constitute the court of appeal and must render a decision as to whether the facts presented are correct or the objections raised are valid. It is also important to carefully consider that God Himself will pass final judgment in accordance with the verdict rendered by the people, bringing weal or woe upon the nations of Israel in days to come as the inevitable consequence of the course chosen and pursued.

    Let those who are opposed to proclaiming the identity ponder well the fact that they, too, have a tremendous personal responsibility. When it is universally recognized that the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic and Germanic peoples are modern Israel, opponents of this truth who have succeeded in leading many astray, and hindered to that extent the national awakening and return to God in whole-hearted acknowledgment of His sovereignty and obedience to His laws, will discover that He will not hold them guiltless.

    Of paramount importance to every individual is the necessity to become reconciled with God through His Son Jesus Christ. This is requisite to citizenship in the Kingdom of God and the National Christian News presents the vital spiritual needs of every individual who strives to become an overcomer and attain the victor's crown. That phase of the Gospel message is as essential to the individual as the Gospel of the Kingdom is to the nation, which proclaims the identity and responsibiltiy of the nations of Israel today and the necessity for the restoration of the administration of the Law of the Lord as the law of the land.

    The National Christian News brings to its readers the findings of Bible research, published by those who have seriously studied God's Word and see His overruling Hand in world history. We are not introducing a new religion; we are not a sect; rather, we are Christians who stand for the whole truth as taught by the Scriptures and for the application of that truth to the spiritual, cultural, economic and political life of man.

    From: National Christian News, Volume 5, Number 1 (1967).
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