• Colonel Mohr Has Finished the Fight

    Colonel Mohr Has Finished the Fight
    by Pete Peters

    It is with sadness we report to our readership the passing of a great faithful and courageous Christian soldier, Lt. Col. Gordon "Jack" Mohr Aus Ret.

    Jack was a great man and had, through the providence of God, greatly influenced my life. In one of his last, if not the last writing to me, not long ago, he indicated he did not think he would be in this world much longer. I responded that according to the Bible Elijah sensed when God would take him prior to his departure—not just Elijah but Elisa, also. I told him that I had a strong sense of his impending departure and that I was praying for him; that if his work was done and if, in fact, he was to become infirm or could no longer do the work he loved doing that God would take him. That was our last communiqué save for a letter that my wife and I wrote him while he was in the hospital.

    I must say I feel very sad and a bit lonely at his departure. I loved him and admired him. People need heroes and the enemy has taken Godly heroes from our young people though we still have those many heroes of the Bible. To me, Col. Jack Mohr was of the caliber of hero as those Bible heroes; and, he was my hero. He was a military man and though having retired from the military with honors (he was decorated in WWII and was one of the most highly decorated soldiers in the Korean War) he never retired from the Lord's Army. He was a faithful fighting Christian soldier right up to the end.

    Toward the end of his military career as a Christian soldier he could not, due to age and failing health, travel to speak but would speak on the radio with me from time to time. He spoke at our last gathering in Little Rock, Arkansas, October 20, 2002. I saw him last on May 20, 2003, just prior to our Branson, Missouri, meeting and knew at the time it would be the last time I would see him. Even then, though he had just returned from a hospital stay and was having trouble walking, he was pounding away on his word processor writing his next Watchman on the Wall Intelligence Newsletter and ministering, through the mail, to the many who he loved and cared for.

    Picture a soldier being carried out of a battle on a stretcher, propped up on one elbow, firing his army .45 towards the enemy line and you have pictured Col. Mohr as he left this world. Even while confined to his hospital bed, he urged his son to get out his latest mailing. It was entitled "From the Watchman's Corner, June 2003, Holocaust Education in American Schools." On the cover is a picture of a helpless school child being forced to wear a six-pointed star and re-enact the so-called Holocaust.

    Col. Mohr did not call the anti-Christ Jews God's chosen people and would often say that his grandfather had taught him, while raising corn on the farm, that if one was going to be for corn he must also be against weeds; unlike the Baptist he once was he did not call the Jews God's chosen people but the anti-Christ that they are.

    We did a tribute in memory to Col. Mohr on our radio broadcast on July 22, 2003, in which we played many sound bits of Jack telling his story. I told the story of how God used him to give me my first baptism of fire in the Jew media. That broadcast is available to our supporters free of charge. I've put in this newsletter the photo taken of Jack, Pastor and Mary Alice Jones, and myself taken the last time we were all together. I love Jack and shall miss him very much.

    He was loved by many and will be missed by many. Ralph Forbes, who was one of his many friends, wrote a fine tribute to him at his website.

    We salute you, Jack, a true Christian soldier, and know that you are indeed an old soldier who will never die. John 11:25-26—"Jesus said to her 'I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in Me shall live even if he dies, and everyone who lives and believes in Me shall never die'." (NAS).
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