• What We Believe

    What We Believe

    We believe the Scriptures to be inspired of God; immutable; unchangeable; without error.

    We believe that it is only through the blood of Christ that an individual can be saved unto eternal life. We preach it; we practice; we are evangelistic.

    We believe that the gospel of the Kingdom is as old as the Bible; that it is fundamental; essential.

    We believe that most of the Old Testament was written to Israel—a race; a nation—and that we Anglo-Saxons are Israelites today. Thus, laws, covenants, statutes, judgments and ordinances given to Israel are workable, applicable and practical for us today.

    We believe that the Bible means what it says and says what it means in the original translation, and that where the word "nation," or "race," or "throne" is mentioned, it means that very thing, literally.

    We believe that all of these things were given to the Israelites—as the Bible teaches—and thus we Anglo-Saxons are the recipients of those things today—and not the Jews.

    We believe that Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David and Moses were all of the Hebrew family and of the race of Israel, as the Bible teaches. We challenge anyone to find where any of these men were called Jews.

    We believe that after the division of the twelve tribes that "Israel" always refers to the northern kingdom, or the lost tribes.

    We believe, as the Bible teaches, that there were no Jews up until the time the word "Jews" is first used in II Kings 16:6 as there is no previous mention of them in the Bible.

    We believe the Jew to be a product of the intermarriage of the Judean with the heathen.

    We believe that the Israelites are God's chosen people, as the Bible always declares; we challenge anyone to find anywhere in the Bible where the Jews are ever called God's chosen people.

    We believe that Israel (lost ten tribes) were carried into Assyrian captivity, later escaping, and being carried by "eagles' wings" across Europe into the "isles" north and west of Palestine.

    We believe that the Bible was written by Israelites and Judeans for Israelites and Judeans. In other words, we believe the Bible records the story of a race of people called "Israel."

    We believe that the ten tribes became "lost" only as to their national identity; they simply suffered a case of national "amnesia."

    We believe that since the Bible declared in 1 Sam. 7:13 that the Davidic Throne is to abide forever, that the throne is still in existence—and that it is in England.

    We believe that the apostles were all Israelites, as the Bible declares.

    We believe that Paul was of the tribe of Benjamin of the seed of Abraham, thus a Hebrew and an Israelite, as Rom. 11:1 teaches, though Paul spoke to the Jews quite tactfully on two occasions declaring that he was a Jew, having reference to his former religious or political affiliations.

    We believe that Jesus was a Judean, and not a Jew, since no Bible writer ever called Him a Jew.

    We believe that the "church" has reference to Christ's body—made up of every regenerated Christian.

    We believe the "kingdom" has to do with a race—a nation. (See Matt. 21:43).

    We believe that the parables are understandable only when the application is made to Israel, Judah or the Kingdom.

    We believe that the events of the book of Revelation happened in chronological fashion, and that it symbolically tells the story of Israel from the time of Christ to the beginning of the Eternal Age. We are now in the 19th chapter.

    We believe that the earth is to be judged, purged, renovated, changed and restored.

    From: National Christian News, Volume 7, Number 11 (1968).
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