• If Only You'd Have Cared

    If Only You'd Have Cared
    by Thelen Paulk

    I could have seen the sunshine, I could have known the spring. I could have watched the robins fly, I could have heard them sing. I could have smelled the flowers, I could have felt the snow. The things you take for granted, Are things I'll never know.

    You could have heard my laughter, You could have dried my tears. You could have watched me playing, And growing through the years. You could have shown me rainbows, God painted in the sky. You could have held me in your arms, Instead you made me die.

    I might have been your daughter, I might have been your son. I might have learnt to crawl, and stand, And walk, and even run. I might have felt you hug me, As your milk began to fill me. I might have called you 'Momma', But instead you chose to kill me.

    They say "Have an abortion, It is your legal right." They say I'm not a person, I can't put up a fight. They say that I'm not born yet, I haven't drawn a breath. My heart beats in my mother's womb, As they sentence me to death.

    If only you'd have loved me, Like other mothers do. If only you'd have given me, What your mother gave to you. The gift of life, the gift of love, With me you could have shared. I could have seen the sunshine, If only you'd have cared.