• Preachers of America

    Preachers of America
    by Thelen Paulk

    Preachers of America, don't you understand, The methods of the wicked, who dominate our land?

    We were a Christian Nation, till some envisioned goal, Enslaved the Christian people, through government control.

    A mass of public servants, were selected for this cause, Enforcing public policies, that violate God's Laws.

    As we watch this evil force, usurping greater power, Will the church remain asleep, until the final hour?

    Preachers of America, speak out against the lies, Of the bureaucratic serpent, before our freedom dies.

    It's not too late to warn your flock, if Jesus is your Lord, Unless the wrath of government, is a price you can't afford.

    The State usurped their GOD-like power, from every church they Bless, With a tax-exempt status, granted by the IRS.

    Is the 1st Amendment filled, with Rights YOU can preserve? Which one; GOD or government, is the master you now serve?

    Preachers of America, before it is too late, Will you put your faith in GOD, and disregard the State?

    Or will you take a federal test, before you seek salvation? And bring your worship license, and your Bible registration?

    When your Sabbath's rationed, by an odd or even day, Don't forget your prayer permit, in case you choose to pray!

    When you're called on judgment day, how will you confess? Did you obey the will of GOD, or of the IRS?