• Am I an Israelite?

    Am I an Israelite?
    by Philip D. Le Bus

    We plead with you to ask yourself this question with an open mind, pushing aside all prejudice and do as Almighty God tells all of us Christians to do and, "Come Let Us Reason Together."

    The very first thing we should do is to see according to God's word if you qualify to be a member of this race of people that the Almighty has selected to be His chosen. Going back to the very beginning, after Cain murdered Able, Adam and Eve were given another son Seth to take Abel's place, and thus carry on the Godly side of the human family, while Cain went on to father all the peoples comprising the Un-Godly line. To translate these peoples into the modern day world is a very simple matter. All one has to do is draw up a Balance sheet with the line down the middle. But instead of the customary Debit and Credit at the top we substitute the words Christian on the right side and Anti-Christ on the left. Then the next step is to simply list the nations that belong on the Christian Right Side, or on the Anti-Christ Left Side. By drawing up this simple list tells us a great deal about the Divine Pattern for the human race, plus putting power and proof behind the Christian Israel Message that cannot be disproved no matter how fine an analysis it is put to. In fact the finer the better, this only furnishes more proof of its validity. This list as most of you know will tell you that all these nations consisting of the right side, and Christian side are made up of all the Anglo-Saxon Celtic and Germanic Tribes, and the Anti-Christ nations are made up of basically Asiatic stock that compose all the Un-Godly Nations.

    So you see right down until today, some 6,000 years after the creation of the human family we still have the Godly side, Seth's offspring. and the Ungodly side, the descendents of Cain.

    The next logical thing for you to do is to see where you fit into this picture. If your ancestry is Anglo-Saxon, then you are the Godly side of the Human Tree and are also of the seed of the House of Israel. It is hard to understand why any Anglo-Saxon who upon receiving this Christian Israel Message should be anything but overjoyed at the good news that he is a member of God's chosen race. However some Anglo-Saxon's after receiving this message are apparently not worthy of accepting it so the Almighty blinds them to it. This is not to say that only Anglo-Saxon's are capable of accepting or rejecting this message. Jesus Christ tells us plainly that many will come from the East, West, North and South and will sit down with Abraham, Issaac and Jacob in The Kingdom of God. Note here too, that the Kingdom will be a physical Kingdom right here on the face of the earth, inhabited by the physical Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. By Christ's reference to many coming from East, West, North and South means that many people from all the nations who have truly acepted Christ in their hearts will enter into God's Kingdom no matter what their National Origin or Racial Stock is. On the other hand just because a person is an Anglo-Saxon Israelite is no guarantee that he, or she will gain entrance into God's Kingdom. As you and I know there are many Anglo-Saxons who are far from worthy of ever seeing the Beautiful Kingdom that God has prepared for those that love and serve Him. In fact many of these Anglo-Saxon Israelites have actually turned their backs on God and have proselyted themselves over into the enemy camp and have actively joined sides with the Anti-Christ. The punishment that these blind fools have in store for them in the hands of the Living God is too horrible to imagine.

    Does it make sense to you my friends that Almighty God is going to make his chosen people a Satanic bunch of Asiatic Canaanite Jews, who as St. Paul says in I Thessalonians 2:15 "Killed even the Lord Jesus and the prophets and persecuted us. Furthermore they are not pleasing God, but are against the interests of all men, as they try to hinder us from speaking to the nations that these might be saved, with the result that they always fill up the measure of their sins." Does this sound like a description of God's Chosen PeopleóMay God forbid it. St. Paul confesses himself that while he was a practicing Jew he was carrying on Satan's work when he tells us in Galatians 1:13 "You, of course, heard about my conduct formerly in JUDAISM, that to the point of excess I kept on persecuting the congregation of God and devastating it."

    So awake my Anglo-Saxon Israelite Brothers to your true God Given heritage that Satan's agents have stolen from you. Put on the armor of Christ, (also an Anglo-Saxon) and unite in one gigantic Christian Army to fight against the destruction of Israel through Jew Communist Race-mixing and Integration; and the destruction of Christianity through Jew Communist Atheism.

    From: National Christian News, Volume 3, Number 4 (1965).
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