• Yids in Action!

    Yids in Action!

    The campaign to destroy the name of Christ has intensified. It has always been inspired by hate, resulting in murder, smear and blasphemy. Read the following summary.

    1. The Jews financed the campaign to abolish the right to pray in a public institution in America, including the schools.
    2. Under Jewish pressure, a campaign has been started in America which was launched in Massachusetts, forbidding school teachers to say "Merry Christmas" in a school room on the grounds that it honors Christ.
    3. Under Jewish leadership a campaign was started in Washington, D.C. to forbid the portrayal of the Nativity Scene on public property.
    4. A Jewish campaign has been organized to remove the Cross from every piece of public property within the borders of the United States. A big campaign was launched against the giant Cross that stands overlooking the City of Eugene, Oregon.
    5. Under Jewish pressure, the crosses have already been removed from Army and Navy chapels.
    6. The Jews have captured the sacred shrines in Palestine, including the place of Christ's birth, burial and resurrection and no person on earth can even visit these shrines, which will eventually be destroyed, without paying tribute to the Jews. They refuse to give these shrines back to the world which they captured with genocide, slaughter and aggression, even murdering the Christian minister who guarded the Tomb of Christ.
    7. The Jew-controlled information media is in a campaign to substitute the word "Yule" for Christmas hoping that they can destroy the use of those letters C-H-R-I-S-T.
    8. Under the Jew-controlled commercialism of the Christmas season, it is very difficult to find a Christmas card that glorifies the name of Christ, even though it is His birthday.
    9. The profane book stores and commercial publishers of the world are loading themselves with thick books designed to belittle the name of Christ and deny His deity.
    10. It is permissible to teach atheism and pornography (in the name of sex education) in our educational system, but against the law to pray.
    11. Believe it or not, the United States Army has ordered the chaplains to eliminate all reference to God and religious philosophy in their lectures aimed at instilling moral responsibility in soldiers. (This report was put out by the Associated Press on March 28, 1969).

    This campaign to evaporate the name of Christ from our civilization is scientifically organized and highly financed. No Christian American can be true to his God or his COuntry and ignore this diabolical campaign to crucify our Lord anew. The same hate that inspired slaughter of the infants when Jesus was born survives today in a campaign to 'slaughter' the Christ of the 20th Century.

    From: National Christian News, Volume 12, Number 4 (1973).
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