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    Is Communism Jewish?
    by Gerald L. K. Smith

    Civilization is founded on the name and teachings of Jesus Christ. It follows, therefore, that the enemies of civilization are necessarily the enemies of Jesus Christ. The worst enemy of Jesus Christ is the Jew. The Jews sought to kill our Lord (John 7:1). They precipitated His persecution. They demanded His crucifixion. They brought about the persecution, assassination ...
    by Published on 08-15-2013 08:00 AM
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    If I Were President
    by Gerald L. K. Smith

    1. I would recognize the true racial traditions of our people. In campaigning for the Presidency, I would encourage every human being, regardless of his race, creed or color to believe that he was entitled to the maximum of wealth, happiness and opportunity guaranteed under our Constitution; but I would remind every ...
    by Published on 08-15-2013 07:00 AM
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    God's Chosen People
    by Gerald L. K. Smith

    I grow weary of the theological propaganda put out by the mind-washers and the innocent believers to the effect that "Christ's worst enemies are God's chosen people."

    God called Abraham aside and assured him that "in thee and thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed." Out of this seed came the Old Testament family of Israel, the true Israel. They perpetuated themselves through divine guidance and anticipated the arrival of the Messiah.

    by Published on 08-15-2013 06:00 AM
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    Did You Know?
    An Open Letter from Gerald L. K. Smith

    Dear Friend:

    Only a true lover of truth will be interested in this letter. Its contents are explosive in fact, catastrophic in substance. Only the couregeous can accept the dangerous truth contained herein. Read slowly and absorb every word because this could be a turning point in your life and it could be the most important letter ever to come to you ...
    by Published on 08-15-2013 05:00 AM
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    Dangerous Enemies
    by Gerald L. K. Smith; (1939)

    The facts contained in this book represent months and years of reading and research. In this book are many references to the minutes of the Congressional Committee for the investigation of un-American activities, headed by Congressman Martin Dies. These minutes, to date, make up a series of six volumes, each one almost as large as a family Bible. Knowing that many of my friends do not have these volumes, and would not have the time to peruse them if they did possess them, I have tried to call the reader's attention to some of the most pertinent things brought out by this committee of courageous statesmen.

    Post Office addresses used in this book were correct as of the date of the first four volumes of the Dies Committee minutes. Facts set forth in this book are founded on Congressional Committee reports, police records, photostatic copies of documentary evidence, and the affidavits of living witnesses.

    Inasmuch as space will not permit the writer to report in detail his investigations in all the major American cities and industrial centers, frequent references have been made to the City of Detroit, Michigan, knowing it to be typical of the other metropolitan American centers.

    This book of one hundred pages does not claim to cover the subject in its entirety, but is designed to sensitize good Americans to the dangers which our nation faces, trusting that it will stimulate a further study into the activities of these agitators and propagandists who function as the agents of Stalin, Hitler, and others.

    In the not distant future, another book will be off the press dealing more in detail with the facts alluded to in this book and new facts that are being discovered daily concerning the matters approached and discussed in this volume.

    Stop! Look! Listen!

    A few years ago any man who was bold enough to talk about the threat of Communism, and its atheistic, God-hating conspiracy to overthrow American institutions, was considered an alarmist and a fool. Today this conspiracy, hatched in the heart of war-torn Europe, has become a positive menace to everything that Americans hold dear. It has become the influenza of the political structure, the venereal germ of the industrial and social life of a great people. Like a bubonic plague, Bolshevism[1] moves across the face of the earth, burning churches, slaughtering the ministers of God, ridiculing sacred things, referring to religion as "the opium of the people," breeding discontent, turning brother against brother, sister against sister, race against race, nation against nation.

    Bolshevism Founded on Hypocrisy

    I accuse the Communist Party, and its hypocritical, diabolical agents of actually attempting to promote us into another world conflict, in order that, out of the disillusionment, chaos and confusion of another war, they may set up in the world an international, red, bolshevistic empire, such as they have begun to build on the foundation of blood-drenched, poverty-stricken Russia. The boldness with which these operatives have entered into American life is almost beyond belief. Facts are so unimpeachable, so well authenticated, that no honest American dare sit down and be indifferent to this plot to make America a part of a world revolution. The Communist Party, as such, is almost the smallest organization being used by the Communists. With false faces, and under false names, like wolves in the clothing of sheep, they have invaded our schools, our homes, our churches, our cultural organizations, our labor unions. They have swarmed into the very center of our national government.

    Communist Browder Proud of Preachers in Organization

    Earl Browder, the Number One American Communist, in making his 1939 report to Joseph Stalin, the terrible tyrant of international Communism, said, "Our members are preachers in American churches. Our members are teachers in American schools. Members of the American Communist Party are directing the class struggle in the United States."

    "In fact," said Mr. Browder, "in the past five years the Communist Party in America has gained more ground than in the previous twenty-five years."[2]

    The real foundation of Bolshevism is atheism—God-hate. When God is taken out of the heart of a man, he has no one to love but himself. Brotherhood is gone. The desire to create and produce and build and profit is a Godly motive.

    Atheism is nothing new. It has always been opposed to the Ten Commandments, to the Sermon on the Mount, and to law and order. Anarchists, thieves, and scoundrels have always advocated confiscation as a substitute for creation. In other words, instead of producing something as individuals, they gather together a band of roving robbers to seize and confiscate that which has been produced by others. Civilization has been founded upon the individualism which gives man a personal relationship between himself and his God.

    Some years ago, in the center of Europe, a man by the name of Karl Marx attempted to make this uncivilized theory of atheism and confiscation look civilized. And he did a pretty effective job of it. His theory was that if you could not believe in God, then overthrow God; that if you could not obey the Church, then overthrow the Church, and that if you could not make money, then slaughter those who have made money. Liquidate leadership! Overthrow the existing order! Put the top on the bottom! Establish a society that not only consents to inferiority, but makes the inferior the dictator! Said he, "Religion is the opium of the people. Destroy it."

    Unsuccessful at first, he joined hands with a man by the name of Engels. Together they issued a call for a world revolution, to wipe out ownership, religion and individualism.

    This call, "The Communist Manifesto," spread like wildfire. It seemed to strike the very center in the weakness of man. It became the message of the demagogue whether he used it completely or in modified forms. It became the forbidden fruit of intellectuals. It crept into pulpit, schoolroom, political campaign, and certain governmental centers. It advocated the control of the vast majority by a highly organized, ruthless, well-disciplined minority. It advocated the theory that all property should be seized and operated from a central government under the control of this minority.

    These world Communists then called a meeting and laid plans for the revolution. Russia was selected as one of the first points of attack. And with less than 20,000 well-disciplined members, they overthrew war-torn, bankrupt Russia. It only takes one venereal germ to destroy the body of a clean young man. It only requires one Communist, well placed, to destroy a home, a mill, a factory, a school, or a section of the government.

    Bolshevism a World-Wide Program

    What happened in the days that followed is common knowledge. The ministers of God were shot down by the thousands; churches were burned. Today, beautiful cathedrals of Russia are centers of atheism. It is estimated that between five and twenty million people were slaughtered. This powerful tidal wave of propaganda and destruction was so well organized that its two chief leaders were not even in Russia when the time came to strike. Lenin was in Paris. Trotsky was in New York City. At a given moment they moved in and took over the government. Europe was thrown into terror. Central Europe was bankrupt, disillusioned and fertile soil for Bolshevism. This produced a new reaction—the paganism of Fascist dictatorship, which wiped out the last sprout and hope of democracy in Central Europe. The burning lava of Bolshevism overflowed into China, and 100,000,000 Chinese are organized into what is known as the Soviet Republic of China.

    They organized a revolution in Spain which cost 1,000,000 lives, slaughtered the priests, burned the churches. They recruited American young men to help in this slaughter and church-burning, and did it in the name of the "Abraham Lincoln Brigade." God forgive men for such treason.

    Communism became so terrible and powerful that, since the Russian revolution, France has been within a hair's breadth of a Communist revolt not less than ten times.

    These Bolshevists did not overlook the British Empire. They paraded the streets of London. They bored in and became influential in certain phases of the intellectual, political and industrial life of Great Britain. It is reliably reported that over 900 students in Oxford University are members of Marxist societies.

    Mexico Invaded

    In the meantime, these Communists, these God-haters, these church-burners, these Satanic sons of this new political hell, had not overlooked the Western Hemisphere. They invaded South America, and established themselves in Mexico. So strong did they become in Mexico that it became a safe refuge for Mr. Leon Trotsky, who, under Nicolai Lenin, was the organizer of the Red Army of 1,000,000 soldiers. He is now organizing what he calls the Fourth Communist International, with headquarters in Mexico.

    But while all this was going on, fools in America, blind leaders, lazy patriots, were saying, ...
    by Published on 08-15-2013 04:00 AM
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    Christian Faith
    by Gerald L. K. Smith

    I am a Christian. How do I know? Because I have embraced the fundamentals of Christian faith. In this modern, western world especially, most human beings are exposed to the question, "Are you a Christian?" The answer is either yes or no.

    It is not a complex matter. It is not something ...

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