• Dangerous Enemies

    Dangerous Enemies
    by Gerald L. K. Smith; (1939)

    The facts contained in this book represent months and years of reading and research. In this book are many references to the minutes of the Congressional Committee for the investigation of un-American activities, headed by Congressman Martin Dies. These minutes, to date, make up a series of six volumes, each one almost as large as a family Bible. Knowing that many of my friends do not have these volumes, and would not have the time to peruse them if they did possess them, I have tried to call the reader's attention to some of the most pertinent things brought out by this committee of courageous statesmen.

    Post Office addresses used in this book were correct as of the date of the first four volumes of the Dies Committee minutes. Facts set forth in this book are founded on Congressional Committee reports, police records, photostatic copies of documentary evidence, and the affidavits of living witnesses.

    Inasmuch as space will not permit the writer to report in detail his investigations in all the major American cities and industrial centers, frequent references have been made to the City of Detroit, Michigan, knowing it to be typical of the other metropolitan American centers.

    This book of one hundred pages does not claim to cover the subject in its entirety, but is designed to sensitize good Americans to the dangers which our nation faces, trusting that it will stimulate a further study into the activities of these agitators and propagandists who function as the agents of Stalin, Hitler, and others.

    In the not distant future, another book will be off the press dealing more in detail with the facts alluded to in this book and new facts that are being discovered daily concerning the matters approached and discussed in this volume.

    Stop! Look! Listen!

    A few years ago any man who was bold enough to talk about the threat of Communism, and its atheistic, God-hating conspiracy to overthrow American institutions, was considered an alarmist and a fool. Today this conspiracy, hatched in the heart of war-torn Europe, has become a positive menace to everything that Americans hold dear. It has become the influenza of the political structure, the venereal germ of the industrial and social life of a great people. Like a bubonic plague, Bolshevism[1] moves across the face of the earth, burning churches, slaughtering the ministers of God, ridiculing sacred things, referring to religion as "the opium of the people," breeding discontent, turning brother against brother, sister against sister, race against race, nation against nation.

    Bolshevism Founded on Hypocrisy

    I accuse the Communist Party, and its hypocritical, diabolical agents of actually attempting to promote us into another world conflict, in order that, out of the disillusionment, chaos and confusion of another war, they may set up in the world an international, red, bolshevistic empire, such as they have begun to build on the foundation of blood-drenched, poverty-stricken Russia. The boldness with which these operatives have entered into American life is almost beyond belief. Facts are so unimpeachable, so well authenticated, that no honest American dare sit down and be indifferent to this plot to make America a part of a world revolution. The Communist Party, as such, is almost the smallest organization being used by the Communists. With false faces, and under false names, like wolves in the clothing of sheep, they have invaded our schools, our homes, our churches, our cultural organizations, our labor unions. They have swarmed into the very center of our national government.

    Communist Browder Proud of Preachers in Organization

    Earl Browder, the Number One American Communist, in making his 1939 report to Joseph Stalin, the terrible tyrant of international Communism, said, "Our members are preachers in American churches. Our members are teachers in American schools. Members of the American Communist Party are directing the class struggle in the United States."

    "In fact," said Mr. Browder, "in the past five years the Communist Party in America has gained more ground than in the previous twenty-five years."[2]

    The real foundation of Bolshevism is atheism—God-hate. When God is taken out of the heart of a man, he has no one to love but himself. Brotherhood is gone. The desire to create and produce and build and profit is a Godly motive.

    Atheism is nothing new. It has always been opposed to the Ten Commandments, to the Sermon on the Mount, and to law and order. Anarchists, thieves, and scoundrels have always advocated confiscation as a substitute for creation. In other words, instead of producing something as individuals, they gather together a band of roving robbers to seize and confiscate that which has been produced by others. Civilization has been founded upon the individualism which gives man a personal relationship between himself and his God.

    Some years ago, in the center of Europe, a man by the name of Karl Marx attempted to make this uncivilized theory of atheism and confiscation look civilized. And he did a pretty effective job of it. His theory was that if you could not believe in God, then overthrow God; that if you could not obey the Church, then overthrow the Church, and that if you could not make money, then slaughter those who have made money. Liquidate leadership! Overthrow the existing order! Put the top on the bottom! Establish a society that not only consents to inferiority, but makes the inferior the dictator! Said he, "Religion is the opium of the people. Destroy it."

    Unsuccessful at first, he joined hands with a man by the name of Engels. Together they issued a call for a world revolution, to wipe out ownership, religion and individualism.

    This call, "The Communist Manifesto," spread like wildfire. It seemed to strike the very center in the weakness of man. It became the message of the demagogue whether he used it completely or in modified forms. It became the forbidden fruit of intellectuals. It crept into pulpit, schoolroom, political campaign, and certain governmental centers. It advocated the control of the vast majority by a highly organized, ruthless, well-disciplined minority. It advocated the theory that all property should be seized and operated from a central government under the control of this minority.

    These world Communists then called a meeting and laid plans for the revolution. Russia was selected as one of the first points of attack. And with less than 20,000 well-disciplined members, they overthrew war-torn, bankrupt Russia. It only takes one venereal germ to destroy the body of a clean young man. It only requires one Communist, well placed, to destroy a home, a mill, a factory, a school, or a section of the government.

    Bolshevism a World-Wide Program

    What happened in the days that followed is common knowledge. The ministers of God were shot down by the thousands; churches were burned. Today, beautiful cathedrals of Russia are centers of atheism. It is estimated that between five and twenty million people were slaughtered. This powerful tidal wave of propaganda and destruction was so well organized that its two chief leaders were not even in Russia when the time came to strike. Lenin was in Paris. Trotsky was in New York City. At a given moment they moved in and took over the government. Europe was thrown into terror. Central Europe was bankrupt, disillusioned and fertile soil for Bolshevism. This produced a new reaction—the paganism of Fascist dictatorship, which wiped out the last sprout and hope of democracy in Central Europe. The burning lava of Bolshevism overflowed into China, and 100,000,000 Chinese are organized into what is known as the Soviet Republic of China.

    They organized a revolution in Spain which cost 1,000,000 lives, slaughtered the priests, burned the churches. They recruited American young men to help in this slaughter and church-burning, and did it in the name of the "Abraham Lincoln Brigade." God forgive men for such treason.

    Communism became so terrible and powerful that, since the Russian revolution, France has been within a hair's breadth of a Communist revolt not less than ten times.

    These Bolshevists did not overlook the British Empire. They paraded the streets of London. They bored in and became influential in certain phases of the intellectual, political and industrial life of Great Britain. It is reliably reported that over 900 students in Oxford University are members of Marxist societies.

    Mexico Invaded

    In the meantime, these Communists, these God-haters, these church-burners, these Satanic sons of this new political hell, had not overlooked the Western Hemisphere. They invaded South America, and established themselves in Mexico. So strong did they become in Mexico that it became a safe refuge for Mr. Leon Trotsky, who, under Nicolai Lenin, was the organizer of the Red Army of 1,000,000 soldiers. He is now organizing what he calls the Fourth Communist International, with headquarters in Mexico.

    But while all this was going on, fools in America, blind leaders, lazy patriots, were saying, "Oh, yes, they've taken all these countries, but such things can never happen in America." Some of us began to warn the American public five and ten years ago, but we were hushed up by wiseacres who called us alarmists and red-baiters. Even the President of the United States referred to us as the "Red Herring Boys." But the day has passed when this atheistic, anti-religious, political revolution can be easily laughed off.

    In America they have the Communist Party made up of about 100,000 dues-paying members, under perfect, rigid discipline. These members are as obedient to their superiors as soldiers in the army. They organize riots. They direct strikes. They hold meetings in school houses, public halls, and on the street. They invade the home, the Church, and the school, under every known name that is respectable and dear to the American people.

    Red, communistically controlled, "front" organizations—often as many as fifty a month—mushroomed into existence. Named after everyone from Thomas Jefferson to the Lord Jesus Christ, their deliberate intent was the recruiting—under these good names of people who could be made subject to their communistic, un-American propaganda. The plain unvarnished facts were so astounding and alarming that the public found them almost impossible of belief.

    Dies Committee Shocks Nation

    Several years ago, Mr. Walter S. Steele, the eminent patriot, in a report to a rather obscure congressional committee, revealed that these Communists had hundreds of newspapers and periodicals, and hundreds of organizations under their control that were not generally supposed to be communistic. But even this sensational report failed to register in the popular mind.

    Some months ago, however, Mr. Martin Dies, the courageous young Congressman from Texas, succeeded in securing the appointment of a congressional committee to investigate un-American activities.

    To this congressional body—now identified in the public mind as the Dies Committee—came witnesses from all over America. These witnesses presented documentary evidence to prove that the Communists have made such headway that they are now in control of some city governments, partially in control of many state governments, and actually in control of many labor unions, student groups, children's societies, newspapers, magazines and even churches. It was revealed that they have formed over 800 organizations which are partially, or completely, under their direction.

    The testimony before the Dies Committee was a body blow to the revolutionists. They appealed to congressmen under their control. They even appealed to the President of the United States to stop the Committee, but even Mr. Roosevelt could not stop it. The Committee was handicapped by a ridiculously small appropriation, but great as were the handicaps under which it operated, the first evidence assembled filled four volumes, each as thick as a Bible. When they had finished, Congressman Mosier of Ohio, a member of the Committee, said to me, "Mr. Smith, though we filled four volumes with evidence against these alien propagandists, we merely scratched the surface."

    So sensational was the report that Congress voted ten to one to continue the investigation. At last the American people were beginning to get their eyes open.

    A Conspicuous Example

    One of the most notorious of the scores of gigantic organizations set up in America to subvert intellectual groups—preachers, teachers, professionals, white collar workers—is the American League for Peace and Democracy. According to Rev. Harry F. Ward, the Union Theological professor who heads this revolutionary organization, the League for Peace and Democracy has seven and one-half million members.

    Using the love of the American people for peace and democracy as a cloak to mask its real aims and purposes, this organization—formerly known as the American League Against War and Fascism—succeeded, for a time, in deceiving the American public. The sinister purpose of this League, however, is suggested by the radicals associated with this Reverend Harry Ward.

    According to a congressional report, his executive committees include sixteen Communists, with Earl Browder, Number One American Communist, on his organization committee, and with Mr. Clarence Hathaway, editor of the Communist daily paper, on his resolutions committee. When Mr. Hathaway spoke in the city of Detroit, at the Art Institute, this revolutionary meeting was picketed by about two hundred patriotic workers. These Americans are to be congratulated on their courage, for, according to well-informed sources, this was the first communistic rally ever to be picketed in the city of Detroit.

    Beware of the League for Peace and Democracy!

    Schools and Colleges Have Not Been Overlooked

    Not only have these revolutionists formed the Young Communist League, but for students and young people who would not join the Communist Party, they have organized deceitful youth movements, summer schools, and cultural (?) societies. Among these is the so-called American Student Union, revealed by a congressional report as an organization enrolling about 50,000 college students, under the direct discipline of communistic leadership.

    Parents who have children in high school and college should beware of the organizations their sons and daughters are asked to join, and of the conventions they are asked to attend. Most of these organizations look harmless but, more often than not, investigation shows that they are merely false-face fronts for the Communist Party. They conduct what they call peace parades, youth demonstrations, and anti-war rallies.

    Communists are skilled in taking advantage of any good sentiment existing in the minds of people, in order to trick them into becoming a part of their effective strategy. For instance, a good woman in Cleveland, Ohio, whose husband is a worker in one of the factories there, wrote that she had been asked to participate in a Peace Parade on Mother's Day. A Mother's Day Peace Parade! What Godly mother doesn't want peace? She asked, "Mr. Smith, should I march in this parade?" I had to write to this good woman that this so-called Mother's Day Parade in Cleveland was supported, and largely directed, by those who are members of, or very friendly to, the Ohio Communist Party. Similar parades in the name of Mother's Day, and under the direction of Communists, were staged all over the United States. Shame on America!

    To think the time would come when the beautiful celebration of Mother's Day would be appropriated by these revolutionary agitators! The time has come when we must judge movements and organizations by the personalities of those who have charge over them.

    Labor Unions Invaded; Revolution Attempted

    In America today, Communists control whole factories and entire labor unions. They take on assumed names. They claim not to be Communists. But when records are traced it can often be proved that they have been under the discipline of the international revolutionary leaders for many years.

    At the time the CIO faction of the United Automobile Workers Association met in Cleveland for their national convention, it was an established fact that before the convention went into session the board of directors was largely under control of communistic leadership. Before the split in the ranks of the automobile workers, Homer Martin, the anti-Communist leader, testified before the Dies Committee to the effect that their wildcat strikes and radical demonstrations in Michigan, and elsewhere, had been almost altogether under the direction of disciplined Communists.

    Under the direction of these same communistic agents, five hundred disciplined men led a mob to the State Capital of Michigan, closed its stores and newspapers, defied the state government and actually held the State Capitol in seizure. In a United Press dispatch from Moscow, dated March 21, 1937, we read: "K. Redmill, writing in the Communist International Magazine, today praised the Communists in the General Motors strike in Detroit and Flint, Michigan. 'During the entire strike,' he said, 'Communists were active in a leading role. They conducted many-sided work in helping strikers, collected money, and carried out demonstrations of solidarity. The Communist Party, through its central organ, the New York Daily Worker, gave advice on how to conduct the struggle and in many instances this advice was followed.'"

    Two Hundred Eighty Reds on C.I.O. Payroll

    When the CIO branch of this Automobile Workers Union met in Cleveland, Mr. John Lewis sent Mr. Brophy and Mr. Hillman, two high executives in the CIO, to act as general advisers to the convention. There were many secret and mysterious sessions, and when the smoke cleared away the Associated Press report revealed that thirteen directors endorsed by the Communist Party had been elected to the national board. The board has but twenty members, which means men supported by the Communist Party now control the CIO branch of the Automobile Workers Union.

    Should this nation ever become involved in a war of defense, American industry would be imperiled by sabotage, riot and revolution. The International Communist Party, now in the saddle in all too many labor groups, would see to that.[3]

    Testifying before the Dies Committee, Mr. John P. Frey, vice-president of the American Federation of Labor, said, "We have evidence to prove that two hundred eighty paid organizers under Mr. John L. Lewis and his CIO are members of, or sympathetic to, the Communist Party."

    Do not misunderstand me! Support to this sensational testimony of Mr. Frey was provided by none other than Mr. Earl Browder, who has twice been the candidate of the Communist Party for President of the United States. Mr. Browder said: "The CIO are grouping the major mass forces that should, with effective leadership, eventually crystallize into a great American people's front .... The Communist Party strives to develop the CIO movement in the direction of creating a great people's front, and to build itself into a mass Communist Party."

    I am convinced that ninety-five out of every one hundred members of the CIO are good, God-fearing Americans. They have to work and earn a living. But they have been deceived, have been tricked, by radical racketeers who pose as labor leaders, but who are, in fact, part of a vast international conspiracy of revolution.

    Workers' Alliance Headed by Communists

    These Communists have lost no time in organizing the unemployed. The largest organization of relief and unemployed workers in America today is called the Workers' Alliance. Its president is Mr. David Lasser, and its secretary-treasurer is Mr. Herbert Benjamin. Before the committee investigating the WPA, it was revealed that this organization collects dues from approximately 800,000 poor unemployed, and controls the general organization activities of 3,000,000 unemployed workers. The president of the union admitted he made a tour of Communist Spain and Communist Russia and went to Moscow with his report. Under questioning, he admitted that he paid his bills out of the dues collected from these relief workers paid by the United States government.

    The secretary-treasurer of the Workers' Alliance, Mr. Herbert Benjamin, admitted that he had been a member of the Communist Party for eighteen years.

    Not only are these high officials Communists, but it was revealed that six more of their board of directors are Communists. In a speech, in Kansas City, an outstanding member of the Communist Party said, "We are proud to say that we Communists created the Workers' Alliance."

    Even Religion Used as Cloak to Hide Communist Propaganda

    Those of us who believe in God find it hard to imagine a man being ordained to the ministry and then using the pulpit to blaspheme God and America, by advocating Communism and sympathizing with Communists. But many of them have done just that. Mr. Browder said, in his 1939 report to Moscow, "We have many preachers in churches associated with the Communist Party."

    The executive secretary of a radical organization, with 3,000 dues-paying members, told me recently that they had much in common with Communism and that 2,500 of their members were pastors in pulpits.

    To those who think that some other form of government is better than that of the United States, I say: "If Russia or Germany are so much better than America, why don't you go there to live?" In fact, I would be in favor of the United States government appropriating enough money to provide free transportation for all those who think those countries so superior to America.

    To those who love America, I say: "When the Communists themselves admit that they created the Workers' Alliance, which influences 3,000,000 unemployed; when the head of the Communist Party admits that they expect to develop the CIO into a great popular-front communistic movement; when the Communists are willing to admit that they dominate the League for Peace and Democracy, with its membership of seven and one-half million; when the Communists boast that they have succeeded in committing large numbers of preachers, lawyers, teachers, doctors and white-collar workers to their revolutionary program; when the Communists have proved that they have it within their power to turn our tax supported colleges and universities into instruments for the destruction of the American democracy; it is time for patriotic Americans, of all colors and creeds, to stop, look, and listen!"

    Let freedom ring again. Let Americanism be reborn. Let us resolve anew that this government of the people and by the people and for the people shall not perish from the earth.

    Red Terror

    It is utterly impossible to judge Communism by what Communists say, for lying and misrepresentation are essential features of the strategy of the Communist International. Communists have long followed the program of saying whatever is best calculated at the time to further their revolutionary purposes. They at one time made the outright demand for the violent overthrow of established governments and the destruction of the home and Church. But since the American people have begun to realize their real aims and purposes, the Communists have made the brazen attempt to present Communism as Twentieth Century Americanism.

    There is just one way to know what Communism stands for, and that is to study its work where it has been in a position to do things in its own way. Russia and Spain are the complete and final answer to the lying propaganda of American radicals.

    Reign of Horror in Russia

    When the Bolsheviks came into control in Russia, they instituted a reign of atheistic terror surpassing that of Ivan the Terrible. Difficult as authentic information has been to obtain, due to the iron censorship clamped down by the red dictators, enough has come through to paint a picture of indescribable horror. Literally millions were banished to Siberia to suffer death from starvation, exposure and persecution. "Liquidation" became the term for death in a hundred violent forms. Those who refused to bow to Lenin and Trotsky, who refused to renounce their faith in God for atheistic Communism were tortured unmercifully. They were suspended by fine wires wound about their thumbs. Eyes were gouged out. Tongues were pulled out by their roots. Arms and legs were chopped off. Many were forced to lie in dark cells for day upon day without even a drink of water. Thousands were subjected to fiendish tortures and then buried alive.

    In an article appearing in the Detroit Free Press, a writer said: "The news correspondent in question visited a huge, dirty brick structure, formerly a Russian chuch, now converted into a concentration camp for exiles. Degraded to a position of wild beasts, with withered hands, fingers that looked like claws, long unkempt beards, dirty straw beds, they sat day after day with scarcely enough food to keep life in their bodies. Their only crime was, that by thrift and industry they had attained positions of prominence in their communities."

    Civilization recently met a terrible test in Spain. For a time it appeared that Communism had gained a permanent foothold. Under the direction of Stalin, a government was set up in Spain which was falsely called the Spanish Republic. But at no time was it a Republic. It was Communism in power, operating under the direction of the International Communist Party.

    America Shocked by True Motion Pictures from Spain

    It has been my privilege to see the motion pictures brought to America by the Rev. Michael DeSantis Caralt, which show the actual destruction wrought in Spain by the Communists during the recent civil war. Rev. Caralt is a native of Barcelona, and knows both the people and the country. He spent some years as a missionary in China, but returned to serve his own people in Spain during their time of suffering and trial. The pictures were made by four men, three of whom were killed in the work. From this film, the exhibition of which is forbidden in public theaters, and from the lips of Reverend Caralt, I learned something of the horror visited upon the people of Spain by the Communists.

    Christians Burned, Drowned, Buried Alive

    Thousands upon thousands of believers were slaughtered. Six thousand ministers of God, pastors of local churches, were shot down, buried alive, drowned, burned, or killed in some other way. Twelve thousand Christian teachers, Christian brothers, nuns, Sisters of Charity, and directors of Christian schools were slaughtered by the Communists.

    The armies controlled by Stalin came upon a congregation meeting within a church. Without a warning they set fire to the building while the people were still in it, burning priests, people, and church altogether, including women and children.

    In another instance, they seized a Christian school. The Christian brothers, who were the teachers, were forced to wait upon them like servants and slaves, serving them food and running their errands. When they had finished, the teachers were lined up against the wall and shot. The superior, whom we would call the superintendent, was bound. A stick of dynamite was taped into his mouth and caused to explode. They then set fire to the building and killed many of the citizens.

    In another community all of the pastors of churches, about sixty in number, were herded together on the seashore. Their wrists and ankles were wrapped with wire. Then they were all tied together into one big bundle. A tremendous hook from the ship was hooked into the wires that bound these sixty preachers of Christ, they were lifted up from the ground, swung over the ocean, and let down into the water to drown.

    Another instance which happened many, many times. A ditch was dug, one-quarter of a mile in length and eight feet deep, and all the Christians and religious teachers of the community, including priests, preachers, and nuns were stripped, bound, thrown into the trench, and buried alive. Since Hitler and Stalin divided Poland between Russia and Germany, word comes to us that similar atrocities are being practiced there.

    Reports that cannot be denied, which have been authenticated by the Church, reveal that in most instances these atrocities were under the direction of military officials sent into Spain from Russia.

    In community after community, nuns and Sisters of Charity were ravished by the Communist soldiers. Hundreds leaped to their death from high buildings rather than submit to the atrocities of these red hordes. In all, nineteen thousand churches were dynamited and burned to the ground. In the motion picture, I saw one hundred soldiers encircle an image of the Blessed Virgin and fire upon it at the command of their officer.

    Mexico Refuses to Return Spanish Children Kidnaped for Propaganda Purposes

    In the heat of the war, parents were told that because of the shortage of food they must take their little children into a public building where they would be fed. The parents were told they could get their children at night. But when they went to get them, their children were gone. They had been taken by the Communists to France, England, Russia, and Mexico. It was claimed that six hundred were brought to America. These children were publicized as orphans and used by the Communists all over the world in money-raising campaigns. It has now been established by the Church that these children were not orphans, and that they were taken out of Spain without the knowledge of their parents. The children that were sent to France have been returned, as have the children that were sent to England. But the ten thousand little children that were sent to Russia have disappeared.

    Following a visit to Mexico, Reverend Caralt reported that two thousand of the little children from Spain are virtually starving to death in that country, that they are forced to beg food from house to house, and are forbidden even to attend any school teaching religion. Their parents have been located in Spain, but they weep in vain for the return of their little ones who were kidnaped by world Communism.

    Religion a Crime in Mexico

    When the Communists went down to defeat in Spain, many of the red leaders fled to Mexico, already the refuge and base of operations for Leon Trotsky, Lenin's right hand man in the Russian honor. The Daily Worker, official daily paper of the Communist Party in the United States, published a picture of a number of the Communist leaders from Spain soon after their arrival in Mexico.

    Since the arrival of Trotsky, Communism has made such rapid progress that religion is now a crime in Mexico. The new revolutionary program, under what is known as the Fourth International, is led by a Communist who poses as a labor leader. The CTM, radical labor organization, has been called the CIO of Mexico. Of the Mexican situation, Reverend John A. O'Brien, Chaplain of Catholic students at the University of Illinois, said:

    "Every piece of property belonging to any church has been confiscated by the government. Freedom of religious worship, freedom of education, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly have been denied. No seminary to prepare students for the ministry is permitted. No emblem of religion, such as a crucifix or holy picture, may be shown in any school in Mexico. All teachers must take an oath declaring themselves to be atheists, promising neither to engage in religious worship nor to permit any of their families to so engage, swearing that they will seek to detach children from any religious faith whatsoever. In the readers prepared by the government for the elementary grades the children are taught that there is no God. I talked with hundreds who were beaten, imprisoned, fined for the crime of worshipping God. I heard stories of the abuse of sisters, priests, and laymen by the soldiers of the Mexican government which would outrage the conscience of a savage. It is a war against all religion, against every church—Protestant, Jewish, Catholic—waged not by the Mexican people, but by a small clique numbering less than two per cent, obsessed with the Russian ideology."

    U.S. Criminal Conspirators Caught Red Handed

    The first real look-in on Communist sculduggery in the United States was when the Department of Justice raided a secret conclave near Bridgman, Michigan, back in 1922. This meeting was not only an all-American assembly of revolutionists, but a general roundup for the revolutionary leaders from all over the world. The purpose of the gathering was to hear read the orders from international headquarters at Moscow, and to outline the full program covering the next twenty years in the United States.

    The meeting was held on a farm owned by Karl Wolfskeel, so far back in the woods that no automobile could reach it. Those who attended were forced to leave their cars and either walk or ride on horseback to the meeting place. Department of Justice agents surrounded the meeting place, only to discover that the Communists had posted lookouts and spies. However, seventeen leaders were arrested.

    Among those who escaped temporarily were Mr. W. Z. Foster, now the national chairman of the Communist Party, and Mr. Earl Browder, Communist candidate for president in 1932 and 1936. Both Foster and Browder, with others, were arrested, however, within twenty-four hours. Foster denied that he was in the meeting, but when the records were seized it was found that his introduction and his speech to the assembly had been recorded in the minutes.

    C. E. Ruthenberg, from Cleveland, Ohio, was then the executive secretary of the Communist Party. Recent plans, released by the Communist Party, declare that when the revolution takes place in America the name of Cleveland will be changed to Ruthenberg. These revolutionaries were brought to trial. Some were imprisoned, some released on probation, and others deported. Before his trial came up, however, Mr. Ruthenberg died, and the Communists took his body to Moscow and buried it beside the body of Nicolai Lenin.

    When the Department of Justice raided the Bridgman meeting they found two barrels buried under the ground. These barrels were literally packed full of minutes, plans, and maps—in fact, the whole outline for the revolution.

    Communist Duplicity

    After these Benedict Arnolds had been caught in the Michigan woods, plotting to overthrow the American government, they realized that they must decide on a more strategic method for promoting their revolution. They decided to play innocent. By combining conspiracy on the part of their leaders with stupidity on the part of certain public officials, they succeeded in incorporating the Communist Party as a legal political party. From that time on, to this day, they have operated with one organization above ground and another under the ground—an organization which can be seen and one which cannot be seen.

    In this program to use the laws of the land to abuse their constitutional privilege, they have had the support of a vast organization of radical legal minds called the Civil Liberties Union, sometimes known in local communities as the Civil Rights Federation. Whenever they were really caught with the goods they hid under the cloak of legality. This trick worked well until the American public began to see through their tactics, and they were forced to resort to the still more clever strategy of the popular front program—the science of developing scores and hundreds of organizations pretending to be organized for labor, to promote peace, to promote Christianity, patriotism, and charity. Millions of innocent people joined these organizations for which the Communists furnished the leaflets, wrote the books, and propaganda. They produced radicals by the thousands who did not know why or how they had become radicals. It was the cleverest program of treason ever worked on the American continent.

    The next step in their plan to overthrow our government was to seize and capture the leadership of organizations already formed, and to elect their own members as officers in student groups, youth organizations, women's societies, organized labor, and religious organizations.

    Their strategy of duplicity and deception has succeeded all too well. In the minutes and records seized by government agents in the Bridgman raid, back in 1922, were the names of American citizens who had been giving financial and moral support to the Communists. Some of these very persons are today in Washington, D.C. under high appointment of the United States government. Others are important personalities in the motion picture industry. Others figure prominently in the CIO. Every phase of American life was represented in the list of contributors found in the barrels buried on the Wolfskeel farm.

    Present at that meeting was Mr. William Weinstone, whose Communist Party name is Lewis. Weinstone was secretary of the Communist Party for Michigan, and has now been promoted to membership on the central committee of Communism for all the Americas. He is the man who wrote the book, The Great Sit-Down Strike, in which full credit is given the Communist Party for directing the revolutionary sit-down strikes of 1937.

    C.I.O. Attorney Praises Russia

    In the State of Ohio, the CIO has as its official attorney a lawyer by the name of J. Edward Lamb, of Toledo. He has a long record of radical activity, but the workers of the CIO, the majority of whom are God-fearing men and women, must depend upon this lawyer to represent them in controversy and in contracts involving collective bargaining. This CIO attorney for Ohio is the author of a cloth-bound book of one hundred ninety-four pages, which he wrote upon his return from a visit to Russia. The title chosen by Mr. Lamb for his book is The Planned Economy in Soviet Russia. Over on page 130, the following words appear: "If the Soviets have removed a Christ they have substituted another idol, a new saint. Lenin has already taken his place. A prophet to his people even before his death. If Lenin is their prophet, Karl Marx is their God." This CIO attorney closes his book by saying, "If the American planned economy is to be achieved, it becomes evident that the workers and the farmers and the militiamen (of America), through joint action and organization, must shortly assume the title of the means of production. Soviet Russia's economic planning challenges the rest of the world. Its experiments begin to arouse America. It is time to realize that the chart of human destiny justifies the most searching inquiry into the accomplishments of the one existent socialized state."

    Not content with these statements on his own responsibility, Mr. Lamb recommends the following books: Marx and America, The Theoretical System of Karl Marx, Concentration in American Industry, Youth in Soviet Russia, Bolshevism—Practice and Theory, Soviet Russia and the World, The Soviet Challenge to America, and Nicolai Lenin's State and Revolution.

    C.I.O. Sends American Workers' Money to Spanish Communists

    At the very time the Godly people of Spain were trying to protect their churches and homes against the Communists, the officials of the CIO union of automobile workers took hundreds of thousands of dollars out of the pay envelopes of American workers and sent it to the Communist leaders of what was known as Loyalist Spain. The money was not taken in the name of Communism, but in the name of a Communist-controlled organization known as the Friends of Spanish Democracy.

    Almost overnight, all kinds of organizations, pretending to be lovers of the so-called Spanish democracy, but in reality puppet organizations of the Communist Party, sprang into existence. One called itself the Medical Bureau and North American Committee to Aid Spanish Democracy, and maintained headquarters at 381 Fourth Avenue, New York. So cleverly conceived was this organization that many were led to accept it as a worthy charitable movement. Evidence is now available to prove that many dollars raised by this organization either stayed in the pockets of those who raised them or went to the Communist leaders in Spain. But so artfully were its real purposes concealed, that many reputable people were induced to permit their names to be used as sponsors and endorsers.

    Under the direction of such organizations, young men from the colleges and universities of the country were recruited to fight in the Communist armies in Spain. They were recruited in the name of democracy, and were made a part of what was known as the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, but when they reached Spain they were compelled to fight under the red flag of Communism.

    Reds and Pinks Operate in Name of Religion

    Reds and pinks have not hesitated to cloak their revolutionary activities under the mantle of religion. The Reverend Harry F. Ward is quoted in the report of the Dies Committee as saying: "There is no way to constructively organize peace except by adopting throughout the world the basic organization on which the Soviet Union is founded."

    Testifying before the same committee, Mr. Homer Chaillaux, head of the Commission on Americanization of the American Legion, said: "The League for Peace and Democracy was founded by a French Communist, Henri Barbusse, and later organized in America by Dr. Harry F. Ward, Israel Amter, Max Bedacht, Earl Browder, Jim Ford, Clarence Hathaway, Charles Krumbein. Among this list of names are the best known Communists in the United States."

    Church Leagues and Federations

    The League for Peace and Democracy is not the only Communist-aiding organization headed by Dr. Ward. Under his direction is another powerful group known as the Methodist Federation for Social Service. A quadrennial conference of the Methodist Church disclaimed responsibility for its actions, but bishops and prominent leaders of the denomination continue to use the time honored name of Methodism as a cloak for their radical activities. Writing in the Reader's Digest for November, 1938, Mr. Arthur Bartlett, said: "I talked with the field secretary of this organization, the Reverend Charles C. Weber, who said to me, 'We have ideas in common with Communists and Socialists. We have three thousand dues-paying members, of which twenty-five hundred are Methodist preachers, which is one out of every six Methodist Episcopal ministers in the United States.'"

    The Methodist Church is by no means peculiar in this respect, for the same type of propaganda has bored its way into every religious movement of consequence in America. In the same article, Mr. Bartlett said: "I was asked by the minister of a Congregational church in New England to attend his young people's meeting. I attended the meeting, which was led by the pastor under the subject, 'What Christians Can Learn from Soviet Russia.' Only one young person present was opposed to the Russian system completely, and the others agreed with the minister when he said, 'In their social and economic order the Russians are pointing the way to the realization of the Christian ideal.'"

    As I entered the vestibule of a large church in the City of Detroit to attend its 1939 Easter services, I was handed a copy of The Witness, which is the official magazine of a radical organization within the Episcopal church, known as the Church League for Industrial Democracy. Bishop T. Manning of New York publicly disclaimed it, saying that its pronouncements do not represent the Episcopal Church, and a church laymen's association has been formed to oppose it. According to the Reader's Digest, this league has two thousand eight hundred six members, of whom four hundred eighty-six are ministers and twenty-nine are bishops.

    On the front cover of the magazine which was placed in my hand that morning, are the words "Crucifixion and Resurrection," giving it the appearance of a typical Christian paper, with special articles and news about parishes and congregations. But over on page six is an article by William B. Spofford, head of this so-called Church League for Industrial Democracy, in which he says: "The Soviet Union has a constitution which guarantees its citizen fundamental rights—the right to work, the right to rest in leisure, the right to maintain it in old age, sickness, and loss of capacity to work, the right to education, equal rights in all spheres to women, the right of free speech, free press, free assembly, free religious worship."

    On the same day that that article appeared in this propaganda sheet circulated in the name of religion, the New York Times carried a full-column story revealing that seventy-five out of every one hundred military officials in the Soviet army, from the rank of colonel up, had been slaughtered by Stalin because they were suspected of not agreeing with his political program.

    Indifference Is Treason

    The most dangerous person we have to deal with today is not the Communist nor the Hitlerite, but the all-wise egotistical American who says there is no danger, while the fires of the revolution are kindled right under his nose.

    I have a friend in New York City, a native of Russia, who served on a committee, as a young man, which attempted to educate the Russian people to the dangers of Bolshevism. He went to his uncle, a banker, for a contribution to carry on the fight. His uncle smiled, and said, "Oh, son, you are unduly alarmed. We have nothing to fear from the Bolsheviks." Six weeks later they were in the midst of the revolution. The Communists raided his uncle's bank, cut his throat, and hanged him by a rope over his own safe.

    Americans should remember that the tens of thousands of murders and atrocities committed in Russia were engineered by the same Joseph Stalin who now directs the activities of Earl Browder, William Z. Foster, William Weinstone, dictates the policies of the Communist Party in the United States, holds the whip hand in one of the largest labor organizations in the country, and gives direction to more than eight hundred propaganda agencies and organizations of the popular front.
    "Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet, Lest we forget, lest we forget."
    Mice or Men?

    Communism is a political science based on a program to seize control of the world.

    It proposes the overthrow of civilization and the destruction of the present economic, political and religious order.

    Its methods involve the subjugation of all governments under highly organized and utterly ruthless minorities.

    It would substitute atheism for religion, state ownership for private ownership, and would sacrifice the training of children by parents, in the home, for institutional and community discipline at the hands of a dictatorial state.

    It seeks to destroy the churches, enslave the workers, and break down all patriotic resistance.

    It seeks to influence governments by political strategy, to control public opinion by popular front propaganda, and to seize control of industry and agriculture through organization of farmers and industrial workers.

    Communism Founded on Hate

    Lunacharsky, while commissar of the educational system of the Soviet Union, said: "We hate Christianity and Christians. Even the best of them must be considered our worst enemy. Down with the love of one's neighbor. What we need is hate. We must know how to hate. Only thus we conquer the universe."

    Stalin, dictator of world Communism, said: "Keep children away from religious training and home life until they are eighteen years of age and then they will be good Communists."

    Lenin, the apostle and saint of Communism, said: "Religion must be abolished. The best country is a godless country."

    Upon this foundation of hate, Communism has built the political and organizational strategy of world revolution which burned the churches of Russia, slaughtered the ministers of God in Spain, cost the lives of millions upon millions of God-fearing Europeans and Asiatics, and was responsible for the rise of Fascism and Nazism. Be not deceived. Fascism, Nazism, and Communism spring from the same root which results, ultimately, in the destruction of the right of individual liberty.

    Stalin's Hand in America

    By means of this world-wide and highly financed organization. Stalin—yonder there in the Kremlin in Moscow—is able to seize power, produce chaos and exercise a dictatorship over industrial workers. This foreign despot has it within his power to throw hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of American workers out of employment at his slightest whim.

    In Detroit, the Communist-influenced CIO put its vast machinery into motion, paralyzed an entire branch of the automobile industry, threw its seventy thousand workers into idleness, and brought the workers in a score of related industries to their knees—all this to compel the re-employment of seven Communists who had been fired for un-American activities!

    Up until 1935 the Communist Party organized and maintained its own labor unions, which were openly communistic. But in 1935, Stalin, the dictator of Russia, sent down an order to Mr. Earl Browder, America's Number One Communist, instructing him to completely change the strategy for the organization of labor in America. Stalin commanded Browder to cease attempting to organize the masses of workers in the name of the Communist Party, and to seize control of the larger and recognized labor unions. The method proposed for this seizure of control was simple. Highly trained and experienced Communist organizers were to join these unions, work themselves into positions of leadership and responsibility, and convert these great unions to the Communist cause. Stalin's instructions were followed literally.

    Previous to this, the American Federation of Labor, in its national convention in Florida, had ruled that no known Communist could remain a member of that organization and had inaugurated a fairly successful program to purge its ranks of Communists.

    About the same time there was formed what was then known as the Committee on Industrial Organization, which many thought represented a sincere attempt to organize industrial workers. However, it was not long before it was discovered that the CIO, as it was popularly known, was enjoying some very peculiar support. At its head was Mr. John Llewellyn Lewis. Associated with him in the organization were some of the outstanding radical leaders in the nation.

    Messages of congratulation began to come through from Moscow. Mr. Lewis' picture was carried on the front cover of communistic magazines and newspapers. The New Masses, official magazine of the Communist Party, carried a full front cover page picture of Mr. Lewis, glorifying him as America's Number One friend of labor. Mr. William Green, president of the American Federation of Labor, said that he had reliable information to the effect that the picture of Mr. Lewis, framed, hung in the private study of Joseph Stalin in Moscow. The Russian Embassy gave a dinner, with Mr. and Mrs. John L. Lewis, and their son, as honored guests.

    Everything Used from Propaganda to Gangsters

    Leaders of the CIO set out to capture the basic industries of the most powerful nation on earth. They reasoned that if they could control coal, they could control all industry. They reasoned that if they could control steel that they could control everything made of steel. They reasoned that if they could control automobile production that they could dictate to one of America's greatest industries. In other words, CIO leaders made a deliberate thrust for the mastery of coal, shipping, clothing, steel, rubber, glass, automobiles and so forth.

    By propaganda, force, coercion, and gangsterism, they set out to capture the great American industries, together with the hundreds of little industries wedged in between, and dependent upon, these great industries. Mr. Lewis already controlled, in his own way, the production of coal, through his United Mine Workers. He has a system whereby the individual worker does not pay his dues to the union, but the coal mine operator is forced to take the dues out of the pay envelope of the worker and send them directly to Mr. Lewis. The dues amount to $500,000 a month, an annual income of $6,000,000 from the United Mine Workers alone. Besides this, he is free to make special assessments as he desires, and it is estimated by reliable authorities though the records are not available, that he has taken more than $12,000,000 from the poor coal miners by this method, in the last few years to carry on his fight to become dictator over all industrial labor.

    The story of the great sit-down strike in the automobile industry is well known. It cost the workers nearly $100,000,000 in lost wages. When the sit-down strike was over, and the smoke had cleared away, Mr. Weinstone, former secretary of the Communist Party of Michigan, said: "The Communist Party is proud of the fact that they, more than any others, directed the sit-down strike."

    Moscow Congratulates Leaders of Sit-Down

    Telegrams came through from Moscow congratulating the Communist leaders for the way they directed the sit-down strike in Flint, Detroit, Cleveland, and elsewhere.

    But the American people didn't like the sit-down strike. It created a bad taste. It all but ruined a great industry. It introduced a new depression. It brought bloodshed, violence, slaughter, chaos. Finally, the Supreme Court of the United States declared the sit-down strike to be illegal in principle and un-American in operation.

    Lewis began to lose his popularity. The workers began to discover that though he posed as a commoner he was living the life of a plutocrat in a Virginia mansion, moving about with a liveried chauffeur, and with his hands on millions of dollars for his organizational war chest. He began to have trouble in his own camp, his own original miners' union. Workers began to turn against him. They resented his ability to draw millions of dollars out of their pay envelopes to be used to satisfy his personal vanity as leader of this new revolutionary organization. America became wise to the fact that his organizer on the West Coast, Mr. Harry Bridges, was a notorious radical, and not even a citizen of the United States. Complaints were heard from the American Federation of Labor, and from business leaders, that the so-called National Labor Relations Board was packed with friends of John L. Lewis, and that Miss Frances Perkins, Secretary of Labor in the President's cabinet, dared not violate his will.

    Roosevelt Pays Political Debt to Lewis

    It was at this time that John L. Lewis set out to make himself even more than ever a czar of the coal industry. He demanded a new, air-tight contract with the coal industry—so air-tight that no man would dare work in a coal mine unless he belonged to Mr. Lewis' union and paid tribute to Mr. Lewis.

    His demands were so unpopular that it was generally agreed that had it been left to the workers themselves, it would never have been accepted. Public sentiment was against him. Large sections of the country were against him.

    But the American people had forgotten one thing. Mr. Lewis was not without adequate resources in his emergency. Back in 1936, he had gone down into the pockets of the poor workers in his organization, and had taken out between one-half million and one million dollars to contribute to the campaign war chest of a political party, with the result that both the President of the United States and the Secretary of Labor were greatly indebted to him.

    This was the time Mr. Lewis chose to present his bill to the President. The President spoke, and into that conference went the bludgeon of the Department of Labor. The political debt was paid. Mr. Lewis was given an air-tight contract, almost in the exact form he had demanded.

    Lewis Moves on Motor Capital

    Rich, powerful, ruthless, Lewis moved in on Detroit, to begin where the Communist-inspired sit-down strike had left off—not only to capture the industry, but to capture America.

    Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini could take lessons from John L. Lewis!

    Steps were taken to put the control of automobile workers under the CIO into the hands of the Communist Party. They broke away from Mr. Homer Martin, and the anti-Communist leadership of the auto workers' union, used about $400,000 of Mr. Lewis' money, held a convention in Cleveland, and of the twenty members of the board elected, thirteen were endorsed by the Communist Party. As a strategy, they let out three of the most influential members of this board who were Communists, but all three were later taken on as special organizers, walking delegates and executives of the UAW-CIO.

    Briggs Body Plant Used as Experimental Laboratory by Reds and CIO

    They next concentrated on the commodities on which the whole automobile industry depends. No automobile can be made without a body, so they went into the Briggs Body Manufacturing Company and seized control of their union. No one can make an automobile without tools, so they organized a council of tool and die makers, representing all of the factories, and put it under Communist control. No one can make an automobile without moulding and trimming, so they formed a council of trimming and moulding workers, and put it under communistic control.

    Millions of Americans had thought, with the end of the sit-down strike that most of the trouble had passed and things would be better. But in their ignorance of Communist methods, they failed to realize that these Communist organizers were merely laying a foundation on which to build a smarter revolution than their crudely organized sit-down strike.

    200,000 Idle over Seven Discharged Radicals

    Over a period of a year, the Briggs Body Company had discharged seven men for un-American activities. There had been no change in the wage picture, no change in working conditions—just seven men let out for un-American activities.

    This was the opportunity, the pretext, for which Lewis and his communistic associates had been waiting. The CIO organization at the Briggs plant demanded that these seven radicals be re-employed. The company refused. The machinery of the CIO went into operation. Secret councils were held, and the stooge president of the CIO organization of Briggs workers was instructed to call a strike and eighteen thousand men were thrown out of work, because of seven who had engaged in radical activities.

    But that was only the beginning. The great Lincoln factory depends on Briggs for bodies, and when production at Briggs stopped, 5,000 workers in the Lincoln plant were made idle.

    Chrysler Motor Corporation also depends upon the Briggs factory for bodies. The Dodge, Plymouth and DeSoto plants went down for want of bodies, and 100,000 more, directly and indirectly, were thrown into idleness.

    Related Industries Given Body Blow

    When the production of automobiles stopped, all related industries were equally hard hit. The glass industry lost one of its biggest consumers, and thousands of glass workers felt the pinch of hard times in their homes. Rubber workers and their families, in Akron, and elsewhere, were made to suffer. With a large section of the auto industry paralyzed steel production was seriously curtailed, and additional thousands in that mighty industry suffered.

    No less than 200,000 workers were made idle, with a daily wage loss of $1,000,000. Wheels of industry were stopped in a score of cities. Small merchants went into bankruptcy. With the workers living from hand to mouth, dairy and vegetable producers lost heavily.

    And for what? Because John L. Lewis and his radical associates were in a conspiracy to seize control of American labor and industry.

    Communist Brains behind CIO Strike

    I accuse the Communist Party of providing the brains for this terrible program to destroy a marvelous industry. Emil Mazey, the stooge president of the Briggs CIO organization, was educated at the Proletarian Party school in 1934 and 1935. The Proletarian Party insists that it is the pure revolutionary Communist Party, and is the same party to which Mr. Sidney Hillman belonged when he was in prison in Lithuania. Mr. Hillman is now one of the vice-presidents of the CIO. One of the men fired out of the Briggs plants is a brother of Mr. Mazey.

    The vice-president of the Briggs CIO organization, at the time of the strike, was a man who goes by two names. His real name is Barker Verbal, but in the CIO he used the name of Ray Burke. I have in my possession a photostatic copy of his police record showing that he was brought up one time for being a bootlegger, and another time for attempted robbery with a gun. I have also a photostatic copy of his membership card in the Communist Party.

    In each department of these CIO organized factories, they have what they call stewards—agents of the CIO who walk around and observe the workers. Over these stewards in each department is a man known as the chief steward. In the Briggs factory, one of the chief stewards is Dinkleman, member of the Communist Party, Section 2, Unit 5. Another chief steward is Cass Skurupski, member of the Communist Party, under the discipline of Moscow. In the same factory is chief steward Anthony Chircop, member of the Communist Party, Section 2, Unit 5, District 7; and chief stewards John Murphy, Steiker, Earl Grove, and Michael Mitchell, all members of the Communist Party, and many more.

    One of the conspicuous personalities associated with John L. Lewis, in the Automobile Workers International Union, is Mr. Walter Reuther,[4] one of three brothers. He was educated in the science of radical organization at Lenin University in Moscow. This same Reuther, while in Moscow, wrote a letter back to America, in which he said, according to Page 125 of the Congressional Report, "Carry on the fight for a Soviet America." Now, this Moscow-trained radical is one of the deciding minds in the strike program to control all American industry—glass, rubber, textiles, steel, shipping, coal, automobiles.

    Mr. Wyndham Mortimer holds a high-salaried executive position in the CIO Automobile Workers Union. A sort of member of the CIO Supreme Court, Mortimer is not just an ordinary Communist member, but is a member of the Central Executive Committee of the Communist Party for the whole Continent of America, including Canada, the United States, Mexico, Hawaii and the Philippines.

    Communist Candidate for Governor Helps Direct Briggs Strike

    Mr. John Anderson, who was the Communist candidate for governor of Michigan in 1934, is president of the organization controlling the tool and diemakers. Every time a worker touches a tool having to do with the manufacture of an automobile, he pays tribute to Michigan's former Communist candidate for governor. Anderson was in the picket line, helping to direct the Briggs strike, in behalf of seven discharged Communists—the strike which took the milk out of the mouths of babies, bread out of the stomachs of little children, and produced poverty in the homes of American workers.

    And always, lurking in the shadows of anonymity, hiding behind the false faces of liberalism, are such legal advisers as Mr. Maurice Sugar, who is just one of many such men who hold membership in the Communist-aiding Civil Liberties Union and the Civil Rights Federation.

    This is the technique and science of the Communist Party. This is the method by which they plan to produce the dictatorship of a minority over the great masses of innocent, God-fearing people.

    This is not a program to organize American labor. This is a program to sovietize American industry.

    Lewis Willing to Spend Millions to Control Industry

    Is it any wonder that Mr. Lewis said: "I will spend one million dollars before I will suffer defeat in the automobile industry"? Is it any wonder that his picture is in the private office of Stalin? Is it any wonder that Mr. Earl Browder, the Number One Communist, and Communist candidate for President, said: "Upon the CIO we shall build the American revolution"? Is it any wonder that the annual report of the Communist Party for the State of Ohio said: "To us the CIO is the dream of the Communist Party come true"?

    Are We Mice or Men?

    I challenge every red-blooded man in America, I challenge every God-fearing worker in America to break these chains of coercion, to defy this bondage that these destroyers would impose upon you. Lift your heads like men. Resolve that, under God, you are going to belong to labor unions not dictated to by Moscow, not dictated to by Lewis and his kind, but free from the domination of Communist conspiracy.

    Are we mice, or are we men? Have we the courage of our convictions?

    If we lose this fight, if the American worker bends his knee to Lewis, Browder and Stalin, if we accept the bulldozing of these revolutionary dictators, and surrender the liberties bought by the blood of our fathers, then what has taken place in the automobile industry will be but the beginning.

    Next in order will be destruction of profits. When profits go, wages go. When wages go, jobs go. Chaos, revolution, confiscation of property, and the destruction of the American system of government and economics are the inevitable conclusions.

    We can compromise no longer. Compromise means defeat. Character and courage mean victory.

    Let us have the courage to defend true Americanism. Down with the red flag of Communism. Up with the Stars and Stripes! Down with the swastika! Up with Old Glory!

    The challenge of the hour is to Americans to dedicate themselves to America now—before it is everlastingly too late.

    $3,000,000 Campaign Fund Aim of Lewis

    A dispatch out of Washington, D.C., under date of October 31, 1939, stated: "The United Mine Workers of America, mainstay of the CIO and producer of the $500,000 which John L. Lewis contributed to President Roosevelt's 1936 campaign, today began building its war chest for the presidential year of 1940.

    "Extra assessments in addition to regular dues were levied on members in amounts which Thomas Kennedy, secretary-treasurer of the powerful union, said he hoped will bring the organization's total resources to nearly $3,000,000 by next March.

    "Kennedy added that 1940 is expected to be a crucial year for labor and that the union 'must be in a position to resist any onslaughts on the legislative or any other front.'

    "Soft coal workers will be assessed $1.00 each in December and again in January. Anthracite workers must pay assessments of the same amount in January and in February.

    "During the years since Czar Lewis used his old mine union as a nucleus for the CIO, he has siphoned from the treasury and individual members more than two million dollars to finance his labor movement and his political activities.

    "Despite protests from the miners, their union has been forced to provide large sums to bolster insolvent units of the CIO.

    "Foes of Lewis have charged that he got his money's worth for the 1936 contribution, pointing to the influence he is alleged to have wielded in the National Labor Relations Board, the department of labor, and the bituminous coal commission.

    "After telling how he had helped re-elect Mr. Roosevelt, the CIO leader made demands on the White House during the sit-down and steel strikes of 1937."

    Vicious Enemies

    The time has actually come in America when it is dangerous, physically, to expose alien and un-American conspirators, agitators and organizers. In the last few years it has been my privilege to speak to millions of people assembled in great mass meetings. Many times my life has been threatened. Not a few times I have been fired upon with guns. In one instance, two men came out of the crowd and attempted to stab me with knives. On many occasions, my meetings have been picketed by radicals, in an attempt to intimidate those who desired to hear my message on Americanism.

    World Communism is engaged in a desperate struggle to establish itself in power in the Western Hemisphere. Such progress has been made in Mexico that Mexico is now the refuge of Communists and other radicals expelled from other nations. The real tragedy is that the same forces that have wrought such havoc in Russia, Spain, Central Europe, Mexico, and elsewhere, are gaining a foothold in the United States.

    Red Preachers and Teachers in Red May Day Parade

    It was my experience to witness a May Day parade of radicals in New York City. One hundred thousand people—more than took part in the Legion parade in that city—were in the line of march that day. A prominent feature of that gigantic demonstration was a "Preachers' Division," in which about one thousand men, calling themselves preachers, marched under the red flag. About five thousand men and women marched in the "Public School Teachers' Division."

    I had occasion to state these facts in a mass meeting held in one of the great industrial cities of Michigan. When my address was reported in Detroit to a meeting of that radical group known as the Civil Rights Federation, one of the outstanding leaders, a preacher, of the organization arose and said, "We should send a message to New York congratulating those one thousand preachers."

    It is a sad commentary on the present situation that there are many preachers of his stamp and calibre in every large city, and in many of the smaller communities. Could any other treachery equal the use of the cloak of the Church to preach the doctrines of the atheists Marx and Lenin?

    Why is it dangerous physically, and otherwise, to attack these radicals? The answer is that they can survive only as long as they can deceive the public into thinking that they are not dangerous, or can coerce and intimidate the communities in which they work to the point that men fear to stand up and fight.

    University Students Join Radical Movements

    I have had some very dramatic and interesting experiences with these propagandists and killers in their attempts to silence those exposing them. I was once the guest of a special committee of students at Harvard University, who arranged for me to address the student body. I had been speaking about ten minutes when about forty students walked in—booing, hissing, spitting on the floor. They passed the platform, blew smoke in my face, and attempted to break up the meeting. They refused to be in order, and the students who wanted to hear my address forcibly ejected the leaders of this hoodlum gang. I turned to the chairman and asked him who these students were. He replied that they were members of the John Reed Club. John Reed was the founder of the American Communist Party. This club is a recognized campus organization at Harvard University. Similar groups are organized in schools and colleges all over the United States.

    Former Governor of Minnesota Exploited by Propagandists

    On another occasion, I addressed the students of the University of Minnesota. The radicals in that state put up a terrific fight and did their best to prevent my appearance before that great school.

    Minnesota, it is to be remembered, was for several years under the control of the so-called Farmer-Labor Party, a political organization really dominated by Communists and Socialists. Their former governor, Mr. Benson, during his term in office, spoke in Harlem, New York City. The Communist Party turned out in a body, paraded in front of the speaker's platform, and gave Governor Benson the Communist salute of the clenched fist. The radicals, however, lost control of Minnesota, and management of the state's affairs came into the hands of patriotic men. While visiting with an eminent citizen of Minnesota, I said to him, "How were you able to turn back the radical tide in your state?" He said, "Mr. Smith, we were able to run the radicals out of our state government because we told the common people, the God-fearing people, the truth about what was going on."

    Atheist Blasphemer Works among College Students

    He showed me a picture of Langston Hughes, a nationally known Communist organizer "And here," he said, "is one of the poems which Mr. Hughes wrote." The poem was under the title, "Goodbye, Christ," and reads as follows:
    "Listen, Christ, You did all right in your day, I reckon— But that day's gone now. They ghosted you up a swell story, too, Called it the Bible— But it's dead now. The popes and the preachers've Made too much money from it. They've sold you to too many "Kings, generals, robbers, and killers— Even to the Tzar and the Cossacks, Even to Rockefeller's Church, Even to The Saturday Evening Post. You ain't no good no more. They've pawned you Till you've done wore out. "Goodbye, Christ Jesus Lord God Jehovah, Beat it on away from here now. Make way for a new guy with no religion at all— A real guy named Marx Communist Lenin Peasant Stalin Worker ME— "I said, ME! "Go ahead on now, You're getting in the way of things, Lord, And please take Saint Ghandi with you when you go, And Saint Pope Pius, And Saint Aimee McPherson, And big black Saint Becton Of the Consecrated Dime. And step on the gas, Christ! Move! Don't be so slow about movin'! The world is mine from now on— And nobody's gonna sell ME To a king, or a general, Or a millionaire."
    My friend then handed me a photostatic copy of a check for $100.00 which Mr. Hughes received for addressing the state university of Minnesota. A survey reveals that this same Langston Hughes has been paid by many schools in America to address their student bodies.

    Patriotic Rallies Threatened by Reds

    The American Legion of Brooklyn, New York, invited me to address a patriotic rally in the auditorium of the Brooklyn High School. When I reached the meeting place at eight o'clock, two hundred pickets, with banners, were walking up and down in front of the high school building trying to persuade people not to enter, frightening women and children, and giving the impression that it would be dangerous for any one to go in and hear my address on Americanism.

    A committee of patriotic citizens invited me to speak in Akron, where the Communist Party of Ohio had, just four weeks previously, held its state convention. I announced in advance that I would expose the communistic leadership in Labor's Non-Partisan League, the CIO, the Civil Rights Federation, and other similar groups. The Cleveland Plain Dealer stated that we had the largest meeting of its kind ever held in the Akron Armory. Before the meeting, I received an anonymous telephone call telling me that if I made that speech I would never live to make another.

    Attempt at Assassination Foiled

    With Mr. John McGillis, secretary of the Knights of Columbus for Detroit, I addressed a great mass meeting of workers in a patriotic rally at Flint, Michigan. As Mr. McGillis and I went to the meeting hall, a great body of Communists were lined up in a picket line attempting to prevent people from going in to the meeting, and to embarrass those who were appearing on the program. An attempt was made to break up the rally, but the patriotic citizenry defended us.

    Three men broke into the studio where I was broadcasting in a southern city, but my life was saved by friends who were with me in the studio.

    Defending America, and American institutions, in these days is no ping pong game.

    When I spoke in the New York Hippodrome, in New York City, the radicals and the Communists stirred up such a fuss that four hundred policemen were assigned to the building to make it safe for the people who came to hear me.

    If ever we needed men of courage to defend the ideals on which our country was founded it is now.

    In the fall of 1939, I addressed twenty-three thousand people at the Olympia Stadium in Detroit. Ten thousand were turned away. According to the management of the building this was the largest meeting ever held in this mammoth arena. The threats against my life and against the peacefulness of this assembly were so numerous that one hundred uniformed police were assigned to guard the building, and my person, as I came to the platform. It was soon demonstrated, however, by the resolutions adopted, that this vast throng was overwhelmingly on the side of true Americanism.

    Alien Agitators Should Be Deported

    The astounding aspect of the situation is that most of these trouble makers are not even citizens of the United States.

    Let me make myself clear. I have no word of criticism to offer of any man because he is foreign-born. Many of our best patriots are among the foreign-born, and some of our most un-American agitators were born on American soil. The vast majority of those who have come to us from other lands came here to escape the oppressions of the Old World, and once they experienced our American liberty, they became true patriots. But a survey of the Communist Party shows that over half of its members in the Middle West are not even citizens of the United States.

    These alien agitators should be deported. It is bad enough for anyone to salute the red flag in America, but those who want to salute the red flag while they are not even citizens of the United States should be sent back to the land from whence they came.

    A Personal Experience

    In the early summer of 1939, I was invited to speak to the civic and service clubs of Hamtramck, Michigan, the city within, and completely surrounded by Detroit. It is an industrial center of very great importance, and the manufacturing plant of the Dodge Motor Car Company lies within its corporate limits.

    My appearance in the city was sponsored by the Rotary and Exchange clubs, and every possible effort had been made for a great patriotic occasion. A school band furnished the music. A special salute to the flag was a feature of the program. Outstanding patriots from every walk of life—representing Catholic and Protestant, Jew and Gentile, foreign-born and native—were in attendance. The meeting place was a community building known as the Tau Beta Community House, where the service clubs meet regularly.

    On arriving at the place of meeting, I was confronted by a picket line of sixty persons, who were attempting to intimidate people and prevent their presence at this patriotic observance of Flag Day Week. They carried banners, making vicious attacks on me, calling on the citizens to run me out of the city of Hamtramck.

    I went in, and the program was carried through as planned. The invocation was delivered by the Reverend Father Kokowicz, Chaplain of St. Francis Hospital, a true patriot. I was introduced by the chairman, and delivered my address, which was in praise of Americanism, and an attack on Fascism, Communism, Nazism, and all forms of bigotry. When I had finished, all but three men stood to their feet, cheered, and gave me a unanimous vote of thanks for my address.

    A most amazing series of events had preceded that patriotic meeting in Hamtramck. A committee had called upon the mayor and the city council, and presented a letter attacking me. They appealed to the city council to instruct the police department to forbid me to speak before the Rotarians, and other civic leaders, in observance of Flag Day.

    Now who were the persons, what were the agencies, responsible for this un-American attempt to silence the tongue of an American citizen?


    The petition to the city council was presented in the name of the so-called Workmen's Co-operative, headed by a known Communist by the name of Anton Kookeway. Investigation showed that the so-called Workmen's Co-operative is a communistic organization, which runs a so-called Co-operative Restaurant at 2934 Yemans Avenue. The business is handled on a communistic basis. Over the restaurant is a hall, which is the meeting place of the Ukrainian Communists, the Russian Communists, membership meetings of the Communist Party, the International Labor Defense, which is the legal department of the Communist Party, and many other radical groups. The communistic unit within the CIO of the Briggs factory workers frequently meets in this hall.

    Behind the hall is a Communist school, with thirty desks, for the purpose of teaching Communism to little children.

    On this same street, for big mass meetings, is a place called Yemans Hall. In this hall they stage their communistic dramas, and here they held meetings to recruit soldiers to fight for Communism in Spain. Leaders of the Communist Party, from all over the Middle West, meet and address mass meetings in this hall.

    Next to Yemans Hall is the residence of this so-called Kookeway. Kookeway has several different names. His Communist Party name is "Kookie." Other names he uses are Antis Koseway, Antip Kosheway, and Kashew. He is a pal of William Weinstone, former secretary of the Communist Party for Michigan, and now a member of the Executive Board of the Communist Party for America.

    Kookeway's Wife Notorious Communist; Red Leaders Meet in Home

    The basement of the Kookeway home is a meeting place for the secret leaders of the Communist Party, who gather there to map their strategy. They meet only at night and enter the basement one at a time to avoid giving the impression that a crowd is gathering.

    Kookeway's wife is a very active Communist. Some years ago, she was one of the leaders in what was called the "meat strike," which was an attempt to keep the people from buying meat, so that these radicals might control the meat market. Riots were organized, and about one-half of the butchers in the city were bankrupted. In one shop carbolic acid was poured on the meat. In another, the meat was saturated with gasoline. In one instance, an old man, eighty years of age, was hit over the head by a Communist named William Allen, because he had gone in to buy meat. At the time of my address in Hamtramck, William Allen was chairman of the legislative committee which supports the passage of radical legislation in the legislature of the State of Michigan.

    Soviet Firing Squad Veteran Attacks American

    Present at that council meeting as the chief sponsor of the appeal to abolish free speech, was one Joseph Kowalski, one of the most notorious Communists in the world. A brilliant, eloquent, conspiring genius of Communist intrigue, he had the brazen boldness to rise and say to the city council, "I am amazed that this man Smith is allowed to set foot inside this community."

    Investigation revealed that this man Kowalski has a long record in the Police Department, the Immigration Department, and in the files of the Department of Justice. Furthermore, Joseph Kowalski is not a citizen of the United States.

    The report of the Dies Committee shows that deportation proceedings were instigated against Joseph Kowalski in 1920, and that he was deported to Russia. At the instigation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, he was charged with membership in the Communist Party, which advocates and teaches the overthrow of the government of the United States by force and violence. While in Russia, Kowalski took a prominent part in governmental activities of the Communist International. He was in charge of one of the penitentiaries, and was assigned to the department known at that time as the Cheka, the terrible secret police which carried out the assassination of literally millions of Russian people.

    While in charge of a certain penitentiary in Russia, he had in custody a number of Americans, among whom were Margaret Harrison of the Associated Press, Major Estes of the American Red Cross, and Captain Kilpatrick. Upon her return to the United States, Margaret Harrison wrote a book, in which she described her confinement in the Soviet penitentiary of which Kowalski had actual charge. She, and her companions, were snatched from the firing squad by the last minute intervention of United States Senator William E. Borah.

    Kowalski[5] was sent back to the United States in 1923 as the representative of the Communist International. At the end of three months he was picked up by the Department of Investigation, charged with illegally entering the country after deportation, was found guilty before Federal Judge Mack, and sentenced to a year and a half in the federal penitentiary at Atlanta. His deportation was supposed to have been automatic at the expiration of his sentence.

    But Kowalski was not deported. Since his release from Atlanta, he has been more active than ever in Communist affairs. He was responsible for a number of serious outbreaks. He has been responsible for strategy and tactics in the affairs of the Communist Party. He helped to establish one Communist daily paper in Detroit, and another in Chicago. It was Kowalski who carried out the intricate maneuvers of the Communist Party in bringing about the sit-down strikes under the auspices of the CIO.

    This is the man—this Soviet prison commissar, this alien jailer of news correspondents and Red Cross officials, this Soviet Union firing squad veteran, this once deported radical—who had the unmitigated gall to appear before the members of a city council under the Stars and Stripes and say that I, an American citizen, had no right to deliver a patriotic address to a joint meeting of civic clubs in a community building.

    Radical Preachers Are "Fellow Travelers" with Kowalski

    There are thousands like him in the country. They are active on the propaganda front. They pose as labor leaders. They co-operate with liberals and radicals of every hue to promote their revolutionary program.

    For many years, one of the most outstanding Communists in the Middle West was a man by the name of Avram Mezerik. His home was the Detroit meeting place and entertaining household for such world Communists as Earl Browder, William Z. Foster, and Mother Bloor. In his home was planned the organization known as the Conference for the Protection of Civil Rights, which later became known as the Civil Rights Federation. It was this same Communist Mezerik, who went to one Rev. J. H. Bollens, a Detroit preacher, and persuaded him to become the head of this organization. Rev. Bollens was at the State Fair Grounds to meet Tom Mooney when he visited Detroit.

    It was Mooney who wrote to Joseph Stalin telling him that he was for the world revolution "Hook, line, and sinker," and closed his letter by saying, "Comradely yours, Tom Mooney."

    The recording secretary of the Civil Rights Federation until very recently, was Sylvia Alston, a white woman who married Columbus Alston, a Negro Communist organizer. Alston spends half his time organizing young Negroes in the South, and half his time in the North. Sylvia Alston is a Communist and admits it. The treasurer of the organization is the Rev. Owen A. Knox.

    Frankensteen and Kowalski Began Together in Hamtramck

    Fitted into this picture of radicalism is Mr. Nat Ganley, a prominent CIO official and organizer of the CIO Tool and Die Workers' Union. This same Ganley also organized the People's League for the Communist Party, which later produced a Communist daily paper known as the People's Voice. The editor of the People's Voice is none other than Joseph Kowalski, who was supposed to be sent back to Russia when he got out of Atlanta penitentiary, but who is still here organizing for the overthrow of the American government.

    In 1932 and 1933, the Communist Party organized what was known as the Chamber of Labor. This was headed by the same Joseph Kowalski who went before the Hamtramck city council with the demand that I be forbidden to speak in the city. The Chamber of Labor later blossomed into a national organization, with units and locals in Cleveland, Boston, Pittsburgh, and elsewhere. In 1934, shortly before the appearance of the CIO, the Automobile Industrial Workers was organized. The meeting place of this organization was Yemans Hall. At its head was one Richard Frankensteen.

    When the CIO put in its appearance, Kowalski took his Communist-organized Chamber of Labor and joined with Frankensteen and the Industrial Automobile Workers in organizing the workers in the Dodge factory into what is now a part of the CIO. Frankensteen was later elevated to the Communist-dominated board of directors at the Cleveland convention of the Automobile CIO.

    The time has come for America to purge herself of these enemies of labor, these despisers of God, these brazen violators of law and order. The time has come for us to clean up and to keep America safe for Americans.

    The deportation of one hundred thousand alien radicals of the Kowalski type would solve three-fourths of our labor troubles, would eliminate about one-half of our political problems, and would leave thousands of good jobs for real Americans.

    America, Awake

    If the American people ever lose their system of democratic government, are ever induced to trade off their liberties for a mess of Communist or Nazi pottage, the blame must be placed, not upon the Communists or the Nazis, but upon the failure of the American people to properly appraise the forces working for the destruction of the American democracy, and upon the indifference of the great masses of people to the vital issues of the hour.

    Patriotism must not only be negative; it must be positive. We must defend America. We must realize that America is the most priceless possession of any people this side of heaven.

    America Desired by All

    All over the world—whether it be in China, Japan, Russia, Central Europe, Austria, Germany, France, England, Africa or the islands of the sea—men and women stand in line, hoping and praying for permission to sail to our American shores. They are willing to give up everything they possess in order to begin life anew in free America. Under our system of free speech, free press, free religion, freedom to own and develop property, to compete in business, to work, buy and sell, and to come and go as we please, we have developed the greatest abundance the human race has ever known. We have had more food, more clothing, more jobs, more houses, more lands, more iron, more gold, more silver—more of everything that the world enjoys—than any race of people since the beginning of man. America today is the Garden of Eden.

    All our present suffering—our unemployment, hunger, and social unrest—can be traced to those public officials, agitators, and organizers who have sought to change the original system of life and government as laid down by our founding fathers.

    Beware of War Propaganda

    We are told that the last World War threw us into this depression. We got into that war because we disregarded the counsel of our patriotic fathers. George Washington, the Father of our Country, advised us to keep free at all times from the entangling alliances which would involve us with the ever-warring powers of Europe.

    Today we are confronted with propagandists on the right and propagandists on the left, who are trying to work us into another war, to again "make the world safe for democracy." But, so far as I am concerned, there is only one real, pure democracy on earth, and that is the United States of America.

    Let us beware of these propagandists. Let us resolve, under God, to re-dedicate and re-consecrate ourselves to America. Instead of wasting our efforts on the problems of Europe and Asia, let us devote ourselves to the problems of our own beautiful land.

    Civil War Desired by Communists

    Our big battle in the next few years will be from within. The congressional report on un-American activities, quotes one of the outstanding revolutionaries, as saying: "Civil war is the inevitable outcome." These Communists have a plan not to turn South against North, not to turn East against West, but to turn neighbor against neighbor. Their program calls first for class hate, then class conflict, then class warfare. That means civil war, bloodshed, and chaos.

    Reds Invade Mexico

    The Communists point with pride to their accomplishments in Mexico. They have made the clenched fist, the hammer and the sickle, and the red flag of the International Communist Party very popular in Old Mexico. They have persecuted the ministers of God. They have closed the churches. They have imprisoned the priests. They have stolen and seized, without cause, the property of American citizens. Mind you, this was not done in the name of the Communist Party, for Communists seldom work in the name of their political party. The smallest part of their revolutionary program is carried on openly in the name of Communism. The membership of the Communist Party is made up of carefully selected, ruthless individuals, who work through what is known as "popular front" organizations, which operate in the name of democracy, labor, charity and peace.

    When Father Sheen, of Washington, D.C., the eminent Catholic authority on Communism, was asked, "Who was the first to employ the popular front science?" he answered, "Judas Iscariot, when he put a kiss upon his Master's cheek and pretended to be His friend."

    So the Communists began their work in Mexico in the name of democracy. They elected a president by the name of Cardenas. Some months ago they held, in Mexico City, what they called the Pan-American Labor Congress. Radical leaders were in attendance from all over the world. The communistic labor leader of France, Mr. Joheaux, was there and spoke. The so-called labor leader of Communist Spain was present. The radical and Communist leader of Mexico, Toledanos, appeared to be in charge. Representing the United States was Mr. John L. Lewis, president of the Congress on Industrial Organization. A picture of the occasion shows Joheaux, Toledanos, and Lewis standing under flags bearing the Communist hammer and sickle, receiving the Communist clenched-fist salute from 50,000 people massed in the public square of Mexico City. Joheaux is to be remembered as the man who sought to precipitate a new French Revolution.

    CIO Chief and NLRB Member among Radicals at Mexico City

    Many Americans were at a loss to understand the presence of the CIO chieftain at this world assembly of radicals and revolutionists. But those of us who have watched the man were not mystified, for, according to reliable sources of information, Mr. John L. Lewis had no small part in the Communist seizure of American property—the deliberate theft of between $500,000,000 and $1,000,000,000 in land, oil wells and mining property, held in Mexico by Americans, just as Mexicans, English, French and citizens of other countries hold property in the United States.

    Mr. Lewis' part in the affair was described, under date of March 25, 1938, by Mr. Drew Pearson and Mr. Robert S. Allen, the eminent Washington correspondents, as follows: "The State Department still does not know about it, but John L. Lewis and the CIO played an important part in the seizure of American properties in Mexico. What happened is this, before the Mexican workers moved in they communicated with Mr. Lewis and asked his advice. Specifically they wanted to know whether they should take over the American oil companies and whether they would have the support of American Labor if they did."

    Another speaker, whose appearance at this radical Stalin-and-Lenin-saluting Pan-American Labor Congress, in Mexico City, shocked the American people, was Mr. Edwin Smith, of the National Labor Relations Board, who came to his position on that powerful body through appointment by the President of the United States.

    Soft Coal Strike Showed Lewis' Hand

    The radical, labor-destroying purposes of John L. Lewis were clearly revealed by the abortive soft coal strike. As boss of the coal miners, he called approximately 400,000 of them out. For many weary weeks he held them out on strike, threatening vital industries with paralysis. For what? An increase in wages? Better working conditions? He asked for neither. His purpose was to compel both miners and operators to admit that he was the boss, the dictator, of both the miners and the coal industry.

    It was a costly demonstration for the workers. Pulled off of the jobs they needed to provide their families with food, shelter and clothing, in forty working days, the miners—at the modest average of $5.00 per man per working day—lost not less than $80,000,000 in wages. Workers in other industries that depend on coal lost heavily in wages. Mills were compelled to shut down for want of fuel. Even the subways of New York City were forced to curtail their operations by a third. And this takes no account of the $6,000,000 John L. Lewis took out of the pockets of the mine workers in special assessments to help finance the CIO in other industries and communities.

    Strikes, tie-ups and industrial strife offer the opportunities for which Communist agitators are always watching. With two hundred eighty Communists and Communist sympathizers already on the payroll of the CIO, the way was wide open for a horde of Communist agitators and organizers to descend on the soft coal region, to take advantage of the suffering of the miners and their families. With the hunger and privation created by John L. Lewis, they moved in to convince the workers that some other system would be better than the American system. While Americans sleep, the Communists work.

    Communist Textbook for Children

    Thousands of churches throughout the land operate summer vacation Bible schools, the purpose and intention of which is to inculcate the principles of Christianity in the minds of the young. But even these worthy enterprises have been bored into by the Communists, who have succeeded in getting many of the churches to accept and use their literature. The literature, of course, always finds its way to the churches through organizations with fine, high-sounding names.

    Typical of this free communistic literature is a little book called the First Grade Reader. It looks like any ordinary first grade reader in any common American school. It talks about the cat, the rat, the dog and the mouse. But on page seven appears the following:
    "We will pass our plates. We will help keep our table clean. We must not talk in the dining room. We get hot lunches every day. All the children in America do not get hot lunches. All the children in England do not get hot lunches.: Only the children in the Soviet Union get hot lunches every day."
    The book then goes on just like one of our good public school readers. But every few pages it brings out something of the same order. It is the "kiss of Judas," to which Father Sheen referred, the betrayal of our country, in an attempt to inflict this atheistic, church-burning Communism upon our little children.

    Detroit a Close Second to New York as Red Center

    Communist strategists have divided the United States into districts, which ignore state lines. Michigan, minus the Upper Peninsula, is called District Number 7. Within this district are many lesser divisions, with regional, sectional and community headquarters. Headquarters of District Number 7 is located at 5969 Fourteenth Street, in Detroit. Another important headquarters is at 2610 Clifford Street.

    The strength of the Communist Party in Michigan is indicated on page 1336 of the Dies Report. That record states: "District No. 7 of the Detroit District of the Communist Party is ranking second in number as having the largest number of Communist leaders and intellectuals. The New York district is first. The 11 sections of the Communist Party in Detroit have their respective sections Committee.

    "The organizers and secretaries of these sections are all leading 'reds' and potential agitators. The officers of the sections are called the functionaries. Almost every section and every unit has the following functionaries: organizer, secretary, agent for the Daily Worker, literature agent, trade union director, etc. The organizer calls the meetings of his or her respective nucleus and he calls to order and adjourns the meetings. He makes the reports to the members of the important party work."

    The report continues: "The Communist clubs and meeting places are scattered throughout the city. There are several Communist halls and clubs. The largest number of these clubs to meet in one single club is three. In other words, fifty-seven Communist Party units meet in at least as many different addresses. Often the secret meetings of the Communist organizations are held outside the Communist clubs for purposes of secrecy. The call of the Communist agitators is: 'Every Factory the Fortress of the Communist Party.' In every factory must be organized a shop unit which should spread Communist propaganda in such a manner that it should paralyze all industry if necessary. With their agitation in the factories the Communist Party seeks the dissatisfied workers, because the dissatisfied workers are easily recruited and will carry out the Communist Party directions. The Communist Party is not interested in organizing the workers into trade unions primarily, but to create dissatisfaction among the workers, lead them in sabotage if necessary in order to bring about the downfall of existing government and the establishment of the Soviet rule in the United States."

    Some Meeting Places in Detroit for Communists

    The thorough-going manner in which the Communists have gone about their job of organizing the City of Detroit, is shown by the fact that they operate not within the organization of the Communist Party, but that, directly and indirectly, they carry on their activities through more than one hundred organizations bearing good sounding names.

    Communists long ago adopted the practice of changing locations when their places of meeting became well-known, but on the date of the Dies Committee investigation, a few of the fifty-seven reported headquarters and places of meetings were as following, according to the official minutes of the Congressional Committee:

    Bulgarian Communist Fraction, 1343 East Ferry Avenue, in what is called the Workers' Home.

    Polish Communist Club, 5702 Mitchell Avenue. Specializes on Briggs and Packard workers.

    Communist Hall, 3014 Yemans Avenue. Meeting place of section No. 8; active among Dodge Brothers employees and Thompson Product workers.

    The Russian Communist Club, 2934 Yemans Avenue; specializing on Chevrolet shop unit, the Workers' Alliance, branch No. 25. Headquarters of the Russian Communist fraction.

    South Slav Communist Club, 13410 Lumpkin Avenue, branch of the International Workers' Order, youth section and "reds" who work in Briggs factory.

    Rumanian Communist Club, 6527 Russell Avenue. Meeting place of the Rumanian Communist section.

    Ukranian Workers' Hall, 2965 Carpenter Avenue. Mass meetings often are held there.

    Modern Book Store, 7 Sibley Avenue. Office of district agent of Daily Worker.

    Finnish Workers' Hall[6], 5969 Fourteenth Street. Headquarters of Young Communist League; office of William Weinstone, Ben Green, and Joe Robinson.

    Polish Communist Club, 4519 Magnolia Avenue.

    Ukrainian Communist Hall, 4959 Martin Avenue.

    Lithuanian Communist Club, 4097 Porter Avenue.

    Hungarian Communist Club, 8419 Vanderbilt Avenue.

    Armenian Communist Club, 7852 West Jefferson Avenue.

    Jewish Communist Club, 8951 Twelfth Street.

    Rumanian Communist Club, 2770 Salina Avenue, Dearborn.

    Communist Club, 2702 Salina Avenue, Dearborn.

    Carpenters Hall, 971 Alger Avenue.

    Headquarters of International Workers' Order is at 601 Hofmann Building.

    Technique of Sabotage

    These visible headquarters and activities constitute but a small fraction of the Communist program, for the very revolutionaries operating from these headquarters enjoy the co-operation of preachers, school teachers, college professors, lawyers and labor leaders.

    An officer in one of the large labor locals of the City of Detroit showed me a chart used by a Communist teacher in a night school operated by the UAW-CIO. This chart was presented as a study of history, beginning with the stone age, and coming on down, the brass age, the gold age, the Christian society and the capitalist society. The chart then proceeded to picture a perfect age in the world under Communism.

    Communist schools, whether they be held in headquarters, such as those abounding in the industrial cities of the nation, or those conducted in summer camps, specialize in industrial sabotage. A committee operating under authority of the legislature of the State of Massachusetts, according to the report of the Dies Committee, discovered that in one school, conducted and organized by the secretary of the Communist Party, the following things were taught:
    1. The kind of foreign matter which, if dropped in paint, will cause it to peel and create corrosion. 2. The effect of dropping phonograph needles in dynamos. 3. How steel dust placed in oil damages bearings. 4. Burning out bearings by failure of oil supply. 5. The best way to burn out boiler tubes. 6. How to disable the steering gear.
    Professional Men Aid Propaganda

    Testimony before the Dies Committee revealed that the Communists enjoy the assistance of many professional men. On page 1341, of the second volume of the committee's report, we read: "Dr. Walter G. Bergman, of Detroit, a radical professor and educator, hides his real red color by calling himself a member of the Socialist Party. He is president of the Detroit Federation of Teachers and a member of the executive committee of the League for Industrial Democracy, a strictly Communist organization. On March 14, 1937, Professor Bergman, of Wayne University, acted as chairman of a meeting at Northern High School where Weinstone, secretary of the Communist Party for the State of Michigan, was the principal speaker."

    On page 1342, of the same report, we read: "Dr. N. J. Bicknell of Detroit is very active in the organization known as the Friends of the Soviet Union, main affiliate of the Communist Party. On August 12, 1935, he spoke at a meeting of the F.S.U. Again on December 11, Dr. Bicknell was present at a meeting of the Friends of the Soviet Union held at 4776 Second Boulevard. At this meeting were also Professor Bergman and Mr. Maurice Sugar. This brings us to the point. This same Maurice Sugar is now the official attorney for the CIO Automobile Workers and other radical groups. After discussion Mr. Maurice Sugar was selected to act as chairman of the forthcoming meeting, and Dr. Bicknell was elected to be a delegate to the Third Congress for the League Against War and Fascism to be held in Cleveland January 3, 4, and 5."

    The American League Against War and Fascism, to which Dr. Bicknell was elected a delegate, is the outfit that earned such a bad reputation under the leadership of Earl Browder, Clarence Hathaway, and the Reverend Harry Ward, that it had to change its name, and is now known as the League for Peace and Democracy. Earl Browder is the executive secretary of the Communist Party in the United States, Clarence Hathaway edits the Communist Daily Worker, and Reverend Ward is the Union Theological Seminary Chancellor who is national chairman of the notorious Communist-aiding American Civil Liberties Union.

    This so-called Civil Liberties Union was branded as one of the most powerful of the radical front organizations by a Congressional committee. In a recent address, Roger N. Baldwin, its director and one of its leading spirits, said, "Communism is the goal."

    This is the Roger N. Baldwin who spoke under the roof of one of the big churches of Detroit. He was presented by what is known in Detroit as the Civil Rights Federation, a sort of local unit of the Civil Liberties Union, which co-operates with the League for Peace and Democracy, and enjoys the support of Communists. The Civil Rights Federation maintains a group known as the "professional division," which includes lawyers, doctors, teachers and other professionals, and boasts an enrollment of six hundred. The outfit is headed by a Rev. John H. Bollens. Its treasurer, and one of its active mouthpieces, is the Rev. Owen Knox. The Civil Rights Federation cooperates with most of the radical groups in the city and nation, and claims to have the cooperation of three hundred twenty-five labor, fraternal, church, civic, and farm organizations, with a total Michigan membership of 500,000. Most of these people are sincere and uninformed concerning these facts.

    Moscow Plans It All

    Questioning Dr. Matthews, an eminent student of world revolution and formerly an organizer of these Communist front movements, Congressman Starnes, a member of the Dies Committee, said: "I should like Dr. Matthews first to answer the direct question that I ask, concerning whether there was a direct connection between the International Communist Party from Moscow, Russia, and this American League for Peace and Democracy; that is, the American League Against War and Fascism, which was succeeded by the American League for Peace and Democracy."

    To this question Dr. Matthews replied that the purpose of this meeting in Moscow was to devise ways of increasing the influence of the Communist Party, particularly in three countries—France, the United States, and Great Britain; that it was decided that in the United States the situation was not ripe for a peoples' front, and that first the step to be taken was to set up an organization such as the American League for Peace and Democracy; that, simultaneously, there was set up the American League Against War and Fascism, the Canadian League Against War and Fascism, the British League Against War and Fascism, and the French League Against War and Fascism, and that these organizations simultaneously changed their names to the French League for Peace and Democracy, the British League for Peace and Democracy, and the Canadian League for Peace and Democracy, and the American League for Peace and Democracy.

    The whole diabolical plan was hatched in Moscow. The audacity of the plan is shown by the boldness with which these leaders come right down into our communities—Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, and elsewhere—in the name of their leagues and federations, their unions and their units, their fractions and their sections, to prey upon the innocence of our people, and the sincerity of our workers.

    These things must stop.

    "The Truth Shall Make You Free"

    Let them say what they please, let them exercise the privilege of free speech to the full, but let us so expose these agitators and propagandists that when they speak, our people to the last housewife, schoolboy, farmer, worker, preacher, priest—shall know what they are attempting to do. The real people are in the vast majority, but it is as St. Paul said in the Bible, "We wrestle not against principalities and powers, but we wrestle against the rulers of darkness."

    They work in the cellars, they organize in the dark, and then come to our people with the poison of atheistic Communism wrapped in sugar-coated pills of education, peace, labor and recreation.

    America! Awake!

    I have every confidence in the workers. I prophesy that when these God-fearing, patriotic workers begin to discover the real aims and purposes of these agitators, that they will deal the death blow to this conspiracy to overthrow our American system of life.

    The ground swell is on. America is rising from her sleep. The day of victory is at hand.

    Let us destroy our enemies, not with the sword, not with the bludgeon, not with violence. Let us stop these enemies of the state by the merciless spotlight of truth, in the spirit of the Master who said, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

    insert no. 2

    Red Propaganda Chief Outlines Plans for Revolution

    The Communist Party was founded on the principle of violent revolution to overthrow the United States Government by force and propaganda. The Communists are out to do it any way they can. If they can influence a President they will do it; if they can influence legislation passed through the United States Congress they will do it; and if they feel that the quickest way is to rise up and agitate a million misguided people to the point where they are willing to assassinate business, religious and political leadership, they will do it.

    Mr. M. J. Olgin, as head of the propaganda bureau of the Communist Party in the United States, outlining the coming revolution in America said: "The clearer the class consciousness of the workers the more steeled they are in fighting. The better the revolutionary leadership they have developed the more capable they are to deal the final blow ... a time comes when there is demoralization above, a growing revolt below. The morale of the army is also undermined; there are actual insurrections. The army wavers, panic seizes the rulers, a general uprising begins. Workers stop work, many of them seize arms by attacking arsenals, many of them have armed themselves before. Street fights become frequent. Under the leadership of the Communist Party the workers organize revolutionary committees to be in command of the uprising. There are battles in the principal cities—barricades are built and defended. The workers fighting have a decisive influence with the soldiers—army units begin to join the revolutionary fighters; armed workers and soldiers and marines besiege the principal government officers, invade the residence of the President and cabinet members, arrest them, declare the old regime abolished and establish their own powers."

    Continuing, Mr. Olgin said: "There is a Communist Party in every country in the world. All of them work to the same end. Delegates from each Communist Party gather once in a few years to an international congress. The Communist International gives unity of policy and leadership to the entire revolutionary movement of the world. It is the general staff of the world revolution. The Communist Party of the United States is part of the world-wide organization. Under the Communist Party the workers of the United States will proceed from struggle to struggle, victory to victory, strike to strike, until rising in a revolution they will crush the state."

    American Youth at the Cross Roads

    One of the most vicious phases of the Communists' program is their work among children and young people, for whose subversion they have over three hundred national organizations, operating under as many different names.

    On page 449 of the report of the Dies Committee on un-American Activities, we read: "In many of the American universities today Young Communist League activities are carried on. They are controlled by the National Students League and the American Students Union."

    The report of the Young Communist League for June, 1934, stated: "The Young Communist League must work to build the National Student League into a broad mass organization. Every section and district committee must apply the principles of concentration and control tasks to the organization of the National Student League at the schools in its local city, especially numbers, proletarian in origin. While intensifying the struggle against the Reserve Officers' Training Corps, Young Communist leaders must also work from within the Reserve Officers' Training Corps to win the students for our program. Young Communist League student units should be formed in colleges and high schools."

    Using these student union groups and other groups as the foundation, they then set out to effect what they called a "broad united front movement," among young people. This, in 1935, graduated into what is now known as the American Youth Congress. Its principles were so broad, its platform so deceitful, and its presentation couched in such attractive language, that it attracted to its membership, or affiliated activities, many innocent and sincere persons and organizations.

    Those of us who were trained in the study of radical activities could see in this organization such radical leadership as that provided by such Communist and Communist-controlled organizations as the United Student Peace Committee; the Workers' Alliance of America; the Young Communist League of the United States; the Youth Division of the National Negro Congress; the Youth Section of the International Workers Order; the International Union of Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers; the United Mine Workers of America; the United Cannery, Agriculture, Packing and Allied Workers of America; and the American Student Union.

    By misrepresentation they were able to bring along with them—and surprising as it may seem they secured the co-operation of—the following: The American Baptist Publication Society, Young People's Division; the Epworth League of the Methodist Episcopal Church; the National Business and Professional Council of the YWCA; the National Council of Methodist Youth; the National Council of Jewish Juniors; and the Younger Democrats of the United States.

    They united into this loosely organized front organization of young people, leadership representing over one million young people in America. Following their congress, in 1937, their delegates staged a sit-down strike on Pennsylvania Avenue, in Washington, D.C., asserting to the governing officials that since "the present system offers no solution for our problems, some form of co-operative commonwealth with production for use instead of profit is necessary." Carl Ross, head of the Young Communist League, represented the Youth Congress at a congressional hearing on the National Youth Bill. In 1935, their convention, representing a million young people, most of whom were innocent of the conspiracy of which the leaders were guilty, was held in the city of Detroit, Michigan.

    A speaker representing the Pittsburgh YWCA paid high tribute to the Young Communist League. "We couldn't get along without them," she shouted to the hilarious young radicals.

    The speaker most loudly cheered at the opening session in Clark Park was Angelo Herndon, the Cincinnati Communist Negro, then under sentence of twenty years for violation of the Georgia insurrection law, and out on fifteen thousand dollar bond. This same Herndon was elected honorary chairman of the Youth Congress, and presided over many of its sessions.

    The leading spirit at this Detroit convention was Waldo McNutt. Mr. McNutt was a member of the Revolutionary Policy Committee of the Socialist Party which, a year previous, had recommended the violent overthrow of the American government, in its resolution as presented at the national convention of the Socialist Party.

    ne of the headlined speakers at this Detroit congress was Reverend Harry Ward, now president of the League for Peace and Democracy. In a shrill voice he called upon atheists and Christians to unite! "There isn't any real difference between atheists and Christians," he shouted. "You must unite in destroying the social order which is denying you your rights. Don't let your preachers and churches bluff you. The one thing you have to do is keep your program on a plane of action rather than theory." To a revolutionist, action means violence.

    Another speaker at this American Youth Congress was Mr. Clarence Hathaway, editor of the Daily Worker, the Communist daily paper. He said, "The Communist Party stands squarely behind the American Youth Congress."

    Patriotic Young People Resign from Youth Congress Which Refuses to Condemn Communism

    The 1939 sessions of the Youth Congress were held in New York City. One hundred thirty-five young people's organizations were represented. Strange as it may seem, many of those organizations and their leaders were unaware of the red revolutionary conspiracy in the heart of much of its leadership. As the program progressed, some of the patriotic delegates began to get wise as to what was going on. Mr. William T. Ball, of Cleveland, president of the Young Americanist League, and Mr. Alfred M. Lilienthal, president of the First Voters League, joined with others in presenting a resolution which read: "Resolved, that the American Youth Congress condemns Communism because it is opposed to the principles of a belief in God, the inviolability of human rights, private ownership of property and internal peace; and further be it resolved that the American Youth Congress condemns Nazism and Fascism which are viciously opposed to these principles of American democracy."

    By a vote of about three to one this resolution was defeated.

    Young Mr. Ball arose and said, "All true Americans will follow me out of this congress and repudiate it." And the leaders and officials of twenty-two organizations followed Mr. Ball out of the organization that refused to condemn Communism.

    The remainder of the delegates were then addressed by Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, wife of the President of the United States.

    It is worthy of note that one of the most active and influential leaders in this organization which refused to condemn Communism was Mr. James B. Carey, a high official of the CIO under John L. Lewis. Among other things, the convention endorsed the election of Mr. Roosevelt for a third term.

    Communists Prey on Little Children

    For the children, Communists have what is known as the Young Pioneers, which works with children between the ages of six and eighteen. The purpose of this organization is to break down the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts, and all similar patriotic organizations among boys and girls. According to the published report of the Dies Committee, American Communists united during Boy Scout Week in a vicious and un-American attack on the Boy Scout movement. A typical pamphlet was entitled, The Young Pioneers. The nature of its contents is indicated by the following headlines appearing in its pages: "Join the Young Pioneers," "The Boy Scouts an Instrument of the Bosses," "Workers' Children, Your Place Is in the Pioneers," "Boy Scouts Take Part in the Murder of Striking Workers," "Fight Against the Plotting of the American Boy Scouts Against the Soviet Union," "The Soviet Union Is a Government of and for the Workers," "Leave the Boy Scouts and Join the Pioneers."

    Convention for Children Blasphemes Religion

    A national convention of the Young Pioneers was held in Madison Square Garden, in New York City. Christmas Day was chosen as an opportune time for staging the 20,000 assembled in a gigantic demonstration of hatred for God. So tightly packed were the children in the great building that thousands were forced to stand, and other thousands sat two in a seat. The assembly was under the efficient leadership of members of the Young Communist League and their radical sponsors.

    "The Internationale", the red hymn of hate and atheism, was sung. Cartoons were displayed on the platform ridiculing God as a myth and the Bible as a joke. A Young Pioneer, in a burlesque uniform, pretending to smoke a cigar, announced that a miracle was about to be performed. "The Star of Bethlehem," he said, "is about to appear." And a star, in the form of a dollar mark, came down over the audience from the ceiling, as the vast audience booed the name of Christ.

    Red Flag Saluted by 20,000 Children

    A boy, dressed as an animal trainer, pretended to whip society, capitalism, the Boy Scouts, and religion into line. A revolutionary Christmas tree was displayed. God was represented in a business suit, under the Christmas tree and with a harem, and when the harem was referred to as "angels" the audience roared with laughter. The angels were marked as priests, preachers, capitalists, and dope peddlers. It is to be remembered that Communists teach that religion is a dope. A young woman closed the meeting with a speech, wishing them all a "very revolutionary Christmas." They rose as one person, sang the Communist hymn, and gave the Communist salute.

    The report of the Dies Committee states: "Although more than a dozen songs were sung by these little children, they did it without help of book or paper. They knew them letter-perfect. Also, when the young woman in her speech said something about meeting the opposition of their enemies and asked, 'Are you ready?' these thousands of children arose as one and cried with a loud voice, 'Always ready.' Instead of the pledge to the American flag which we hold dear in America, they said: 'I pledge allegiance to the red flag and to the cause for which it stands; one aim throughout our lives'."

    A Nation-Wide Program of Child Subversion

    This did not take place in Moscow! This was in the largest city of America!

    But this Moscow inspired subversion of impressionable children is not limited to the large metropolitan centers. Far from it. The secret agents of atheistic Communism are at work in schools, churches and community institutions all over the United States. That they do not operate in the name of the Young Pioneers does not mean they are not at work, for there are literally hundreds of front organizations through which they manage to poison the minds of young children.

    A further study into the work of the Young Pioneers reveals that they have rewritten, and completely re-interpreted, such American heroes as Washington and Lincoln. Great care has been exercised to make the names of Lincoln, Lenin, Washington, Marx, Jefferson and Stalin appear in the same sentence together, so that the young could be made to regard the atheistic revolutionaries of Europe with the same reverence accorded the founding fathers of America.

    What treason!

    Radical Movements Directed by Old World Gangsters

    Radicals in America—working through their hundreds of front organizations with high sounding names—would like to convince our people that Stalin is a great statesman. The record reveals that he is merely a robber and murderer come to power.

    The New York Daily Mirror, in a series of articles on the Russian dictator, stated: "Stalin held up banks and trains to get funds for his organization. Originally, he enrolled in a theological seminary for the training of priests. When he became an atheist he succeeded in taking with him many of the students in the seminary who joined him in the revolution. Lenin once said to Stalin, 'Could you do something very disgusting, ignoble and vile for the sake of the Communist Party?' Stalin said he could, and proved it. He performed his greatest terrorist feats as a young revolutionary in what was known as the Tiflus Bank Robbery. Advised by Lenin that the Communist Party was in need of money and that a huge sum of government money was being sent from St. Petersburg, Stalin and his fellow conspirators decided to bomb the carriage that was to transport the money. The bomb was tossed from a roof top at the same time Stalin's men threw bombs and fired revolvers. A cashier was killed instantly. Stalin, one of the men on foot, tossed another bomb, killing the team. They seized the package of money and escaped at a gallop. They stole 341,000 roubles and killed fifty people in this one robbery."

    Today Earl Browder and his Communist Party in the United States take orders and money from this same Stalin, and attempt to palm off their revolutionary program as Twentieth Century Americanism.

    Students Duped

    The spearhead organization through which they work with American youth is known as the American Student Union. In a report to Moscow, according to the published report of a congressional committee, the Communists referred to the American Student Union as one of their greatest triumphs in the United States. At the time testimony was received by the committee, John P. Lash was secretary, Serrill Gerber, executive secretary, and George Clifton Edwards, Jr., its national chairman. Working with them was a national board made up of college and university students, drawn from Ohio State University, Los Angeles Junior College, Southern Methodist University, Columbia University, Swarthmore, Harvard, University of Louisville, University of Virginia, Antioch College, St. Lawrence University, Young Men's Christian Association College of Chicago, DePauw, Temple, Oregon University, University of Chicago, University of Minnesota, Brooklyn College, Occidental, Vassar, and many other prominent schools.

    A world convention of this Student Union was held at Vassar, and was addressed by Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, wife of the President of the United States.

    The high standing of these institutions of learning demonstrates the efficiency with which these atheistic institutions operate, both directly and indirectly, right in the middle of both private and tax-supported colleges and universities.

    Adult Communists Direct Youth Groups

    Back of all these young people's organizations and children's organizations are mature minds. The advisory board of this student organization includes Mr. Roger Baldwin, director of the radical Civil Liberties Union. Other leading advisers are Mr. Norman Thomas, many times presidential candidate on the Socialist ticket and Mr. Reinhold Niebuhr, radical professor of the Union Theological Seminary. Still another adult radical who would direct the thinking of American college youth, is Prof. Robert Morss Lovett. Lovett is vice-president of the League for Peace and Democracy, whose executive board is filled up with Communists and radicals, Professor Emeritus of English at the University of Chicago, one of the editors of the radical weekly, New Republic, and head of the Student League for Industrial Democracy, which recently merged with the Communist National Student League and a dozen other radical groups.

    Naval Intelligence Exposes Red Professor

    The Detroit Times, for May 6, 1939, stated: "In a report on Communist activities of the United States, dated March 1, 1935, and printed in the Congressional Record, the Naval Intelligence Bureau (U.S. Navy) said, 'The Robert Morss Lovetts and a long string of Communist-minded intellectuals that are busily engaged in spreading the philosophy of discontent destructively are the primary factors in the situation which loyal Americans must contend with for the preservation of American ideals, traditions, institutions and government. These are the fringe revolutionists, too lacking in intestinal fortitude to go all the way in Communism but who stand by and urge the Communist to do his worst providing with protection, sympathy, and defense while he commits the overt act which they have not had the courage to commit themselves.'"

    The Detroit Times further states "Representatives of radical organizations named in the Navy Report protested to President Roosevelt." However, instead of denouncing Professor Lovett for his sympathy and assistance to the Communist Party, President Roosevelt rebuked the Intelligence Department of the United States Navy for making its report, and rewarded Professor Lovett for his radicalism by appointing him to the post of government secretary to the Virgin Islands.

    Certain elements of the American Student Union frequently deny any connection with the Communist Party, but its leadership can always be traced back to these radical forces. They groom people for governmental positions, political leadership, intellectual agitation, and train them to pose as labor leaders. According to the Dies Committee, the American Student Union claims to influence 500,000 young people in America. Witnesses testified that the executive committee of the high school division of the league was made up of Nolan Bell, Central High, Cleveland; Cornelia Brangman, Wadleigh High, New York; Evelyn Elkin, Central High, Detroit; and Leon Wofsie, New Haven High.

    American Youth Victimized

    Only a small part of these 500,000 the American Student Union claims to influence should be branded as Communists. In many instances, even their parents have been deceived into believing that the American Student Union, and the host of dummy campus organizations and committees it controls, are worthy organizations.

    One of the favorite methods by which the American Student Union works is the framing of protest resolutions and appeals addressed, to the accompaniment of much publicity, to public officials in high places. One such appeal was addressed to Secretary of State Cordell Hull, asking that the Department of State follow the "peace policy" of the Soviet Union. That policy, of course, was the provision of men, money and munitions to red fronts, which would have meant involving the United States in European conflicts.

    A bill embracing these demands was introduced on the floor of Congress by Mr. Jerry O'Connell, then a representative in Congress from Montana. Mr. O'Connell was one of the party of American malcontents who visited Spain, addressed the Communists there, expressed the hope they would win the war, and pledged them a great section of American support while they were slaughtering the ministers of God and burning the churches.

    This same American Student Union supplies the CIO, and other radical movements, with speakers and organizers. It sets up travel bureaus to take students to Russia. It assumes leadership in campus activities. It injects itself into administration affairs of colleges and universities. It appropriates the columns of school papers for red propaganda. It projects itself into strikes and other critical situations which can be exploited to the advantage of its revolutionary program. Identifying the more radical students, who seem ready for pure Communism, leaders of the American Student Union steer them into membership in the Young Communist League. Witnesses before the Dies Committee testifed that the Young Communist League, which is a part of the American Communist Party, and hence affiliated with the Third International, boasts of members in the Civil Conservation Corps, the National Guard, and the Citizens' Military Training Camp. Its activities never cease. Its leaders never rest. The avowed enemies of the Young Communist League are the Boy Scouts, the Catholic Youth Movement, and the Reserve Officers Training Corps.

    American youth is at the cross roads. We must all help them to make the right decision.

    Lewis Strongly Entrenched in Nation's Capital

    Mr. John L. Lewis' CIO, with a potential dues-collecting power of thirty-nine million dollars a year, will not surrender easily. CIO leaders will fight on every front for the control of industry, labor, politics and government. They have not been defeated, by a long way, and they have not lost their influence in Washington, D.C. The political contacts of Mr. John L. Lewis are many, extremely varied, and very far-reaching. In addition to holding a dictatorial control over the CIO organizations in industry, he maintains excellent contacts in other areas.

    Under date of November 16, 1939, a dispatch from Washington, D.C., stated: "It was not supposed to be known, but while the rest of Washington was vacationing on Armistice Day, John L. Lewis had a private White House luncheon with the President. Conversation at the luncheon revolved around the idea of one big union for the entire country. Details are still to be worked out. The most significant part of the luncheon was the cordiality between the two men."

    The breadth of Mr. Lewis' contacts is suggested by the fact that only a few days before his conference with the President, that Mrs. Lewis was a special guest of the Soviet Russian Embassy, in its dinner celebration of the twenty-second anniversary of the Russian Revolution. Mr. Lewis, who was evidently unable to be present, had attended similar celebrations at the Russian Embassy in previous years. With Mrs. Lewis dining with the Soviet Ambassador, and with Mr. Lewis having private luncheon with President Roosevelt, it is apparent that the head of the CIO is in a position of strategic political strength in the life of the nation.

    Civil War

    M. J. Olgin, a member of the central committee of the International Communist Party, said: "Under the leadership of the Communist Party, the workers of the U.S.A. will proceed from struggle to struggle, from victory to victory, until rising in a revolution, they will crush the capitalist State, establish a Soviet State, abolish the cruel and bloody system of capitalism and proceed to the upbuilding of Socialism."

    The November, 1933, issue of Red Front, monthly publication of what is known as the Red Army in the United States, stated: "We live in a new time, when any day may be the beginning of the struggle .... We red front comrades have a great responsibility in winning over the unemployed for the fight against hunger and frost and to open food storage places. New methods for the defense of strikers must be discovered. At the same time the question of anchoring the Red Front in different factories, shops and railroads are of the greatest importance. The dashing to pieces of the whole apparatus of government, is, in the period of revolutionary uprising, thus made easier to accomplish .... With Red Front for a Socialist Soviet Republic of America! Comrades: Decide on which front you are willing to fight."

    Reds Plot Industrial Revolution in Secret Detroit Meeting

    I have in my possession a copy of the minutes of what was fully intended to be one of the most secret meetings of Communist leaders ever held in the Middle West. This meeting was held in Detroit, Michigan, February 12, 1939. The purpose of the conference was to lay plans for developing Communist leadership within the CIO, for the overthrow of anti-Communist labor leaders, and for political action in the mayoralty, gubernatorial, congressional, senatorial, and presidential elections.

    Those in attendance at this secret Communist meeting were not local leaders. They were all national leaders shrewd, powerful strategists, most of whom had been trained, or had been in attendance at conventions, in Moscow, Russia. Of sixty members of what is known as the national committee of the Communist Party in the United States, the following twenty were present for this strategy meeting:

    Israel Amter, of New York City; Communist Party organizer for New York.

    Max Bedacht, of New York City; secretary of the International Workers Order.

    Ella Reeve Bloor, of New York City; notoriously known as "Mother Bloor" among Communists throughout the world.

    Fred Brown, of New York City; National Communist Party organizational department; correct name Alpi.

    Earl R. Browder, of New York City; national secretary of the Communist Party in the United States.

    Morris Childs, of Chicago; Communist Party state secretary for Illinois; correct name Chilovsky.

    James W. Ford, of New York City; Negro; in charge of Negro work for Communist Party; Communist Party candidate for vice-president of the United States.

    William Z. Foster, of New York City; national chairman of the Communist Party in the United States.

    B. K. Gebert, of Detroit; assigned for work among members of the United Automobile Workers' Union.

    Clarence A. Hathaway, of New York City; editor of the Daily Worker, official organ of the Communist Party.

    Roy Hudson, of New York City; in charge of Communist Party work among marine workers.

    V. J. Jerome, of New York City; editor of the Communist Party monthly magazine, The Communist; correct name Israel Romaine.

    Jack Johnstone, of Chicago; assigned for work among employees of the stock yards and steel mills in the Chicago district.

    Charles Krumbein, of New York City; Communist Party secretary for New York.

    Robert Minor, of New York City; Communist Party foreign correspondent.

    Wyndham Mortimer, of Detroit; international organizer UAW-CIO; Communist Party name Baker.

    Steve Nelson, of Pittsburgh; veteran of Communist Spanish Loyalist army; assigned for work among coal and steel workers in the Pittsburgh district.

    Ned Spark, of Milwaukee; Communist Party secretary for Wisconsin.

    Martin Young, of Pittsburgh; Communist Party organizer in Pittsburgh district; correct name Leon Platt.

    Political Bureau Members Attend

    Of the twenty members of the national committee present for this secret Detroit meeting, Amter, Bedacht, Browder, Ford, Foster, Bloor, Hathaway, Hudson, Krumbein and Minor are members of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party, the real steering committee of the Communist movement in this country.

    Others in attendance at this strategy meeting included:

    Anthony Gerlach, of Detroit; Communist Party trade union organizer for Detroit CIO.

    Emil Gardos, Communist Party organizer for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

    Elmer Johnson, of Detroit; Communist Party state secretary for Michigan.

    Henry Johnson, of Chicago; Negro; assistant national director Packing-house Workers' Organizing Committee, CIO.

    James Keller, of Akron, Ohio; Communist Party organizer for Akron area; correct name Shklar.

    Stanley Nowak, of Detroit; member of the Michigan state senate.

    George Powers, of Pittsburgh; Pittsburgh district CIO leader.

    Walter Reuther, of Detroit; president Detroit West Side local of the UAW-CIO; head of General Motors division, CIO.

    Beatrice Shields, of Detroit; Communist Party organizational secretary for Michigan; wife of Communist Party state secretary Elmer Johnson.

    Maurice Sugar, of Detroit; attorney for UAW-CIO.

    Joseph R. Weber, of Chicago; organizer for the Farm Implement Workers' Organizing Committee; formerly Communist Party organizer in South Chicago CIO.

    Carl Winter, of St. Paul; Communist Party state secretary for Minnesota.

    Revolutionary Strategy Planned

    In this conference was hatched the strategy for seizing absolute control of the board of directors of the United Automobile Workers Union, for the destruction of the leadership of Mr. Homer Martin, and other labor leaders opposed to Communism; and for the development of demonstrations among the WPA and relief workers, under the direction of the communistically controlled Workers' Alliance. The report of the meeting states:

    "At the suggestion of Mr. Browder, who was acting as the chairman of the meeting, it was decided that Elmer Johnson should go to Lansing, Michigan, to line up the Reo Automobile Union and the Oldsmobile Automobile Union; that Gebert should continue to work with the Communist fraction in the Packard plant, as well as the Plymouth Automobile Workers; that Mr. William Z. Foster, head of the Communist Party, would remain in Detroit a few days and help direct this organizational fight among the automobile workers. James Keller, of Akron, said that he would see to it that at the meeting of Local 65, at Murray, Ohio, the Communists would crowd the hall early enough to seize control of the union. Mr. Browder said that it was all right to pack union meetings with Communists in the big cities where people did not know each other well, but it was poor strategy in the small towns in Ohio, Wisconsin, and Michigan, and 'Communists must concentrate their efforts on enlisting auto workers and must keep the other party groups in the background.'"

    Before adjournment, Mr. Browder repeated his statement, made previously in New York City, "The Communist Party must work through and with Labor's Non-Partisan League on the political front, as we Communists have worked through the CIO on the labor front."[7]

    Plans Laid by Communists in Detroit Put into Action

    No great length of time elapsed before the plans so carefully formulated in this secret meeting of Communist leaders went into operation. Before adjourning their meeting in Detroit, on February 12, 1939, they selected certain stooges, not Communist Party members, to be projected into the front, for the purpose of being elected to office as members of the board of directors of the UAW-CIO.

    On April 5, less than two months later, at the convention of the CIO auto workers' convention, the anti-Communist delegates put up a heroic struggle, but when the curtain dropped on that convention, out of a board of twenty, thirteen endorsed by the Communist Party had been elected.

    In the months following that conference of Communist leaders in Detroit, the country was visited by a veritable scourge of riots and strikes. The nation literally seethed with unrest.

    Thomas Issues War Threat; Makes IT Good in Cleveland

    When members of patriotic labor unions and God-fearing workers raised their voices against the strikes called and engineered by the UAW-CIO, under its newly elected Communist-endorsed leaders, Mr. R. J. Thomas, head of the UAW-CIO, said, "If they want war, we will give it to them."

    The UAW-CIO commander-in-chief evidently meant what he said on the 29th of July, for two days later, in Cleveland, under the leadership of the CIO, there broke out one of the bloodiest riots in the history of American radicalism. An army of three thousand, led by CIO agitators, moved upon a great factory, threatening the lives of those who dared to work. Men were stabbed, slugged, and gassed. Nearly fifty men were seriously injured. Two hundred more were injured less seriously.

    When the police moved in to protect the honest workers, they discovered that this CIO army was equipped with helmets, tear gas, and all sorts of fighting equipment. The police found themselves confronted with an overwhelming army directed by trained, well prepared revolutionary leaders.

    The police were driven back. Throughout the night there was great anxiety. People asked, "Has the time come when our American people can no longer work in safety?" It was a dark hour in the history of law enforcement in Cleveland.

    Communist Strike Tactics Bring Terror to Cleveland

    The leading agitator in this civil war in Cleveland was Robert Travis. Originally from Toledo, Ohio, Travis was best known as the radical director of the sit-down strike in Flint in 1937.

    Whipping the workers into frenzy, he declared open revolt against the government of the city of Cleveland, directing a vicious attack against Mayor Harold H. Burton and the Cleveland police. He yelled, "If we have to start battling these police again, we will begin with Burton and chase him and his boys into Lake Erie."

    A worker drove up to go to work. A CIO leader shouted: "Stop the car. Tip it over." The car was stopped, overturned, with the worker in it, and set on fire.

    Throughout the forenoon, with a sound truck and powerful public address system, a CIO agitator named Bagano yelled to the workers: "Hold your lines! Strike the police!" Travis repeatedly congratulated the strikers for what he called their "real CIO courage."

    That night there were nearly four hundred workers, in this particular factory, who were afraid to leave for fear they would be killed by the CIO unionists waiting at the gates.

    The patriotic workers, and the people of Cleveland, learned in those hours that Mr. R. J. Thomas meant it when he said, "If they want war, we will give it to them."

    "Goon" Squads Carry War to Workers' Homes

    The honor of the city of Cleveland was re-asserted in the hour of emergency. The city government set limits upon the number of pickets to be permitted at each gate.

    The CIO answered the challenge by introducing a new strategy of terrorism. "Goon" squads—roving bands of terrorists—were organized to go from house to house, to stand in front of the homes of workers who refused to submit to the radical CIO, and to intimidate these workers and their families. To the practice of attempting to kill, or do bodily injury to, those entering or leaving a factory or plant in defiance of their orders, the CIO has now adopted this practice of carrying their civil war right into the homes of the workers, the executives, and the employers, and there to do physical injury to those who refuse to bend their knees to the tyranny of the John L. Lewis labor monopoly.

    Michigan Blackout

    One of the boldest of all attempts to capture a vital industry was the effort of CIO leaders to seize control of the manufacture of electricity, and the distribution of gas and water in the State of Michigan. In most of the good old-fashioned towns, the workers had refused to travel along with the radical program of the CIO. In order to impose their will upon these smaller industries and these independent and courageous workers, the leaders of the CIO resorted to the strategy of attempting to seize control of the electrical power by which these factories are operated. To date, four serious efforts have been made to bring these essential public services under the mastery of John L. Lewis and his CIO.

    Heading the strategy of this program of appropriation and exploitation of the water, gas and electric services of a mighty industrial state, was Adolph Germer. Germer was born in Germany in 1881, joined the Socialist Party in 1900, and was national secretary of the Socialist Party from 1916 to '19. Germer was a co-author and propagandist with the notorious radicals, Eugene V. Debs and Victor Berger. Mrs. Victor Berger, widow of one of these radicals, is now the vice-president of the League for Peace and Democracy. Germer was national executive secretary of the Socialist Party in 1919. Several years prior to 1933 he edited a radical left-wing paper at Rockford, Illinois. He was a member of the national council of the Victor L. Berger National Foundation, organized for the purpose of forming a chain of radical newspapers. During the last war he was tried and sentenced to twenty years by Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis on charges of conspiracy to violate the Espionage Act. Germer is now a leader in Labor's Non-Partisan League, which sets up slates and recommends names for election to public office, and which organization is now headed by Mr. R. J. Thomas, head of the Automobile Workers CIO. Mr. Germer[8] is also the state chairman of the CIO, representing all CIO organizations in the State of Michigan.

    At about 11:30 Saturday night, September 23, 1939, a chain was drawn across the 140,000-volt transmission line between the AuSable River plants and the Saginaw River Steam Plant at Zilwaukee, Michigan, at a point south of Bay City.

    At 11:00 o'clock, the following Sunday night, a chain was drawn across all six wires of a double circuit 140,000-volt transmission line between Saginaw and Flint. One of the two lines was short-circuited and the other was damaged.

    At about midnight a coil of wire was thrown across a transmission line near Oscoda. As a result, the communities of Harrisville, Lincoln, Mikado, Van Ettan Lake, Oscoda and Greenbush were without service and were thrown into complete darkness.

    Tuesday night, about 8:30, at a point near Bay City, one wooden pole on the 22,000-volt Midland line was chopped down. The communities of Auburn, Standish, Pinconning, Linwood and North Midland were out of service and thrown into complete darkness. If, when this pole fell, one of the wires had touched a human being, he would have been killed instantly.

    The city of Alpena was out of gas Tuesday because water was poured into the mains.

    The 140,000-volt line between Saginaw River Plant and AuSable River dams was short-circuited the same Tuesday night.

    Telephone lines serving the Saginaw River Steam Plant were cut Sunday night, interrupting communication until repairs could be made.

    In a similar strike in 1937 and '38, sixty thousand men were thrown out of work in Flint, Michigan, by the shutting off of light, gas and water. Bay City was entirely without light and power. The general hospital had no light, the Chevrolet parts factory was closed, affecting 2,300 men. The fire station lights went out and the fire alarm system was paralyzed. The telephone company was forced to buy one hundred and fifty farm lanterns to light the switchboards. Ten thousand pounds of milk spoiled at the Saginaw Creamery Company. Officers of the Chippewa Coal Company ordered workers out of the mines before the elevators went dead, and only by a hair's breadth did these miners escape before the elevator service was paralyzed. Imagine a thousand men caught underground with no way of escape because of such a CIO strike?

    The entire police alarm system at Saginaw was paralyzed. Among the thousands of terrible situations that have been developed because of this program of sabotage and CIO tyranny, here are just a few striking examples. Had the lights gone off just four minutes sooner three lives would have been lost on the operating table in one hospital alone. In one home an aged mother, half way down the stairs, fell in the sudden darkness. A baby was born in the dark, because of this CIO "blackout."

    Wyndham Mortimer, member of the national committee of the Communist Party, and the ultra-radical Robert Travis were active in this strike.

    Communist Girls Used to Lure American Soldiers

    An Associated Press dispatch, under date of June 6, 1939, reads: "A congressional investigating committee was told today that Moscow instructed American Communists to use young girls as red missionaries among American soldiers and sailors.

    "Charles H. White, strapping Negro 'information writer' for the WPA, told the House Committee investigating the relief agency that, while studying at the College of Professional Communists in Moscow in 1931-32, he and one hundred other Americans were instructed to pay 'special attention' to members of the armed forces in their efforts to recruit members for the party in this country.

    "'We were told to use this as the chief arena of activity for recruiting members of the Communist Party,' he related, 'and to concentrate on the usual grievances of the men against poor food, bad housing and the high cost of uniforms in order to win their confidence.'

    "He said they were advised to 'use young girls' to approach the military men because the latter sometimes were 'brutal' in their reaction to male members of the party, and 'the women could approach them on a social basis.'

    "White said he was a member of the Communist Party from 1930 to 1936, and that while he was in Moscow for eighteen months he had studied the principles of Communism, military tactics, street fighting, sharpshooting and horseback riding.

    "In response to questions, White testified that the 'national hunger march' staged in this country in the winter of 1932-33 was planned in Moscow. He said Herbert Benjamin, secretary-treasurer of the Workers' Alliance, an organization of relief workers, had worked on the plans all the time he was in Moscow.

    "Benjamin, who previously had testified that he was a member of the Communist Party for eighteen years, was the leader of the march on Washington, White said, adding that his own part was to help organize the Ohio delegation.

    "Mrs. Frankie Duty, New York Negro, who said she was a member of the Alliance and the Communist Party from 1936 to 1938, declared that the alliance was the 'nursery' from which the party obtained its recruits.

    "'You must understand,' she said, 'the Workers' Alliance is the Communist Party. It's the nursery where we get the young plants, nurture them and recruit them into the party.'

    "She said she had quit both organizations because she became 'completely disillusioned' and 'thoroughly convinced it was a farce and that they could not liberate the Negro people.'

    "She testified that the alliance 'owns and controls' the home relief setup in New York City, and that applicants for relief are advised to join the alliance and 'are put on relief immediately.'"

    Communists Crack Whip over Unemployed

    Referring to the Workers' Alliance, the Detroit Free Press stated, editorially: "This means that thousands of men, women and children in this country can't get relief without the approval of a Communist-dominated organization, which takes orders from Moscow."

    When twenty members of the national committee of the Communist Party met in Detroit in February, of 1939, and laid plans for the seizure of the UAW-CIO and the employment of WPA and Relief workers in a series of sensational and bloody demonstrations, they formulated their plans with the certainty that they were in a position to put their program into operation. There was no question of power. The discussion hinged on procedure and timing.

    The logical result of this Communist domination and Communist strategy were the strikes and riots which flared in the ranks of the WPA, Relief workers, and the unemployed, in the months following the Detroit meeting of Communist leaders. Rioters and police were killed, executives were attacked, and hundreds were wounded. A press dispatch from Minneapolis quoted leaders of that city as saying: "With the public officials of Minneapolis and Minnesota, we are helpless to carry on these projects. We appeal to the United States Government, and if we don't get help, and get it soon, we will have civil war."

    We Have No Time to Lose

    General Hugh Johnson, in a special article in the Red Book magazine, stated in effect, that radical intellectuals exercise a dominant influence over governmental decisions in Washington, D.C. He quotes a typical brain truster as saying: "We shall seize the means of production. Not by the crude revolutionary methods of our brothers in Russia, but by the use of our constitutional powers. We'll do it before the professional patriots who worship the sacred cows of the flag and the Constitution and the Bible realize what has taken place."

    This pronouncement is in perfect harmony with the announced intentions and program of such outright and recognized revolutionists as Earl Browder, M. J. Olgin and Fritz Kuhn. Browder has prophesied a great revolution in America under Communist leadership. Olgin, speaking for the Communist Party, has said that civil war is inevitable. Kuhn, the Hitlerite, said that there will be fighting in the streets within a year.

    We are a patient and generous people. But these enemies of America have gone too far. Our patience is about exhausted. We have had all the bund meetings, red parades and alien propaganda we can stand. We have reached the end of endurance with the hypocrites who prey upon American youth, in the name of peace and democracy, that they might subvert our young men and young women, our boys and girls, to the cause of the swastika and the hammer and sickle.

    We have no time to lose. The emergency is upon us. It is ours to stand together, to pray together, to fight together, that this nation, under God, may be preserved, that unborn generations may be able to give themselves to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

    A Black Mark on American History

    Further details of the rise of John L. Lewis to his present position of dictatorship are contained in the following, which is taken from the grand jury report, having to do with the strike called by the John L. Lewis union in the coal mine section of Southern Illinois, and refers to the treatment accorded forty-nine men who refused to join the Lewis union.

    "The captives, in double file, were marched toward Herrin. McDowell, the mine superintendent, was a cripple and could not walk as fast as the mob wished. Several times he was beaten senseless but revived. After a mile the strikers shot him to death.

    "The parade continued along the public road until it reached the power house of an electric railroad about three miles from Herrin. Here the leader of the mob, the man who had guaranteed the safety of the captives, was deposed and a new leader took his place. The new commander ordered the prisoners into the woods near the power house. He directed the armed men of the mob to follow, those unarmed being told to remain where they were. The prisoners were lined up against a wire fence, with the armed men in a semi-circle close to them. 'We are going to give you a chance for your lives,' said the mob leader to the prisoners. 'Climb the fence and run.' Thirteen of the prisoners were shot to death as they climbed the fence. A fourteenth lived until the newspaper men arrived and he died in their sight. Four prisoners died of wounds on reaching the woods.

    "Eight men who escaped for the moment were caught by their pursuers. Two were hanged to trees and their bodies riddled with bullets. Six were kept for the triumphal entry into Herrin. They were tied together with one rope, which was attached to a motor car. On arrival at Herrin, most of the six were covered with blood from having been dragged along the stone road. After exhibiting the six to the cheering people of Herrin they were taken to a cemetery and shot. The throats of three were cut. One of the six lived to tell the story."

    John L. Lewis won the strike.

    Reds Under the Skin

    Communism is the most vicious, hypocritical hoax ever to be worked upon innocent and unsuspecting people. It works in the dark. It thrives on unhealthy conditions. It exploits pain. It commercializes hunger. It makes false promises to those in distress.

    It curses God, but appropriates the innocent who are believers in God. It would destroy the Church, but it uses hypocritical preachers to extend its borders.

    Communism Depends on Deception

    Members of the Communist Party are under rigid discipline from the international headquarters in Moscow. This discipline is as stern and unyielding as military law. Earl Browder, W. Z. Foster, James Ford, and all other party members in the United States, operate under the orders of Joseph Stalin.

    But the activities and program of Communism are by no means limited to the Communist Party. Communism cooperates with, and operates inside of, a wide variety of organizations of farmers and laborers, many of whom are taught, guided and disciplined by Communists, without knowing that they have been appropriated to the program of international Communism. Communists do not care what the name or avowed purpose of an organization may be, if they can write its literature and direct its destinies.

    Communism breaks down resistance by propaganda, lies, and misrepresentation. Once resistance has been broken down, it moves in and seizes control and direction of the government, industry, education, and agriculture.

    Their strategy is both vicious and intelligent. They call themselves Democrats, Republicans, Farmer Laborites—anything to get inside of a political or government organization. It is reliably reported that there are more than two thousand such pinks, reds, radicals and Communists on the payroll of the United States government, in its many departments and bureaus.

    Minutes of Secret Conclave Reveal Communist Strategy

    The strategy of the Communist conspiracy is clearly revealed by the minutes of a secret convention of Section Number One of the Communist Party, held at 1413 Randolph Street, Detroit, July 7, 1939. A copy of the minutes came into my possession through a source in which I have complete confidence. The minutes read as follows:

    "Elmer Johnson, State Secretary of the Communist Party, was the principal speaker. He said that he wanted to congratulate the Communist Party members for their large turnout at Camp Liberty on July 4, 1939. He said, 'The coming election in Detroit is very important to the Party (Communist) as it will indicate how the people will vote in 1940.' He continued by saying, 'We now have such rats to fight as Vandenberg, Governor Dickinson, and Gerald L. K. Smith. These men are against the New Deal and want to sabotage workers and the small business men. So far as the Detroit mayoralty race, we have two candidates, Mayor Reading and Councilman Jeffries. Neither of them is any good. Don't forget we have undertaken bigger jobs than the winning of a mayor's election in Detroit. We Communists organized the CIO. The CIO started out with almost all of its organizers being members of the Communist Party. We have to do the same thing in the city elections as we had to do in the fight to organize autos, steel, glass, etc. We have to win. I have given my word to my dear Comrade, Earl Browder, that I will present him with five thousand new dues-paying Communist Party members by the time of the 1940 election. We must carry on the fight for a people's victory, and we Communists must help put the New Deal back in power.'[9]

    "Columbus Alston, Negro organizer for the Communist Party, was the next speaker. He said he wanted to form election classes and teach the Party members how to work in the neighborhoods of the section. He concluded by saying, 'Why can't we have a big mass meeting and invite State Senator Stanley Nowak to speak at it? This would draw a mixed crowd and we could popularize our ideas in this meeting.'

    "Rudolph Alfrich then took the floor and displayed a large red banner which will be given to the Communist unit recruiting the largest number of members in the next four months. He concluded by saying, 'I am holding an educational class on Communism in my home each Monday and want as many comrades as possible to show up.'"

    Red Strategy in the CIO

    When John L. Lewis, Sidney Hillman, and others, organized the CIO, orders came through from Moscow that all Communist labor agitators should co-operate with the CIO. A general atmosphere of cooperation was developed among all radical leadership in years past. Earl Browder, general secretary of the Communist Party, said, "We expect to develop the class struggle in America through the CIO." At the same time they began to cooperate with those radical organizations operating among the farmers.

    John L. Lewis Once Fought Those He Now Supports

    Back in the early 'twenties, John L. Lewis, now the head of the CIO, revealed in lengthy statements that the Communists were doing everything possible to capture the labor movement. At that time, Mr. Lewis appeared to be a very active anti-Communist. He named their leaders and kicked them out of his organization. But when he organized the CIO, in the middle 'thirties, Mr. Lewis took to his bosom the very Communists and radicals that he had thrown out of the United Mine Workers a few years before. Why such a complete change in Mr. Lewis' attitude took place is still a mystery.

    In 1928 the Mine Workers' Journal, which is run by John L. Lewis, said: "For months past, 'The Save the Union Committee,' under the leadership of John Brophy, Powers Hapgood, and a few others, has been doing its dirtiest to capture the United Mine Workers and to transfer that splendid union into a Communist organization. In carrying out this campaign, 'The Save the Union Committee' has had the full and complete support and assistance of the entire Communist element in America and foreign countries, including Russia."

    The report of the Dies Committee reveals that during the time Mr. Lewis admitted the Communists were trying to get control of the miners' organization, $1,100,000.00 was concentrated in Cleveland alone by the International Communist Party in order to make their campaign successful. It seems rather strange that Mr. John L. Lewis would refer to John Brophy and Powers Hapgood as part of a Communist conspiracy in 1928, while in 1939 we find Mr. Brophy a director of the CIO and Mr. Powers Hapgood an organizer under Mr. Lewis.

    The report of the Dies Committee states that Brophy was a member of a delegation to Russia, which was sponsored by the Communist Party of the United States and approved by Moscow. And Lewis' paper goes on to say: "'The Save the Union Committee' became extremely busy in its efforts to wreck the United Mine Workers. Shortly after John Brophy returned from Russia the very minute he came back—it seemed to have plenty of money. It should not be difficult to guess where part of the money came from to finance the campaign of destruction."

    Shortly afterwards, in New York City, Mr. Brophy, now a director of the CIO, and working hand in glove with Mr. Lewis, said: "The conditions of the workers in Russia ought to shame us. The general situation in the Soviet Union should be a source of inspiration to the workers of America, and the whole world."

    Further evidence of a most sensational character was uncovered by the Dies Committee. Facts are such that thoughtful persons are forced to the inevitable conclusion that events of recent months evidence a damnable conspiracy on the part of Communist leadership, to seize a great industrial labor movement. Volume One of the report of the Dies Committee is authority for the following:

    Louis Budenz was an organizer for the Hosiery Workers Union, CIO. He is now editor of the Midwest Daily Record[10], published in Chicago and owned by the Communist Party.

    The United Furniture Workers of America, CIO, has as its president Morris Muster. Muster, in New York City, was a member of the Communist Party.

    Sam Sorkin, a Communist, is general manager of Local No. 1, State, County and Municipal Workers of America, CIO.

    The secretary of the United Furniture Workers, CIO, is Emil Costello, of Kenosha, Wisconsin. Costello was thrown out of the Wisconsin State Federation of Labor for being a Communist.

    The Fish and Cannery Workers, CIO, have as their president, George Woolf, who is one of the chief lieutenants of Harry Bridges on the West Coast. Woolf is a prominent Communist.

    The International Wood Workers of America, another CIO affiliate, has as its president, Mr. Harold Pritchett, a Canadian Communist. He is now in this country on a permit. The general organizer for the East Coast of this CIO union is Sam Nesin, one of the well-known Communist leaders in New York City and a charter member of the Communist Party.

    The United Cannery, Agricultural, Packing, and Allied Workers of the CIO is notorious for its Communist leadership.

    The Agricultural Workers Industrial Union, CIO, has as its president, Professor Donald Henderson, who was discharged from Columbia University for his radical activities. Henderson is a member of the agricultural committee of the Communist Party. The vice-president of this union is George Woolf, who is also the head of the Alaskan Fish and Cannery CIO Union.

    The United Office and Professional Workers of America, CIO, was started by the Office Workers' Union and kept going by the Trade Union Unity League of the Communist Party. It has as its president, Lewis Merrill, a dues-paying Communist from New York.

    Professor Lucien Koch, former head of Commonwealth College of Mena, Arkansas, in February, of 1938, was educational director of the United Electrical and Radio Workers, CIO. In the fall of 1937, Koch acted as organizer for the Independent Shipyard Workers in Boston. At one of their meetings he was accused of being a Communist and replied by saying, "I am proud of it." Mr. Koch was appointed to a position with the Federal Government.

    The Department Store Employees, CIO, has as organizer Clarina Michelson, a dues-paying Communist for thirteen years. She is also a general CIO organizer.

    The Fur Workers International Union, CIO, is one of the outstanding Communist groups, according to competent witnesses. The president of the organization is Ben Gold, one of the best known Communists in the United States, a member of the central committee of the Communist Party, making regular reports to Moscow. A majority of the officials of this organization are active Communists.

    The Federation of Architects, Engineers, Chemists, and Technicians, CIO, have as their leader, Marcel Scheer, 116 East Sixteenth Street, New York City. He has been one of the leaders of the Communist Party in this country for a number of years, and was at one time the national secretary of the Friends of Soviet Russia.

    The Transport Workers Union is headed by four leading members of the Communist Party, who are working under orders of Moscow to sovietize the American transit industry. In 1934, Thomas O'Shea was the head of this Union. He is quoted as saying: "Orders were issued to me by the Communist Party that I must relinquish my office as president of the Transport Workers Union to Michael J. Quill. This I did and Quill became president in January, 1935, and the others who retained their positions along with him were members of the leading fractions of the Communist Party."

    The National Marine Workers Union, CIO, has as its president Joseph Curran, according to Dies Committee witness, dues-paying member of the Communist Party. His Communist name is his last name spelled backwards, Narruc. This is the union which controls the great American shipping industry. Its leading spirit on the West Coast is Mr. Harry Bridges, appointed by Mr. John L. Lewis as West Coast CIO dictator. Mr. Bridges is not even a citizen of the United States.

    These briefly stated, but highly significant facts, taken from the report of the Dies Committee, are but the smallest fraction of the evidence submitted to the effect that there has been an intelligent program conducted by the International Communist Party to seize control of our industrial life.

    CIO Attorney Fails to Convince Jury He Is Not Communist

    The attorney for the CIO in Detroit is one Maurice Sugar. Sugar is a well-known radical and connected with many organizations operating in close harmony with the program of international Communism. He is a member of the John Reed Club, named after the founder of the Communist Party in the United States. He is a member of the International Labor Defense, whose lawyers appear on the scene almost as if by magic wherever Communist agitators become involved in the toils of the law. Organized by the Communist Party of the United States, the International Labor Defense is reliably reported to be subsidized financially from Moscow. Sugar was the Detroit representative of this radical organization during the notorious "Auto War." He has been a sponsor and spokesman for the group known as the Friends of the Soviet Union.

    In an attempt to preserve the appearance of respectability, Sugar sued an auto worker by the name of Raymond Tessmer for criminal libel. The suit was based on the charge contained in a pamphlet that Sugar was a Communist. Tessmer had assisted in the distribution of the pamphlets.

    Just why Tessmer was selected as the target for this bold attempt to clean the skirts of the CIO of the charge of Communist control was not revealed at the time of the suit. Tessmer was neither the author nor the publisher of the pamphlet. But there is good reason to believe that Sugar and the CIO relied upon Tessmer coming into court without proper legal assistance, and that they counted on getting an easy verdict which could be used as a whitewash with the public.

    But the case back-fired. Sugar lost his suit, evidence of a most convincing nature being introduced in open court to the effect that the CIO attorney was a member of the Communist Party, and as such bound by the entire program of Communism.

    Joseph Zack, a charter member of the Communist Party in the United States, gave the testimony that left John L. Lewis' CIO attorney sitting out on a limb.

    Under oath, Zack testified that he had been, in turn, a "section organizer"; "organizer and member of their National Committee and trade union director"; "member of the Anglo-American Secretariat and delegate of the Comintern to South America"; "secretary of the New York district of the Trade Unity League"; "secretary of the Council of Industrial Unions in Cleveland, Ohio"; that he had spent two and one-half years in Lenin University in Moscow, where he was trained in the art and science of revolution, including the use of machine guns; that his wife and thirteen-year-old son were still in Russia, despite repeated efforts to get them out of the "Workers' Paradise"; and that he had left the Communist Party in 1934 because of conscientious objections to the "Trojan Horse" tactics ordered for the Communist Party in the United States by Moscow.

    Zack put the finger on Sugar. He stated that he was introduced to the CIO attorney in the office of the district organizer of the Communist Party, at the "headquarters of the Communist Party of this district." The district organizer was the notorious Communist, William Weinstone.

    Zack testified: "I came to see Mr. Weinstone on some business in relation to activities in the automobile industry, and as I came in, he introduced me to Sugar, saying, 'This is one of our outstanding comrades.'" This was in the winter of 1933-34.

    Under cross-examination, Zack was asked, "What interest have you in this case that you came here to testify?" The former Comintern delegate to South America replied, "The interest that I have is that I detest—may I say, the impertinence of charging a workman with libel when he accuses Sugar as a Communist when Sugar himself knows he is one."

    Red League Sponsors Radical Propagandist

    The principal speaker at one meeting sponsored by the League for Peace and Democracy, in Detroit, was Mr. Jerome Davis, a well-known radical, whose background abounds with evidence of his pro-Communist sentiments. This meeting was supposed to be part of a "Save Poland" program. His radical record is thoroughly exposed in the report of the Dies Committee, which states, in part:

    "The American Federation of Teachers is now headed by Professor Jerome Davis, the CIO and Non-Partisan League leader in the New England states, and who was cut from the teachers' staff at Yale University a few years ago .... Davis himself is referred to as 'a Friend of Russia.' He has made frequent visits to Russia; has learned to speak the Russian language; is an authority on Russia. Davis was among the many intellectuals who, in 1933, approved the mass killings and purges in Russia. He was one of the signers of the Golden Book, which contains the names of hundreds of intellectuals and their eulogies to Russia on the Twentieth Anniversary of the Russian Revolution .... Davis is on the advisory committee of Commonwealth College, which the hearings of a special committee of the State of Arkansas legislature showed to be teaching and practicing Communism, atheism and free love. He was on the advisory committee of the North American Committee to Aid Spanish Democracy."

    All this and much more. This is the man sponsored by the League for Peace and Democracy for a "Save Poland" meeting held in the Wilson Theater. A stenographic report of his speech shows that he condemned Hitler for invading Poland, and praised Stalin for doing the same thing.

    Another speaker on the same program was State Senator Stanley Nowak, reputed to be a dues-paying Communist under discipline of Moscow. Mrs. Nowak, wife of Senator Nowak, is a member of the educational committee of the Communist Party, and an active disciplined Communist.

    Religious "Fronts" for Civil Rights Federation

    One of the most outstanding lecturers for the League for Peace and Democracy is the Rev. Owen Knox, who serves as treasurer of another Detroit group of radicals, which works in close cooperation with everything carrying a red tinge, known as the Civil Rights Federation. The Civil Rights Federation is looked upon as a sort of auxiliary to the Civil Liberties Union, of which Mr. Roger Baldwin is the national director.

    The Civil Rights Federation gets into the good will of the people by pretending to protect the persecuted and the downtrodden. It was formed originally to prevent the passage of legislation by state governments which would prohibit the organization of the Communist Party.

    This organization has its headquarters in the Hofmann Building on Woodward Avenue in the City of Detroit. Before it changed its name, it was called the Conference for the Protection of Civil Rights.

    The first secretary of this organization, which was born in the mind of Avram Mezerick the Communist, was Marie Hempel, also a Communist Party member. The second secretary of this organization was one Joan Porter, who organized the Communist unit among the workers of the Book Cadillac Hotel in Detroit. Joan Porter is the wife of the Communist Nat Ganley, now a business agent for a CIO union.

    Finding that the general public did not take kindly to its Communist personnel and radical activities, the Civil Rights Federation cast about for suitable personalities to serve as a front. Two were available, and were forthwith brought into the organization, the Reverend John Bollens, as president, and the Reverend Owen Knox as treasurer. Reverend Bollens is pastor of the Messiah Evangelical Church, of Detroit, and was well known for his sympathetic attitude toward the activities of radical and pink organizations. Among other things, he is a member, with the CIO attorney Maurice Sugar, of the Friends of the Soviet Union. The Bethlehem Methodist Church, of which the Reverend Knox is pastor, is a center for meetings of various pink organizations, such as the Tom Mooney Committee. Rallies on behalf of Communist Loyalist Spain were also held there. But since the public is inclined to accept one wearing the title of Reverend at his full face value, irrespective of his views, these two radical pulpiteers fitted very nicely into the program and purposes of the Civil Rights Federation. Fronted by clergymen, the organization succeeds in getting before a large number of churches, schools and civic bodies.

    The recording secretary of the Civil Rights Federation until recently was the dues-paying member of the Communist Party, Sylvia Alston, who was married to the Negro Communist, Columbus Alston, a speaker at the secret Communist convention held in Detroit in July of 1939.

    The Civil Rights Federation devotes much of its time and energies to fighting the police. The Civil Rights Federation cooperated with the Abraham Lincoln Brigade in recruiting young men to fight for Communism in Spain. Under the leadership of Reverend Bollens and Reverend Knox, it also helped form the North American Medical Bureau to Aid Spanish Democracy, which raised funds in America under the pretext of helping to alleviate suffering among the Spanish people, and then, according to the Reverend Father Caralt, turned the money over to the Spanish Communists.

    Among those who have addressed the Civil Rights Federation are Mr. Maurice Sugar, CIO attorney; Mr. William Weinstone, the Communist Party official, in whose office Mr. Sugar was introduced to Mr. Joseph Zack; Mr. Roger Baldwin, national director of the Communist-aiding-and-defending American Civil Liberties Union, who said, "Communism is the goal"; and Francis Puzio, better known as Francis Walker, who was once arrested for attempting to hoist a gigantic red flag in front of the Hudson Motor Car Company.

    Other speakers who have appeared before the Civil Rights Federation include Joseph Kowalski, notorious Communist veteran of Russian firing squads, and who served time in Atlanta for illegally re-entering the United States after having been deported; Clarence Killup, section organizer for the Communist Party; Professor Walter Bergman, Socialist Party member and formerly connected with Wayne University; Victor Reuther, brother of Walter Reuther, well-known as a leader in General Motors strikes; Richard McMahon, organizer of Section Number 3, of the Communist Party; Robert Travis, Communist sympathizer accused by Dies Committee witness of being a Communist in charge of the sit-down strike in Flint, in 1937; Walter Reuther, who took special training in Moscow, and Mr. Patrick O'Brien, Probate Judge, and attorney for the Civil Rights Federation.

    Others who have been active in the Civil Rights Federation are: May B. Kaplan, secretary of the American Federation of Government Employees, Lodge No. 322. She is a member and organizer for the Young Communist League; Merril C. Work, organizer of Section No. 1, Communist Party, a Negro who is married to a white woman; John Anderson, president of Local No. 155, CIO, and a member of the Communist Party; Dr. N. J. Bicknell, of the League Against War and Fascism; B. K. Gebert, of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, U.S.A.; Dr. I. W. Ruskin; and LeBrun Simmons, Negro attorney.

    Also cooperating with this radical organization in recent months have been: Edward Lamb, Toledo attorney, author of The Planned Economy in Soviet Russia, who has visited the Soviet Union; Jane Mayer, a Detroit school teacher; John Safran, International Labor Defense attorney; Milton Kemnitz, Communist Party member; Adolph Germer, now regional director CIO, New York State, formerly of Michigan; Eddie Butler, member of Murray Body unit, Communist Party; Richard Criss, investigator for the Civil Rights Federation; Eugene Fay, state committee of the Communist Party; Stephen Singlar; Rifka Meisenberg, section organizer of the Communist Party; and Celia Paransky, section organizer, Communist Party.

    Still others who have been identified with this Civil Rights outfit are: Tracy Doll, CIO organizer; Dr. E. M. Shafarman; Rev. Horace White, colored; Ernest Goodman, attorney for the International Workers Order; Maynard Shippley; Emerson C. Blair, member of the International Workers Order; Joseph Schiffer, Michigan district secretary of the International Workers Order; Robert Taylor, returned Spanish loyalist veteran, member of the Communist Party of Michigan; William Allen, head of the legislative committee of the Communist Party of Michigan; and Stanley Nowak, State Senator of the 21st District, Michigan.

    The Civil Rights Federation publishes a paper known as the Civil Rights News, which always praises and supports radicals and agitators of all shades of red, and flatters and fawns upon leaders of sit-down strikes and other un-American activities. Without exception, it attacks those who oppose Communism and stand for sound Americanism.

    Some time ago, when it was advocated that no teacher should be allowed to hold a position in a public school without taking an oath to uphold the Constitution, the Civil Rights Federation vigorously opposed the proposal.

    When the Holy Name Society and the Knights of Columbus, in cooperation with the Catholic Church, launched a crusade to take obscene magazines and other filthy literature from the news stands, the Civil Rights Federation opposed them on the ground that no matter how obscene the literature, nothing should be done to keep the news stands from selling any kind of printed matter that was delivered to them. This is a matter of record.

    The Civil Rights Federation has consistently fought any attempt to outlaw the Communist Party. The Conference for the Protection of Civil Rights, the parent organization out of which this federation grew, was organized by Avram Mezerik, the Communist, for the avowed purpose of opposing the Dunkel-Baldwin bill, a bill to outlaw Communism. Leading supporters of this bill were the American Legion, the Legion Auxiliary, and Catholic groups, represented by the Reverend Father Luther, of the Detroit University.

    To say that there is close cooperation between the Communist Party and the Civil Rights Federation is to put the matter mildly. A member of my staff had occasion to go to the Hofmann Building to secure copies of some literature being circulated by the Civil Rights Federation. He stepped into the Communist book store, known as the Modern Book Store, and which is located on the ground floor of the Hofmann Building, and asked to be directed to the headquarters of the Civil Rights Federation. The woman in charge of the Communist book store said: "Why certainly, I can take you to the headquarters of the Civil Rights Federation," and promptly guided him to the proper suite of offices. There appeared to be the most perfect understanding between those in the Communist book store on the ground floor and those in the offices of the Civil Rights Federation several floors above. My representative said: "The radical literature in the headquarters of the Civil Rights Federation seemed to be as prevalent as it did in the headquarters of the Communist book store."

    The Civil Rights Federation claims to represent four hundred and fifty thousand people.

    The hour has come to draw the line. This is no time to compromise, no time to straddle the fence. This is the time to choose up sides. As we used to sing as little children in school,
    "One door and only one, And yet the sides are two; Right side and wrong side— On which side are you?"
    No true American can be pink. No true American can be half patriot and half Communist.

    This is the time to say to our school teachers: "You are the servants and not the masters of the public, and we demand that you have no further truck with these propaganda agencies."

    This is the time to say to our preachers: "We want you to quit messing around with these pinks, radicals and agitators."

    This is the time to say within our hearts that we will so thoroughly inform ourselves concerning these conspiracies against America that we shall no longer be deceived by the hypocritical, false-face, false-front organizations set up by the Communist Party to deceive the people.

    This is the time to clean house in the labor union. This is the time to stop the appointment of reds and radicals to positions of authority in our state and national governments

    This is the time for a new, living, vital, intelligent Americanism, which no man can discount, and without which we cannot keep the pearls of great price given to us by the blood of our fathers—Life, Liberty, Peace and Prosperity.

    Reds, Radicals, Racketeers

    Testifying before the Dies Committee, Mr. Earl Browder, general secretary of the Communist Party in the United States, admitted that he had traveled to Russia on false passports. In other words, the directing head of Communism in America had indulged in fraud to visit his superior, Mr. Joseph Stalin, in Moscow.

    It was demonstrated by the Department of Justice, which acted upon information secured by the Dies Committee, that Mr. Browder had later secured a passport in his own name, but that he had also obtained this passport by swearing to a lie. Since the statute of limitations protected him on his earlier violation of the passport laws, he was indicted for the last offense, under the section of the code which reads: "Whoever shall willfully and knowingly make any false statement in an application for passport with intent to induce or secure the issuance of a passport under the authority of the United States, either for his own use or the use of another, contrary to the laws regulating the issuance of passports or the rules prescribed pursuant to such laws, or whoever shall willfully and knowingly use or attempt to use, or furnish to another for use, any passport the issue of which was secured in any way by reason of any false statement, shall be fined not more than $2,000 or imprisoned not more than five years or both."

    Communist Party Under Fire; "Fellow Traveler" Groups Intensify Activities in Defense of Reds

    With the Communist Party under fire, with former leaders, organizers and high officials of both American and world Communism, disillusioned to the talking point by the Hitler-Stalin pact, "fellow traveler" organizations have been spurred to unusual activity in an attempt to stem the rising tide of public sentiment against Communism and Nazism in all their forms.

    Members of these "fellow traveler" organizations seldom admit that they are Communists, but they fight determinedly for Communist theories and practices. They tolerate no criticism whatever of the Soviet Union, and rush forward at every opportunity to shout the praises of Stalin and the Soviet system.

    Four Hundred American "Notables" Endorse Soviet "Peace" Policy Shortly before Hitler-Stalin Pact

    One of the boldest affronts of these "fellow traveler" intellectuals was announced on August 14, 1939, in the columns of the Communist Daily Worker, which stated: "An appeal to all Americans of whatever political persuasion to stand firmly for close cooperation with the Soviet Union was brought forth in New York today in the form of an open letter addressed to all active supporters of Democracy and Peace over the signatures of four hundred leading figures in education, art and science."

    The letter signed by these four hundred notables read in part: "Soviet Russia has an economic system different from our own, but Soviet aims and achievements make it clear that there exists a sound and permanent basis in mutual ideals for co-operation between the United States of America and the United States of the Soviet Republic .... Accordingly the signers of this letter urge Americans of whatever political persuasion to stand firmly by co-operating between the United States and Soviet Russia."

    Those who think that Communist propagandists in the United States are limited to a few wire-whiskered agitators in the public square, should read the names of the educators, scientists, social workers, artists, writers, journalists, architects, theatrical people and preachers who signed this public appeal to America to support the Soviet Union.

    Educators who put their names to the document were:

    Prof. Newton Arvin, of Smith College; Prof. Robert A. Brady, of the University of California; Prof. Dorothy Brewster, of Columbia University; Prof. Edwin Berry Burgum, of New York University; Prof. Haakon Chevalier, of the University of California; Prof. Stanley D. Dodge, of the University of Michigan; Prof. Dorothy Douglas, of Smith College; Prof. L. C. Dunn, of Columbia University; Prof. Henry Pratt Fairchild, of New York University; Prof. Mildred Fairchild, of Bryn Mawr; Prof. Robert Gessner, of New York University; Dr. Wyllistine Goodsell, (retired) of Teachers' College; Prof. Samuel N. Harper, of the University of Chicago; Prof. Norman E. Himes, of Colgate University; Prof. Alexander Kaun, of the University of California; Dr. Max Lerner, of Williams College; Prof. Charles E. Lightbody, of St. Lawrence College; Prof. Herbert A. Miller, of Bryn Mawr College; Prof. F. O. Matthiessen, of Harvard University; Anita Marburg, of Sara Lawrence College; Clifford T. McAvoy, of C.C.N.Y.; Prof. V. J. McGill, of Hunter College; Prof. Robert McGregor, of Reed College; Prof. Allan Porter, of Vassar College; Prof. Paul Radin, of the University of California; Prof. Frederick L. Schuman, of Williams College; Prof. Bernhard J. Stern, of Columbia University; Prof. Vida D. Scudder, of Wellesley College; Prof. Ernest J. Simmons, of Harvard University; J. Raymond Walsh; Prof. Robert Morss Lovett, of Chicago University, now Governor of the Virgin Islands; F. Tredwell Smith; and Charles J. Hendley, President of the New York Teachers' Union.

    Among the social scientists and social workers were:

    T. A. Bisson, of the Foreign Policy Association; Dr. John H. Gray; Leo Huberman; George Marshall; Mary van Kleeck; Mortimer Graves; Helen Alfred; Alice Stone Blackwell; Margaret I. Lamont; Dr. John A. Kingsbury; Mary White Ovington; Bertha Reynolds; Rebecca Janney Timbres; Katherine Deveraux Blake; and Harriet G. Eddy.

    Among the scientists and engineers were:

    Prof. Walter Rautenstrauch, Dean of the Columbia School of Engineering; Prof. George B. Cressey, of Syracuse University; Prof. Robert Chambers, of New York University; Earl P. Hanson, explorer; Dr. John P. Peters, of Yale Medical School; Dr. Thomas Addis, of Leland Stanford University; Prof. Dirk T. Struik, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Walter N. Polakov; Dr. Gerald Wendt, director of Science and Education at the New York World's Fair.

    Among the writers, journalists and editors were:

    Vincent Sheean; George SeIdes; Robert Briffault; Louis P. Birk; Millen Brand; Fielding Burke; Robert M. Coates; Maria Cristina Chambers; Lester Cohen; Kyle Crichton; Pietro di Donato; Muriel Draper; Sara Bard Field; Irving Fineman; Marjorie Fischer; Waldo Frank; Angel Flores; Granville Hicks; Agatha Illes; Matthew Josephson; Fred C. Kelly; Beatrice A. Kinkead; Ruth McKenney; Katharine Dupre Lumpkin; Meridel LeSueur; Meyer Levin; Klaus Mann; Carey McWilliams; Harvey O'Connor; Shaemas O'Sheel; S. J. Perelman; John Hyde Preston; William Rollins, Jr.; Ralph Roeder; Isobel Walker Soule; Irina Skariatina; Christina Stead; Clara Weatherwax; William Carlos Williams; Ella Winter; Richard Wright; Leane Zugsmith; Albert Rhys Williams; Dashiell Hammett; Corliss Lamont; Bessie Beatty; Maurice Halperin, associate editor of Books Abroad; Frank C. Bancroft, editor of Social Work Today; I. F. Stone, associate editor of The Nation; Maxwell S. Stewart, associate editor of The Nation; Jean Starr Untermeyer; Louis Untermeyer; Alfred Kreymborg; Orrick Johns; Langston Hughes, author of the poems "Good-bye, Christ!" and "Good Morning, Revolution"; Kenneth Fearing; Stirling Bowen; Vera Caspary; Arthur Kober; George Kauffman; John Howard Lawson; Clifford Odets; Lynn Riggs; Viola Brothers Shore, and Donald Ogden Stewart.

    Among the artists, architects and theatrical people were:

    Hugo Gellert; Wanga Gag; William Gropper; A. E. Steig; James Thurber; Max Weber; Lynd Ward; Rockwell Kent; Stuyvesant van Venn; Art Young; Maurice Becker; Simon Breines; Eugene Schoen; Anita Block; Lincoln Kirkstein; Sam Jaffe; Jay Leyda; Aline McMahon; Hester Sondergaard; Herman Shumlin; Paul Strand; Marc Blitzstein and Harold J. Rome.

    Other well-known people among the signers were:

    Rev. Otis G. Jackson; Rev. Thomas L. Harris; Prof. Harold E. Luccock; Dr. Harry F. Ward, president of the League for Peace and Democracy; Dr. Charles S. Bacon; Dr. Williams Henry Walsh; Col. Raymond Robins, former head of the American Red Cross Mission in Russia; S. Stephenson Smith, president of the Oregon Commonwealth Federation; Dr. Joseph A. Rosen; Edward Lamb; Meta Berger; Darwin J. Meserole; George D. Pratt, Jr.; Alfred K. Stern; William Osgood Field, Jr.; Alice Withrow Field; Dr. Emily M. Pierson; Bernard J. Reis; C. Fayette Taylor; Robert Whitaker; William Dodd, Jr., son of our former American Ambassador to Germany, and many other prominent people from all sections of the country.

    Members of the initiating committee, who released the open letter were: Prof. Dorothy Brewster; Dashiell Hammett; Corliss Lamont; George Marshall; Prof. Walter Rautenstrauch; Vincent Sheean; Donald Ogden Stewart; Maxwell S. Stewart; Rebecca Janney Timbres and Mary van Kleeck.

    League for Peace and Democracy Gets Red Money; Defends Hitler-Stalin Pact

    Scores of those who signed this bold un-American appeal to our people to support Stalin's godless Communist system in Russia, are members of such "fellow traveler" organizations as the League for Peace and Democracy.

    The head of this organization, which has been characterized by spokesmen of the Catholic Church as the most powerful Communist front organization in the United States, is the Reverend Harry Ward, long identified with those who use religion as a cloak for their revolutionary activities.

    Less than ten days after the publication of the sensational appeal of these four hundred pinks and radicals to support the Soviet Union, the Hitler-Stalin pact burst like a bombshell upon the world. Diplomatic circles were thrown into confusion and consternation. To tens of millions of people in the United States it was almost unbelievable. For years, Communists and Nazis had attacked each other like wild animals.

    The first reaction of the stunned public was that it would mean the end of both Communism and Nazism in the United States. But within a few hours, Communist leaders were making speeches over the radio, addressing great mass meetings, and issuing statements through the press in defense of the "peace policy" of Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union. Communist and Communist-controlled groups throughout the United States adopted resolutions and forwarded them to national headquarters for publication in the Daily Worker. It was a bitter experience, for they had used Nazism and Hitler as the bogeys with which to frighten people for years. But they had no choice. Stalin had spoken and it was up to them to obey.

    The League for Peace and Democracy, as all informed persons expected, fell promptly into line. Statements were issued defending the action of the Soviet Union. Mass meetings were held, and speakers did their best to convince the public that the Hitler-Stalin pact was a tremendous victory for peace.

    This was to be expected. The League for Peace and Democracy, according to the testimony of Mr. Robert Weiner, financial secretary of the Communist Party, annually receives thousands of dollars from the treasury of the Communist Party. The truth of this testimony was later admitted by the Reverend Harry Ward himself, when he appeared before the Dies Committee. Other testimony before that committee was to the effect that the League for Peace and Democracy "was designed and outlined by a committee of international Communists meeting in Paris." No wonder Reverend Ward and his League for Peace and Democracy went down the line for the Hitler-Stalin pact!

    Hitler Bombs Churches While Stalin Slaughters the Ministers of Christ in Poland

    While American Communists and their "fellow travelers" were shouting their praises of the Hitler-Stalin alliance, Hitler and Stalin were uniting their talents in the destruction of churches and the slaughter of ministers of God in Poland. The Register, outstanding Catholic journal, published in Denver, under date of October 1, 1939, carried the following statements: "Forty Catholic seminarians were executed at Lwow, Poland, on the day that Soviet Russia began its march, said Rev. Ignace Horecki, as he arrived at Munkacs, Hungary. 'They were simply lined up and shot in what seemed mad lust to strike at anything Godly,' said Rev. Horecki. 'I reached the frontier myself on a bicycle' .... Russian troops are executing all priests, land-owners, intellectuals, and counter-revolutionaries in the Polish area occupied by the Soviet. Soviet political leaders are hastily organizing the anti-God system of Russia in the occupied territory .... One hundred Warsaw churches had been completely or partially demolished by German bombs and artillery shells. Archbishop Gall wept bitterly over Warsaw's ruined houses of God and exclaimed, 'What interest has Germany in destroying holy places?'"

    The world was provided with the horrible spectacle of three and one-half million Polish Jews, hounded, persecuted, and driven into concentration camps by Hitler from one side, while the believers of God are run down, hounded, persecuted and liquidated by the armies of Stalin from the other.

    "Religion Must Be Destroyed," Says Stalin; Communist Hatred of God Remains Unchanged

    Not for one moment has Communist hatred of God and religion wavered. In an official Communist pamphlet, The Church and the Workers, the position of the Communist Party is made clear. We read: "On the other hand, the Soviet Union under a workers' and peasants' government, is the only country in the world where religion and the churches are being combated with the active cooperation of the government." The pamphlet further states: "As militant materialists the Soviet leaders are uncompromising in their scientific and atheistic position." The pamphlet closes with the statement that, in America, "A militant workers' anti-religious movement must be organized under the leadership of workers who have already freed themselves from church influences, which will have for its purpose the emancipation of the masses from religious domination."

    Joseph Stalin, is one of the Soviet leaders who "are uncompromising in their scientific and atheistic position." Stalin said: "Communism will bring about the death of religion. Religion is the opium of the people. Christianity and Communism have nothing in common."

    N. Bucharin, another leader of world Communism, in his book, The A. B. C. of Communism, says: "All religions are one and the same poison, intoxicating and deadening the mind, the will, the conscience. A fight to the death must be declared upon religion. Our task is not to reform, but to destroy all kinds of religion .... Between the precepts of Communism and those of the Christian religion there is an impassable barrier." At another time Bucharin said, "It is impossible to be a Communist and at the same time go to church and listen to the lies of the priests and preachers."

    "Millionaire Bolshevik" Subsidizes Red Printers

    Americans should never be deceived into believing that Communist leadership is limited to a few dirty-faced morons. An Associated Press dispatch, under date of September 13, 1939, stated: "Alexander Trachtenberg, chairman of the Literature Committee of the American Communist Party, told the Congressional Committee that a millionaire by the name of A. A. Heller, of Chippoqua, New York, had subsidized a Communist-operated publishing company to the extent of thirty-five thousand dollars in the last fifteen years. Heller was president and owner of the International Publishers, in New York, which publishes works of Shakespeare, also Lenin and Stalin. Twenty years ago he was known as the 'Millionaire Bolshevik,' and was commercial agent for the Soviet in the United States. The witness told also of a new firm called the International News Service, which supplied labor news to forty newspapers in the United States and Latin-America. Trachtenberg says he is secretary of the firm."

    Mr. Benjamin Gitlow, former general secretary of the Communist Party, told the Dies Committee that the Communist Party in the United States "is part of a military machine which takes orders from abroad and which will commit acts against the interests of our country." Gitlow testified, "At one time I thought the Communist movement would benefit humanity. I have come to the conclusion that it will do the opposite."

    Testifying that the Communist Party in the United States is under discipline from Moscow, in violation of the agreement signed by Maxim Litvinoff, at the time the United States extended diplomatic recognition to the Soviet Union, Gitlow said: "Beatrice Highman, attractive daughter of a wealthy New Yorker and confidential secretary to the Russian Ambassador in Washington, is the link between the Soviet Embassy and the Communist Party in this country."

    Communism Jeopardizes American Home, School, Labor

    This program of highly financed radical organization and propaganda, directed from Moscow and other Communist centers, reaches right down into American homes, into American schools, American churches and into the shops where men labor for bread for their families.

    In my possession are confidential surveys, running into hundreds of pages, revealing the activities of radicals, Communists and popular front personalities on the campuses of the universities of Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, and others, showing that these same forces have outlined and promoted a tremendous propaganda campaign among the young men and young women, the sons and daughters of America.

    For several years one of the most disturbing personalities in America has been Mr. Harry Bridges. I personally attended a mass meeting of radical workers, called by the Australian radical, which was held in Madison Square Garden, in New York City. The hall rent alone for this meeting cost two thousand dollars for one night. With my own ears, I heard John L. Lewis' Pacific Coast labor dictator say: "Not one ship is moving on the West Coast. It will soon be the same on the East Coast. When that time comes then we shall be the ones to say when, how, and if America shall go to war."

    On the witness stand, Bridges admitted that he used the Communist Party to help him organize the workers.

    The Story of One Man and His Job

    The terrorism and persecution which this pagan philosophy has imposed upon the American workmen and their families is almost beyond comprehension.

    Six thousand men are employed in the Chevrolet Gear and Axle factory in Detroit. Organized among these workers is what is called Local 235, CIO. The head of this organization is Joe Sawiki. Active in the organization is Clayton Fountain and Arthur Gilroy, Communist Party members, and Abraham Swartz.

    Employed in this factory is a World War veteran, who enlisted in the service of the country when he was too young to be drafted. He saw service overseas, and fought in the front lines with the air service, handling telegraphic orders having to do with the movement of artillery. He returned from France and was honorably discharged from the United States army. He and his wife, and their six children, make their home in a suburb of Detroit. When the radicals set up the CIO in Detroit, this World War veteran was ordered to join and pay dues to John L. Lewis. Because he knew something of what was behind this organization, he refused. Then followed weeks and months of persecution, abuse, physical attacks, and threats against his family and home. One night, as he was leaving for work, the flying squadron met him at the gate and struck him on the back of the head, with the warning: "Pay up your dues, or this is just a sample of what you will get."

    Several weeks later, a man much larger than himself met him at the gate and struck him in the face with his fist. Later, three friends sought him out in confidence, and warned him, saying, "We understand that unless you are willing to join and pay up, a hammer is to be dropped on your head some time during the coming week."

    This man is one of tens of thousands who must choose between paying tribute to John L. Lewis and his labor racketeers, and paying the price of their convictions in physical punishment and mental anguish over the threats hanging over members of their families.

    Like Vermin in the Dark

    Writing in the Saturday Evening Post, Mr. Benjamin Stolberg, a lifelong friend of labor, said: "The Communist Party penetrated the CIO from the beginning, has dominated its policies, subverted its purposes, dissipated its energies and disrupted its union. The moment the CIO began, the Communists placed organizers, speakers, their whole apparatus, both official and innocent, at Lewis' disposal. It was the Communists who persuaded Lewis to appoint Harry Bridges as the West Coast director of the CIO. It is the Communists, through Lee Pressman, who line him up against the progressives in every factional struggle. He (Lewis) even refuses to see anti-Communist union delegates who come to Washington to ask for his help."

    These enemies of America move like vermin in the dark. It is never known at what moment they will turn up under the false face of a young people's leader, a labor agitator, a social service leader, a politician, or a preacher.

    True enough patriotic labor must organize and fight for its rights, but it must learn to distinguish true leaders from un-American propagandists. We must develop every phase of our cultural life in the realm of music, art, science and religion, but we must see to it that these phases of constructive activity are not exploited by false prophets. Beware of the wolf in sheep's clothing.

    There is no solution for this problem except an alert, patriotic citizenship, reconsecrated to the fundamental ideals on which America was founded.

    Enemies within Our Gates

    A sample of the propaganda flooding this country was provided by Mr. Fritz Kuhn, head of the German-American Bund, a Hitler organization in the United States, in the following words: "There will be a revolution here within one year. Within one year. And then it will come. I make you this prediction. Within one year you will be out on the street corner defending yourselves with a machine gun on one side or the other. You think order will be kept by the army and your great navy. Maybe you will be surprised that your army and navy can be turned over tomorrow."

    When Kuhn addressed a meeting of 20,000 people in Madison Square Garden, in New York City, the place was disciplined by men who wore the same uniform as the Hitler storm troops, including brown shirts, military belts and boots.

    Two days later, 20,000 Communists came into the same building, cheered Communist speakers, gave the Communist salute—with clenched fists—under the red flag.

    America Invaded by Propagandists

    America has been invaded, not by a foreign army and navy, with planes, tanks, artillery and poison gas, but by the atheistic philosophy of collectivism, the ideological and intellectual virus which produced Old World Communism and Nazism, both of which sprang from the same philosophical root the teachings of Karl Marx. Hitler captured Germany, not by opposing the teachings of Marx, but by promising the people a better form of collectivism than the Communists had produced in Russia.

    Several months before Germany and Russia were brought into an open alliance, I addressed Kiwanis Club Number One of Detroit, the first and parent of all Kiwanis clubs. In discussing the various phases of un-American propaganda being conducted in America, I said, in effect, to the business and professional men meeting that day in the Statler Hotel: "Do not be deceived into taking sides, or being partial to Hitler or to Stalin, just because you may think you have to choose between the lesser of two evils. You are likely to wake up and discover that they have been working together under cover all the time."

    2,500 New Communists Sworn in as 20,000 Cheer Hitler-Stalin Pact

    On the night of September 11, twenty thousand people gathered at Madison Square Garden—scene of numerous assemblies of radicals—to be addressed by Earl Browder, the principal agent of Stalin in the United States. During his address, which was wildly cheered by the radicals who packed the building to its utmost capacity, he said: "The Communist Party has never been so united, so unshakeable, or on such firm political and strategical ground as it is today."

    The Daily Worker, official mouthpiece of the Communist Party, stated: "One of the high points of the meeting was the induction, with a mass pledge, of twenty-five hundred new members into the Communist Party. Lined up on the balcony behind the platform, the new members stood and took the pledge as the audience watched the ceremony."

    The Daily Worker further reported that a resolution, "pledging support to President Roosevelt's peace policy and greeting the Soviet Union which, through its consistent peace policy, especially as expressed in the Soviet-German non-aggression pact, has made a mighty contribution to world peace and to the national interest of the United States of America," was adopted by acclamation. James W. Ford, Negro Communist leader, and twice vice-presidential candidate on the Communist ticket, reported the Daily Worker, "called upon the Negro people to give every support to Soviet Russia."

    "The endorsement of President Roosevelt's peace policy," the Daily Worker continued, "drew thunderous applause and prolonged cheers as the vast audience of twenty thousand Communists rose to their feet."

    "Russia and Germany Will Stop at Nothing," Former High Communist Official Tells Committee

    Following the announcement of the alliance between Germany and Russia, Mr. Benjamin Gitlow, former secretary of the Communist Party for the United States, appeared before the Dies Committee. He said, "Now that Russia and Germany are working together they will stop at nothing." Speaking of his own career as a Communist leader, he said, "We did not hesitate to break laws, either state or federal, if in the aid of the Communist Party." He further asserted that the OGPU, which is the secret service arm of the Communist Party, "maintains a large staff in every country." He said, "The expense is tremendous. The leaders think it is one of the most important branches."

    The New York Times, under date of September 13, 1939, quoted a witness before the Dies Committee as saying: "In the past five years, the Communist Party has collected and spent, in the open, ten million dollars. They are now collecting and spending on Party activities between two and three million dollars per year." The Times quoted Chairman Dies as saying, "That's more money than the Republicans and Democrats together have spent annually."

    America Has Had Her Fill of Alien Agitators

    I belong to that great and growing body of Americans who believe the time has come to serve notice on these propagandists that we have had all we intend to take of their conspiracy to overthrow our American system of government.

    I believe in free speech. I believe that men and women should be allowed to stand up—on the soap box, on the stump, in the public hall—and say anything they sincerely believe, having to do with the government of the United States. But when a man stands under the red flag, or the swastika, and proposes the overthrow of the government of the United States, he should be locked in jail. Al Capone should never be permitted to make an address to boys on how to hold up a bank, and Earl Browder, Fritz Kuhn and their satellites should not be allowed to advise the people on how to destroy, or change, our form of government.

    The Lot of American Workman Preferable to High Position in Old World

    An Italian immigrant, a worker in a Wisconsin factory, who had become a citizen of the United States, was notified that he had fallen heir to a great fortune in Italy. It was stipulated that in order to receive the inheritance he must return to Italy and make his home there. He replied that he would rather be a poor worker in America than a rich man in Italy.

    hat Italian-born American was right. I would rather be a ditch digger in America than a bank president in Germany. I would rather be a school teacher in America than a commissar of the Soviet Union. I would rather be a plain citizen of the United States than the ruler of Greece or Turkey.

    God bless America! God save America!

    No wonder the haunted, hunted, persecuted refugees, fleeing from Hitler and Stalin, cry for a chance to come here. No wonder they plead for the privilege of sending thousands of little children here from war-torn Europe.

    Should Trade Radicals for Sincere Refugees

    I suggest that we take the preachers, school teachers, college students, agitators and propagandists, who are forever telling us that Germany is just a little bit less than Heaven, and that Russia is the grandest place on earth, and trade them for people who want to leave those countries and come to America. Let's exchange the Hitlerites and Stalinites, who love the swastika and the red flag, for sincere, honest, God-fearing people, who want to come here to love and serve America.

    No one should be deceived by the false faces of patriotism worn by the propagandists of alien isms to make their work look like good Americanism. The Communists call Communism Twentieth Century Americanism. They make their appeal for class revolution in the name of great American heroes. They meet in halls elaborately decorated with gigantic pictures of Washington and Lincoln. But it must always be remembered that Communism is founded upon the abolition of private ownership of property, the establishment of a dictatorship, and the destruction of religion. Karl Marx, father of Communism, said, "Religion is the opium of the people." Stalin, present dictator of the Soviet Union, said, "The Party cannot be neutral toward religion and does conduct anti-religious propaganda against all and every religious prejudice."

    CIO Infested with Reds and Pinks

    But if we were to trade off the radicals and Communists around CIO headquarters, it would almost break up the CIO. It would certainly ruin it on the West Coast, where the CIO dictator is the Australian alien, Harry Bridges, who has thought so little of America and American ways that he has never gone to the trouble to become a citizen. The Dies Committee, after hearing evidence from those who had investigated the activities of Bridges, recommended that the CIO leader be deported.

    Earl Browder has stated, in so many words, that the Communist Party plans to develop, and is developing, "the American revolution through the CIO." How well Mr. Browder and his associates are succeeding in this program is shown by the extent to which they have penetrated and assumed control of the UAW-CIO which pretends to represent the more than ten thousand Detroit workers in the Plymouth automobile factory.

    CIO Workers Taught Communism

    This Plymouth CIO[11] union has an educational department. Part of its equipment for educating the workers, is a series of expensive charts, about four by five feet in size. The director of this educational program first displays the side of the first chart on which appears a map of the United States, and the words, "This Is the Life in America." Below this title misery, sorrow and suffering are pictured. On the other side of the chart is a map of Russia, with the words, "Life Under Socialism." On this side, the pictures show everybody happy, with plenty to eat, beautiful apartments in which to live, people attending the opera and viewing sports events. The practical teaching of this chart, and all other charts in the series, is that America is the land of misery, while Russia is a land of comfort and leisure.

    These expensive charts, made like an ordinary schoolroom map, are printed at 740 Broadway, at 13th Street, the very center of radicalism in New York City. Along with each chart, the worker is given an explanatory textbook, which interprets the meaning of the pictures. In explanation of chart Number 705, the textbook says: "In our opinion the basic facts of political economy fit together in such a way that only the Marxian interpretation is scientific. We consider that the theory of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin, has been proven true in practice." The textbook condemns the American system of private ownership and glorifies the Russian system of Communism. I have in my possession a copy of a check showing that these charts were paid for by the treasurer of the CIO union of the Plymouth factory.

    One of the teachers in this CIO school is Mr. Sam Sweet. Sweet draws forty dollars a week from the CIO, and twenty dollars a week from the Communist Party.

    When national leaders of the CIO and the Communist Party recommended that two hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars be appropriated by the CIO unions for the Abraham Lincoln Brigade in Spain, the Plymouth CIO voted to appropriate its share of the amount. I have in my possession photostatic copies of checks made out to the Spanish Communist cause, and signed by Mr. Duletsky, treasurer and financial secretary of this CIO and member of the Communist Party at that time.

    Three Plymouth workers spoke and voted against sending money from the pay envelopes of American workmen to the Communists in Spain. All three were severely beaten by CIO thugs within ten days.

    The present secretary of this Plymouth CIO union is W. O. Gilbreath. I have a copy of his signed statement to the effect that he joined the Communist Party and signed up in the union headquarters of the CIO at Schiller Hall. His Communist Party name is William Smith.

    In my files is a copy of another check, dated July 20, 1938, for $7,025.00, made out to Cash, signed by this Communist treasurer, W. O. Gilbreath, and endorsed and cashed by Mr. Gilbreath himself. Although I have a copy of the minutes of the CIO for the day that check was written, there is nothing to show as to how this money was used. More than seven thousand dollars is a lot of money for a member of the Communist Party to be carrying around loose, when it has been taken out of the pay envelopes of the workers.

    I also have in my files a picture of the CIO union headquarters at 51 Sproat Street, Detroit, showing a sign which reads, "The Daily Record, Voice of the People, 1st Anniversary Dance, Saturday, February 11, 8:00 P. M." The Daily Record is the official daily paper of the Communist Party for the Middle West, published in Chicago.

    Stalin did not need to leave Moscow to close the churches in Mexico, or to slaughter the ministers of God in Spain. Neither does he need to move one step out of the Kremlin to create revolution among the workers in Detroit and throughout America. In this one Plymouth CIO union, Stalin's man has his hand on the money, Stalin's man conducts school for the workers at night, using charts and materials especially designed to promote the Communist revolution; and Stalin's daily newspaper for the Middle West is adopted as the true friend of the CIO. The God-hating, church-burning paganism of Hitler and Stalin, based on the mental abberations of the atheist Karl Marx, threatens every avenue of American life. The world headquarters of Bolshevism are in Moscow, but the agents of Bolshevism have honeycombed American industry. Under Hitler and Stalin, minorities have been thrown into concentration camps in Europe, religion has been outlawed, or made servile to the state, and in America, these same tyrannies have generated class hatreds—turning brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor, worker against worker.

    Stalin's Agents in Industry Imperil National Defense

    From his office in the Kremlin, Joseph Stalin has been able, through his agents in vital American industries, to threaten the complete breakdown and paralysis of our national defense. When the heart ceases to beat, the body ceases to live. Engines, whether in automobiles used for pleasure or in airplanes used by the army and navy, cannot run without bearings. And Joseph Stalin has demonstrated that he can paralyze the entire industrial organization concerned with the manufacture of engines through his dictatorship over the manufacture of bearings.

    In a secret conference presided over by Communists, including the heads of the CIO union of workers involved in the manufacture of bearings, it was decided that there should be a complete tie-up of the bearing industry, looking to the control of the manufacture of all automobiles. This conspiracy was endorsed by the board of directors of the UAW-CIO, and by such radicals and Communists within its executive staffs as Walter and Victor Reuther, both of whom were educated in Moscow for their work; by Maurice Sugar, official attorney for the CIO, and who was branded in Judge Cotter's court as an out and out radical; by Wyndham Mortimer, Communist and CIO organizer, and by Mr. John Anderson, the Communist who had been active in the General Motors strike.

    Strikes were called in the Bohn Aluminum Company, the Detroit Aluminum and Brass, and the Mogul Manufacturing Company.

    When these plants closed down, between seventy-five and ninety per cent of the bearing supply for the manufacture of airplanes was automatically shut off.

    Thus did the agents of Joseph Stalin demonstrate their power. The bearing workers are under a CIO union known as Local 155. The head of this union is John Anderson, former Communist candidate for Governor of Michigan. The bargaining and business agent for all these works is Nat Ganley, nationally known Communist The most effective organizer within this group is Fred Williams, who goes by three other names. Williams has been a Communist for years, and is the business agent for all the workers of the Bohn Aluminum Company, representing nine factories. It is a known fact that Williams has under his discipline seventy trained Communists who have been scattered strategically throughout these various factories to carry out his instructions. The chairman of the bargaining committee of the workers at the Mogul Manufacturing Company is Henry Tallbacka, a member of the Communist Party and a vigorous political supporter of Maurice Sugar. The President of the Bohn Aluminum Local, which, under the National Relations Act, controls all the Bohn workers, is one Stanley Keris, a Communist.

    What good does it do for the Congress of the United States to appropriate money for the national defense, when the agents of Stalin, by strategy and the iron rule of a small minority of workers, maintained through terrorism of the worst kind, can nerve-block the whole production of motors by preventing, or sabotaging, the manufacture of bearings?

    Navy Department Condemns CIO Interference

    So serious has this situation become that Mr. Charles Edison, Acting Secretary of the Navy, issued a statement in which he condemned the interference of the CIO in the national defense. Mr. Edison was quoted in the press to the effect that representatives of the Navy Department had been prevented by the CIO from removing inspected materials which were highly important in the national defense. Certain highly essential features of the national defense were forcibly delayed for the period of the strike.

    A special press dispatch, under date of September 19, 1939, stated, "The work of the French popular front government of two years ago in crippling production of war planes is being felt by France in the war with Germany." Professor Aymar Bacourt, of the University of Detroit, upon his return from a two months' tour of Europe, is quoted in the press, as saying, "Dominated by Communists and Socialists, the popular front was able to restrict the manufacture of airplanes." The Communists are now attempting to do in America what they did in France.

    Mr. Homer Martin, president of the International Union of the Automobile Workers of America, affiliated with the American Federation of Labor, charged that workers' elections have become so corrupted that workers are no longer free to choose the bargaining agents they honestly desire. Said Mr. Martin: "The conditions which now exist in and around the City of Detroit are such as to make impossible an honest election, where the workers would be free to choose the organization which they want to represent them in collective bargaining. Under the direction of John L. Lewis and his CIO, a reign of terror has been set up among the workers in the City of Detroit. Mr. Lewis and his CIO have spent in this area between one and one-half and two million dollars in the past few months in a program of bribery, coercion and intimidation unequalled in the history of the labor movement. 'Goon' squads and roving bands of killers and thugs make it unsafe in or near these plants for me to speak one word of criticism of the CIO."

    Communist Party Divides America into Seven Regions and Thirty-Five Districts

    The Communist Party, in its organization program to sovietize America, has divided the United States into seven regions and thirty-five districts. This program of organization is as scientifically set up as a military mobilization and more than one hundred thousand Communist Party members are as thoroughly disciplined as though they were enlisted members of the United States Army. Still more alarming is the fact that there are today more disciplined members of this violent, anti-democratic, Stalin-controlled Party than the combined militias of all the forty-eight states.

    These members are trained to sabotage, kill, riot, and revolt. They wait for the one particular moment when the order will be given for them to rise simultaneously and liquidate, or slaughter, an average of one American leader each, whether he be a political, business, religious, or civic leader. It is their conviction that the liquidation of this leadership will completely confuse and overthrow the existing order in America.

    These thirty-five district headquarters[12] maintain book stores, propaganda agencies and meeting places. According to the first volume of the report of the Dies Committee, addresses of these headquarters and stores are as follows:

    Boston, Mass., 15 Essex Street.

    New York City, 50 East Thirteenth Street. This is national headquarters. There are scores of sub-headquarters in New York.

    Philadelphia, Pa., 65 North Eighth Street, and 104 South Ninth Street.

    Buffalo, N. Y., 75½ West Chippewa.

    Pittsburgh, Pa., 929 Fifth Avenue, and 607 Bigelow Blvd.

    Cleveland, Ohio, 1522 Prospect Avenue.

    Detroit, Mich., 5969 Fourteenth Street, and 2610 Clifford Street.

    Chicago, Ill., 208 North Wells Street, and 200 West Van Buren.

    Minneapolis, Minn., 10 South Tenth Street, and 813 La Salle; St. Paul, 344 North Exchange Street; Duluth, 4 East First Street; Austin, P.O. Box 475; Virginia, P.O. Box 295.

    Omaha, Neb., 311 Karback Block.

    Seattle, Wash., P.O. Box 332, 713½ Pine Street.

    San Francisco, Calif., 121 Haight St., and 170 Golden Gate Avenue.

    Newark, N. J., 206 Market Street, and 216 Halsey Street.

    New Haven, Conn., 32 Center Street, and 17 Broad Street.

    Birmingham, Ala., P.O. Box 1813.

    Denver, Colo., P.O. Box 2823, 522 Mining Exchange Bldg.

    Houston, Texas, P.O. Box 1834.

    St. Louis, Mo., 506 North Vandeventer, and 3520 Franklin Ave.; Kansas City, Mo., 613½ Central Avenue.

    San Pedro, Calif., 244 West Sixth Street.

    Charleston, W. Va., P.O. Box 92.

    Milwaukee, Wis., 419 West State.

    Louisville, Ky., P.O. Box 1043.

    New Orleans, La., P.O. Box 465, 130 Chartres Street.

    Jacksonville, Fla., P.O. Box 2008.

    Sioux Falls, S. Dak., P.O. Box 532.

    Indianapolis, Ind., 56 West New York Avenue.

    Richmond, Va., 205 North Second Street.

    Butte, Mont., P.O. Box 33.

    Oklahoma City, Okla., P.O. Box 245, 129½ West Grand Avenue.

    Des Moines, Iowa, P.O. Box 108, 218 Youngerman Building.

    Chattanooga, Tenn., P.O. Box 813.

    Baltimore, Md., 501-B Eutaw Street.

    Washington, D.C., 508 G Street, N.W.

    Salt Lake City, Utah, 134 Regent Street.

    Los Angeles, Calif., 226½ South Spring Street.

    These Communists publish over seven hundred newspapers, bulletins, and journals. The official journal, the source book, the policy book for Communism in America is a monthly magazine edited by Earl Browder, Max Bedacht, and Alexander Biddelman, of New York City. When this book appears, every Communist journal in America must adjust its editorial policy in harmony with its pronouncements. In addition, the Communist Party furnishes leadership, officials, agitators, writers, journalists, and controlling propagandists for literally hundreds of supposedly non-Communist organizations now existing in the United States.

    Communist Party Should Be Abolished; Hitler and Stalin Agents Should Be Outlawed

    Communism and Nazism, the agents of Stalin and Hitler, and their American "fellow travelers," are enemies within our gates.

    It is a critical time in the life of our nation. If there was ever a time for Americans to pray, it is now. If there was ever a time for Americans to consecrate themselves to the principles upon which the nation was founded, the time is now. This is the time to purify our national life, to rebuild the spiritual walls and the patriotic bulwarks around our nation.

    1. The Communist Party should be abolished and prohibited by law. Never again should it be allowed to appear on the ballot as a legal political party.

    2. All organizations shown by the Dies Committee to be sympathetic to the Nazi-Communist Party should be outlawed, or compelled to register as agents of foreign political powers under the laws of the United States.

    Thomas Jefferson, whose hand wrote the Declaration of Independence, and who guided the nation through eight trying years, said, "Eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty."

    May these words of infinite wisdom be the watch word of all true Americans in this dark hour.

    Communism Strengthened by Radicals on U.S. Payroll

    ''When the Committee Investigating Un-American Activities had concluded its first year's work, Chairman Dies insisted that the League for Peace and Democracy was one of the most powerful Communist front organizations, and appealed to all good Americans to leave it. He hinted that certain governmental employees belonged to this Communist front league, and advised them to withdraw, and a number, who had been deceived as to real aims and purposes of the organization, followed Mr. Dies' suggestion. But almost a year later, Chairman Dies named five hundred and eighty-three persons, under appointment of the President, and on the payroll of the United States government, who had either continued their membership in the League for Peace and Democracy, or had joined it, after it had been publicly branded as "a Communist front organization."

    A dispatch from Washington, by an International News staff correspondent, under date of October 25, 1939, stated: "The list which includes names of many high-salaried New Deal officials and employees, was made public over vigorous protests by officials of the League. Edwin S. Smith, member of the National Labor Relations Board, topped all others in the list in salary and position. He received $10,000 a year.

    "Harry C. Lamberton, lawyer employed by the Rural Electrification Administration, is president of the Washington branch. His salary from the government is $6,000 per year."

    Other names included were: "T. E. O'Callahan, public relations counsel of the REA, whose salary is $8,000 a year; Nathan Witt, national labor relations board, $7,500 a year; Carrol Daugherty, economist, labor department (under Miss Francis Perkins), $7,000; Ward B. Freeman, New Deal engineer, $6,000; L. C. Vass, SEC, $5,400; Sigmund Timberg, attorney, SEC, $5,200; Ivan Ossay, adviser, social security board, $5,000."

    The dispatch further states: "The largest number of names in any one government agency was in the social security board with eighty-five. Seventy-four were listed as employed in the agricultural department. Forty-seven in the national labor relations board (under Francis Perkins), and thirty-five in the interior department.

    "Other top-ranking government officials on the list included Louis Bloch, member of the maritime labor board, $10,000 annually and Assistant Secretary of the Interior (under Ickes) Oscar L. Chapman, $9,000 annually.

    "Also listed were Merrill G. Murray, director, analyst division, social security board, $7,000; Willard W. Beatty, chief, office Indian affairs, $7,500; Dorothy Walton, assistant legislative counsel, treasury department, $6,500; Allen Moore, lawyer, $6,000; S. R. Gamer, lawyer, REA, $5,500; Robert Nathan, special agent, department of commerce, $4,600; Milton Kramer, attorney, railroad retirement board, $3,800, and Dallas Smyth, economist, $4,600."

    But far more sensational and alarming than the revelation that more than five hundred government appointees were members of the League for Peace and Democracy was the charge made by Congressman Dies that more than twenty-five hundred Communists held government positions in Washington and drew tax payers' money in the form of salaries from the public treasury. Mr. Dies said that this list had been shown him by the Bureau of Investigation, headed by the Honorable J.Edgar Hoover.

    Negro Communist Leader Educated in Moscow Makes Sensational Confession

    Mr. William Nowell, a young Negro, with whose intelligence and sincerity one is instinctively impressed, sat in my hotel room and related his experience with the Communist Party and the CIO. It is included here for the reason that it reveals the forces which have been allowed to develop in the United States.

    He grew up the son of a Negro farmer in the state of Georgia. As a young boy he had an ambition to better his condition. Early in life he came to the City of Detroit, where he was brought into association with certain Communist leaders. They immediately set about to prove to him that the real salvation of the Negro race, and of the world, depended upon the Communist Party. Among other things they promised that when the Communist revolution came to the United States a number of Southern states would be set aside and a "Black Soviet Republic" would be set up.

    Nowell was put into Communist night schools and learned rapidly. In fact, he became such a student of Communism, and showed such promise of leadership that within a few years he became a member of the national committee of the American Communist Party. Still believing that the only hope for the Negro race was through Communism, he became the teacher of a night school for the revolutionary program of the Communist Party, teaching Communism to three hundred people per week.

    Young Nowell continued to be an enthusiastic Communist, and one day a high official in the Communist Party announced to him that arrangements were being made for him to make a visit to Russia. Transportation and all other expenses were paid, and he spent one month in Moscow. The tour was so conducted that he returned to America more enthusiastic than ever about Communism.

    He resumed his teaching in night schools, promoting Communist propaganda, and working among the people of his own race in an attempt to make Communists out of Negroes, until he was informed, by the national committee, that he was to be sent for a special course of training at Lenin University in Moscow, headquarters of all Communism.

    Young Mr. Nowell spent two years in Moscow. During the first year he began to realize that everything was not as he had been told, but instead of blaming the Party and Communism, he was inclined to blame certain leaders. In the second year, he realized that Communism was a hoax, a program to put whole nations under the heel of ruthless tyrants; that it was merely a "pot of gold" at the end of the rainbow, filled with false promises and false hopes; that it was a program of seduction for the purpose of deceiving the common people into the acceptance of a new and more terrible form of tyranny than they had ever known.

    Since it was difficult for him to conceal his disillusionment, he soon found himself the victim of a conspiracy. He escaped death only because he was an American citizen, and the killers in Russia hesitated to offend the United States. Finally, after they had argued with him and coerced him and pressed him for a reconsideration of his position, he was started back to the United States, but with express orders to stop off in Germany. A prominent German was waiting to meet him in the City of Berlin. This German was a part of the powerful international Communist set-up. Nowell spent seven days in the home of this German, who pleaded with him continually to reconsider and recommit himself to Communism. Nowell was forced to appear convinced, in order to secure passage out of Germany for America.

    When he left the boat in New York he was soon met by Mr. Earl Browder, head of the Communist Party in America. Again he was subjected to great pressure. Mr. Browder admitted that there were many things wrong with the Communist Party, but insisted that if Nowell would remain loyal, necessary corrections would be made. Nowell then returned to Detroit in the role of a reformer. He soon discovered, however, that his comrades in the Communist Party did not want reform, that what they wanted was the old conspiracies of Communism, which he had discovered during his two years in Moscow.

    Mr. Nowell, with his long and intensive training in Communist schools and universities, and with an intimate first-hand knowledge of the Communist program in the United States, stated that there is a real conspiracy to deceive the great American Negro population, so that, in the event of war or revolution, these humble workers would turn against the government instead of fighting for it. He stated that the same conspiracy exists among certain radical leaders, and to control certain so-called labor unions. Mr. Nowell further stated that without doubt the Communist Party is the most influential force operating within the CIO, headed by Mr. John L. Lewis.

    Labor's Non-Partisan League Is Political Arm of John L. Lewis, Praised Highly by Earl Browder

    The political arm of John L. Lewis is an organization known as Labor's Non-Partisan League. In effect, it is almost his own personal political property.

    Its close alliance with the CIO, headed by Mr. Lewis, is shown by the fact that in every region and community the local head of Labor's Non-Partisan League is one of the outstanding CIO leaders. Some of these leaders are Communists. Some are not. But almost without exception, Labor's Non-Partisan League enjoys the cooperation of the Communist Party.

    When Mr. Browder was in Paris to attend an international conference of Communist leaders, in making his report concerning the future of the revolutionists in America, he voiced words of high praise for the CIO, and then spoke these significant words: "Labor's Non-Partisan League can be made the main stream in the American revolution, just as the CIO is now the main stream for organized labor."

    In operation, Labor's Non-Partisan League is limited to no particular section, but is being organized all over the United States, just like a political party. Its purpose is to organize and develop the balance of political power. In those communities where they cannot command a majority of the votes, it is their purpose to control enough votes to be the deciding factor between any two congressional candidates.

    Many innocent workers have been, and will be, trapped by the name of this organization, thinking that it is a true representative of honest labor. All such workers become the victims of the highly financed political program, headed by John L. Lewis, and enjoying the cooperation and flattery of the Communist Earl Browder. It is expected that Mr. Lewis will spend at least $10,000,000 of the workers' money on politics during 1940.

    In Case of War the President Becomes Dictator

    One million propagandists are active, and one billion dollars is being spent to get America into the European War. Our Committee expects to present a petition in the next few weeks to the United States Congress, bearing one million names calling on Congress to keep us out of foreign wars. If we get into this war, we will have a dictatorship within twenty-four hours. The War Department has planned it, the legislation is already written and will be passed by Congress. Quoting from the Readers Digest we read the following:

    "Once again voices are raised about the solemn duty of America to join the Allied cause in a world war. Suppose we try to cast a balance sheet of what it will cost us if we do.

    "The War Department, with its 'M Day' program, will immediately conscript all men between 21 and 31. The rest of us will be told what and how much to eat, what to wear, at what temperature to heat our houses. The railroads will be commandeered, wages and prices will be fixed by fiat, foreign trade will be made a government monopoly.

    "A tax of 95 per cent will be imposed upon all profits above the average of the last three years. The government will license business concerns, stimulating some, closing down others. If a businessman objects to having his company turned inside out, it will be taken over by a government corporation.

    "Not a dollar can be legally invested without permission. The banks will be socialized, in fact if not in name; also, probably, the insurance companies. Interest rates will be fixed by decree. Farmers will be told what to grow. To strike will be a criminal offense. Gasoline will be rationed. Luxuries will be rationed or prohibited. You will be allotted so much electric power, and all lights out at ten o'clock.

    "These powers will be exercised by an Advisory Defense Council, answerable only to the Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy—namely, the President. Legislation for starting all this has been drafted. When war comes, Congress will pass the necessary act. That will be the last heard from Congress, or from the Supreme Court.

    "A thoroughgoing state socialist could ask nothing better than 'M Day'. If you think the case overstated, I suggest that you study what has already happened in France and England. If we go to war, we can say good-bye to political democracy, the Bill of Rights and private enterprise for a long, long time.

    "The radio will become a state monopoly, the press will be muzzled, free speech abolished. Dictatorial rule may continue long after the war ends. Private business as we know it will shrink to a wizened stump. Mr. Roosevelt may be drafted for life.

    "The federal debt, now standing at some forty billions, will jump twenty, thirty, perhaps fifty billions in two or three years. Last time it jumped twenty-six billions in about two years. If the war is prolonged, the total debt may pass one hundred billions. War debts due by our allies will reach astronomical figures, and of course can never be paid."


    1.↑ Bolshevism presents itself on two fronts: the red front under Joseph Stalin, and the brown front under Adolph Hitler.
    2.↑ In the 1939 fall elections the Communist Party polled the largest American vote in history.
    3.↑ On November 21, 1939, Congressman Martin Dies visited Detroit, Michigan, and, to quote the Detroit Times, "disclosed that there are about 3,500 subversive foreign agents in Detroit planning sabotage."
    4.↑ Walter Reuther was recently made the director of all CIO activities among the General Motors workers.
    5.↑ Joseph Kowalski was the personal bodyguard of Mr. William Z. Foster when he spoke in Detroit on November 9, 1939.
    6.↑ This is the hall in which William Z. Foster spoke on November 9, 1939, in celebration of the 22nd anniversary of the Russian Revolution.
    7.↑ At the annual meeting of Labor's Non-Partisan League in Lansing, 1939, John Anderson, former Communist candidate for Governor, was elected director.
    8.↑ As this book went to press, Adolph Germer had been appointed regional director of the CIO for the state of New York, the most responsible position of its kind in the United States.
    9.↑ On November 8, 1939, the Communist Party polled the largest vote in Detroit in its history.
    10.↑ Recently changed to a weekly magazine.
    11.↑ This organization is used only as an example of what is going on all over America.
    12.↑ These addresses correct as of the date on which the minutes of the Dies committee were published. Communists are always changing the addresses of their meeting places.
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