• Born Again Fable

    Born Again Fable
    by Jim Rea

    The most often and obvious deliberate distortion of the Scriptures is the BORN AGAIN interpretation. All three presidential candidates describe themselves as "born again" Christians. Leading evangelists such as Billy Graham and Jerry Falwell use "born again" in their sermons.

    The born again error leads to an entirely erroneous theology which is the underlying basis of the equality dogma supporting un-Biblical concepts of integration, intermarriage, and modified immigration bringing in Asiatic aliens by the millions, ultimately changing the face of America and Western Europe from White Aryan to Mulatto.

    Yes, the born again misinterpretation is converting millions of otherwise proud White men to race-mixing cowards and idiots. We Lay this obvious lie at the feet of the Protestant and Christian clergy! Their crime is a blatant violation of God's Law and a total contradiction of nature.

    The Bible's verses commonly used are St. John 3:7 and St. John 3:3. The references to John clearly are wrong! John, in both verses, says you must be born first from ABOVE and then from the Water to enter the Kingdom of God. How the verse twisters can get "again" from the word "above" is incredible and is a blatant alteration of the meaning of the word of God.

    Jesus further clarified in verse 6 what is born of flesh (water) is flesh and what is born of Spirit is Spirit.

    The honest intent of these scriptural passages is to establish the immutable fact that there is a deep and profound difference between beings here on earth. Those who have the Holy Spirit having been first born in the heavens and then of the water are a special peopleóGod's own begotten offspring here on earth, the descendants of Adam.

    No matter how many times a negro, jew or Asiatic professes to be born again, the exercise is useless as these people are not Spirit of His Spirit and cannot ascend to the Father after death.

    A White Aryan descendant of Adam who accepts Jesus as his personal saviour and thus thinks he is born again is engaging, also, in an exercise of futility. He is already twice born, as Paul states, "To be absent from this body is to be present with Yahweh."

    The "born again" distortion is a twisted attempt to eliminate racism from the Bible. We submit that the Bible is a racist documentation.

    God forbids race mixing, racial intermarriage, and all forms of integration (Deuteronomy 7:1-6). Anyone who tries to say otherwise is a liar and against Christ and in fact is anti-Christ!

    If they want to believe otherwise, they ought to start a new religion and call it something other than Christian.

    From: Calling Our Nation, Numbers 19-20 (1980).