• The New Order

    The New Order
    by Dr. Oren Fenton Potito

    Today we can see evidences on every hand that out of the fog of world confusion and strife there is emerging a new world order, which shall be run by man under the rulership of God, and of its dominion there shall be no end. Today we are living in the most momentous hour of all ages, for before our very eyes God is laying the groundwork for the coming Kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Yet it is a shame that the religious world in this, the 20th Century, is making the same mistake our forefathers made over 1900 years ago. When Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judaea, the religious world of that day was looking for a King, one who would rescue them from the yoke of the Roman Government and could establish again in Palestine the Throne of David. When a Saviour came instead, they let the jews crucify Him.

    Today the religious world is looking for the coming of a Saviour, and they would attempt to crucify those who are doing God's work by exposing the jews and waiting and watching for the coming of the King. They attempt to spiritualize the Word of God so as to make His Kingdom already in existence in the form of the Church, and that Christ is already King reigning in their hearts. They rule out the definite statements by Jesus and His apostles and the prophets of God concerning a literal Throne and Kingdom. One fogbound judaized preacher went so far as to say that the Throne of David was the Cross of Calvary, and that Jesus was the first King to stagger to His Throne.

    They take for their argument that the Kingdom already exists within us. They use the portion of scripture found in the 17th chapter of Luke, verses 20 and 21. Now anyone taking the time to analyze this portion of scripture would definitely know that the Kingdom of God, which was one of purity, could not be dwelling within a bunch of Jewish Scribes and Pharisees, for He said on other occasions to them, such as in John 10: 26 ... ye are not of my sheep ... and then in John 8: 44 ... Ye are of your father the devil.... He told this same pack of jews that they were "whited tombs filled with dead men's bones." He had called them a "generation of vipers," and had said that all the blood of righteous men was upon their heads. How then on another occasion would He state that the Kingdom of God, which was one of purity was now within them? If one would take the time to look to the original translation, and even in the marginal references, they would note that what Jesus said was, "The Kingdom of God is among you," and truly it was, for the coming King was there ... the Lord Jesus Christ. Not only was the King there, but other Kingdom leaders as well. The twelve apostles of the Lamb of whom He said would sit upon the twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel (Luke 22:29-30). If the Kingdom was already in them, then it would not have been necessary for Jesus to teach the disciples to pray: "Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven." Now read Matt. 26:29 and Luke 22:16-18. If the Kingdom were already here, Jesus would never had said that! Note very specifically that He uses the words "Shall come." He stake in a future tense.

    Jesus then was only laying the groundwork for the Kingdom, which according to the destiny of God, should come at a later date. He had not finished His first task—the one of redeeming Israel, and bringing salvation to mankind by the shedding of His blood on Calvary's Cross. This task was yet to be accomplished. The Kingdom could not reign in the hearts of evil men, and therefore, the Kingdom of God could not have been in the hearts of these jews.

    All things must come in their own due time according to the plan and destiny of God, and the Israelites of Christ's day attempted to run ahead of God's plan and wanted the Kingdom then and there, and when Jesus failed to fulfill their wishes and establish Himself on a literal Throne, they allowed the jews to crucify Him. The spiritualizers of our day do not look for a literal Kingdom which is to be ruled over by the Lord Jesus Christ, and the body of His saints. They tell us that He will come visibly, and at the same time they tell us He is here in our hearts. How they can reconcile themselves to this contradiction is more than I can understand, for when Christ went away He left the Holy Spirit as His representative, and today the Holy Spirit reigns in the hearts of the born again believer. But Christ told us specifically when He went away that He would come again in like manner and that when He comes, EVERY EYE shall behold Him. The spiritualizers leave the impression that He is going to sneak in, take the dead and those who are alive and saved off to some heavenly abode, there to remain forever, floating on a cloud, spearing honey combs out of the milk filled River Jordan. Then they hold that the whole jewish nation will be saved in one day and will rule and reign with Christ for 1000 years. In the first place, they cannot prove that the jewish nation constitutes the whole of Israel, or even a part. They have no historical proof to show the ten tribes were yids. If the House of Israel was all in Palestine, the apostles would not have spoken of the ten tribes scattered abroad, nor of the dispersion. Jesus would never have said: "Other sheep have I which are not of this fold. Them must I visit also."

    There have been many books written by noted men of God and students of world history concerning the jews that have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they do not constitute the House of Israel. Many of the jews themselves, writing on this subject, such as Alfred Lilienthal, state that the jews being the House of Israel is a racial myth without facts to substantiate it, and there is no such thing as a jewish race but that it is a philosophy and religion. Lilienthal states further in his book, "What Price Israel?" on page 223: "Here is a paradox, a paradox, a most ingenious paradox; an anthropological fact, MANY CHRISTIANS MAY HAVE MUCH MORE HEBREW ISRAELITE BLOOD IN THEIR VEINS THAN MOST OF THEIR JEWISH NEIGHBORS."

    We have traced the ancestry of the modern jew back to the days of the Khazar Kingdom and proved that they have no racial connection whatsoever with the seed of Abraham spoken of in the Old Testament. Dr. Theodore H. Gaster told the annual conference of the American Council for judaism that jews are a religious rather than a racial or ethnic group. He also stated that there has NEVER BEEN A JEWISH RACE!

    It is more logical and in accordance with the whole canons of scripture that those who will rule and reign with Christ during the 1000 years would be the believing offspring of Almighty God. If we are to ever be with the Lord then why should we be seperated from Him for 1000 years while He reigns here on earth and we are in some far-off heaven? God definitely states in His Holy Word that we will rule in the Kingdom, that true Israel is a Holy Nation, a nation of priests and kings. (Dan. 7:19). This proves that the Kingdom which is to be taken is here upon earth, and that we should rule and reign with Him in this literal Kingdom. Now read Dan. 7:22. Here again we have the saints ruling the Kingdom and NOT THE JEWS! Again Daniel states emphatically that this literal Kingdom of our Lord and Saviour here upon earth shall be our possesion and our dominion. (Dan. 7:27). We note specifically in the writings of Ezekiel that when, the day comes that the graves shall be opened, the believing offspring shall not be taken to some far-off heaven but shall repossess the land of Israel. (Ez. 37:12-13). Now read what Jesus Himself said in Matt. 8:11. This Kingdom which the saints shall possess is one that shall be here upon earth for 1000 years. Those who attempt to spiritualize the word of God concerning the Kingsom also attempt to leave the impression that there is no such thing as a literal 1000 year reign of the Lord Jesus Christ here upon earth. Yet in the book of Revelation, which is an open letter from our Lord to John on the Isle of Patmos, we find the following .... Read Rev. 20:7-9.

    The millennium, which is the Kingdom age, is about to burst upon us, and whether the ecclesiastical leaders wish to accept it or not, His coming Kingdom is sure. The planet upon which we live has for almost 6000 years groaned beneath the burden of sorrow and sin. For almost 60 centuries, Satan's children, now known as jews, have made it but a giant graveyard. They have filled man with lust, hatred and murder. All this came about through the fall in the Garden of Eden.

    Today we stand on the threshold of the rejuvenating of the earth as spring brings new life after the winter storm. The day is fast approaching when that dayspring from on high will come again which Zacharias, father of John the Baptist, prophesied about. Read Luke 1:78. What we are witnessing at the present time in the shaking of the nations and the trouble and perplexities which are coming upon the earth is the birthpang of the coming of the sabbath of our Lord. As every birth is proceeded by travail, so will it be with the ushering in of the coming age. Christ definitely spoke of this when He was discussing with His disciples the end of the age and He said: "All these are the beginning of sorrows." (Matt. 24:8). In the literal Greek translation, the word "sorrow" reads "birth-pangs." Almost six thousand years have passed since the first Adam, and now we come to the 7000, which is more a type of the sabbath of the Lord. He speaks of it, and so do His prophets and disciples as the "earth's last day" (end of this system). This shall be a time of refreshing, as was spoken of by Peter (Acts. 3:19). He makes it more clear that this refreshing will come at the end of the age. (Acts 3:21).

    When Jesus shall come in spirit and power we know that the earth shall be refreshed by His presence as the earth is refreshed by the rain, following the troubles and trials and the coldness of the winter. When He comes He shall put the jews and all enemies under His feet; then shall His glory be displayed and His authority be universal and His enemies be made His footstool. Then He shall reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. This title has reference to the personal dominion and majesty of our great Saviour Jesus Christ. Long before Christ came to earth, God made known through His prophets that His Son should be the head of the Kingdom—not a spiritual nor heavenly Kingdom, but a literal and earthly one. Read Zech. 14:9, Rev. 11:15 and Jer. 23:5-6. We know that this prophecy was not fulfilled in His first coming. Now read Dan. 7:14. In that day, praise God, Israel ... America and its companion nations, Judah ... Germany and its companion nations will be united together under one King; Jesus Christ. Read Ezek. 37:16-17 and Ezek. 37:22. The old Testament prophets give us a clear picture of this 1000 year reign of the Kingdom of our God. It will be a reign of peace. Turn to Isaiah 2:4. Not only will it be an hour when we will have universal peace, but it will be a time when the curse of hatred shall be taken out of the hearts of not only men but of wild beasts. Isaiah 65:25 and 11:6-9. Now, no one in his right mind believes that Lions, Wolves and other animals are going to be taken to heaven, but the Bible does say that they will be in the Kingdom, AND THEY WILL BE, for the Kingdom will be HERE ON EARTH!

    The attempt of the jewish created United Nations to bring peace to the earth at the present time we know is mere folly, for they cannot remove from the hearts of men greed and lust which Satan and his agents put there. Only when the spirit of Christ moves in when He comes to reign will perfect peace come to mankind. Another blessing which we shall enjoy in the Kingdom is the fact that the power of the sun shall be restored, and the earth shall be bountiful in its produce. A man will not have to have a large acreage in that day when every man shall sit under his own figtree and have his own vineyard, for with the return of the sun to its natural power, there shall be a rejuvenating of the earth that it might bring forth abundance. Isaiah 30:26 and Psalms 67:5-6. Now read what Isaiah, the prophet, speaking of this bounty of God during the reign of Christ says in Isaiah 35:1 and 37:7-10. Ezekiel also prophesied concerning the fruitfulness of the earth in that day. See Ezek. 34:27-29, 36:30 and 49:9-12.

    We also find in the prophesy of Amos a description of the fruitfulness of the earth in the day of our Lord. Read Amos 9:13. When the Kingdom of our Lord shall come, not only will the earth spring into new life, but we know also that human life shall be everlasting. Satan will be bound and the regenerated offspring of God enthroned in power. There will be no excuse for sin. There will be several types of people on the earth—those who are saints of God who have been changed in a twinkling of an eye, and who shall have bodies like unto His. They will be a celestial people—not earthbound, and will be able to move in the heavenlies if they so desire. These are the spiritual class or 144,000 made up of 12,000 from each of the twelve tribes of Israel. They will be those who shall rule and reign with Him for 1000 years. The others present shall be those raised from the dead, the great multitude with earthly bodies that shall live forever in the Kingdom HERE ON EARTH.

    Time and space does not permit me to go into detail concerning these groups of people, because it is a sermon within itself, but what I have established is the fact that there shall be a literal Kingdom of our Lord and Saviour upon the earth. That we shall rule and reign with Him here, and not be floating around on some far off cloud, playing on a golden harp. It is a joyful thing for us to know that we NEED NOT be taken in a so called "RAPTURE" to a mystical beautiful isle of somewhere, but that we shall LIVE AGAIN with our FAMILIES and FRIENDS on a renovated earth which shall be like the garden of Eden. For in this last day, the Lord tells us that the earth shall again be like the garden of Eden, and God will dwell amongst men. I know personally I would prefer to be here WITH CHRIST and the Chosen of Israel, and to enjoy the marvelous presence of the overcomers, for nothing in that hour shall offend and all things shall be beautiful. The tares (jews and their fellow travelers) will he gathered out and burned, and the good seeds, which are the children of the Kingdom shall dwell with Him. Jesus said: "The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his Kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity; And shall cast them into a FURNACE of FIRE: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth. Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the Kingdom of their Father." (Matt. 13:41-43). We know that the promise is sure that we shall be with Him. Read the following verses: 2 Tim. 2:12; Heb. 2:5-8; Col. 3:4; Rev. 5:9-10 and 1 Cor. 6:2-3. Note in the tenth verse of Rev. 5, it says: "we shall reign on the EARTH."

    It makes one's heart thrill with joy when we realize that the coming of our Lord is at hand, and that His perfect Kingdom is about to be set up on the earth. The death struggle that is taking place among the nations at this time is only as I said before, the birthpangs of the emerging civilization of God. All the jewish controlled governments of men have failed. They have tried every type of government in the book, and none has brought peace and permanent prosperity. Now there is left only one more government, and that is the jewless Government of Jesus Christ. We are living in God's momentous day when He has been gathering out from every kindred, tongue and people, multitudes which He is bringing into the land of America, and here He is setting up His ensign, and from here He is sending forth the gospel of the Kingdom and the identity of the true Israelites throughout the earth!!!

    (Editors Note:) It is absolutely essential to obtain full understanding of this article to open your Bible and look up each verse listed. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!

    From: National Christian News, Volume 10, Number 3 (1971)
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