• An Appeal

    An Appeal
    To John Birch Society Members, Secular Conservatives, and 'Play-it-safe Patriots'

    by Jim Rea

    Should the reader be of any of the above persuasions or take positions relatively close to those listed, then this column is directed towards you. Having been in your ranks up to the level of Section Leader, this writer knows somewhat of what he speaks.

    There are many well-meaning sincere, hard-working people among you. You are loyal, patriotic, naturally decent people. You have read a great deal of history of this Republic. You have supported with energy, time and money a myriad of so-called 'Right Wing' causes, programs and politicians. You endure scorn and ridicule from friends, relatives, employers and your political opposites.

    Many of you have fought the good fight for years. In the twenty years that the J.B.S. has been in existence, no one can deny the relentless swing leftward this country has moved. It seems that the forces behind the international socialistic world corruption are unstoppable.

    Do your continuous losses and defects suggest that there is something lacking in your strategy? Does the fact that America is now spearheading the Communization of the world lead you to believe that something that should have been done was either blundered or never got started? Do you ever face yourself and ask the question what am I doing and what could I be doing???

    This writer would like to suggest some answers to you and I ask that you critically examine them and not react with emotion. After all, Mr. Welch calls the Society an educational organization. He, furthermore, is very critical of the American people because they are uninformed and should realize, they are being subjected to thought control by a controlled press.

    As you have probably already noted we are a racist publication. Aryan Nations is our mission to our fellow white, Caucasian race; we beg your attention and indulgence.

    You, the reader, are undoubtedly a white man or woman. Secretly, down in your heart, you're very glad to be white. Because of thought control, a psychological conditioning, you get a creepy feeling and a guilt complex about your white countenance and, thus, it is a subject you don't discuss in polite company, at work, or loud enough so that people at the next table could overhear you. Honestly, isn't being a white man, or a discussion of white rights, something you whisper about or avoid altogether?

    If you have children and they innocently bring up the subject of race, don't you find yourself giving them a lecture on how there is no difference between them and a negro and how terrible the white man was to enslave them and exploit them?

    When the controlled TV beams Roots into your home and runs the white man down continuously, depicting him as a depraved, mental case, how do you rationalize to yourself and your loved ones the fact that you are a descendant of the white villains? Does it add to your feelings of guilt and make you even more ashamed of being white?

    What we have attempted to establish in this thesis is that there is a powerful force dedicated to destroy white, western civilization. The key adjectives in this sentence are 'white' and 'Christian.' All of the battles on the economic, political and ideological front pale into insignificance compared to the warfare being implemented to defeat the White Christian man.

    The battle is 'Race.' It is blood against blood. We quote Genesis 3:15 where God told the serpent He would put eternal enmity between "thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed." This is not the doing of Aryan Nations, it is the doing of God. We merely recognize it and observe how it fits today's world conflict.

    We ask that you read subsequent copies of our newspaper—join, our mission. You are welcome and should be part of our family. White Christian civilization is the only viable civilization on the face of the earth. We have given the dark races on the earth the only civilization they have ever known. Satan's seed, through Cain, known as Jews today, are against us. To fail to recognize this is personal and racial suicide. No matter how uncomfortable it is for you, what we have said herein is true. You have to get used to the idea. We wish we knew an easy, miraculous cure for the malady of guilt afflicting the white man. You are innocent, I am innocent. We are all innocent of the so-called crimes we have allegedly committed. Because my ancestors were industrious, creative and brave, they succeeded. This success has been passed on to us. I am proud of them. They did a good job and I'll be damned if I am going to help a bunch of sleazy Jews to take it all away from us and our children. God bless you.

    From: Calling Our Nation, Number 21 (1981).