• Jewish Christianity vs. Kingdom Identity

    Jewish Christianity vs. Kingdom Identity
    by James F. Rea

    Saving souls is their business. Yes, today the organized "Christian" churches, just about all of them, Catholic and Protestant are running money-making businesses. They have made merchandise out of the word of God. That is why we refer to them as jewish Christianity. Under jewish influence, stressing greed and affluence, the churches have been a totally money-oriented entity.

    Saving souls is given a pious title of personal salvation. Salvation from what? Why from your sinful nature! Your preacher or priest is a trained expert in salvation. They are trained in jewish psychology in their jew-run seminaries and learn the art of instilling guilt complexes on a mass basis. These poor, unsuspecting sheep march into the church trusting the so-called ministers but they hear little of the good news of the gospel but, rather, they get massive doses of how sinful they are and how their evil nature is going to send them straight to hell. After 20 minutes of this harangue, they feel deep guilt and embarrassment and yearn for some magic miracle to alleviate them from all this. Then these bunco artists with the backward collars turn on the charm and say something like "pray with me," ask God's forgiveness for all these terrible wrongs you are committing. For those with the very terrible sin track record, come to Wednesday night Bible study or do a novena or some other extra duty to get you back in the church, close to the collection plate.

    You see, once the guilt complex has been firmly fixed in place because of the jewish concept that money fixes everything and with a little well-turned pleading by the minister when the collection plate passes, they dig deeper and the con game is complete. They literally buy their salvation, they think!

    Twentieth century techniques of fleecing the believers differs not from the days of Christ when he whipped the money changers from the steps of the temple and proclaimed that His Father's house had become a den of thieves. Nor is it any different from the 15th century sale of indulgences when the Pope granted special dispensations to rich sinners for a price. The concept is exactly the same—salvation for sale, money in exchange for the absolvement of sin. Sure they dress it up by making the sinner say some extra prayers, lighting a candle, or sprinkling some holy water or burning some incense, but even all these special incantations play a role in the con game because they create the illusion that God is much closer and will take a special interest in you, provided, of course, that the collection plate has been amply exercised.

    Dr. Wesley Swift referred to all of this as priest-craft and totally un-Biblical. The simple truth is that when you search the scriptures there is almost zero attention paid to personal salvation. Jesus Christ deliberately set the example of a spartan existence and rarely stressed the aspect of money with respect to the ministry.

    His primary mission was redemption and salvation of the Israel nation and establishment of the kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. He stressed the identity of the people of God-Israel. He stated repeatedly that he came to them and them alone. "I come not to the world but to the lost sheep of the house of Israel." Israel is not jewish but is the White Christian people of Europe and America.

    The Aryan Nation Church of Jesus Christ Christian Identity movement has separated itself and its members from jewish Christianity. We constantly stress the kingdom identity message. We try to emulate the ministry of Christ and we receive the same kind of abuse that he received. He said that he who carries on the word in my name will suffer abuse as I did. We know the meaning of jewish abuse and vitriolic hatred!

    You see, if your ministers had any guts they would be leading the fight against the enemies of God, the jews, instead of preaching "for filthy lucre's sake." These ministers literally turn from God to receive a mess of jewish pottage in exchange. Remember, if you are not abused and hated by the enemies of God, you are not doing the work of God! Today because of weak-kneed, lying preachers, the white Christian people are shackled and in bondage. Their creative industrious gifts from God are stifled. This great people, the only people with inherent divine power are thwarted from exercising that power by jewish Lilliputians with the help of apostate ministers.

    No power on earth, including the mongol Russian or the Chinese, would be any threat whatsoever to us if the shackles of enslavement were removed and we were once again truly free. Such an emancipation would release the most powerful force in the universe, the creative instinct and capacity of His holy people on earth! Shields against any Russian thermonuclear attack would be erected immediately. Counter-weapons orders of greater magnitude would be rapidly deployed. Practically overnight the threat of annihilation would be removed. It must be understood that all power is within our race as a godly-bestowed extension of His power. Because of jewish stealth as trickery, this power has been diverted to the jew's use and for his attempt to control the earth.

    Thus, the power meant for our purposes and utilisation is not working for us. Our Polish cousins today exhibit the loss of power and the effect of turning that power over to our enemies. The Poles are slaves on their own land. We in America, because of ministerial-induced cowardice, continue to give power to our jewish enemy and contribute nothing to help our white Christian brothers in Poland and in all eastern Europe. Remember in 1945, under powerful jewish influence, all these people of our race were put in bondage with the support of the clergy.

    Aryan Nations offers a better idea. We demand a territorial imperative: A true state for our racial nation, one with all jewish shackles and snares removed. We fight for truth no matter how many phony ministers lose their cushy jobs. Jesus said "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free."

    We hereby declare war on the jewish-inspired, brainwashed clergy of the apostate church. We urge all their congregations to pick up and get out of these dens of jewish iniquity. You are being lied to and fleeced out of your hard-earned sustenance.

    Awake, Aryan, awake and be clothed in your strength! Embrace the Christ's New Order whose time has arrived. The kingdom identity cause is the true wave of the future. Become part of this adventure and partake of helping to make it happen. God's blessings were never more manifest or thrilling to behold.

    From: Calling Our Nation, Number 22 (1981).
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