• Idaho's Greatest Son—A Klansman

    Idaho's Greatest Son—A Klansman
    by James F. Rea

    The Ku Klux Klan has had in its ranks some of the finest patriots ever produced in America. The examples such as Gutzon Borglum should serve as evidence to disprove Jewish lies and distortions about this great organization and its members. Vitriolic hatred and smears put out by the Jewish-liberal press continually are attempts to destroy patriotism and nationalism.

    Recently the Jews attempted to destroy the memory of Gutzom Borglum creator of Mount Rushmore. This man is probably the greatest sculptor the world has ever known. Borglum was a member of the National Executive Board of the Klan's "Imperial Kloncilium." Borglum was deeply patriotic and was commissioned by many cities and states to enshrine national heroes and epochs either in bronze or stone.

    Nothing could subdue this man's patriotic fervor. He carved whole mountains to preserve for antiquity the greatness that was America. The peak of his career is Mount Rushmore, located in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. Here he carved in a mountainside gigantic facial portraits of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and his personal friend, Teddy Roosevelt. These great sculptured faces are 60 to 75 feet high. This man, a gift from God to this country, gave us stone memorials of our great heritage, which millions of years from now will stand as a permanent record of the great achievements of the noble Aryan Race, long after the Jewish lies printed on cheap paper are ground to dust!

    All of Borglum's works had a deep patriotic significance. Some of his contributions to our American heritage include:
    1) A number of life-size, bronze statues commemorating General Sheridan's famous ride from Winchester, Virginia, to rouse his men who had been routed at Cedar Creek, to inspire them to fight again. This famous statue is on display in Washington, D.C. and many other cities in America. 2) Many original, colossal heads of Lincoln created by Borglum are displayed all over America done in bronze or stone. The most famous one is on display in Washington, D.C. It is chiselled out of a three-foot square of Greek Pantillo marble, almost perfectly white. William Allen White, the great Christian newspaperman praised this work as the "Most marvelous piece of sculpture ever done in America." 3) In 1911 Borglum created Lincoln Sitting on a Park Bench, which is on display in Newark, New Jersey. For years this wonderful replica has been a favorite of children. Ross Allen, president of the Security Bank of New York exclaimed, "Only the heartbeat and breath of life is lacking in your Lincoln." 4) Helen C. Plane, president of the Daughters of the Confederacy, contacted Borglum in 1915. She wanted him to do a head of Robert E. Lee on Stone Mountain, Georgia. Borglum was escorted to this unique place and there he met that grand old Klan family, the Venables. Sam Venable and Borglum struck an immediate friendship. Sam's passion was a memorial to the Confederacy. As he talked to Borglum, who was staring at the great mountain edifice, he began to relay the valor and courage of the men who fought for what they believed in. Borglum, in true artistic insight, became inspired with what later became The Memorial to the Confederacy. Borglum became closely acquainted with the whole Venable family—Mother Venable, sisters Leila and Elizabeth, their husbands and children. While he worked, Borglum stayed at their home, "Mount Rest." Borglum's plan for the memorial was a procession of Confederate soldiers both on foot and horseback, some with guns. Robert E. Lee, "Stonewall" Jackson, and Jefferson Davis were to be in the center. To one side were to be hosts of Confederate infantry. Borglum required the whole mountainside for what he envisioned. Venable donated the entire mountainside to the Daughters of the Confederacy, and the work was begun. Interruptions such as WWI, monetary shortages, etc. continually delayed this project. The memorial was eventually completed by Borglum's son. 5) In 1925 preliminary plans for Rushmore were prepared by Borglum. Through bureaucracy red tape, the 1929 crash, and spanning three presidents, with fanatical dedication in 1933, he completed the now famous Mount Rushmore Memorial. In the words of a close friend and associate, Mr. Ralph Lum, "It would be impossible for me to express the gratitude to God for this memorial to the people who founded this Republic and gave a new freedom to the world. Borglum's own words are even more moving; he said, "If I can memorialize for the ages a tiny bit of America's greatness by carving four of her greatest leaders who contributed so much, then I will have contributed something of value to the affairs of men. Nothing but the hand of God could have stopped me from completing this work." At the Black Hills dedication dignitaries from all over the world came to share in the ceremonies with the great Klan patriot Gutzon Borglum and his creaton Mount Rushmore. Daniel Beard, the beloved National Boy Scout Commissioner, was represented by Borglum. With 2000 Boy Scouts in the throng he dedicated the grand monument to America's young people, telling them that every young man should want to add something worthwhile to our national life. After that, ex-President, Calvin Coolidge complimented Borglum as having been a real inspiration to these boys.
    The great Klansman Sculptor Gutzon Borglum and the others he worked with represent the real greatness of America. Jewish liars and communists try to destroy the contributions of such as Borglum, Venable, Mrs. Platte, Teddy Roosevelt, Sidney Lanier, Charles B. Aycock, Alexander Stephans, Wilbur and Orville Wright, John Greenway, Major Gordon (Pawnee Bill) Lillie, and others too numerous to mention, who were all associates of Gutzon Borglum. Only time, wind, and weather will eventually erode Rushmore; no Jewish conspiracy ever will.

    Helen Keller, when she met him exclaimed, "Meeting you—is like a visit from the Gods!—In your statue of Thomas Paine you are preaching anew the liberty that shall reshape civilization."

    The American Klansman Gutzon Borglum died March 6, 1941. His memorial in Forest Lawn reads:
    "His birthplace was Idaho. California first taught him art. France gave him fame. England welcomed him. America called him home. His genius for the exquisite and for the colossal gave permanance to figures of legend and history. Nations, cities, and universities paid him tribute. As a Patriot he stripped corruption bare. As a statesman he toiled for the rights of man. At last he carved a mountainside. He made those mountains chant: "REMEMBER! THESE GIANT SOULS SET AMERICA FREE; HOLD FAST YOUR SACRED HERITAGE, AMERICANS!! REMEMBER! REMEMBER!"
    What could be more moving? Our Aryan Nation will be like Borglum's Mount Rushmore. Our descendants will know us through his divinely inspired hands.


    From: Calling Our Nation, Number 30 (1982).