• Government = Prison

    Government = Prison
    by David C. Tate P.O.W., Brüder Schweigen

    Many prisoners have observed that prison is a microcosm of "the system," or government, as a whole. Prison being the total imposition of someone else's rule over another's life, it is government in total. GOVERNMENT = PRISON.

    Self-Rule is the absence of government and the opposite of anarchy in a responsible, homogenous community. The presence of alien element or thought has created a presumed "need for government" to "control" the element in society which seems incapable of Self-Rule. Remove the alien element incapable of ruling over themselves, and there will be no need for government. Freedom is the absence of government bondage. SELF-RULE = FREEDOM.

    Free men and women capable of Self-Rule understand that crime creates victims; that if there is no victim there is no crime; and that to punish someone for a crime he has not committed is a crime against that innocent party. Free men and women remove alien element or thought from their society through the assertion of Self-Rule by the imposition of Restitution, Death or Exile against those incapable of Ruling over themselves. This instructs those capable of learning Self-Rule, or removes that element that is not. Self-Rule restricts Law to a minimum: No Victim, No Crime. FREEDOM = THE ABSENCE OF ALIEN ELEMENT AND THOUGHT.

    Government itself is alien to Freedom because it creates victims of the innocent by enforcing penalties upon society for the presumed "need to control," rather than remove alien element or thought. As a result, government victimizes society by enforcing a tyranny—prison—upon the innocent by manufacturing taxes, penalties, laws and restrictions. In short, government manufactures "crimes" where there are no victims, establishing victimless crimes and unjust "laws" to be enforced upon the innocent. All meant to control the alien element or thought in society, but in reality controlling everyone and victimizing everyone by converting free men and women into wage-slaves. GOVERNMENT = CRIME.

    "Conservatism" was meant to check the spread of encroaching government upon Self-Rule. Conservatism has failed. "Government reform" is meant to reform government by changing its structure, supposedly to check the tide of crime and other lofty visions. But, government is self-serving, and government "reform" only creates new victimless crimes to be enforced against the innocent, which creates more victims. GOVERNMENT ENFORCEMGNT = CRIME ENFORCEMENT.

    America was originally founded upon the principles of Self-Rule and Freedom. Unfortunately, certain alien elements and thinking were not removed from the beginning. As a result, a "revolution" took place which over time replaced Self-Rule with government, much like a malignant growth or cancer. GOVERNMENT = ALIEN ELEMENT AND THOUGHT.

    America is touted as the great "democratic" society. Government in America is far from democratic. There is not a democracy in America as the American people are never allowed to vote on any major issues. Only on the local level can it be said that Americans "elect" their officials. In areas such as the presidency or senate, small, well screened officials are chosen for Americans to elect. Is this "legal?" Why, of course! Anything government does is "legal." The government is "legal." But, what is "legal" is not necessarily "Lawful." Nature's God has dictated what is Lawful in Nature. In the wilds we can see Natural Law in action. In the Sciences of chemistry, mathematics, even Life in general, we can see the perfectly systematic Laws of Nature in action. Society is also subject to Natural Law. For a homogeneous society to be Free, it must recognize the Laws of Self-Rule and remove all alien elements and thinking from its boundaries. GOVERNMENT IS LEGAL, but, SELF-RULE IS LAWFUL.

    Since government equals crime and prison, and methods of compromise such as conservatism and reform do not work, there is only one Lawful alternative left to try that is historically proven to work: the assertion of Self-Rule by the imposition of Restitution, Death or Exile for those alien elements in our society. This is known as Revolution, and is the only way to return to Self-Rule from the prison of government. FREEDOM = REVOLUTION.

    The Laws of Self-Rule are written on a White Man's heart. We each know right from wrong, and this knowledge can be considered our "Perfect Law of Liberty." The basis of this Law is the recognition of our place in Nature, and our connection to it, and that the only people we can truly find compatible and relate to are those of our own kind. Only they have our "Racial Mind" and can be considered our Neighbors, Brothers and Sisters. The alien element—strangers—cannot be allowed to live in our land nor be allowed to intermarry with our Sons and Daughters. They are incompatible, and the very proof of this is seen in what has happened to our society in the past few generations. It is genocide against our kind. Those who abuse or victimize their Neighbor, that is to say our Race, have practiced alien thought and have broken our Perfect Law of Liberty. When someone creates a victim, they have committed a crime; where there is no victim, there is no crime. A "victim" can be made out of an individual, or out of our Nation which is our Race. TO HAVE SELF-RULE YOU MUST LOVE YOUR RACE.

    My question now is, are you a Free Man, a wage-slave, or an alien element? Free Men and Women defend their Freedom, they assert Self-Rule.
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