• Love or Hate

    Love or Hate - White Racism: Where Does It Come From?
    by David C. Tate

    What is the actual driving force behind the "racist" White Christian Nationalist's fight for the preservation of the Aryan Race? The news media would scream an immense and piercing shriek of "HATE" if they could catch the slightest whisper of such a question corning from ruddy, Aryan lips. But those long-standing warriors in this Struggle know that the answer has a much greater depth and meaning than the anti-Christ jews, mongrel hordes and liberal White race-mixers could even begin to fathom ... that of LOVE.

    The depths of Love are rooted very deep in a real White Nationalist's soul and spirit. No form of "hate" could even begin to compare. At least not a hate motivated by ungrounded reasoning. It is not hate that makes the average White man look upon a mixed racial couple with a scowl on his face and loathing in his heart. It is not hate that makes the White housewife throw down the daily jewspaper in repulsion and anger after reading of yet another child molester or rapist sentenced by corrupt courts to a couple short years in prison or on parole. It is not hate that makes the White working man curse over his beer about the latest boatload of mud-creatures dumped upon our shores to be given job preference over the White citizens who built this land. It is not hate that brings rage into the heart of a White Christian farmer when he reads of billions loaned or given away as "aid" to foreigners when he can't get the smallest break from an unmerciful government to save his failing farm. No, it is not hate, IT'S LOVE.

    I suppose this may seem a strange concept, but hear me out. Ours is a Race of Light, and not of darkness. As a "racist," my driving force is not a death filled hate, but a living love. There is little doubt that the Aryan Race is the major contributor to what we refer to as "civilization" today. We are the most tolerant and compassionate people on this planet. But this has not always been to our own good, as laid out for you in the foregoing paragraph. Someone new to this struggle for the preservation of our Race might even believe that hate has driven him to take up the fight. But is this so? And will hate give him the motivation to continue in his efforts for the preservation of his kind? Let's consider what Nature teaches us.

    In Nature, we have numerous examples of the natural drive for self-preservation. For our example, consider the wolf and the coyote: they are both dogs and are able to crossbreed should they be forced to do so. Yet, without man's interference they would keep to their own, a Natural Law laid down in the first Book, first chapter, of Genesis in the Bible, "kind begets like kind." Nature follows Laws God incorporated into it, yet mankind was given a "free will," and not necessarily to our own good. In the wilds, the wolf would "keep to his own," he "loves," if you will, his own kind. Never would such an animal put another breed above his own. The wolf would create natural boundaries for its pack; we could call this its "territorial imperative." "Love" would abound among the pack. Yet, should another kind, the coyote, cross into the wolf's territory, an emotion akin to "hate" would be exhibited. This emotion is a natural reaction to any threat against what the wolf "Loves." This "Love created Hate" is not an unfounded hatred, but a natural stop-check placed in the instincts of this animal by God Almighty for good reason. Though a "higher specie," we can expect mankind to exhibit natural instincts as well. Is this wrong or unnatural?

    In this country, the White Race is still considered to be the so-called "majority." Yet, on a global scale, we are very much the minority, outnumbered on a scale of roughly 94 to 6. While other races are growing in fairly steady numbers, the White Race is receding, not reproducing enough offspring to sustain our present racial numbers. We are slowly dwindling, be it through aborticide, assimilation through race-mixing, or our compliance to methods of "population control" brought on by a so-called "population explosion" (an explosion not of our own numbers, but that of other races). And it is we, the White Race, who refuse to reproduce large families as did our racial ancestors. The White Race is dying. The majority of our Race has lost the mind-set, the "instinct," required to preserve our own. In our comfortable, modern setting, we have become selfish and lost the ability to care for our own. This loss of "love" has brought us to our present state and will be the end of "civilization" as we now know it. Whether our Race will survive the future is dependent upon how we act now.

    According to a Time Magazine article in the April 9, 1990 issue, by the year 2056 the White Race will have become a minority in this land. Others, having calculated statistics probably not used in this Time article, have concluded that Whites could well become a minority in America as early as the year 2020, just 20 years away. The death of a race ... death through race-mixing, abortion, assimilation and INDIFFERENCE.

    The word "genocide" is defined as "deliberate, systematic measures toward the extermination of a racial, political or cultural group." In today's modern society everything is geared toward the amalgamation of the races in America and around the globe. While others, such as the Japanese, jews or blacks, practice racial separation and preservation of their kind, it is considered an "evil" in White society to oppose the integration of races. Americans especially, have become obsessed with our participation in the "cultural experiment." An obsession that can only be termed GENOCIDAL (as opposed to the term "suicidal"). We are working toward our own destruction. Someone who is suicidal hates their very existence, our Race has become obsessed with self-hatred. Though we may not admit to this unnatural mental manifestation, it is apparent in every level of our society, from television and movies to radio, from kindergarten to college, religion, business, and "social life." While our forefathers would have taken the Bible command to "love thy neighbor as thyself" to mean putting their own kind first, today this term has become double-speak in that many would interpret it to mean "put the other kinds before your own." We've lost our minds.

    The White Race has become selfish, our love has lost sight beyond the personal level. The White man has lost the love for his own kind; he's become a self-hater; and he's genocidal. Can these statements be qualified? Have we really fallen so low? Just the terms by which we define our nation should be evidence enough. "Capitalist" for example. The very word exudes materialism, and materialism puts emphasis on SELF. If the wolf put itself before the pack, could the pack survive? An old saying once said, "God then country, home then self." This was the order in which our forefathers once thought. Their God and Nation came first, then their family and friends, and they put themselves last. In our materialistic society, we've lost the ideals of the past. Greed will be our demise as we are no longer willing to put our race, our nation, first. Everything for the fast buck and to hell with anyone else. No thought of our future generations, only the "here and now." White men and women, if your ancestors thought this way, you'd be a brown mongrel huddling in a grass hut with your starving brats right now. Think about it. We may well be a great technological civilization, but for how long? What of when we are no longer the majority in this once great America? Who will hold up this present level of civilization?

    Though capitalism is quickly dragging us down, communism is not the answer either, for it is simply the opposite side of the same coin. Neither one can offer a means for the preservation of our Race and Nation. Both forms of "government" only feed off of working class men and women like two evil vampires sucking the life blood out of those who are the true pillars of civilization. Both are governments by and for the few. The masses become the servants to those in control. Individual rights erode and the family unit is destroyed.

    Nationalism offers an answer to our dilemma. The word Nation is synonymous with Race; just as the wolf pack creates its territorial imperative, a race must have its nation. Without a pure racial body, the nation will decline. To support other races who do not hold the same cultural values and goals as our own drags us down and our end will be either: (a) pacifism, and assimilation into another brown, third-world mass on the planet, or (b) activism, and the regeneration of the higher culture and moral standards of our Christian ancestors. Thus, we are White Christian Nationalist, as our goal is a White Christian nation, where the family unit can prosper under the national unit, and a territorial imperative is guaranteed for our future generations.

    Some may think that things have gone too far to reverse our downhill slide, or that due to those who are in control of present world government we have no possible chance to regain a territorial imperative for the White Race. But to those who feel this way, I ask, "Isn't it worth the effort?" Whether for fear of losing one's job, or of public ridicule, or for whatever reason, there are those who are not willing to put forth the self-sacrifice to stand up and fight for the preservation of the White Race. However, there are those of us who are willing to express our views and work to promote change. If you agree with our cause, yet are not willing to join us actively and openly, then support us in this struggle for our common good. It is not too late in the game to regain a place for our Racial Nation, but just being "sympathetic" will not accomplish anything. We need supporters and activists. We need men and women who are willing to do and act upon their convictions, whether those convictions are openly voiced or quietly reserved. Do your part: a future of White children hangs in the balance!
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