• A Strange Antagonism

    A Strange Antagonism
    by C. O. Stadsklev

    Quite often people question me about the strange antagonism which is so prevalent and so evident toward the Gospel of the Kingdom and the National Message of the Scriptures.

    Such uncalled-for hostility on the part of many Christians has puzzled me for years, but I believe I can account for this strange and unreasonable antagonism.

    I am convinced that this hostility to the Gospel of the Kingdom is Satan inspired just as Satan prompted Peter to persuade the Christ to ignore that which was prophesied in the Old Scriptures concerning the Messiah. Peter was not aware of the fact that this hostility was Satan-inspired, but the Christ was and said, "Get thee behind me Satan."

    Why, would Satan inspire opposition and hostility toward the good news of the kingdom and why is Satan so determined to keep the identity of the kingdom of God hidden? For a numbet of very good reasons.

    First of all the great issue between the Christ on the one hand and Satan and the anti-Christ forces on the other has always been who shall possess the kingdom people and through them possess and rule the world.

    The teaching that the church constitutes the kingdom of God and as such it will leave this earth and that God will turn the whole world over to Satan for 3˝ years or 7 years is good news for Satan. For if be is given even 7 or 3˝ years to rule the world, he figures he has a good chance of extending his possession of the actual kingdom of God and rule the whole world for an indefinite period of time.

    Satan has comparatively little reason for inspiring hostility to the unscriptaral teaching that the church, the body of Christ, constitutes the whole of God's kingdom and especially so since this teaching turns the kingdom of God over to the Devil.

    Satan should be happy to have all born again believers leave this earth since in so doing they give him the kingdom of God.

    This unscriptural teaching that the church is the kingdom of God not only surrenders the actual and literal kingdom of God to Satan, it also cancels out the Lord's kingdom parables and the prophecies relative to the kingdom of God found in the Old Scriptures; so why should Satan devote time and effort to inspire opposition, fear and hate to such preaching and teaching?

    Satan also realizes as long as Christians devote their time and effort to fight and blame other groups, they will have little inclination to search the Scripture and conform themselves to the light and truth God has for our time and our nation.

    Satan undoubtedly is horrified by the teaching that shows from Bible prophecy and the Lord's kingdom parables that the United States is the great kingdom nation foretold in Scripture that God would bring into being in the last day.

    And the truth as set forth in the Scriptures that this Zion nation is to be cleansed and used of God to spread God's new order throughout the earth must give the Devil fits and make him rage in anger. Therefore, Satan concentrates on inspiring more hostility among Christians toward the gospel of the kingdom than any other Bible truth being taught today.

    We who emphasize the gospel of the kingdom and refuse to give the kingdom to Satan for even 3˝ years, also preach and teach all the great basic doctrines of the Christian faith, yet we are abused and falsely accused more by other born-again believers than other religious groups even those that deny all the basic Christian doctrines.

    We preach and teach the fall of man, the blood atonement, the virgin birth, the new birth, sanctification, healing and the literal return of the Christ. So why all this unreasonable and uncalled for antagonism and fear toward us on the part of other born-again believers?

    The answer seems quite apparent. The church age is closing; the kingdom age is moving in upon us. And like no other time in history, the real and basic issue and contest between the Christ and Satan is not merely a comparative few individuals who are willing to turn the kingdom over to Satan and leave the earth. The real and basic issue is the kingdom of God itself and the rulership of the entire earth.

    Furthermore, in order to accomplish his purpose of establishing his rule over the kingdom people who are and always have been the Isaac sons or Anglo-Saxons, Satan must do all in his power to keep the identity of the kingdom of God hidden especially to the kingdom people.

    Try to imagine the satisfaction and glee that Satan must feel when he hears Christian ministers teach and preach that the Jews, who hate Christ more than any other religious group, are God's kingdom people who are destined to rule the earth.

    What more could Satan and his cohorts of devils wish for than to have Christian ministers, ministers of the Christ, teach and insist that the Jews, whom Satan purposes to use to establish his anti-Christ rule, are God's chosen people and God's kingdom people decreed by God to rule the earth. This is deceiving the very elect.

    And these deceived elect are more tolerant and more friendly toward the synagogue of Satan than they are to us, their fellow-members of the body of Christ, who believe and proclaim all the basic doctrines of the Christian faith with special emphasis on the blood atonement and the deity of the Christ. Account for this! Explain this! It cannot be done apart from satanic influence.

    By putting over this satanic propaganda that the church is the kingdom of God and that the Jews are Israel, Satan hopes not only to take over the actual and literal kingdom of God; he also hopes to so discredit the Scriptures that the church people will lose all interest in searching the Scriptures for light and truth for our time and nation.

    Satan's program of deception, counterfeit and substitution was working out very well and Satan through his chosen, servant people must have been quite confident that it was just a matter of time and he would have complete control of the kingdom and establish his world rule; but something terrible happened.

    The Almighty did what He has done repeatedly in the past. He began to give light, truth and understanding to born-again believers concerning the kingdom of God and its identity and destiny.

    This light and truth from God's Holy Word, the only thing Satan fears, made Satan tremble and rage; for if this truth and light from God's Word became known among the kingdom people, Satan's plot and scheme would fail.

    Satan soon realized that the best and perhaps the only way he could hinder and counteract this timely truth and light from God's Word relative to God's kingdom would be to persuade carnal, ambitious and man-pleasing clergymen to circulate lies about those who preach God's Word concerning the kingdom of God and the national message of the Bible.

    One of the lies Satan put out through carnal and conceited clergymen was that we who teach the scriptural Israel message preach salvation by race rather than by grace. This is a big lie and if true, should cause every born-again believer to reject it.

    The fact is those who teach that the Christ-rejecting and Christ-hating Jews are God's special, chosen people do preach salvation by a Christless religion rather than by the grace of God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

    And we who preach and teach the redemption of Israel as set forth in both the Old and New Scriptures magnify the atoning blood of the Christ a thousand times more than those who falsely accuse us of ignoring and rejecting the blood of the Christ.

    Satan is aware of the tremendous power in the blood of the Christ and when men began teaching and preaching the Bible truth that the Christ died for the redemption of Israel, the kingdom people, he had visions of the kingdom people coming out from under his dominion and control.

    This was the last thing Satan wanted. If a few hundred thousand or even a few million would accept Christ personally then leave the kingdom of God and the rest of the earth to him, he could still accomplish his purpose; but if the kingdom people learned the truth that Christ died for the redemption of the kingdom as well as the church, the body of Christ, Satan could readily see he would lose everything.

    Therefore his opposition must be directed against the gospel of the kingdom and against the truth that the Anglo-Saxons are the Israel people of the Scripture, past, present and future. And perhaps nothing angers Satan any more than the Bible truth that God has already begun the restoration of the kingdom of Israel here in the great North American wilderness.

    Here the Anglo-Saxons or Isaac sons have been regathered representatively from the old world, and already the physical and material blessings that were prophesied to be in the restored kingdom nation are abundantly evident.

    As long as Christian people imagined that the kingdom of God was to come into manifestation first in little old Palestine among the Christ rejecting Jews, Satan knew he had nothing to fear.

    But if and when people had their understanding opened to see the meaning, significance and the fulfillment of prophecy in what God has brought about in this great North American wilderness and realize that this greatest nation of all times is Zion, the beginning of the restoration of the kingdom to Israel, then they would see that God was already well on the way in outmaneuvering Satan and actually bringing in the kingdom age as foretold by the Christ and the prophets.

    So Satan has a number of very good reasons for stirring up opposition to the Gospel of the Kingdom and the Bible truths relative to the identity and destiny of the Isaac sons, the Israel of God.

    From: Message of Old, Volume 5, Number 2.
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