• Watchmen on the Wall

    Watchmen on the Wall
    by Thelen Paulk

    America has enemies, Who plot her final Fall, But, God commissioned HIS, to stand, As Watchmen on the wall.

    Stand alert, be vigilant, As now the hour is late, The enemy is approaching, He's nigh upon our gate.

    His spies are in out cities, Fifth columns everywhere, Both parties, which they represent, Are Socialism's Tools.

    These agents of the Antichrist, Destroy us even now, Our Nation, Our Identity, GOD'S Truth they can't allow.

    The ten planks of the Marxist plan, In place, where you now live, Have taken numerous Rights from you, That GOD alone can give.

    Sound a Warning in the Streets, Awaken one and all, The Wolves approach, alarm the sheep, As watchmen on the wall!

    Until King JESUS comes again, At the Final Trumpet's call, Do your duty Faithfully, As Watchmen on the Wall!