• Your Identity

    Your Identity
    by Thom Arthur Robb

    Who would ever argue that identity is unimportant when seeking to bring a fugitive to justice? Surely the innocent party that was brought to trial in place of the real culprit, would be the first to declare identity is very important. Of course, those to whom the crime was committed against would be equally concerned. They, you see, would not want just anybody to stand trial but rather the real offender. Then of course, the law officers and the general public would want to be sure that a criminal is not running loose while an innocent party is imprisoned, all as a result of mistaken identity. Yes, identity is very important! Of course, mistaken identity can work in another way also. As an example, let us suppose that a very wealthy man has died and left an inheritance to his son who has not been seen in many years. Would it be justice for just anyone to receive the inheritance? No! of course not. It must be given to the rightful party. Let us suppose even further, that the rightful heir not only did not receive the inheritance, but it was in fact, given to the most vile and hateful enemy of the heir. That surely would be a shame and a cruel slap in the face to the benefactor. Identity is very important! Mistaken identity must not be allowed to exist. Exist, did I say exist? Sure I did, and exist it does!

    You must agree that proper identification is vitally important. If you do agree (and surely you must) that the two examples cited above are important, then you must (to be true to yourself) agree that the very real, exciting and historical case below is likewise equally important. When seeking to make proper identification of an individual or group of individuals the proper evidence most be presented and a decision must be based upon them. Your own personal whims and fantasies must be overlooked. In fact, even if one party should loudly proclaim that he is the rightful heir, you must examine his credentials to see if he might in fact be an imposter seeking the honor, glory and prestige that belongs to the heir, and not to him. Would you be shocked to know that you are the heir of the wealthy man and an imposter stands in your place? It's true! Your inheritance is a very real physical and a very real spiritual possession. But you are not possessing it in the manner as you really should. Another seeks to claim your inheritance.

    The inheritance, in this discussion is not so important, as to who, the inheritor is. Not until the inheritor recognizes his position can he ever claim that which is rightfully his. So let's take a very brief look at the identification marks of the inheritor, but first his name. This name is not of a single individual, but rather the name of a race of people. The Bible calls them the Children of Israel, they are God's chosen people, called to perform His work in the earth. But who are they today? That question my friend, is what we are about to answer. This inheritance that was given to Israel was first stated to Abraham, and in God's statement to Abraham (also called Abram) the father of the Israelites, God said that they (the Israelites) would become many nations. (Gen. 17:4.) Not just a few, but in fact a multitude of nations. It should not be difficult to find what people this refers to today. In the Bible they were called Israelites, but today they are known as the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic and kindred people of Europe of whom we are descended. These same Anglo-Saxon and kindred people are indeed a multitude of nations today. The list is seemingly endless. The Israel people make up a vast array of nations in the world. Naming a few we have England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Iceland, Greenland, Belgium, Republic of South Africa, United States, Canada with of course many, many more. In fact England could boast that the sun never sets upon her possessions. If this were the only clue we had to properly identify the Israel people of God, one could readily say that the Negro also makes up many nations or the Oriental. While this may be true, let the Negro, Jew or any other people other than the white race fill all the requirements needed to be properly identified as God's elect. This people, the Israelites, were also to possess the gates of her enemies. (Gen. 22:17.) Who, may I ask, control the watergates of the earth, such as the English Channel, Panama Canal, Ceylon, Falkland Islands, etc. We have lost possession of some of these "gates" in recent years, yet this too is an identification mark, for the Scriptures says, in the last days the power of the Holy people would be broken. We need not stop here in this array of evidence to identify the people of the Almighty. II Sam. 7:10 states that God was going to appoint another place (other than Canaan) as a dwelling- place for His people Israel. So this place where Israel was to dwell in the last days was to be another land other than Palestine. (Historical and scriptural evidence shows this to be the United States.) Yet we need not even stop here. Israel was to have a King or Queen who would be of the family of David that was to occupy the throne of Israel until the return of Christ to establish His Kingdom. (Gen. 49:10.) This Kingship Covenant in which God told David there would always be a descendant of his to sit upon the throne, was to endure as long as the moon and the sun remained in the heavens. Queen Elizabeth, is the Israel ruler that is today sitting upon the throne of David. Her genealogy can and has been traced back to King David of ancient Israel.

    We could continue, but one more will suffice in this short treatise into the identification of your race. Queen Elizabeth, who is a descendant of David, sits as ruler of the British people which makes up the main branch of the Israel people. But did you know that the word "British" comes from two Hebrew words, they are "Beriyth" pronounce "ber-eeth" meaning "covenant" and "iysh" pronounced "eesh" meaning "Man, men or people." In other words the Hebrew "Beriyth-iysh" is today simply "British" meaning "Covenant people," the very same covenant people of God called Israel in the Bible.

    I realize that this has been but a brief insight into the proper identity of your race. The white race is most definitely Israel, the people of God. They are the only people who fulfill all of the evidence stated above, and they are the only people who fulfill all the evidence that we have not covered. It is our desire that you will no longer be spiritually darkened by mistaken identity, for identity is very important. After all it is YOUR IDENTITY.

    From: Message of Old, Volume 6, Number 7 [1974].
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