• If I Were President

    If I Were President
    by Gerald L. K. Smith

    1. I would recognize the true racial traditions of our people. In campaigning for the Presidency, I would encourage every human being, regardless of his race, creed or color to believe that he was entitled to the maximum of wealth, happiness and opportunity guaranteed under our Constitution; but I would remind every citizen that the reason America is so great, so rich, and so creative is because her tradition is the tradition of the white man. This is not something for which to boast. It is something for which to be grateful. It isn't a conviction to be used for the purposes of enslavement or oppression; but it is a conviction which should inspire us to preserve the strength and the genius which has come only from the white race. To the black man, we should say: "If you doubt our judgment in this matter, contrast our background with yours. Do you want the future environment of America to be determined by the traditions of dark Africa, or by the refinements and attributes of the civilization which characterize our forebears?

    2. I would approach my responsibilities to high office in the knowledge that the dynamic of this civilization and the tradition of this Nation is fundamentally Christian. This conviction would not imply hatred or scorn for the unbeliever, the Jew, the pagan, or the indifferent. Every one of these are entitled to the liberties guaranteed under the Constitution, but as President of the United States, I would lift up the name of Jesus Christ and I would plant the Cross beside the flag, both figuratively and literally. Intelligent observers know that in recent years the name of Christ has been "outlawed" by an unwritten law among politicians and public officials. A President being inaugurated, or a Governor accepting his high office, is permitted to use the word God, but never the name of Christ—or Christian. If by a slip of the tongue he gives mild and passing honor to our Lord Jesus Christ, he is immediately viewed with suspicion by the professional Jews who are determined that no tax-supported official shall be permitted to give public honor in relationship to his official duties to the name of Jesus Christ. Occasionally there is a violation of this rule by a limited number of clergymen who are called on to pray in political meetings and at Government functions. The Bible is opened to a text in the Old Testament when our President is inaugurated, because no risk must be run that might offend the professional Jew who shudders with contempt when the name of Jesus Christ is mentioned. If I were to become President of the United States, I would insist that at the inauguration ceremony the Bible be opened to Peter's confession as recorded in Mark 8:29: "Thou art the Christ."

    I would avoid in this address anything that sounded sanctimonious and self-righteous, but it is my firm conviction that America will rise or fall based upon its attitude toward Christ.

    I favor continued complete separation of church and state. If any public official or citizen as a result of his personal conviction prefers to omit any reference to his Lord, that is his Constitutional privilege, but the situation we face in America today is not of that sort. Thousands of men coming to high office are Christian believers in their personal life. They attend church. They are raising their families in the Church, but when they come to positions of high authority they deny their Lord by refusing to give Him honor and by refusing to mention His name "for fear of the Jews."

    3. I would insist that the unexplained and mysterious events of the past 25 years in relationship to our Government be faced without fear or favor. Some time back I prepared a handbook which deals with the great unanswered questions. Among these unanswered questions were listed the following: 1) Why was General Douglas MacArthur removed from his command? 2) Who is the mysterious Anna M. Rosenberg? 3) Who persuaded Franklin Roosevelt to recognize Communist Russia against the advice of all Intelligence agencies? 4) What is the mystery in the Morgenthau Diaries? 5) Who is protecting Alger Hiss from further questioning? 6) Is there a super-secret apparatus within the United States Government? 7) Who engineered the transfer of atomic-hydrogen bomb secrets from the United States to Russia? 8) What is the real unpublicized purpose of the United Nations? 9) Why have the greatest Generals and Admirals, who were engaged in the Korean conflict, been ignored? 10) What is the mystery behind the appearance in America of phenomenal quantities of currency? 11) What happened to General Lawton? 12) Why is official Jewry unanimously on one side? 13) If General Mark Clark was correct when he said that he received mysterious orders while in the Far East, signed by high officials in Washington, only to be told by those same high officials that they did not sign these orders which helped to effect defeat—if General Clark's report is correct, why have we not been told the truth concerning these forgeries? 14) Who are the master-minds of appeasement and co-existence? 15) Why have we permitted the Communists to break their Armistice agreement in Korea? 16) Who initiated the conspiracy against McCarthy? 17) Why does the death of General Patton and his relatives remain a mystery? 18) What is behind the new national policy of cowardice? 19) Is Harry Dexter White (Weis) dead or alive? 20) Who was responsible for permitting spies, posing as British agents, to see our most deadly military and diplomatic secrets in Washington? 21) What organization is in a deliberate campaign to eliminate the name of Jesus Christ in relationship to all public institutions, including the removal of crosses in military cemeteries? Is there an organized campaign by pro-Communists and appeasers to capture the influence of organized church denominations? 22) Who is responsible for our squandering one billion dollars on Tito in Yugoslavia? 23) What powerful organizations are raising millions of dollars to be used in what they call the quarantine treatment of patriots—patriots who are intelligent enough and brave enough to try to get the answers to these questions out to the people? 24) Is it true that the same undercover elements that kidnapped the Democratic Party have now kidnapped the Republican Party, to the end that traditional Democrats and traditional Republicans are both outside the area of effective leadership? 25) What force has power to determine what the American people shall and shall not know concerning their affairs? 26) Why the mania to break down racial self-respect and degenerate the purity of the white race by a program of mongrelization—integration? 27) Who is engineering the campaign to destroy the original and full purpose of the Declaration of Independence? 28) Why are millions of dollars being spent by lobbyists and propagandists to break down our immigration barriers and flood the Nation with aliens? 29) Why did President Eisenhower send a message of congratulations to the Kremlin on the most recent anniversary of the bloody Red Revolution? 30) Why have the American people never been told the true story about the millions of Russian refugees that were rounded up in Europe after World War II and returned forcibly to slave labor, torture and death? 31) What is the explanation for the fact that every chairman of every Congressional Committee that has really investigated and exposed Communism has been smeared, persecuted, threatened with death, and held up to ridicule by the most prominent newspaper and ether-wave commentators? 32) What about the treasonable secrecy at Yalta? 33) What is the truth behind the General George Marshall mystery?

    I would go on radio and television and I would give satisfactory explanation of all matters that had heretofore been scientifically and purposely hidden from the people. Wherever there was no satisfactory information available I would release the proper law enforcement officials, to the end that the manipulators of deceitful chicaneries be exposed and brought to justice.

    4. I would call on the Congress of the United States to resume its rightful position of authority as provided for in the Constitution. In recent years the Executive Department of our Government has built up terrific bureaucracies. These bureaucracies are manned and directed by full-time bureaucrats who draw on the Treasury of the United States almost without limit. They are surrounded by hundreds and thousands of expensive helpers, and the combination has resulted in a government of the bureaucrats by the bureaucrats and for the bureaucrats.

    Strange as it may seem, the members of Congress are the most impoverished section of our Government. Recently they have been given some increases in personal salaries, but that constitutes the smallest part of the problem. They lack research help. They lack access to facts necessary to fulfill their representative responsibility. Thus, when they come in conflict with a bureaucrat who is likely to be only concerned with his own job and his own budget, they are overwhelmed. The result is that the decisions are usually made in favor of the bureaucrat instead of the elected representative of the people.

    5. I would call on Congress and the various States to establish by Constitutional amendment whatever regulation was necessary to maintain our racial traditions and outlaw mongrelization. I would ask that it be made a criminal offense for blacks and whites to intermarry. In expressing my convictions concerning this matter, I would do so as a Christian man with no hate in his heart whatsoever. I would call on America to respect the tradition of nature as originally set in motion by God Almighty. I would call attention to the fact that the separation of the races of color from the white race was not a modern invention of the 20th Century fanatic, but was established by God Almighty in the unique arrangements by which the races were made separate in the beginning. I would not deny the Negro his opportunity to work and improve his situation, and I would suggest that he be encouraged as long as he made no attempt to cross the color line as it involved marriage and reproduction. I would advocate segregation in the school system, and I would advocate that public sentiment, as well as laws of the land, forbid all forms of social intermixture. I would advocate that these gestures be made in the spirit of compassion and Christian love, and I would not brand an exponent of these constructive policies as a hatemonger any more than I would brand a farmer a hatemonger because he chose to raise pure-bred stock rather than cross-bred mongrels. I would point out that the people who have exercised demagoguery in exciting the Negro vote were the real hatemongers. I would point out that they are the ones who are creating and bad blood between the races.

    6. I would give all the moral support at my command to the great McCarran-Walter Immigration Act. This act has grown out of the hearts of the American people in their determination to preserve the racial traditions of our Nation. It restricts immigration in such a way as to protect America against criminals and conspirators. It recognizes the fact that Nordic nations and the Anglo-Saxon nations have furnished the foundation structure of our population. This Act is a magnificent protection against the threat of a flood of immigration which could destroy America without the firing of a shot. The Act was passed and it has survived in spite of the opposition of Roosevelt, Truman and Eisenhower. The most aggressive opponents of the Act are the organized professional Jews. They have vowed to destroy it, and under the leadership of their spokesmen they have declared time and again that the McCarran Immigration Act must go. Those of us who believe vigorously in the rich traditions of America are equally as determined that it must remain.

    7. I would urge the Congress of the United States in harmony with an awakened public to return to the governments of the 48 states all the functions that have been usurped by the over-ambitious bureaucracies during the terms of office of Roosevelt, Truman and Eisenhower. I would go to the American people via the press, radio and television and enlighten them concerning the responsibilities of the states in relationship to the responsibility of the United States Government.

    8. I would drive the money-changers out of the 'Temple'. We have been enslaved by usury. We have involved ourselves in debt for an amount twice the value of all our property. We pay to the money-changers each year $15,000,000,000.00 (fifteen billion dollars) in interest. This is the equivalent to the assessed valuation of all our real estate and real property every ten years. Some hold the conviction that Abraham Lincoln was slain not at the instigation of the South, but at the instigation of the money-changers who feared the monetary philosophy of Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln, it will be remembered, issued currency in harmony with the Constitution of the United States and free from the tribute such as we now pay to the money-changers via the Federal Reserve Bank. Why should we out of our blood, sweat and tears pay tribute to the usurers when the very money that they loan us by their trick manipulations is underwritten by the credit and the substance of the United States Government? Recently President Eisenhower recommended a $25,000,000,000.00 road-building program to be financed by usurious bonds. Fortunately this bill was defeated, but if it had passed the interest rates would have been such that by the time the bonds had been retired we would have paid in interest another $25,000,000,000.00. This usurious technique for financing public projects has become virtually the law of the land whether it has to do with a municipality or the Federal Government. We are being eaten up with the collectors of interest, and the whole matter being manipulated by the same sort of people whom Jesus whipped out of the Temple when He said: "Ye shall not make of my Father's house a den of thieves."

    9. I would revive the term "America First", and I would encourage every intelligent patriotic soldier in a position of authority to give first consideration to America's defense. I would recognize the fact that President Monroe was right when he expressed his doctrine in relationship to our Western Hemisphere neighbors. I would discourage any letting of blood to satisfy the century-old factions of the old world. I am no pacifist. I do not believe that there is any substitute for a strong, vigorous national defense. As President of the United States I would have access to the great intelligence secrets concerning world affairs, and if I became convinced that the atom-hydrogen bomb was available to all our friends and foes, then I would assume that as a matter of intelligent self-interest any nation would avoid using this deadly instrument of annihilation. This mutual fear of the atom and hydrogen bombs re-emphasizes the importance of conventional equipment for the protection of our nation, and I would insist that we maintain a defense in harmony with the best intelligence of the most patriotic students of world affairs.

    10. I would remove from every government job and office under my appointment every traitor and every individual who had even the smell of treason upon him. I would not deny him any of his Constitutional liberties except as they were denied by due process of law, but I would insist that every department has the authority to remove any individual unwise enough to fraternize with traitors.

    11. I would ask for the abolition of Civil Service. The principle of Civil Service was originally intended to protect America from the spoils system of political preference. It has degenerated into a "feather bed" racket in government which makes it virtually impossible for a President to assume his responsibilities and to take responsibility. People cannot be fired from Government office without long and laborious hearings. I believe when a new Administration goes into the Government that the Party in power should assume responsibility for everything that goes on in every office and in every department, and I believe that if the Party wants to remove the most insignificant jobholder in the most insignificant spot, he should have the authority and the responsibility of doing so, if necessary. When the Truman regime was defeated, the same jobholders moved over into the Eisenhower organization, and instead of the Republicans coming to power the bureaucrats which had been frozen in office by Roosevelt and Truman continued to manipulate with very little interference and with practically no turn-over.

    12. I would encourage the exposure of treason and the symptoms of treason. I would give full cooperation to such committees as the so-called McCarthy Committee and the Un-American Activities Committee of the House of Representatives. Strange enough, these committees which have been headed in recent years by men of patriotism and courage have almost without exception been smeared, discouraged and sabotaged by the President of the United States whether that President happened to be Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman or Dwight David Eisenhower. In fact, it is my opinion that McCarthy made as much headway, if not more, during the Presidential term of Truman than he did when Eisenhower came to office. Nothing in American history has been more vicious than what the White House, under Eisenhower, attempted to do and did do to Senator McCarthy. What happened to his key witness General Lawton is still one of the real unsolved mysteries of this generation.

    13. I would deliver a special address concerning the treasonable potentialities and the diabolical qualities of the United Nations and its affiliated auxiliaries, including UNESCO.

    14. I would call on the Congress of the United States to investigate and expose all privately financed "OGPU" organizations, seeking to coerce and intimidate private citizens. I would dwell on the activities of the Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai B'rith. This is a powerful Jewish investigative agency which specializes in smearing and sabotaging the activities of patriots. Recently a group of citizens in New Orleans, Louisiana revealed that this Anti-Defamation League was planting literature in the school system which was enigmatic to the best welfare of their patriotic citizenry and the environment of the school children. The Board of Education accepted the recommendation of these patriotic citizens and the ADL propaganda was thrown out. At the very moment that this address was being reproduced in print, the Jewish Anti-Defamation League with unlimited sums of money was releasing upon the patriots of New Orleans a campaign of persecution and abuse which they alone know how to put into motion.

    15. I would call on the people of the United States to support their Congress in the repeal of the income tax by a new Constitutional amendment that would re-establish the free enterprise that we had in the United States before the days of Baruch and Wilson. I would advocate the substitution of a manufacturers sales tax. This would put an end to income tax reports and all of those coercive methods now being employed by a bureaucracy which has terrorized the American public with a constant threat of harassment, assessment, indictment, incarceration and embarrassment. The income tax as a philosophy originated in the minds of Karl Marx and his associates. I rejoice over the fact that there exists in the United States an organization especially dedicated to the repeal of this abortive and tyrannical tax. If we were taxed as we spent, then every night as we went to bed, our taxes would be fully paid and there would be no reports to make out.

    16. I would call on the Congress and all authorities concerned with the matter to establish the traditional liberty of free speech over radio and television. I would remind the people of America that the air and the ether waves belong to all of us and that these facilities are not monopolies to be used recklessly or arrogantly by the molders of propaganda and arbitrary opinion. I would assume that the American people were wise enough, when given all sides of important questions, to make their own decisions and never again would I let it be said that men were denied the right to purchase television and use television and radio merely because their opinions were not in harmony with those in authority or with the "hidden hand" manipulators operating behind the scenes. The American Jewish Committee some years ago created a formula for quarantine, and they pronounced this "sentence" upon me. The result of this arrogant Jewish manipulation has been that I cannot buy radio time and television time even though a full copy of my manuscripts are submitted in advance. Some years ago I contracted in behalf of the Christian Nationalist Crusade for $25,000.00 worth of time on a Mexican radio station. I was allowed to speak only twice. My messages were very satisfactory to the ownership of the station, but the Jews, functioning by way of the Mexican Government, brought pressure on the station, making it necessary for them to cancel my contract.

    17. I would ask for an investigation of the most powerful and ruthless political organization on earth; namely, Jew Zionism. I would point out that millions and millions of dollars are raised by this organization and that their members carry on lobbying and political activity in every capital on the face of the earth. I would point out that the reason this organization is not well known is because their members have been able to coerce press, radio and television to the point of great silence except to flatter and boost. Perhaps in the history of man there has never been an organization as tyrannical, as coercive and as intolerant as world Zionism. This is the organization which has given us the abortive state of Jew Palestine which calls itself Israel. I refuse to refer to it as Israel because I believe that Israel was a body of humanity out of which God gave us our Lord Jesus Christ. I furthermore believe that every Christian is an heir to God's promise to Abraham. These so-called Jews who deny Jesus Christ forfeit completely their inheritance by endorsing the condemnation of our Lord who said: "He that believeth not shall be damned."
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