• Who's Who and Who's Jew?

    Who's Who and Who's Jew?
    By Mark Thomas

    I recently received a letter from a subscriber who asked me how he could tell a jew from another person. I presume that he meant by features such as the shape of their nose, forehead, and so on. It is a question that I often hear asked in the Identity Movement and one that I feel led to answer in a somewhat different way than most. My personal experience with jews in my forty-five year pilgrimage to this world has not been entirely unpleasant. As a boy I worked in a hardware store for one who was always fair and very pleasant to be with, in fact he treated me more decently than he did a jewish boy who also worked for him. In my adolescent years I worked as a caddie at a jewish golf course and was exposed to many different jews. Some were very nice and some were unbearable, but such is ones experience with all mankind. Many of the jewish women were known to approach the young men for sexual favors and it was not uncommon for my jewish doctor, dentist or lawyer golfer to complain to me about his "spoiled jewish princess of a wife."

    In my later years, I found that the prejudices about jew-businessmen were for the most part untrue. When I was an independant trucker I regret to say that I found most of them to be more honest than my White brothers and as a whole I believe they strive to do good to all men as an article of their faith.

    They are an elitist people, that is to say they believe themselves to be superior to others, and the more sincere of them regard this condition as a responsibility to benevolently rule over us who they regard as barbarians. They call us cattle in their talmud and most of our race are content to dwell in their warm barns and peacefully chew their cuds. Where do these mysterious people come from, why do they look so different, and why do they often hate one another as much as any White has ever hated them?

    Arthur Koestler, a noted jewish historian and scholar, disliked the elitism of his brothers so much that he wrote a book to discredit the myth of the so called "chosen people". In The Thirteenth Tribe Koestler proves beyond any doubt that few if any jews are the descendants of Jacob-Israel. Based on his work, as well as jews I have spoken with in my research who dispute Koestler, I conclude that of the roughly twenty-five million people who are today called jews, about eighty-five percent are Ashkenazis. They are the descendants of a turko-mongolian tribe who converted to judaism six hundren years after Christ. As such they have little if any Semitic blood. They are primarily Asiatics which is why they are carry the Tay-Sachs blood disease, although inter-breeding has produced features and complexions of every imaginable variation. The other fifteen percent are made up of "Falashas" that is to say negros and Chinese who have recently converted to the faith of judaism, and lastly the Sephardics. It is there that we pick up the trail of the people who Christ condemned.

    About five years ago I had the occasion to take someone to a doctor who was a Sephardic jew. He was unaware of who I was as I spoke with him and as the conversation progressed he came to regard me as a scholar. On his wall was a piece of fine linen on which was embroidered his entire name. I will attempt to duplicate it here:
    I asked him about this display and he asked me to interpret it as well as I could. I said to him, first of all, the name Julian, is a European first name which indicates Roman origin. Secondly the word Jehuda means simply "The wandering jew." Unger is a Christian last name which your ancestors probably took about the time of the Spanish Inquisition (1500) to escape execution. He smiled in agreement and asked me to continue. "Ben" of course means the "Son of" and Sargon is an ancient Hebrew-Chaldee name. He was delighted to find that I cared so much for his ancestry until I asked him why he chose to call himself the son of Sargon. He stated that Sargon was the father of all true jews (meaning Sephardic). They are today also known as Spanish jews and it was their ancestors who financed the voyages of Colombus, and subsequent ones to the New World. They later founded the East India Tea Co. which began the American slave trade and the Jamaica liquor business. Alexander Hamilton's mother was a jewess from Jamaica which explains his support for a central Bank.

    I asked him if he knew the meaning of the name Sargon, and he became impatient asking me what I thought the meaning was. I stated that according to my understanding, it can only be translated as "King-Cain." He frowned, saying "That's one way of translating it" and I replied "Do you know of another." The conversation and visit came to an abrupt end. The good doctor was short, dark-skinned and sported a small hooked nose. His eyes were dark and intense and he watched me like a reptile does a bird or as I would rather believe, a mongoose. I was aware of a profound yet alien intelligence and I felt a primordial antagonism between us.

    It was exactly the opposite of my experiences with one Irv Homer, a plump and jolly Ashkenazi jew who runs a talk-radio show in Philadelphia. Listening to his broadcasts got me into the anti-tax movement and later helped me find Identity preachers. He is involved in The Sunshine Foundation, an organization dedicated to funding last request trips for terminally ill children to Disney World. He devotes his life to helping his fellow man and he is not patronizing! It was he who led the crusade to help John Mahalchik who I have mentioned earlier. He has had me on his talk show many times for which he has been threatened and shunned by his fellow jews. He is one of the last of a dying breed, that is the honest liberal. Every time I speak against the jew ad-hoc, it troubles me to think that I might cause him pain although I know that his decency and intellect preclude that.

    The only persons that can possibly be the ancestors of Christ's tormentors (who he commanded us to annihilate) would be the Sephardics. If you have access to a library, read The Book of Abraham. In it a sephardic jew fictionally, (but historically accurately) traces his ancestry back to the time of Jesus. In Seventy A.D. the jews were scattered when the temple was destroyed by Rome. Some went back to Babylon and others went to Greece, and then on to Spain.

    These are the ancestors of the doctor, but as Koestler proved, they are a small percentage of world jewery, and they are richly hated by the Ashkenazis in Jerusalem today. They are the jews who hate and cheat the blacks in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn New York. It is these people who Minister Farrakhan rightly condemns as devils. All of this is historically well documented, but what of their ancestry before the time of Christ? The last Book of the Old Testament is called Malachi. The name means simply "God's Messenger." It was written before the coming of the Christ and its initial purpose is plainly the identification of who racial Israel is. Verse One says that God is burdened with the need to tell Israel who she is and how much He loved her. He says that Israel is blind to His love and goes on to explain that while He loved her dearly, He hated Esau and his race so much that He destroyed their land and children. God goes on to say that Edom-Esau would complain that although they were poor, they would return and rebuild the "desolate places". It is presumed that this means Jerusalem which had been destroyed repeatedly at the command of God. God went on to say that while they would indeed rebuild these places, but He would throw them down and that it and they would be called "The border of wickedness and the people against whom God has indignation forever."

    Between the time of Malachi and Christ, an Israelitish king, John Hyrcanus ruled over Judea. Many of the children of Israel who had not yet gone on to Europe lived in Judea. In fulfilment of Malachi's prophesy the edomites poured into the land. Instead of slaughtering them as the Law commanded, (see Deuteronomy 7:3-10) Hyrcanus forced them to convert to the Israelite Faith. They pretended to do so, and in a short time they took over much of the government.

    The governing body of Israel, the Sanhedren was divided into two factions, the Pharisees and the Saducees. Almost all of the true Pharisees were true Israelites and the Saducees were edomites. By the time Christ came the king himself was an edomite. His name was Herod and it was he who beheaded John the Baptist. These pretenders rebuilt the temple and Christ promised it would be utterly destroyed in Matthew 24:2. This happened in Seventy A.D. We read in the opening verse of James that the twelve tribes of Israel were "scattered abroad". The time of this Book is between 42 and 46 A.D. Notice that the Israelites were already gone on to become the great nations of Europe. At least twenty-five years later the jews were burned and driven out, as I said before, to Spain and Babylon.

    We see from this that the only connection that the any of the jews have to Jerusalem is through the accursed edomites. Indeed the 1928 jewish Encyclopedia says that "Edom-Esau is found in modern jewery." Returning to the Scriptures and a debate between Christ and these people in John 8:33 we hear them say to Christ "We be Abraham's seed and were never in bondage to any man." This very statement disqualifys them as Israelites because true Israel had never not been in bondage (slavery) as God's punishment for her sins against His Law. In so saying, they forever identify themselves as edomites and the prophesies concerning them are chilling. Isaiah 34:5: "For my sword shall be bathed in heaven: behold it shall come down upon Idumea, and upon the people of my curse, to judgement."

    Jeremiah 51:20 identifies racial Israel as God's "Battle-Axe and weapons of war". This is the sword. The Hebrew word for heaven used here simply means the sky. This is the "catching up" that most born-againers mistakenly call the rapture. The true message is different than their yellow escapism. We will be caught up in the sky when our physical bodies are transformed by God to their former glory, and we will immediately descend upon the Idumeans (Edomites) to execute God's wrath upon them.

    Ezekiel Chapter 35 is even more revealing. The prophet is directed to prophesy against "Mt. Seir". This is the homeland of Esau who is Edom (Genesis 36:8). In verse five God says that because they had a perpetual hatred and shed the blood of Israel by the force of the sword, in the time that their iniquity had an end, He would utterly destroy them. It is very important to understand what He is saying. The "sword" always means "war" in prophesy. Ask yourselves who has always instigated and financed wars for the purpose of getting us to kill one another. Many so-called scholars will shake their silly heads at this article saying that these prophesies were fulfilled twenty-five years ago. They would do well to re-examine verse five because it clearly states that this would occur because Edom had done this "in the time that our iniquity had an end."

    Our iniquity was taken away by the crucifixion of Jesus Christ so the verse must refer to the period historically know as A.D. Such a prophesy is called "Eschatological". In verse ten God says that Edom would admit that Jesus was indeed God and use that fact to claim the ancient land. In verse 12 God calls their claim "blasphemous" even as He does in Revelations 2:9 and 3:9. He ends by saying that the whole world will rejoice when they are wiped out. Who are the one people that all the rest of the world hates?

    The modern day witch-doctors who daily suck the blood of our race for money also like to refer to the old city of Jerusalem as "the holy land." In so doing they identify the god they serve. Revelations Chapter Eleven refers to the two witnesses who do God's work and who are martyred by His enemies. Read Verse 8 carefully. They are slain and allowed to lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified. Every Sunday school child knows that Christ was crucified at Jerusalem, but how many people know that God calls it a filthy place. Sodom means vile and immoral and Egypt implies a place where Israel had once been but was no more. The very fact that these people so desire to possess Jerusalem identifies them as the edomites of old.

    All of this is well and good to know but must now ask ourselves where the edomites came from. Genesis Chapters 10 and 11 give the geneology from Adam to Abraham who is also called Abram and the Patriarch. He is the man who bore the ancestors of our race. In Chapter 16 we read that he fathered a child by Hagar named "Ishmael" meaning "God will hear". The Arabs are descended from Ishmael and God does indeed hear their prayers and love them. After the death of his wife Sarah, Abraham had children by a woman called Keturah (Genesis 25:1). She bore children who became the progenitors of the Indo-Aryan race that built the civilization which used to rule India before they polluted their race. The term "Brahmin" means "from Abraham".

    These people played an important part of world history but the most important child of Abraham was named Isaac. He and his wife had twin boys, Jacob and Esau. Jacob took four wives and by them had twelve sons and one daughter. The twelve sons became the fathers of the twelve tribes of Israel. His four wives were racially pure as revealed in Genesis 28:1. The three wives taken by Esau however were not so. In Chapter 36 we read of their corrupt ancestry. After Israel came out of the Egyptian captivity the edomites had become seven basic nations which are enumerated in Deuteronomy 7:3-10. We are forbidden to have any dealings with these people other than to destroy them when so directed by God. The names of their tribes such as Hittites and Canaanites are the root of the racial slur "kike" which Ashkenazi jews originally (and correctly) used to curse the Sephards.

    There are many Identity pastors who have endeavored to find verses to tie Esau's wives to Cain. Of these I believe James Wickstrom's efforts to be the most responsible and scholasticly correct and for his determination to "identify the enemy" he has been attacked and slandered by the non-seedliners. I will not attempt to improve on his work but rather expand upon its objective from a different approach. The words of Christ clearly condemn the edomites as the "children of the devil" (John 8:44) and it is revealing that the jews and their worshipers, the funny-mental preachers are working to have this verse removed from the Bible. Matthew 7:18-20 says that we are to identify the tree by its fruit and Matthew 13:24-42 the parable clearly teaches that Satan had children in the earth. Christ never missed a chance to call the edomites those people. Matthew 23:29-36 tie them to Satan through his evil son Cain. In the parable of the wheat and the tares of Matthew Chapter 13 it is plainly revealed that God has children in the earth as does Satan. Equally plain however is Gods warning in verse 29 not to "pull up the tares" (weeds) because it would not be possible to identify every one correctly.

    I have always interpreted this passage when taken in conjunction with the historical research of qualified scholars such as Koestler to mean the following. If you encounter someone who believes themself to be jewish but is unaware of their lineage, odds are they are no different than any other turko-mongolian other than having had their nature poisoned by judaism. Even if you knew that they were a sephardic jew, it would be impossible to trace them to satan. There are those who would cite the example of Dr. Ben-Sargon, but all his work really proves is that he identifies with Cain.

    There is one other method found in the Scriptures however although it is more suited to identifying the entire jewish race. In Genesis 4:11-12 we read that Cain was deprived of his ability to farm and was destined to wander the earth eternally. It is a fact that in 1948 when the jews returned to jerusalem to again "build the desolate places" their chief rabbi made the following statement in his prayer. "After 5,000 years of wandering, this curse has been lifted from our people." It is more than evident that although the race of Satan is found among the jews, not every one calling themselves one is a literal devil. Equally we find many monsters like Jeffrey Dahmer among the White race. Matthew 12:35 says it as well as it can be; "A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things." In conclusion I would like to remind the reader of the real problem with this world. In Matthew 23:15 Jesus accuses the jews of their greatest sin. "Woe unto you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold the child of hell than yourselves." In plain language Christ is accusing the jews of attempting to convert other people to their beliefs and traditions. He goes on to say that should they do so, the unfortunate object of their efforts becomes twice as evil as a born jew. This is why I have been so determined to expose judaeo-Christianity for the satanic counterfeit that it is, through this false religion, we have become more evil than the jews. I explained this in detail in my October 1993 issue.

    It will undoubtedly anger some to hear me say that we see this in our day to day lives. We read of blacks killing and raping routinely, but when a truly sick and degenerate crime is committed involving sexual perversion, torture or mutilation, the perpetrator is usually a jew or a white man. Serial killers and sexual perverts are usually white men. This is because we have been in bondage to a corrupt religion for seventeen centuries until it has changed our entire culture. More about this in an upcoming article, "The wounding of Eros". Until that great day when the last congressman is strangled with the guts of the last preacher, I remain yours in the struggle for the Kingdom of the True God Whose Name is YHVH ! Hail His Victory!

    The Watchman is published as funds permit by the Pennsylvania Christian Posse Comitatus and the Church of Jesus Christ Christian, Aryan Nations. The opinions expressed herein are those of the editor, Mark Thomas unless otherwise noted. The purpose of this publication is to provoke its readers to re-examine beliefs that may be detrimental to themselves, their race, and ultimately all mankind. I welcome your comments and criticisms.

    Except for prisoners and other approved hardship cases I must ask that the subscriber pay. We are under tremendous legal and financial attack at this time and will be unable to continue to publish without your support. A year's subscription is available for a suggested donation of $25 dollars or more. Mail to (cash only, please):

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