• Cultural Reconstruction

    Cultural Reconstruction
    by Allen F. Truitt, CJCC-AN, Texas

    The Law
    "The Court must be living in another world. Day by day, case by case, it is busy designing a Constitution for a country I do not recognize."—Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, dissenting in Board of County Commissioners, Wabaunsee County, Kansas v. Umbehr, 1996.
    Some years ago I read an interesting article on Racial Abnegation Dementia, or "RAD," a term that was the sole invention of the author but no less real, in an issue of The Way newsletter, a publication of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian-Aryan Nations. The author, who I can no longer name, coined the phrase "RAD" tongue in cheek, and while I recognized that, he also quite precisely defined a very real problem among our Folk. Racial Abnegation Dementia is real.

    "Abnegation" is defined by Random House Webster's Dictionary as: "denying oneself rights or comforts; to renounce."

    "Dementia" is defined from the same sources as: "severely impaired memory or reasoning ability; crazy, insane ...."

    As the author of RAD pointed out, Racial Abnegation Dementia is the renunciation of one's own race through an impaired or damaged reasoning ability. RAD infects individuals. Such individuals typically choose to grant favor to those of another race while denying those same favors, or comforts, as their own. A White RAD patient, for example, may hire other races while denying jobs to his own racial kinsmen. He may choose to give to a charity of African children while children of his own race starve in America or South Africa. He might give credit to the negro on test scores while simultaneously demanding an ever-higher standard from fellow Whites. An individual with a terminal case of RAD would marry outside his or her own race, or go half way around the world to adopt a child of another race. For cases such as this, there is only one solution.

    Cultural Abnegators

    The 20th Century was the century that brought us what I have taken the liberty of calling Cultural Abnegation Dementia, or CAD. Whereas RAD infected individuals—and RAD is no doubt the predecessor of CAD—we found CAD infecting groups of people, such as congregations, organizations, political groups, even the racial nation as a whole. Such groups should be called "CADs," though, if you prefer to pronounce it, you can call them Demented Cultural Abnegators. It has a certain effect, doesn't it?

    CADs have materialized all across our land, inexplicably declaring war on their own Culture and way of life. Organizations bearing all manner of acronyms have sprung up, whose sole purpose is to, quite literally, demonize and erase the cultural memory and pride of the very people who made this a great nation. Their dementia is so great that, in doing so, they are bringing about their own demise and that of future generations of beautiful White children. What's more, if you were to tell them that, they would without the lease crease of anxiety declare, "It's about time!"

    Who knows what causes a race of people to give up on itself to such an extent that such groups are created and, for that matter, allowed? It is unnatural. Let's take a look at how our society is influenced by CADs and explore along the way some definitions associated with this phenomenon.

    What is Culture?

    Culture is a set of values, beliefs, rules and institutions held by a race of people. A "National Culture" is displayed in monuments or even museums which are built to celebrate important events in the national history, or to celebrate heroes. Within a national culture is also found "Aesthetics" which includes art, music, painting, dance, drama, and architecture. This, by extension, includes colors, symbolism and even expressions.

    Additionally, culture includes "Values," which are ideas, beliefs and customs to which a people are accustomed and emotionally attached. An example of a cultural value would be the religious belief of a people.

    There are two other examples of culture which should not be overlooked: "Manners" and "Folk Customs." Manners are appropriate behavior, speaking, or dressing. Folk Customs are behavior which may date back several generations and can be an indicator of how a race of people will behave in specific circumstances.

    Now, having a very basic understanding of what culture is, let us focus on some of the ways that our culture is under attack and what mechanisms are being used.


    Demented cultural abnegators have infiltrated and utilized every aspect of law to attack White culture (and in all fairness, I should state that this is by no means a strictly American phenomenon) from the Supreme Court to legislative bodies of government. Also in on the act are circuit courts, criminal courts, family courts and even city councils with their petty tyrants. Recently, even lesser councils and corporate policy-setting bodies have contributed.

    Our two newest Supreme Court justices, who were appointed by our RADical president were crystal clear about what they stood for, especially the "Unitary Executive" (an Orwellian term if ever there was one), yet, our CAD-infested Congress seemed to be lethargic as they acquiesced and gave their collective nod of approval. The same can be said of the recent confirmation hearing of Michael Muckasey, as the Attorney General. When the issue of torture came up, the congressional CADs were almost apologetic in their questioning of Muckasey. The fact is torture is a crime and not a part of our culture. That didn't make one whit of difference to those CADs. What's a little torture to them?

    Supreme Court decisions are crucial to maintaining the cultural values of the people of this nation. To do this job, Justices are given an instruction manual called the Constitution. Equally, Congress has a responsibility to keep the Supreme Court on the right path. One means of doing that is in the confirmation of judges to the court. Anyone who witnessed the confirmation hearings of Justices Roberts or Alito will know that Congress cannot be counted on to act as check and balance. The same can be said of the Supreme Court in its capacity as check and balance to Congress, as we shall see.

    The debased courts in this country have used cash rewards to entice people to sue. Those who succeed rarely consider that suing, especially when unnecessary, contributes to the incremental erosion of freedom and the document and body of law which guarantees it. This is achieved as a CAD-infested court renders a decision which sets some precedent. Precedent is a new court decision made by a judge which, in some way, alters the way the court has traditionally viewed some aspect of the law, and which will, in turn, be used by future judges to set other precedents. Each time a precedent is set, the courts drift further and further away from the constitutional intent. In the end, anyone who has done minimal legal research knows the founding document—the embodiment of our culture—is no longer really considered in letter, but rather in spirit. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are no longer viewed with the original intent or understanding. CADs have changed the very meaning of it. It has become the "living document" that the enemies of our Republic dream about. To our CADs in the legal profession, the Constitution is an anachronism and has no place in our modern age.

    Article V

    Is this legal? Not according to Article V of the United States Constitution. Article V protects the Constitution from "amendments" which are added without the approval of at least 2/3 of the states. There is supporting case law as well:
    "The only power to amend the Constitution is contained in Article V, and is a delegated power."—Hawke vs. Smith, 253 U.S. 221, 227; Dodge vs. Woolsey, 18 How. 348.
    So the question would be, is precedent a legitimate function of the court? Or a tool being used by others to destroy our Constitution?
    "After many years of public service at the national capitol, and after somewhat close observation of the conduct of public affairs, I am impelled to say that there is abroad in our land a most harmful tendency to bring about the amending of the Constitutions and legislative enactments by means alone of judicial construction."—Standard Oil Co. vs. US., 31 S.Ct. 502.
    Amending the Constitution by means of "judicial construction," called legislating from the bench, is a trend most harmful and detrimental to our society and culture. Judicial construction and legislating from the bench are synonymous terms which can be defined as precedent.

    We don't think of our Constitution as a cultural document, but that's what it is. If a successful war on the culture of a race is to be waged, the race's laws must be a front in that war.

    Long ago it was discovered that 2/3 of the states were not really necessary to amend the Constitution. The process legislating from the bench would do just fine. It's a little slower. One might even call it a "sedate settled design" in the war on culture, but precedent is no less effective, and it's an undeniable fact that it has been largely effective. Precedent is an incremental erosion of culture. Precedent is responsible for the metamorphosis that is exhibited by the loss of so many of our precious freedoms.

    Dred Scott vs. Sandford

    Believe it or not, we once had a sane Court. It did its job, which was (and still is) to protect the integrity of, and to preserve the cultural heritage of Anglo-Saxon law. The Supreme Court is a safeguard against the Constitutional encroachment of the government into the lives of its citizens, who are the beneficiaries of its protections. The Supreme Court once performed its duty. Look to the Dred Scott case for an example of this. In this historic case dealing with the issue of negro citizenship, the court made it clear that,
    "The change in public opinion and feelings in relation to the African race, which has taken place since the adoption of the Constitution cannot change its construction and meaning ... the words 'people of the United States' and 'Citizens' are synonymous terms. The issue of ... whether ... [negroes] compose a portion of this people and are constitute members ... we think they are NOT intended to be included and can therefore claim none of the rights and privileges that the document provides."—Dred Scott vs. Sandford, 19 Howard 60 U.S. 393.
    In 1856, Chief Justice Taney and his Court had a clear understanding of their job. It was not to pander to public feeling or sentiment. It was to interpret and protect the Constitution against the same. The judges on the Taney Court also understood the phrase "all men are created equal" in the Declaration of Independence and knew it was not intended to be applied to those who were not of the founding race, for as they penned those words, they were slave holders and slavery was an accepted practice. The Court, therefore, interpreted the Constitution as it was intended to be interpreted. We should note, however, that the Court made note that "public opinion" and "feelings" should not be considered in deciding issues before the court (as is so often the case with Congress), knowing that consideration of such factors would lead to the slippery slope of skewed interpretation, i.e., precedent.

    Considering that the Marxist Cultural Revolution was sweeping the globe at this time, the court's mention of "opinion and feelings" can be construed as an acknowledgment that not only were they aware that Congress would soon be faced with such pressures, but also that Marxism was the source of it.

    14th Amendment

    Ultimately, this was the impetus that caused the events which led up to the fraudulent passing of the 14th Amendment. The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution—which was passed by the U.S. Congress in the absence of the southern states (meaning that the requirement of 2/3 of the states was NOT met)—did what the still sane Supreme Court would not: it made negroes and anyone else who was born on this soil an automatic citizen. Congress caved under that "public opinion and feeling" that was no doubt generated by the Marxist Press. No matter how absurd it seemed, and no matter how illogical, there were now new citizens of this country—ones who were recent slaves—and this country reaped the fruits of this "amendment," particularly in the South, as we do to this day.

    The Supreme Court, who had the power and the authority—indeed, had the duty according to Article V—to declare the 14th Amendment unconstitutional, did not do so. From that day forward, our courts have set precedent after precedent, never looking to the Constitution (as it was originally intended to be read) on the issue of race the same. As a result, our country and culture have been in steady decline.

    The Constitution now means something other than was intended. It has been perverted. We can thank our CADs for the 14th Amendment, which gave us an alien citizenry and is the grandfather of "anchor babies."

    Virtually no Constitutional "guarantee" has survived precedent. Look, for example, to the prohibition against warrantless search and seizure. There are several "exceptions" to the warrant requirement that are the result of precedent. Precedent is also responsible for the so-called "separation of church and state" doctrine, which so many believe to be in the Constitution. It is not in the Constitution, and it is not in the "intent" of the Constitution. The founders intended this to be a Christian country with God (Yahweh) as the source of its laws. Read the Declaration of Independence and other documents of our founders and you will find that separation of church and state is an alien concept which could not be rightly attributed to them or any Anglo-Saxon.

    In any case, it can be easily seen that every legitimate amendment to the Constitution, as well as its guarantees, have been eroded beyond recognition. This is so because of CADs in our courts and CADs in Congress.

    Courts and quasi-legal bodies have gifted us with integration, abortion, and broken families, as well as miscegenation and Affirmative Action. All of which are, at least in terms of Biblical theology, curses and declarations of war on White culture. Egalitarian courts grant favor to homosexuals, all the while openly discriminating on the wholesome family. Family courts literally tear families apart and destroy lives.

    Recently, I read a case where a lesbian grandmother complained because the mother of her grandchildren did not want to give her visitation. This is considered "hate" in our disgusting CAD-run courts because homosexuals are a protected class. The children in that case were given into the custody of the perverted grandmother. How's that for war on culture?

    City councils and other seemingly insignificant groups of CADs bring us all manner of restrictions and policies which, though they should be innocuous, lead to lawsuits which will ultimately result in more precedent. Each time even the most remote citizen decides he will himself set policy for the country, he simply files suit—which feeds the bestial court system—and ends up with more precedent. You can think of several cases yourself now: Roe vs. Wade, Brown vs. Board of Education, Loving vs. Virginia, etc. There is, at this time, a man taking a case before the Supreme Court to try to remove "In God We Trust" from American currency. This is not what the courts are for!

    Our courts and law have become wholly corrupt and a tool for CADs who use them to achieve the goals of Cultural Marxism. Consider this: for a court to allow public feelings or opinion to influences its decisions is democracy in action. Our courts are NOT democratic, but an arm of the Republic. America is a republic, not a culturally destructive democracy. Our laws, which are an expression of our culture, are embodied in our Constitution. Therefore, when our Constitution comes under attack—through public opinion or case precedent—our culture is under attack!

    As the demographics of our once-great country change and the CADS open wide their loving arms to the third-world hordes, our nation hangs precariously on the brink of extinction. One day, like Rome and Greece, we will wake to find that our civilization and culture have been supplanted and become wholly ignoble.


    Our nation's schools and learning institutions are, in fact, cultural institutions. That is, they teach successive generations of our race elements of culture, history, values, etc. When such institutions are overrun by individuals not of our culture, they become alien institutions teaching alien agenda. That's the way it has become with our nation's educational system, particularly our universities.

    When the radical Marxist revolutionary movements in Russia and Europe failed, those revolutionaries, with the help of their brethren, came running to the United States where they quickly became entrenched in our cultural institutions which, in turn, enabled them to target the fertile minds of our youth—the citizens of tomorrow. An understanding of such people and their tactics easily explains why it is that the social revolutions of the '60s—indeed, every ideological revolution—started with the students.

    John W. Altman, in his article "The Problem with Higher Education" (Nationalist Times, Nov.-Dec. 2007) posed the question in regard to subversives within our educational institutions: "If these purposes [of education] were subverted and their education destroyed by those pushing an alien and treasonous agenda, could our nation have any greater enemies?" This is an excellent question. What could be more detrimental to our culture and nation than the theft of our culture and, as must be the end result, its replacement with another? What could be more sinister than the indoctrination of a generation of our youth?

    Let us, for a moment, define two aspects of culture which I did not discuss before. One is called "Cultural Diffusion." Cultural diffusion is the process whereby cultural traits spread from one culture to another. This diffusion causes changes to a culture as new traits, alien traits, are accepted and absorbed.

    The second aspect is called "Cultural Imperialism." Cultural imperialism is the replacement of one culture (traditions, Folk heroes, expressions, morals, etc.) with substitutes from another.

    Recognizing these two phenomenons in culture are germane to our discussion and will take on a clearer meaning as we progress.


    Von Clausewitz gave us the axiom that "war is the continuation of politics by other means," and I think we can safely say that politics are the continuation of war by other means as well. There is a political/culture war taking place before our very eyes, and it doesn't involve bullets. It involves ideas.

    Roger Pearson stated concisely that when politics invade the halls of academia facts and logic become inconsequential. The halls of American academia have taken up the cause of an alien mindset whose ultimate goal is the replacement of White culture with another. Not simply to replace it, but to demonize it and make sure that it never finds the opportunity to rise again. How does this happen? Let us, for a moment, discuss some of the teachings that enable this cultural exchange to take place in our schools. It will help to know what is being taught.

    Franz Boas, a German Jew, wrote The Mind of Primitive Man (in 1911), and from it was derived what has come to be known as the "Boas School of Social Anthropology," which is egalitarianism (the foundation for the belief in racial equality). This kind of teaching was particularly effective in the '30s where Hitler's National Socialist ideology offered the perfect opportunity to label anyone who opposed it a "Nazi" or "Racist."

    John R. Baker in Race said, "From the beginning of the '30s onward, scarcely anyone outside Germany and its allies dared to suggest that any race might be in any respect ... superior to any other, lest it should appear that the author was supporting or excusing the Nazi cause. Those who believed in equality of all races were free to write what they liked, without fear of contradiction."

    This type of intimidation tactic is still used today as people are labeled "racists" or "anti-semitic" for challenging blatant and obvious misinformation. Recently, Doctor James Watson, Nobel Prize winner (for his work in DNA), who has a long list of qualifications in the realm of science, commented that negroes, in spite of all of our social policies, have still failed to show results that prove them as the equals of their White, fellow citizens. Of course, after such a comment—which we all know to be the truth—Doctor Watson is declared to be a racist. In spite of the fact that he is brilliant, and that he has a life-long resume in the realm of science and is, therefore, abundantly qualified to make such a statement, he is now a brilliant racist, and, therefore, a pariah and a lesson to all those who may decide in the future to give truth its day in the sun.

    Author Charles Wiesman points out in his book Origin of Race and Civilization that Social Anthropology, or more accurately "Soviet" Anthropology, is now taught in both Soviet and American schools. The correct definition of soviet anthropology is summed up thusly:
    "Soviet Anthropology develops the one correct concept that all races of mankind are biologically equal."—Mikhial Nesturkh, The Origin of Man.
    The Communist State was built on such science, no matter that it is obviously false, but once individuals become emotionally involved with an idea, or a political ideology, facts and logic become irrelevant!

    No sane person, even a child of grade school level, could say that all races are equal. No White child could, for example, look at a negro or a mongoloid and state with honesty that there is no biological difference between the two. Deep inside they know otherwise. Nature dictates instinct! Even so, after years of indoctrination in our sold-out cultural institutions, with their cultural Marxist indoctrinators and racial abnegators in control, we have defied nature, and we witness our own beloved children applauding the death of their own race and culture. Nay, even helping it along.

    Those who do not—those who struggle with the hypocrisy of it all and offer ideological and intellectual dissent—are quickly labeled and demonized as evil. That is also a soviet and un-American characteristic, which has become the norm in our once-free society and our once-White universities that were lauded as the "marketplace for ideas." Sounds good, but try to put it into practice and you'll soon find out that Marxism is as intolerant of ideas as water is of oil. They simply don't mix.


    No political ideology is complete without its accompanied curriculum. Hitler understood that schools were extremely important cultural institutions. That's why youth were taught the truth about race and the fundamentals of national Socialism from an early age. Saddam Hussein, of Iraq, understood the same. He had his personal photo in each and every textbook in his nation's schools, and such textbooks had to be approved by his régime. Department of Education anyone? The occupying United States also understood that in order to conquer the country, the photos and all references to Saddam Hussein had to be removed and replaced with something else.

    Cultural Marxists also understand this fact. Understanding this, we would do well to take note of some recent trends in our own schools. Most markedly, the end of prayer in school, teaching sex education and the absence of the name of "GOD" in the pledge of allegiance. In order for cultural Marxists to succeed, White America and loyalty to its ideas must be abolished. It is happening before our eyes, and we have become so passive and lethargic that we do nothing about it.

    As I said, no political ideology is complete without its accompanying curriculum. Stalin's Russia used much of the pseudo-science of his favored scientist T. D. Lysenko. Lysenko's theories have all been proven to be false, indeed, were known to be false at the time, but that didn't stop Stalin from parading Lysenko and his ideas in front of the world. Lysenko's ideas encapsulated that all mankind originally had the same genetic makeup in common, which, when triggered by environment, caused the changes that we perceive to be racial differences. This is called Lysenkoism. It is just another word for Soviet Anthropology.


    Lysenko couldn't have been more wrong where it concerns the genetics of man. We've already established that facts and logic become irrelevant when it comes to issues of race. Knowing that will help us to understand how it is that all subsequent science has been illogical and result oriented.

    I have read a lot on genetics believing that therein lied the answers to all the mysteries that thus far confound us, but imagine my chagrin when I found that not a single book has been in agreement on a single subject save that race does not exist! We are led to believe that DNA is particularly infallible—and it may be that it is—but so long as it is influenced by political pressure or grant funding, its potential will never be realized. As is, whether dealing with Mitochondria, X or Y Chromosomes (in terms of DNA), none agree on anything except that there is no such thing as race. Coincidence?

    Soviet Anthropologist Bryan Sykes, in his book The Seven Daughters of Eve, which deals with mitochondrial DNA, says,
    "There are certainly people who live in Japan or Tibet, but there is no genetic meaning to the population of Tibet or Japan, taken as a whole. As this book will show, objectively defined races simply do not exist."
    This is an act of slight of hand—a little exercise of manipulation—meant to cause the reader to believe, in the overall analysis that all people have a common origin and, therefore, are not peculiar racially. This is an attack on culture, effectively denying what thinking people know to be a fact: Race does exist! The same races we see today, the White, the Yellow, and the Black, have been here since the days of the Pharoahs and beyond.

    What Sykes and all Soviet anthropologists would have us believe is that all men came from a "common root," mixed for thousands of years, then separated into distinct phenotypical groups—just about the time that civilization flourished and man was able to document such classifications—and have stayed that way ever since. This is the same Marxist hocus-pocus we are told with Darwin's Theory of Evolution.

    The cold hard reality is that we don't understand but 1% of the human genome, if that, and scientists have simply hoped that the other 99% of "junk DNA"(!) could be written off as innocuous, useless sludge.

    Rick Young, a biologist at MIT, is honest enough to state that "every time you think that you've solved the way things [in DNA] get regulated, you realize that there's another layer of complexity."—Newsweek, Dec. 10, 2007.

    The fact is that a new discovery is published in a major journal each month regarding DNA. It is clear we have no real understanding of it. The human genome is as complex as the mind of God and cannot be mined or completely understood. One thing we can know for certain, and that is that the Creator of the Universe loves order and is the Master of it. He created each "kind after its kind." When we seek to pervert the natural order, we invite only chaos.

    Even if we were to believe Dr. Sykes and imagine a prehistoric, heterogeneous world that freely amalgamated for thousands of years, we must necessarily believe also that groupings of racially similar, that is phenotypical people, gathered and there remained as homogenous groups until this day. With the exception of the aberrational and genetically flawed individual, we remain racial groups. Therefore, segregation is a natural phenomenon!

    But that is not what happened, for we know that only relatively recent history has seen the mixing, on large scale, of racial groups in the same geographical locations, and certainly there has been minimal miscegenation as our own laws will show just 70 years ago, which made race-mixing illegal. Genetic science seen through the scope of Marxist anthropology becomes convoluted and confusing. It serves only to cause people to question with their intellect what is abundantly obvious to the eyes: Race exists!

    Grant Funded Science

    It is not considered by students that the science—whatever science—they accept as legitimate is, in reality, bought-and-paid-for science. That's how cultural Marxists do business: with money. If you are a cultural Marxist and you want results from a scientific study that favors your product or idea, you can simply buy it. What's more, you can cut the flow of funding to opposing ideas or products. The best example I can think of when it comes to this is an article I read in the ultra-liberal Rolling Stone magazine, where I had the rare privilege of hearing a liberal complaining of federal bias in research funding.

    This researcher went and applied for funding with which he intended to research the "positive effects" of marijuana. His funding was denied. He reapplied—only this time he wrote that he intended to research the "negative effects" of marijuana. This time his funding was approved. It's that simple. That's the way grant-funded science works. Apply that to anthropological science, and we see how it is that we find our schools teaching illogical disinformation and distorting the minds of our youth.

    Race Is Not Real?

    In spite of all we've just discussed, White students have been brainwashed into believing that race is, in fact, not real. "Since," they are taught, "all races come from a common source, sharing the same DNA, we are all essentially the same, with the exception of those phenotypical qualities—that which is seen with the eyes, such as skin tone, hair, facial structure, etc." This sort of teaching has led to an entire generation of students inexplicably and unintelligently arguing in favor of the non-obvious. They become political advocates of the multicultural ideal.
    "Emotional commitment to predetermined values overrides logic ... and the satisfaction of the political activist [which all students of Marxism become] derives not from the pursuit of truth, or the application of logic, but from the exercise of subtle skills by which dissimulation disguised as objectivity seeks to convince listeners that black is white and white is black."—Roger Pearson.
    This is a psy-ops at its best, and its end result is backward thinking. In spite of nature, our students, the subjects of Marxist indoctrination, loudly proclaim that what's unnatural is natural, what is ungodly is godly, and what's illogical is logical. They boldly declare themselves to believe not what they see with their own eyes, but rather what they hear! White students, and indeed the whole of the White race, have become the proverbial venomous viper, whipped into such a fury that it begins to strike at itself ultimately committing suicide.

    The Curse of Whiteness

    None of this would be possible without Whites first being taught that there is something inherently wrong with being White. This belief invokes White guilt. Ironic though it may seem, while Whites are, on the one hand, taught that race is not real, they are, on the other hand, taught that only Whites can be racists.

    The University of Delaware has an indoctrination program which defines racism as a uniquely White trait:
    "A racist is one who is both privileged and socialized on the basis of race by a white supremist system. The term applies to all White people ... by this definition people of color cannot be racists."
    For those sane Whites who would balk at being called a racist and would point out the obvious—that such a statement is reverse racism—they have a ready-made definition for reverse racism: "A term created and used by White people to deny their White privilege." If you think that it's wrong that such things are taught in our school system, then you are a racist and insane. Welcome to my world!

    It is no wonder that our children are confused having been told that race is not real, all the while simultaneously being called racists for being members of a race. We need not look to our poor victimized White students to recognize the utter contradiction of these opposing mantras, much less oppose them. They follow the example of their parents who are busy prostrating themselves at the altar of Marxism, blissfully unconfused.

    What we see at the University of Delaware is nothing new. Black students—most of whom have been accepted into our schools via Brown vs. The Board of Education (through which control of our schools was taken from the states and given to the federal government) and through Affirmative Action—are being taught that White people must be destroyed "by any means necessary." John W. Altman points out that Jewish Professor Noel Ignatiev, at Harvard University's W.E.B. DuBois Institute for African American Studies has a journal called Race Traitor. He says, "It's announced purpose is to 'abolish the White race' and it's motto is 'Treason to Whiteness is Loyalty to Humanity.'" Professor Ignatiev says, "The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race ... make no mistake about it, we intend to keep bashing the dead White males, and the live ones too, and the females until the social construct known as the White race is destroyed." What you just read is common thought among jews, who are not White! Mr. lgnatiev can call himself a race traitor if he chooses, but he very much serves the interests of his race.

    Cultural Marxists have all of their bases covered. They teach Whites guilt and blacks hatred. Indeed, it is not only the hearts and minds of White youth that are under attack, but in a very real way, their physical existence as well. White life, under such a school of teaching, has very little value—and that is reflected in crime statistics across America.

    So long as White students are taught that all that ails the world—all the poverty and sickness, all the lack of intelligence in other races—is the undisputed fault of White culture, how can we expect him to be the hope of tomorrow for our race?

    Marxism Is Jewish Culture

    Who foments the revolution? It was not my intention in writing this booklet to deal necessarily with jewish involvement in the war on White culture, preferring to deal with how Whites themselves are their greatest enemies, but to leave them out altogether would be intellectually dishonest. The fact is jewish hatred of White culture is so inherent in the jewish psyche that numerous jewish authors have written about it. Even more amazing is that Whites are wholly unaware of it, believing that jews are also White.

    Cultural Marxism is a distinctly jewish characteristic. It is, therefore, not so difficult to see that when the Marxist revolutionaries of Europe and Russia escaped to the United States, we found them to be almost all exclusively jewish. They brought with them this national characteristic, and it is, consequently, what permeates the halls of academia. It is also distinctly jewish names we find on the name plates of tenured professors in American universities. So it is that we find Cultural diffusion taking place in our society.

    Strange that this cultural threat did not come in the form of black culture as feared by some of our contemporaries, nor from the yellow peril of yesterday, but from a much more sinister and malignant culture: that of jewish Marxism.

    Jewish author Alan Dershowitz, in his Vanishing American Jew gave us a startling glimpse into the truth about jewish assimilation. He told us that jews who came to America from Europe and Russia did not assimilate into American life, but, rather, they taught Americans to think like jews:
    "Theater critic Walter Kerr, writing as early as 1968, demonstrated the integration of jews into mainstream American life by describing NOT jewish acculturation to gentile culture, but, rather, by gentile adaptation of jewish patterns of thought."
    Other jews have bragged of this same phenomenon. For example, Albert Lindemann, in his Esau's Tears: Modern Anti-Semitism and the Rise of the Jews says:
    "Western civilization, especially in the last 250 years, has been pervasively influenced and deeply enriched—if also sometimes bedeviled—by the activities and the contribution of jews. So much so that it is scarcely possible to conceive what the civilization might have been like, for good or ill, without them. An even more sweeping statement along these lines might be made about jewish contribution to American culture in the 20th century. Western civilization is undeniably a 'jewified' civilization."
    Jews well understand that cultural diffusion bordering on cultural imperialism is taking place. It is Whites who are oblivious to it. At this point, we might ask ourselves: first, if it is intentional, and second, why do jews seek to accomplish jewish cultural imperialism?

    Roger Ellison, in Jewish Religious and Military Power stated the following:
    "He who controls the ideational parameters of a nation must necessarily control that nation. Conversely, he who would obtain permanent control of a nation must first control that nation's ideas."
    This is what we discussed moments ago when we talked about how targeting the education of a nation's youth is essential to winning an occupation or ideational revolution. Mr. Ellison continues,
    "When any nation is founded on a given structure of ideas and it has been bombarded with conflicting ideas, the national will and cohesion is correspondingly debilitated. It is this capacity for national debilitation through the dissemination of alien ideas that forms the basic cornerstone in the edifice of the jewish propaganda power. The jewish conquest of a nation is receded always in the realm of propaganda. National ideas are first defiled and destroyed, and then jewish substitutes creep in to fill the vacuum. And this ideational distortion must eventually destroy the nation and its race."
    So there we have it. What is being discussed at length in this booklet and by Mr. Ellison above is the destruction of the White race and its culture is the catalyst. Then it is to be replaced with another: that of jewish Marxism. Thus, the name of this booklet: Cultural Reconstruction.

    Jews have given us an abundance of quotable material with which I can prove my point, but I believe that for now, at least, I've given enough to get us into another "front" in the Culture war. Again, the reader will no doubt want to know why, if, in fact, what I say is true, would jews seek to accomplish the destruction of the very people in the history of the world? I will answer that question during the course of this booklet, I assure you. For now, it is more important that we continue to explore how this cultural reconstruction is being accomplished.

    It is especially crucial that we understand that this could not be accomplished—the jews could not have come so far as to openly brag about it—if it weren't for our first having had compassion for them and allowing them into our country (which Benjamin Franklin sternly warned against) and secondly, without us having surrendered our ethnocentricity and instincts for self-preservation.

    It starts with individuals who become infected with Racial Abnegation Dementia, and these individuals led by emotional commitment to an irrational ideology form up groups of Demented Cultural Abnegators which in turn set about destroying their racial nation. The great Henry Ford called them "gentile fronts" but they all serve the same ends: race treason! Judges, politicians, teachers, preachers, parents, revolutionaries from every walk of life who enable the process of Jewish Cultural Imperialism.

    "Watching TV news for any other reason than to monitor enemy activity is a sign of insanity."—Ben Williams.
    In previous chapters I have discussed how aspects of our culture, specifically law and education, have been attacked and are occupied in the war being waged by cultural Marxists. I have discussed the concept of cultural imperialism, which necessarily requires the death of one culture and its replacement with another. In order for that to happen to our race, cultural Marxists must have access to the masses of the people. They must be able to convey ideas. So, what if, as we asked over the education issue, media were subverted and used as a psychological tool to wage war on our culture? Some may laugh that off as a "conspiracy theory," but there is demonstrable evidence that is exactly what is happening.

    Media, in all its forms, is an expression of the culture of the people. Books, drama, music, newsprint, film and television are all, when healthy, an expression of culture. Media is not only an expression of a people's culture, but it influences it as well. This is a very important distinction. For this reason, media is targeted as a crucial front in the culture war.

    In this chapter, we will discuss media ownership, media saturation, media influence and media recovery.

    Who Owns the Media?

    It is perhaps the best kept secret in America that jews, who make up 3% of the population, own 99.5% of all media. That which they don't own, they control. The overwhelming jewish presence in media is no mistake. Of that you can be sure!

    The following is a list of media conglomerates which are owned and controlled by jews. This is by no means a complete list of holdings, but the principles.

    Time Warner: (Includes Turner Broadcasting and CNN)
    AOL (34 million subscribers) HBO (326 million subscribers) Cinemax Polygram Records Warner Music (over 50 labels) Castle Rock Entertainment New Line Cinema Time Warner Publishing (over 50 magazines) Time Life Sports Illustrated People Many, many more! Time Life Books Book of the Month Club Little Brown (many more!) Shoutcast Winamp
    Walt Disney Television Touchstone Television Buena Vista Television Cable Networks (100 million subscribers) Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group Walt Disney Pictures Touchstone Pictures Hollywood Pictures Caravan Pictures Miramax Films Capitol Cities/ABC Inc. (2900 affiliated radio stations with 84 million subscribers) ABC (225 affiliated TV stations) ABC Radio (owns 54 radio stations and operates 57) Disney Radio ESPN Disney Channel Toon Disney A&E Lifetime Television SoapNet History Channel (86-88 million subscribers) Walt Disney Company Book Publishing Hyperion Books 6 Daily Newspapers Over 20 Magazines Disney Publishing Worldwide (books and magazines in 55 languages in 74 countries) Buena Vista Internet Group ABC Internet group ABC.com Mr. Showbiz Disney Online Disney's Daily Blast Disney.com Family.com ESPN Internet Group ESPN.com Soccernet.com NFL.com Infoseek Disney Interactive
    Viacom: (200 affiliated TV stations, 39 owned)
    CBS TV Network Infinity Radio Network (185 stations) Paramount Pictures CBS Radio Network (1500 affiliated stations) King World Productions MTV CMT TNN (largest billboard provider in the country) Simon and Schuster Scribner The Free Press Fireside Archway Paperbacks Blockbuster (8000 stores) Satellite Broadcasting Theme Parks Video Games World's Largest Cable provider Nickelodeon Black Entertainment Television Many, many more!
    NBC Universal:
    Universal Studios Interscope Records Vivendi Universal NBC CNBC MSNBC Polygram USA Networks Interactive Corporation Expedia Ticketmaster The Home Shopping Network Lending Tree Hotels.com City search Excite Match.com Many more! NBC Cable Universal Television Vivendi Universal Entertainment
    Other Media Holdings:
    Fox Television Network Fox News The FX Channel 20th Century Fox Fox 2000 Harper Collins Publishing News Corp (5th largest megamedia corporation) Fox Entertainment Group Direct TV New York Post TV Guide The Weekly Standard Spyglass Dreamworks
    Print Media: (1,456 different publications, 58 million sold per day)

    Less than 20% of all print media in the U.S. is independent. Out of 100,000, only 103 are independent and even those rely heavily on the major media for their information, and the Associated Press, which is headquartered in France and controlled by jews, supplies news stories to virtually every newspaper in the country.
    Advance Publication (31 daily newspapers) Parade The New Yorker Vogue Wired Glamour Vanity Fair Brides Gentlemen's Quarterly Self House and Garden (ALL Condé Nast Group Magazines!)
    New York Times:
    New York Times (1,119,000 subscribers, with 33 other newspapers) Eight TV broadcasts Two radio broadcasts 40 news-oriented operations International Herald Tribune Boston Globe New York Times News Service (transmits news, features and photos to 506 other agencies, newspapers and magazines)
    Wall Street Journal:
    1,820,000 daily subscribers 33 other newspapers Barron's
    Washington Post:
    Gazette Newspapers (11 military publications) WDIV.TV KPRC.TV WPLG.TV WICMG.TV KSAT.TV WJXT.TV Newsweek Cable One (750,000 subscribers)
    New York Daily News: 729,000 daily circulation

    New York Post: 652,000 daily circulation

    News Magazines:
    Time (4.1 million readers) Newsweek (3.2 million readers) U.S. News and World Report (2 million readers) Many, many more!
    This list of media holdings was taken from the research report done by the National Alliance, entitled Who Rules America? it is not a complete list of media held and controlled by jews. In fact, there remains very little media in this country—or any other—that is not owned or controlled by jews. It is an empirical fact, and one that we should consider with a great deal of trepidation, for, as was pointed out by the National Alliance, "it is unlikely that such an overwhelming degree of control came about without a deliberate, concerted effort on the part of the jews."

    Listen to the words of a jew as he discusses the issue of jewish involvement in media:
    "You make such a noise and fury about the undue influence in your theaters and movie theaters. Very good; granted, your complaint is well founded. But what is that compared to our staggering influence in your churches, your schools, your laws, and your governments, and the very thoughts you think every day?"—Marcus Eli Ravage, "A Real Case against the Jews—One of Their Own Points Out the Full Debt of Their Guilt," Century Magazine, Feb. 1928.
    This was in 1928 when theaters and movie theaters were media! How much progress has the jew made in the realm of media since then? That is easily demonstrated by the list of media holdings we've just seen. But, holdings alone are not the only barometer for measuring success in the media: influence is. As the jew Ravage says, the jew has achieved unprecedented influence in our societies through the use of media.

    It is incredible when we look exegetically at how the jews have set about controlling media. An example can be found in the story of Thomas Edison, who invented the movie camera. To Edison, motion picture technology was a curiosity, a brilliant invention, to be sure, but nonetheless, a curiosity. To the jew, however, it was immediately recognized as a tool to be used in the same way that other media venues had been exploited by their ilk: to propagandize and influence people. So they did what came natural to them: they stole the technology from Edison and, indeed, the entire industry was eventually taken over by jews in a very well-documented history of intrigue.

    Through this media, jews began to convey their ideas, which were a reflection of their own culture and values, onto the consciousness of White Americans. Like a dark, creeping sludge, their ideas were thrust onto the screen through the medium of video. Sex was always prominent, or at least the innuendo and suggestiveness of it, as well as anything tantalizing and taboo such as race mixing. Ever so slowly the purity and innocence of Aryan culture became transformed to mirror that of the media masters.

    There are many who think that media cannot influence the mind in such a way, and they hold that a man can only become what his is within himself. I will not argue that point in this booklet, but only focus on the truth that media is used to bring out the very worst in people. It plants seeds of corruption and that is what will always happen when media is in the wrong hands. Media in the hands of Whites would reflect White culture. Period.

    Remember again the words of Walter Kerr, theater critic, which we recorded in Chapter 2. He said that it was not jews who adapted to our way of thinking, but rather, "gentile adaptation of jewish patterns of thought." So the question we must ask is, how? It can only have come about through the programming of the minds of the people, and that programming could only be achieved with a controlled media. Cultural diffusion can only be facilitated with a forum from which it may propagate its ideas.

    Once, in Aryan culture, nudity and cursing were unacceptable within the media. When jews took it over, they began the "three steps forward, two steps back" method of desensitization to condition the wholesome culture of Whites into something dirty and debased. In less than 50 years, the barriers between decency and smut had been dissolved, and in less than 100 years, all taboos had been eviscerated. White culture has become wholly corrupt and the White race is in rebellion against God and Nature.

    Media is now used solely for the purpose of targeting and undermining the frail culture of Whites. This didn't happen in a vacuum. Jews were helped every step of the way by treasonous White cultural abnegators. Like it or not, jews now have a complete monopoly on media. We are saturated at every level with a constant assault on our culture. Were it not for our unprecedented reliance on media for entertainment and information, we would still be a psychologically healthy people. But, alas, it's not so. So dependent have we become on TV and other forms of media (and only "reputable" media will do) that we no longer think rationally. Our thoughts have become a reflection of the media. This can easily be proven. Ask the average White man what his opinion is on any subject within the realm of, say ... politics. His opinion will generally reflect, without deviation, what he has seen or heard on TV or read in the papers. Sadly, he does not realize that those ideas are the ones which have been approved as acceptable opinion by the media masters. He does not even realize that he is a drone—a robot—repeating a mantra of politically correct and, therefore, socially acceptable Orwellianism. He's been "dumbed down."

    It is the malevolent and insidious jewish influence within our cultural institution of the arts (media) that enables and assures the secure continuation of other areas of subterfuge which result in cultural diffusion. So powerful is the media that the mere suggestion of an idea is enough to cause action. It has a Pavlovian effect on its anticipatory host. Media has been used quite successfully to re-educate and indoctrinate Whites. They have become docile and compliant. Here's proof:

    Election 2008

    Let's take, for example, the question that was posed to White Americans in March of 2008, on NPR News. They asked, "Would you be more likely to vote for a black presidential candidate if you were exposed to one in television programming?" The answer to that question is a resounding "Yes!" but you'll never get that response from Whites because they believe that they are more intelligent than that and that they could never be so easily manipulated. But, social scientists have known for years that "reality imitates art," and programming highly influences thought patterns, popular trends, and our decision-making process. In fact, the federal courts have a long history of ruling against media manipulation (at least in the early 20th century) in an effort to protect the people from predatory media practices. But as we shall see, that had no effect on jewish activism within the realm of today's media.

    Consider this: The popular TV show West Wing during its last two seasons prior to the 2008 election chose a black actor named Jimmy Schmidt, who looks remarkably similar to Senator Barack Obama, to play the part of the President of the United States. The actor portrayed a competent and intelligent black president, capable of making important abstract decisions.

    On October 29, 2008, just days before the election, Inside Edition, a quasi-news program, featured the producers of West Wing and revealed that the black actor Jimmy Schmidt was intentionally chosen for the role because he looked so much like the black senator. This is very revealing because it becomes clear that the show West Wing was used as a desensitization and conditioning tool to convince White Americans to vote for the negro candidate, Barack Obama. They did just that—for now ... Barack Hussein Obama is the president of the U.S.A.


    This is only one of hundreds of ways that media is used to program and condition the minds of Whites. Virtually every choice we make in our daily lives is somehow influenced by what we see and hear in the media. It is not accidental! Jewish-controlled media is a front in the culture war. This we must never forget. The fact that people debate whether or not media can actually influence our decisions is laughable to jews who have demonstrated it over and over again amongst themselves.

    Media influences our political thoughts, as I've just demonstrated, but it is also influential in other ways that are well known. Take marketing for example. What parent would buy a pair of fashionable $100 sneakers for an infant? They have no practical use for an infant, yet popular trends are implanted in the minds of people by a very clever media. If the reader will think about it, he will see that this paradigm works in every aspect of our daily lives. We have been saturated and inundated with media.

    The jews mastered the art of manipulation within the White culture long before moving pictures. In the days when there was only print media and theater, some of Karl Marx's close associates were involved in social-planning experiments.

    One Israel Zangwill wrote a Broadway play entitled The Melting Pot in which Whites were demonized for discriminating against and persecuting both blacks and jews. It was to be the beginning of a long push toward the total annihilation of the White race. But, The Melting Pot was child's play compared to the deeply psychological nature of social conditioning conveyed through today's media. Every emotion is played upon in the plot to erase our very instinct for racial self-preservation.

    A friend and contemporary of Zangwill's, named Israel Cohen (also a jew) wrote a follow-up book to Zangwill's play called A Racial Plan for the 20th Century, and in that work, we find these very revealing words:
    "We must realize that our party's most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the minds of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by Whites, we can move them to the program for the communist party. In America, we will aim for the subtle victory. While inflaming the negro minority against whites, we will instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the negroes. We will aid the negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the negro will be able to marry with Whites and begin the process which will deliver America to our cause."
    Now, lest we fail to see the significance of this statement, let us first realize that it was written in 1912! It was also read into the Congressional record in 1957 by Congressman Abernathy. Even more important than all of that, it has come to pass!

    By playing on the emotions of both Whites and blacks, the jews have succeeded in furthering their goal of establishing a Marxist Equalitarianist system. It is remarkable that we can now look to see that blacks have indeed risen to prominence in the realm of entertainment and sports. Whites have indeed been imbued with racial guilt to the point that they will scarcely discuss the issue at all. Yes, indeed, Cohen's plan has come to pass.

    This quote from Cohen is amazingly revealing. It is a page right out of the culture war playbook. What's more, it's a long-term plan! Jews long ago knew that a culture could not be subverted and undermined overnight. As Mr. Cohen says, it's a racial plan for the 20th Century! 100 years!

    Now, for those who may see this as the ramblings of a conspiracy theorist, it behooves you to apply the same test for confirmation that has been applied to The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. That is, did their predictions come true? Did it come to pass?

    It can easily be demonstrated that this racial plan for the 20th century is quite real by judging, in retrospect, if its tenets came to pass. Were Whites imbued with guilt? Were negroes inflamed against Whites? And, lastly, is it not true at the dawn of the 21st century that White Americans actually voted for a negro president?

    Now, in all fairness, it was not Cohen's plan. He did not invent it, nor did he put it into play all alone. No, Cohen merely articulated the plan (as many of his mongrelized kinsmen have done) that has been well known and practiced among the collective jewish people. It is a plan carried down throughout the successive generations of his kind as a sort of esprit de corps. It is also true that there is a race war going on between jews and Aryans, though many seem completely unaware of it, and all the world's a stage in this war.

    Many people do not see how this plot could conceivably be carried out, especially in light of the fact that jews make up such a small part of the population. So, let's hear a quote from The International Jew that pondered the very same circumstance:
    "It is often asked how 3 million jews can control the affairs of 100 million Americans. In the same way 10 jewish students can abolish the mention of Christmas and Easter out of schools containing 300 Christian peoples."
    Jews are first and foremost the world's most miserable perpetual victims. It's an industry. They have played the victim role so often and effectively that it is taken as fact that when jews cry, it is because they are being victimized. Jewish star and comedian Milton Berle once said that jews don't drink and party too much because it got in the way of their suffering. It was a funny little play on reality.

    Couple this with the fact that the jews own media lock, stock and barrel, and you will see how it is that jews accomplish what they do.


    Not all manipulation is overt and obvious. Forceful propagandizing of the people is less desirable for people who are practicing subversion and subtlety. In most cases it is subliminals in one form or another that are employed.

    When most people think of subliminals, they think about embedded words or letters hidden within the frames of a movie or show. There are some well-known examples, such as the incident in a Fort Lee drive-in theater in 1957, wherein the words "drink Coca Cola" and "eat popcorn" were tachistoscopically flashed on the screen every 5 seconds for 1/300th of a second. The subliminal message was the idea of one James Vicary, who claimed that Coke sales went up 58% and popcorn 18%. The news so outraged the public that they complained and ultimately Mr. Vicary declared the whole affair a hoax. But was it?

    In the 1800s and 1900s, hundreds of psychological studies were conducted to determine if subliminals were authentic and effective in influencing the minds of people. A subliminal message is a signal or message designed to pass below the normal limits of perception and are said to be able to circumvent the "critical functions" of the conscious mind.
    "Subliminal perception occurs whenever stimuli present below the threshold or limen of awareness are found to influence thoughts, feelings or actions. The term subliminal perception was originally used to describe situations in which weak stimuli were perceived without awareness. In recent years, the term has been applied more generally to describe any situation in which unnoticed stimuli are perceived."—A. F. Kazdin, Encyclopedia of Psychology, Vol. 7, pp. 497-499.
    Notice the subliminals were upgraded to include "unnoticed stimuli." This can be any message that is embedded into the theme or dialogue of a movie or program that is subtle and done in a way that is meant to cause one to be affected emotionally. People's thoughts, feelings and actions can be influenced in this way, and they are each and every day. What's more, some psychologists allege that it is precisely because there is an absence of aware perception that the message becomes somehow more powerful and influential.

    Jews have mastered the art of embedded themes and subliminals. In the early years of the culture war, it was merely a play or movie written in a way that conveyed and enticed a sympathetic idea to the viewer on behalf of a character. The Melting Pot was just such a play. But as years progressed, technology increased and the raw potential for subliminal manipulation increased until subliminals became an art form.

    In the '70s, an author named Wilson Bryan Key wrote a book entitled Subliminal Love and Seduction and Media Sexploitation in which he alleged that sexual symbols were used frequently in a subliminal context to advertise products. Some examples of this are well known.

    For example, when advertising Gilbey's Gin the picture showed gin being poured into a glass of ice cubes. Though it was not easily discernible, the ice cubes were said to have the word "sex" embedded on them. The same was done on hundreds of products, including Ritz crackers. Camel cigarettes were also said to be advocates of subliminal advertising. The camel on each pack resembled a phallus and was designed to illicit the imagery of sex, thus increasing sales.

    While sex is a common theme in all media, even today, much of it is still absorbed subliminally. Throughout the 20th century—the target century of Israel Cohen—it was the "taboo" sexual suggestiveness that was pushed relentlessly. The first movies in which a White woman became emotionally involved with a negro, it was half-breed negroes such as Harry Belafonte chosen for the role. At first it was only tentative, then after a period of social adjustment and acclimation to the idea, it became the norm.

    I distinctly remember reading the book Race and Reason by Carlton Putnam, and there was some dialogue where a girl, right about the time that the desegregation issue took place, said (paraphrased), "At first we saw them as negroes, but the more they were around us we were able to eventually see them as people just like us. Then, it was okay to have one for a friend. From that point it wasn't a far jump to having one for a boyfriend." And that's how it is with desensitization.

    This, of course, is an oversimplification. It did not happen overnight. Many, many subtle subliminal experiments were tried successfully on Whites. Author Zachary Jones, in Media Manipulations, tells us that subliminals cause men to perform an action that they normally would not, that they must be convinced that it is the right thing to do, and choose to do it without coercion. He goes on to give us an example of several forms of subliminals, one of which is the double entendre:
    "Double entendre is a form of subliminals in which the main focus has a double meaning. The secondary meaning is often something which is taboo in our culture, yet is widely known about. Our conscious mind represses the imagery because it is taboo, while the subconscious mind absorbs it."
    In this way, we may see a movie about a children's baseball game, which is innocent enough, but in the bleachers there are several interracial couples. Now, of course, it's common behavior and no longer taboo, but in the '60s and '70s it was necessary to use this technique to overcome White self-preservation and moral values.

    We still see much of it today, only now it is the new taboos: homosexuality, abortion, and all manner of decadent sexual filth. Otherwise, subliminals now exist for two reasons. One, to assure the continuation of the newly-established social norms, and two, to further erode any residual moral values in Whites.

    It is obvious that every single commercial and movie features first and foremost interracial relationships. The point now being driven home through subliminals is that same race couples are odd and even looked down upon. It takes the form of deracination and demonization of racially aware Whites. Look, for example, to how Barack Obama is now portrayed as "the face of America," the all American image. What happened to the girl next door?

    Though very little is taboo in America anymore, subliminals continue to be used because they are effective in terms of the culture war. They work in the minds of men in the same way that a virus works. The media plants the idea in the minds of men, and the idea spreads. Subliminals are a Trojan Horse. Once ideas are implanted in the mind of a man, he spreads them. This includes seemingly harmless ideas like which clothes are "cool," or establishing a popular trend (which gave us baggy pants and backward baseball caps, then wiggers) but also the eventual idea that interracial mixing is okay, and even the "hip" thing to do.

    In this way, cultural norms are torn down. In order to change a people or their culture, you must first change the way they think. Exposure to subliminals affects people's ideas, and one day people wake up to find that they act different because they think different. Subliminals are a weapon.

    Slow-Boiled Frogs

    Marxism was the leading cause of confusion within the German nation. Marxism and Jewry were one and the same then, as they are now—with the exception of the ever-helpful "gentile fronts" (CADs) who have become fellow travelers with the jew.

    In discussing the "big lie" concept, Adolf Hitler was explaining how blame for the loss of the war (WWI) was placed on the shoulders of the one man who had done all he could to prevent it: Ludendorff. In doing this, they destroyed the "moral right" of the very adversary who could have brought the true betrayers of Germany to justice. It was a media-orchestrated character assassination. This is the "big lie" that Hitler talked about in Mein Kampf (Murphy translation, p. 134), and it was attributed to the jews who were enemies of White culture then as they are now. Strange how they did exactly the same thing to Hitler that they did with Ludendorff. They created the big lie.

    Germany was a nation of slow-boiled frogs leading up to World War One. When a frog is set into water on the stove and the temperature is turned up incrementally, it will not notice. It will sit in it, not really feeling the gradual increase in heat until he dies, boiled to death. Germany was such a nation, and Hitler attributed that war as the saving grace of his nation. Think on that. Following WWI the situation in Germany was so intolerable that the people were on the verge of starvation and total obliteration. They were virtual slaves under the conditions of the Versailles Treaty, and their money was worthless. But Hitler said that the war was the "saving grace" of his nation. He said,
    "It was not by accident that man conquered the Black Plague more easily than he conquered tuberculosis. The first appeared in terrifying waves of death that shook the whole of mankind, the other advances insidiously; the first induces terror, the other gradual indifference."
    Sound familiar? This is exactly how it is with jewish media. It encaptured and enslaved the minds of our racial kinsmen today. As the scriptures say, there is nothing new under the sun.

    Taking It Back

    Adolf Hitler knew that media has been subverted as a weapon that was used to bludgeon his people. It had been subverted by an alien element with the intent to instill an alien culture in his nation. On one hand, the people were given an idea about what was right and good, while on the other, they were given an opposing idea. Thus, the people became confused and in the end "anomie" set in, causing a lack of solidarity and consensus. In order to thwart this, Hitler understood that the media must be retaken and used to re-establish the national will. He chose forthrightness, in the form of shocking and bold propaganda as opposed to subliminals. He said "propaganda is a weapon; for it is nothing but a weapon, and indeed a most terrifying weapon in the hands of those who know how to use it."

    He talked about how the jew had used it to destroy his country and how propaganda is not aimed at intellectuals, but rather at the common folk because they are generally more susceptible to an idea. He said, "the art of propaganda consists of putting a matter so clearly and forcefully before the minds of a people as to create a general conviction regarding a certain fact." In other words, he chose to force the truth on the people, to shock them back into reality.

    So must our media be taken back and used to reinstate sanity and culture to our people. Let us hope that we do not need a catastrophe like the German people experienced to shock our people back to reality.

    If we continue to allow the jewish media to give us our information, we will continue to allow them to destroy the moral right of the only people who have a chance to restore our nation to us. Just as they destroyed the moral right of Hitler, who, consequently, is the only man who had the jew beat at his own game, they will continue to destroy racially-conscious Whites until they are literally outlawed in their own land.

    Though media is only one of the fronts in the culture war, it is a crucial one. For without media, the jew simply could not have come this far. Media is the great enabler that exposes us to more of the jewish idea than any other. Media reaches us in our homes. We are constantly, from waking till sleep, exposed to one form or another of media, and all of it is cleverly designed to subvert for one purpose or another. Until Whites deal with the problem of media, they will remain enslaved to the jewish idea.

    However, there remains one front in the war on culture which is far more important than all others. It is, in fact, the Achilles' Heel of the White race. That front is Religion.

    "I am convinced that the welfare of mankind does not now depend on the State and the world of politics; the real battle is being fought in the world of thought, where a deadly attack is made with great tenacity and purpose and over a wide field upon the greatest treasure of mankind: the belief in God and the gospel of Christ."—Gladstone.
    The culture of a people, in all its manifestations, evolves around and hinges upon the people's religion. R. J. Rushdoony asserts that it is at the very foundation of culture. Religion is often referred to as the "opiate of the masses" because of its pervasive and dominant influence on the people. The religion of a people is its one constant that dictates a sort of cultural law from one generation to the next. Religion defines a people.

    R.J. Rushdoony, in his The Religious Foundations of Culture says, "Every culture is a religion externalized, a faith incarnated into life and action. The mainspring of every culture is its basic faith, its religious beliefs which undergird its hopes, action, and perspective .... The religion of a culture is that motive force which governs human action in every realm and embodies itself in the life, institutions, hopes, and dreams of a society."

    It is the religion of a people that governs the moral code by which people make decisions affecting their families and societies. Religion serves as the basis for the legal code, determines criteria for education and eliminates what is unacceptable in media.

    For thousands of years, religion has served as the moral foundation for the races of man, and for thousands of years it is axiomatic that the precursor to the collapse of a nation is the debasement of its religion.

    A mere 70 years ago in the United States, Christianity served as the force that governed cultural constancy. Marriage and family was the foundation stone of society. Families attended church each weekend and observed the basic tenets of God's Law as the framework for healthy living.

    Then we began to see a shift in many of the cultural norms of the people—particularly in regard to the areas of law, education and media. None of these, which I've already discussed, could have happened had Christianity not first been compromised. Christianity has been the bulwark and the moral vanguard of Western Europeans (Aryans), and when it is sound, none of the other cultural institutions of the people can be effectively assailed. If Christianity had not been compromised, there would be no problem today with divorce, abortion, mongrelization/adultery, homosexuality, lawlessness and general apostasy. Indeed, like symptoms of any illness, when these things are seen, one must diagnose the cause as the breakdown in the religious/moral code.

    Christians, particularly in the last 70 years, have given ground to the forces of Satan. Rushdoony says, "[Judeo-Christians] believe that they have no higher task than to eat the crumbs that fall from the cultural tables of the unregenerate. Crumb pickers are content to let the devil attempt to establish a culture but refuse to believe that God requires it of His people .... If the world is destined to fulfill all the prophesies of Isaiah, and of all scripture and culminate in a glorious peace (Isa. 2:4) and a joyful reign of Christian Law and Order, then crumb pickers are OPPOSING JESUS CHRIST." (Emphasis added.) I could not agree more. Mr. Rushdoony hits it right on the head. See, while it is the devil who wages war on Christendom, he could not succeed were it not for Christians who have become enablers.

    In this chapter, we will discuss who the participants are in this battle and how this crucial front in the Culture War has been subverted. Until we understand that, we can never truly understand the depth or meaning of the culture war. Without such understanding, we can never hope for the "Christian Reconstruction" of which Mr. Rushdoony speaks.

    Aryans Are Israelites

    The advent of Jesus Christ was said to be an event in which He came to fulfill prophecy and redeem "His people," Israel. In Matthew 1:21, we read the words of the Angel who declares, "And she will bring forth a son, and you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins." (See also Luke 1:68, 1:54-55; Matt. 2:6, 15:24; John 1:49; Acts 13:17, 26:6-7.)

    Later, after Jesus Christ had developed His ministry, we find Him declaring that He came not for others, but only for Israel. He said, "I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel." (Matt. 15:24, 8:11; Mark 7:24-30.) This, then, explains why the apostles, in obedience to Jesus' order to "go not into the way of the gentiles, and do not enter into the city of the Samaritans, but go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel ...." (Matt. 10:6) went directly to the White Aryan Nations of Western Europe to spread the Gospel of Christ. These nations, which included Greece, Rome/Italy, Spain, Germania, and the Isles of the West were the spiritually fertile nations of the "lost tribes" of Israel who, after the Assyrian captivity, migrated into Europe.

    According to the scripture, they had been taken into Assyria and placed in the cities of Halah and Habor, by the River Gozan between 734 and 721 B.C. These tribes of Israel were never to return to the land of their forefathers and became known as "the dispersed" or "The Lost Sheep," and, more recently, the "Lost Tribes of Israel." But history is not mute where it concerns these peoples, just suppressed.

    According to II Esdras, an Apocryphal book, we learn the following:
    "And whereas thou sawest that he gathered another peaceable multitude unto him; those are the Ten Tribes, which were carried away prisoners out of their own land in the time of Osea the King, whom Salmanasar the King of Assyria led away captive, and he carried them over the waters, and so came they into another land. But they took counsel among themselves, that they would leave the multitude of the heathen, and go into a further country where never mankind dwelt, that they might keep their statutes, which they never kept in their own land. And they entered into the Euphrates by the narrow passages of the river .... For through that country there was a great way to go, namely, of a year and a half; and the same region is called Arsereth. Then dwelt they there till the latter time."—II Esdr. 13:39-46.
    The river Sereth is a tributary of the Danube in the country of Moldavia. "AR" means "river," thus Arsereth means river Sereth, a river that the Israelites crossed on their way into Western Europe. Archaeology is rife with examples of tombstones, tumuli and waymarks of ancient Israel as they "wandered" through Europe on their way to founding the Aryan Nations.

    In fact, the ancient Hebrew is the same written language as the "runes" of the Celts, and this script is found on many tombstones throughout the region of the Crimea and Westward. But my purpose in this booklet is not to expound overlong on the fact that Israelite tribes are, in fact, the Aryans. I just need to establish that as a premise for the facts which follow.

    So, having said that, let me just say that since Aryans are the only people in the world to have embraced Christianity in their racial nations, this should serve as more than just a "clue" that they are, in fact, the lost sheep of Israel. It should serve as prima facie evidence of it.

    There is ample evidence in scripture that reveals that not only are the Israelites White Aryans but that Adam was as well. The name "Adam" actually means "ruddy" or "to show blood in the face," meaning Adam could blush. It is no secret that names served as characterizations of individuals in the scripture. Adam, the first White man, and the last of creation in terms of living souls, was named aptly; he was able to blush.

    It is these White Adamites who are the focus of scripture and them to whom the Covenants were made. Other races of people are only mentioned in scripture when it is necessary for the biblical narrative. In other words, the Bible is the History of the White race—a concept which seems to repulse some Whites.

    It is through this lineage that we are able to follow it though the ages. From Adam, to Seth, to Noah, to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob from whom sprung the 12 tribes. It was from the Tribe of Judah that Christ came in the fulfillment of prophecy and in this lineage we must recognize the pure and pristine lineage of Christ. He was indeed the "second Adam."

    It was also the people of this lineage to whom was given the Law and Covenants (Ps. 147:19-20; Rom. 9:4), and it was this race who was "called" and "chosen" by Yahweh (Rom. 8:29-30; Ex. 19:6, et al.).

    Having established that Aryans are Israelites, and, therefore, "God's chosen people," this leaves us in a pickle when it comes to those who are identified as "jews" in our world today. And, therein—I assure you—lies the key to understanding the Culture War in which we are now engaged.

    Who Are the Jews?

    In terms of modern Christianity, no single question begs an answer more than this one. Understanding "who is a jew?" is the most important question of our age.

    The modern belief that jews are "God's chosen people" stands in bold opposition to the words of Jesus Christ where He declared "Ye are of your Father the devil, and the works of your father ye will do" (John 8:44). How could He declare that they were "of their father the devil" if they were God's chosen? It is a paradox. Is it not?

    In fact, a review of the New Testament will reveal that it was jews who sought to suppress the teachings of Jesus, and, ultimately, to murder Him—something at which they eventually succeeded. It seems contradictory that Jesus warred against the jews throughout the entirety of the New Testament, yet preachers still tell us that the jews were "God's chosen." Would God's chosen seek to kill Him? It is an enigma, no doubt.

    If, as judeo-Christian preachers say, the whole affair can be "spiritualized" away, then we could just go on to believe that they were obstinate and hard hearted toward Christ due to the spiritual influence of the devil, a nebulous creature.

    But how about the thousands who flocked to Christ, believed in Him, and, indeed, had awaited His return with gladness and joy? Those Israelites who were converted and went about spreading the "good news" (gospel) stood in stark contrast to the jews who plotted to destroy Christ. So what is the answer? Could it be that these jews who plotted to destroy Christ were not "God's chosen" but bitter enemies of Christ? Their behavior certainly seems to indicate that. With that thought in mind, let us move forward in this booklet and see if we can discover who the jews are.

    Jews, by their own admission, are not Israelites. Listen to this quote from the Jewish Almanac (1980, p.3):
    "Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a 'jew' or to call a contemporary jew an 'Israelite' or a 'Hebrew.'"
    Many claim the reason for this is because there are a lot of modern "converts to Judaism" and that said converts become jews by virtue of conversion. Inasmuch as this may be one argument, I am compelled to build on this and say that NO contemporary jew is an Israelite because their ancestors weren't either. It is equally true that no jew in Jesus' day was an Israelite, nor was Jesus a jew. Even so, I don't want to get too far from the main focus of this booklet, so I will concentrate on the three main conversions in history of non-Israelites to jews. Each of which was, in fact, the result of a revolution!

    The Book of Esther

    In the book of Esther we are given one example in history where a people who were not Israelites "became jews." Let's look at this event because, here, we find a massive conversion of people into jewry.

    The scripture records it thus:
    "Then many of the people of the land became jews, because fear of the jews fell upon them."—Esther 8:17.
    The magnitude of this conversion is apparent as recorded in verse 9 of the same chapter, where it states:
    "From India to Ethiopia, one hundred and twenty seven provinces in all ...."
    Sheldon Emry in his For Any Preacher Who Teaches that the Jews are Israel gives us an explanation as to who these people were. He says:
    "The king who sent out a decree to protect the jews ... ruled from Ethiopia to India compassing the territory occupied by the Hittites, Jebusites and Canaanites, who are collectively known as Edomites. They were not descendants of Jacob-Israel, yet they had now become jews!"
    Now, it is important to note that while the word "jews" is used here, it was in actuality a pretense at being Judahites that was being conveyed in this instance. The first historical jew did not come about for a couple hundred more years as we shall see momentarily. In the instance in Esther, we find the Canaanite/Edomite peoples using a situation to posture as jews, but no actual "legal" conversion had taken place ... yet.

    Hyrcanus 125 B.C.

    Rarely has there been a more tragic event in the history of the Israelite peoples than that which was perpetrated by their own king in 125 B.C.

    Let me build up the scene somewhat before quoting my sources.

    In Ezra and Nehemiah, we are given the record of the return of the captives from the Babylonian Captivity. It was on the decree of Cyrus that they returned to Jerusalem to rebuild the Temple and restore Temple worship. From the first, they ran into opposition to this process by the people who had moved up into the land of Judea while they were absent. These people were none other than their ancient enemies, the Edomites. Most Bible dictionaries record that the Edomites moved up into the land while the Judahite tribes were in captivity, so there is really no reason for me to elaborate on it here. Only let me say that they caused trouble for the Judahites upon their return and sought to halt the Temple rebuilding project because the Israelites would not allow them to partake in the process.

    Nonetheless, the Temple was eventually rebuilt, and true Mosaism ultimately restored in the Land. Eli James refers to this era as a golden age for Mosaism, and he is correct—as any reading of Ezra and Nehemiah will reveal. And, it was precisely because of this renaissance that Jesus Christ was born in the area, rather than in Babylon, or Europe at the dawn of the new era. Had it not been for the tireless work of Nehemiah and Ezra, there would have been no pure-blooded Judahite woman to give birth to the Child.

    So, following the return of the Judahites and the rebuilding of the Temple, Israel warred against the Edomites, her ancient enemies. This warring culminated in the event at which we now look.

    In Josephus's Antiquities of the Jews, (bk. 13, ch. 9, sec. 1) we have this recording:
    "Hyrcanus ... took Medaba ... Samega, and the neighboring places, and, besides these, Shechem and Gerizzim and the nation of the Cutheans, who dwelt at the Temple which resembled the temple which was at Jerusalem ... which temple was now deserted two hundred years after it was built .... Hyrcanus took also Dora and Marissa, cities of Idumea and subdued all the Idumeans and ... they submitted to the use of circumcision, and the rest of the Jewish (sic) ways of living; at which time therefore this befell them, that they were hereafter none other than jews."
    This is, by far, the most infamous of conversions because Hyrcanus unwittingly played right into the hands of the Edomites. The plan of the Edomites to take over the nation of Judah both geographically and racially is recorded in Ezekiel 35:10-12, where we read that the Edomites planned to take over "countries" and the "nations" of Israel. This is geography and race, or at the very least "Identity." One need only read a long line of scripture to realize what a tragic mistake that Hyrcanus was making in converting Edomites to "jews," but that's just what he did, and, in doing so, he created what has come to be known as the modern jew. Let's let Eli James, historian and pastor, tell it in his own words:
    "In the year 125 B.C. King John Hyrcanus made war against the neighboring Canaanite nation of Idumea. In this war, the Judaites were completely victorious, thus subduing the last Canaanite stronghold of military resistance. But John Hyrcanus made a ghastly mistake in his dealing with the losers of this war. He offered them citizenship in the new nation along with the existing Judahite citizens of Judah. Then he gave the Idumeans an ultimatum: be circumcised or die! Your foreskin or your life. This ultimatum was given in the year 121 B.C. Now, picture a long line of Idumean males queued up for circumcision. Picture the first guy in that line. That guy was the world's first jew ... by forcibly merging the two countries, John Hyrcanus not only violated the exclusivity of Israel, he created the possibility for the Idumeans to pretend to be Judahites."
    And that day was prophecy fulfilled in Israel. Because by virtue of circumcision, the Edomites were able to accomplish what centuries of subterfuge could not: they became pseudo-Judahites.

    Now, to be very brief, let me just outline events leading up to the years of Christ. These Edomite converts became a hodge-podge, or a mixed multitude that came to be known as "Judea" or for the sake of expedience, "jews." They quickly formed up a sect called the Pharisees and began to rewrite Mosaism into their own liking. This new religion became known as "Judaism." Jews, Phariseeism, and Judaism are the creation of John Hyrcanus's inadvertent mistake of converting Edomites. These jews created a lot of chaos in Jerusalem, and, ultimately, won out politically over the true Judahites. They had the favor of Rome, particularly in the person of Herod who became the "Ethnarch" of Judea, or the king of the jews.

    It did not take him long to destroy the whole Levitical Priesthood and to replace it with his own people. Herod, of course, was an Edomite, or "half-jew," as he was called. He also destroyed the records of genealogy from the temple so that he might appear to be "of noble extraction," or at the very least so that no one could prove that he was NOT.

    It was Herod who sought to kill all the children in Judea at the time of the birth of Christ in an effort to destroy him. That, of course, did not work so it was into this theater that Christ walked at the advent of His ministry. Understanding this series of events sheds some light on those instances where we see Jesus engaged in bitter battle against the jews who He declared were of "their father the devil." It was these Edomites, and, therefore fraudulent Judahites, that Jesus battled and them to whom he attributed "All the righteous blood shed on the earth, from the blood of the righteous Abel, to the blood of Zecharia ...." We gain more insight into the words of Christ when He called them a "brood of vipers" and declared that they were "serpents" and "whited sepulchers" and every other instance where He declared them to be unworthy of His Mercy.

    Modern preachers teach us that it is simply because they were "Pharisees" which became a term of derision presumably because it represents arrogance and religiosity, but were never told that the Pharisees were what they were because they were by nature the sworn enemies of Yahweh. THAT would be too close to the truth and would quickly be declared "anti-semitism" today. For that reason, we should ask ourselves why. "Why is it anti-semitism to teach that jews are not Israelites, but Edomites?" The reason is obvious. It is because, as they say, "the truth hurts!"

    The following scriptures are for your learning. They record the fuller picture of the conspiracy to steal the birthright back (which was allegedly stolen by Jacob) by Esau, and therefore Edom:
    Psalms 83 Ezekiel 35:10-12 Ezekiel 36:5 Obadiah (all) Ezekiel 11:15 Matthew 21:38, 45
    Finally, I will discuss the last great conversion of non-Israelite peoples into jewry, which took place in the peoples of Khazaria in the 6th Century.

    The Khazars

    Arthur Koestler, the author of The Thirteenth Tribe, wrote of an explosive subject in regard to the jews. In his book he documented the history of a nation of people who, after having raped and pillaged their way across the Middle East, finally were driven out and went on to find their way to the southern steps of Russia and founded what came to be known as Khazaria.

    These were a bloodthirsty and rapacious people who were wholly unliked by their neighbors and who lived in a time when there was vast polarization due to religious differences between Muslims and Christians. The nation of Khazaria was right in the geographic middle of these two warring factions.

    The "kagan" of these people decided that Khazaria needed a national religion, so he sent for emissaries from Islam, Christendom, and representatives of Judaism. After having reviewed the precepts of each, and recognizing some genetic similarities between the two peoples (jews and Khazars), they made a politically-wise decision to convert to Judaism. All citizens were converted willingly ... or by force.

    Reader, please note that we are discussing Judaism here and not Mosaism. Judaism was the religion of Canaanite jews, and not Israelites. It was the conversion of this people to the religion of the jews that defined culturally who they were by race.

    While the Khazars, who numbered in the hundreds of thousands, are often described as Japhetic-Turko-Mongolian, it is important that we don't miss out on the finer points of the story.

    First, let's hear what Henry Ford, in his International Jew says about the Khazar people:
    "They are not all [Israelites] who call themselves so today. There is a Tartar strain in so-called jewry today that is absolutely incompatible with true Israelite raciality; there are other alien strains which utterly differ from the true [Israelite]; but until now, these strains have been held because jewish leaders needed vast hordes of low-type people to carry out their world designs."
    I quoted this for two reasons. One, to illustrate that there are within the pseudo-race of the jews more than one race. In the Khazars alone there are several. The main ones of which are identified with Japtheth, a son of Noah, but not a Shemite, and, therefore, NOT an Israelite lineage; and the other lineage is that of the Edomites themselves!

    In The Thirteenth Tribe, Arthur Koestler gives us the connection of Japheth in some great detail as he repeats verbatim the letters of Joseph of the Khazars.

    In the Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. IV (1905), p. 3, it says this:
    "Hasdai ibn Shaprut, who was foreign minister to ... the Sultan of Cordova, in his letter to king Joseph of the Chazars (about 960 A.D.) ... speaks of the tradition according to which the Chazars once dwelt near the Seir Mountains."
    The Seir Mountains are, of course, the ancient homeland of Esau, the father of the Edomites. We must assume that a large influx of Edomite jews flowed into Khazaria after their national conversion. We know from Koestler's book that emissaries were sent to teach the religion of the jews to the people of Khazaria, but this must have been accompanied by large immigration as well. But also, this admission of Joseph to have been of Edomite extraction predates this immigration. So, the people of Khazaria were largely Edomite from the start.

    The Jewish Encyclopedia says that within jewry today, there are two types. One, and by far the largest group, is the Khazars who are called "Ashkenazim" which make up a startling 98% of modern jewry!!! The second group is called "Sephardim" or "Sephardic" jews. It makes up the other two percent.

    The Sephardim are also of Canaanite or Edomite origin, having come from those converts of John Hyrcanus in 125 B.C.

    Consequently, the whole of modern jewry is of Edomite extraction, and NOT of Israelite ancestry. No modern jew is a true Israelite.

    In the last couple of pages I have, tentatively, at least, proven that White Anglo-Saxon people are true Israelites, and that those who claim to be "God's chosen" are, in fact, frauds made up of the enemies of Christ. That is the main point that I need to drive home because it is within framework that we can now look to the ongoing Culture War.

    How much more diabolic and insidious could a people be to actually pretend to be God's chosen just so that they can cause confusion and chaos within the ranks of the true heirs?


    The revolutionary nature of the jew is ancient. We tend to discuss the most recent "Marxist" revolutions, yet neglect the ones that were most successful in the history of the Culture War. I generally laugh when I hear men say that there is an impending "race war" because it is an established fact that we have been involved in a race or culture war since the days of Adam. There have been many battles in this war, but the players are always the same: the descendants of Adam and the descendants of Cain. Remember that the Kennites were descended from Cain, and they were a part of the confederacy known as Canaanites, of whom Edom became genetically mixed. That is the nature of the revolution.

    Another victory in the culture war was won by a group of "priests" who called themselves "Masoretes." The Masoretes were none other than a group of jews who set about gathering ancient scrolls throughout the 3rd through the 9th centuries. It is from these Masoretes that we derive our Masoretic text of the Bible, from which the King James Version comes.


    During the 70 years of Babylonian captivity (of the house of Judah), the true ancient Hebrew became supplanted by the Aramaic. By the time the returnees got back to Jerusalem, many of them could not read the ancient Hebrew so the priests had to read it for them. This was called the Oral Targum. Eventually, even this was written and came to be called the Targums. These were actually written in Aramaic and not true Hebrew.
    "The Aramaic in the time of our Lord had taken the place of genuine Hebrew, as the colloquial language and had usurped its name; the Aramaic is intended by the Hebrew language, or the Hebrew."—Davis Dictionary of the Bible, quoted from Haberman.
    So, the Hebrew we know today is not the Hebrew which existed prior to the Babylonian Captivity. Couple that with the even newer version of Masoretic Hebrew, and we've got a new language. I'll show you.

    The Masoretes, as I said, gathered up ancient texts and designed a new system from the Aramaic, which included "vowel pointing." I'm going to now quote from Eli James on the subject of the Masoretes.
    "It is commonly supposed that the work of the Masoretes was limited to a system of annotation—called pointing—which indicate vowels and annotations for ancient Hebrew manuscripts. "The purpose of annotation, ostensibly, was to establish for posterity the correct pronunciation of each ancient Hebrew word. Thus, it is generally believed that the Masoretic text is nothing more than the ancient Hebrew text that has been 'pointed,' i.e., an ancient Hebrew manuscript to which vowels have been added. "However, it turns out that the undertaking involved alterations of a much more fundamental nature. Indeed, upon the rubble of ancient Hebrew, the Masoretes erected a significantly new language which appears to have been created for the express purpose of facilitating wholesale alteration of the manuscripts of scripture into the new language and in the process taking great liberties. Adam Clark, an 18th century Anglican scholar [made] it clear that the work of the Masoretes is, in reality, a commentary which had been integrated into the body of scripture."
    What this means is that the Masoretic Text, from which the KJV was written, is a totally different language than that of the Paleo-Hebrew (true Hebrew). One need only look at the two languages to note the distinct difference. The Masoretic (or Aramaic) is block-shaped and has an eastern tinge to it, while the Paleo (or true) Hebrew was markedly distinct. The so-called vowel pointers that the Masoretes added are assumed to instruct us where particular vowels are fitted into each word, something which the Paleo-Hebrew did not do. This is the reason the debate over the sacred name, and in turn, offers an entire interpretation of the scripture that never before existed.

    The scriptures, therefore, from that point forward, became of foreign origin and depended solely on Masoretic jewish guidance for interpretation and guidance. How utterly clever!

    Here, we have a people who the scripture identifies as the enemies of Israel, who became jews. After having done that, they used their pseudo-priest status to gain access to the ancient scrolls. Once he gathered them, he rewrote them, and, in doing so, wrote himself into the Bible as "God's chosen" and wrote God's true children out by labeling them "gentiles." This is how the jew has used stealth to corrupt and alter our most holy faith, and it is the reason why so many so-called Christians are confused today. This is how we've found ourselves in the absurd position of seeing most of Christendom referred to as "judeo-Christian" and seeing the rabbis as the ultimate authority on the Bible. With that in mind, let us now go on to the present battlefield in the culture war and see how our people fare.


    Judeo-Christianity is an oxymoron. It is, by definition, the joining of two polar opposites—two things which are diametrically opposed to one another. Judaism is the antithesis of Christianity. So the notion that they can be peacefully reconciled by virtue of a hyhen is absurd. But that's just what today's judaized preachers have done. They've joined Christianity to Judaism ... an act of adultery if ever I've seen one.

    It is from the supplantation of Mosaism with Judaism that we end up believing that somehow Christianity owes its roots to Judaism. Thus, the term Judeo-Christianity. But remember that Judaism began with the pharisees, and the pharisees began with the conversion of Edomites to jewry.

    Nevertheless, the consequent doctrine leaves Christians to believe that jews are special and somehow deserving of our special favor. We, the true Israelites, end up blessing our enemies and cursing ourselves.

    This is the state of current battlefield in the Culture War. It is, by far, the most diabolic front in the war because it's so rife with intrigue and insidious plots. It is a battlefield where only the most studious soldier need fight. That's why men who believe they are doing the right thing but are without spiritual understanding end up doing more harm than good. We need only look so far as our modern pulpits for examples of this.

    Colonel Jack Mohr, a true American Hero, understood the true nature of the struggle, and here's what he had to say about this situation:
    "For those of [you] who have been brainwashed into believing that America has been blessed because we have been good to the jews, as evangelists Falwell and Swaggart aver, let me point out that the era of the greatest regression in morals, spiritual strength, economics, military and political power, has come since we recognized and began to back the Israelis in 1948. It might be well for some of our brainwashed American Christians to ponder II Chronicles 19:2, which says in part ... 'should thou helpest the ungodly, and love them that hate the Lord? Therefore is wrath upon thee from before the Lord.' How can any Christian, minister or layman, love those who spit when our Savior's Name is mentioned and who call Him an 'illegitimate Bastard whose mother was a prostitute'?"—Christians Awake Newsletter, June 1986.
    No, Jack Mohr didn't cut any corners when he spoke of our helping jews. The reason is because he understood and had researched the nature of the jew, and he knew—unlike many Christians today—that jews absolutely detest any mention of Christ. I could actually go on for quite some time explaining the true depth of hatred toward Christianity by jews, but it would better serve us to ask why. Why do jews detest any mention of Christ? I mean, if they were true Judahites, which they are NOT, then why the hatred of all things Christ? No, it goes much deeper than most imagine. Jesus represents the utter annihilation of jews. In Him lives the promise of judgment wherein the tares will be bundled and tossed into the fire. That is what Jesus represents to jews.

    Mohr gave us an example above where preachers taught that we are blessed when we bless jews. But there are more modern examples as well. These preachers, by the way, are also cultural abnegators. They believe that since the jews are God's chosen, then we just run second place in terms of salvation and the Kingdom. As such, if we are gifted the privilege of salvation, then everyone else is too. This is called universalism—a doctrine that would not exist were it not for the jew writing himself into the scriptures.

    Cultural Abnegators have existed for years within the Christian church. Henry Ford referred to Cultural Abnegators as "gentile fronts" when it came to the Culture War. They were groups of people who helped the jews achieve their Marxist agenda either for money or because they were fellow travelers ideologically. Within Christianity, such people are called "Shebazz Goyim," a derisive term used by jews because they recognize in them the treason that their White Christian brethren do not.

    Another shebazz goy is the Reverend John Hagee of San Antonio, Texas, who claims proudly to be a "Zionist." That means he is not an American Patriot but an Israeli patriot. As such, he is a representative of jews and not Christians. Yet, he has a very large church whose pews are filled each weekend with people who believe just as he does: that by blessing the jew, we are blessed. In fact, on the podium at his church there is a large "star of David" crowned by a Christian cross. It suggests a relationship between Judaism and Christianity, which is impossible. The symbol is an affront to the noble sacrifice of our Savior Jesus Christ.

    The Jewish Dialectic (Judaization)

    Observant men have noted the propensity of the jew to refuse assimilation into any Christian society, yet, strangely, Christian societies are full of jews. Jews have always been braggarts, and that's how we are given a glimpse into the jewish dialectic on assimilation. They believe it is easier to train up gentiles in the fine art of thinking like jews. It would be funny if it weren't so effective, particularly in regard to our most cherished cultural institution: Christianity.

    Jewish author, Alan Dershowitz, in his Vanishing American Jew, says this on the subject:
    "Theater critic Walter Kerr, writing as early as 1968, demonstrated the integration of jews into mainstream American life by describing NOT jewish acculturation to gentile culture but rather by gentile adaptation of jewish patterns of thought."
    As I said, jews do love to brag, but even so, it is helpful to be aware of this phenomenon since the only ones who seem to be ignorant of it are the victims.

    Given the jewish refusal to assimilate, we must necessarily assume he takes the same approach to Christianity. I will go a step further and prove that is exactly what jews do. They train up Christians in jewish religious thought patterns.
    "In 1885 jewish leader Lewis Godlove wrote: 'If the mission of Judaism is to bring about the common brotherhood of man, if the doctrines of Judaism are the three named: unity of God, immortality of the soul, and the binding force of the Mosaic moral code, why not take the heroic step and become Unitarians?"—Jory Brooks, The End of Jewish History.
    This strange invitation by rabbi Godlove seems out of character with the jewish ideal until one takes a closer look at it. Notice that it is the "mission of Judaism" and the "doctrines of Judaism" with which the rabbi seems concerned. It is Judaism he has in mind as he instructs jews as far back as the 19th century on how to infiltrate a Christian church, in this case the Unitarian church. He told adherents of Judaism that as good jews, it would be an act of heroism for them to become Unitarians. Not to become Christians, but Unitarians. And why? Because to do so would not violate the precepts and doctrines of Judaism, but at the same time, it would give the appearance of assimilation. What these jews do once they get inside of any church is evident by the state of the Unitarian church today. It is at the forefront of Christian liberalism and in its pews you will find every manner of ungodly, unpretentious filth: homosexuals, jews, muslims, wiccans, odinists, and anything else that is in violation of Biblical Law because that is the hallmark of the modern Unitarian church. It didn't get that way without the influence of the jew I can assure you. Years ago, Henry Ford said that liberal Judaism and liberal Christianity meet, but only at the surrender of all that is distinctly Christian in doctrine. He also said that a liberal Christian is more jewish than Christian, and there is a reason for that. It is because when a Christian becomes judaized, he begins to serve the interest of jews first.

    Listen now to the words of Henry Ford as he describes another jew boasting:
    "Rabbi Isaac M. Wise ... in honor of his 80th birthday ... predicted that in a quarter of a century from that date (1899) there would be practically nothing left in protestant Christianity of a belief in the divinity of Christ or of the distinctive dogmas of Christianity and that all protestant Christians, by whatever name they call themselves, would be substantially jews in belief."
    Now I ask you, what did the good rabbi know that the rest of us did not? I'll tell you. He was aware of a long-standing plan, executed by successive generations of jews, to infiltrate and debase the cultural Institution of Christianity within White Aryan Nations. Jews plot these things. They see them work, and then they brag openly about it. Remember in Chapter 3 where the jew Marcus Eli Ravage bragged about jewish influence in schools, laws, government and churches? He wasn't just talking the talk. He also was aware of the plan.

    Christ's warning to beware the Leaven of the pharisee and sadducee is every bit as important today as it was in His time because in the jew is the nature of the pharisee throughout time immemorial!

    Leaven was to be eschewed because it was jewish doctrine. Leaven, in and of itself, is not necessarily bad. Webster's defines it as "an element that changes or modifies opinion and focus." In this sense, Christianity was a type of leaven. However, when leaven is added to something that is already pure, it represents a corruption of its purity. This is because it causes fermentation. Leviticus 11 forbade the offering of leaven or honey for the same reason.

    It is the leavening process which the Messiah sought to protect against in His warning to beware the leaven of the pharisees and sadducees. Today, we call it the judaization process. It is a watered down, corrupted form of Christianity that is caused by their leaven.

    Rabbi Wise was only one of hundred of his hybridized kinsmen to recognize that this would ultimately happen within Christian churches. Another rabbi, named Martin Siegal, stated in New York Magazine (Jan. 18, 1972):
    "We are now entering a jewish century ... a time when the spirit of the community, the non-ideological blend of the rational and emotional, and the resistance to categories and forms will emerge through anti-nationalism.. .to provide us with a new kind of society. I call this process the judaization of Christianity because Christianity will be the vehicle through which society will become Jewish."
    Now, ask yourself, what kind of people pass this kind of strategy down from one generation to the next? God's chosen? I think not! No, what these people are can only be understood if you are spiritually attuned to the Word of Yahweh.

    Jews have known for centuries that they would subvert and undermine Christianity, just as they knew that it was in their blood to seek out and kill the Christ Child ... it's in their blood!

    Sheep Who Flock with Wolves

    The John Hagees, Pat Robertsons and Jerry Falwells of the judeo-Christian movement will not go unpunished by Yahweh. These Shebazz Goy, or gentile front men for the subversion of Christianity, will pay a hard price for their deeds. I am of the firm belief that they know full well what they are doing. No one is capable of reading the scriptures to any extent and not being made aware of the glaring truths exposed by the prophets and Christ.

    The corrupting influence of Judaism within Christianity effectively neuters it. There are so many ways in which the scriptures have been affected by jewish influence that it is hard to even begin to explain its affects.

    Another jew, Bernard Lazare, wrote a book entitled Anti-Semitism in which he said:
    "The jew seeks to subject everything to himself. He is not content merely to destroy Christianity, but preaches the gospel of Judaism. He not only assails the Catholic and Protestant faiths, but he incites their followers to unbelief, and then imposes on those whose faith he has been able to undermine, his own concepts of the world, of morality and life. He is engaged in an historic mission, which is the annihilation of the religion of Jesus Christ."
    Those are pretty profound statements and would be extremely powerful had not dozens of his kinsmen already said the same thing throughout the years. Please notice here, however, that Mr. Lazare states that the mission of jews is historic and has one goal: to destroy Christianity. Still believe that jews are God's chosen?

    I want to quickly illustrate a rabid hatred within jewry toward anyone who is not jewish, but particularly Christians. In the communist textbook Psychopolitics, published in Russia in 1933, we are told that the Culture War, in terms of Christianity, is to be engaged thusly:
    "We have battled in America since the turn of the century, to bring to nothing any and all Christian influence .... While today we seem to be kind to Christians, remember that we have not yet influenced them to our ends. When that is done, you will see an end to them everywhere. You must work until religion is synonymous with insanity. You must work until the officials of city, county, and state governments will not think twice before they pounce on religious groups as enemies."
    I think it is safe to say that the goals spoken of in Psychopolitics have been reached. Remember Waco? Ruby Ridge? The Mormons in El Dorado, Texas? All of these religious groups were pounced on by the heavy hand of government, and all of them were talked about as if they were insane for believing as they did. Religion is becoming the laughing stock and the mainstay of social rejects in society today. No, they are not mentally ill, but they are certainly portrayed that way, and more and more are being forced to defend their faith or shut up about it in public.

    Everything "Christian" in society today is becoming unacceptable. The pledge of allegiance, religious monuments in courthouses or on public lands. This is a war on the culture of Whites, for they are the Christians!
    "The war against Christian symbols represents a war on memory itself—and an intolerant effort to eradicate all prominent reminders of the faith-based heritage of their civilization."—Michael Medved, "A War on Memory," USA Today, June 18, 2007.
    So, even the mainstream press write articles on the issue. They recognize it as a war against the founding race and their Culture. It is that culture that is being erased, demonized, and replaced with that of jewish Marxist Egalitarianism, which is the culture of Canaanite jews.

    Judaization of Christianity creates a religion that has no resemblance to true Christianity. It results in lawlessness because it teaches that the Law given to ancient Israel (our ancestors) is no longer valid. We attribute that to Protestantism, but, in reality, it is the result of judaization within Christianity. This is clearly a process of an historical nature.

    Lawlessness results in total chaos. If there is no law, there is no sin since sin is defined as violation of the law. Believe it or not, this is the accepted doctrine of many churches nowadays. There is a general denial of what is termed as absolute truth. Absolute truth no longer exists because God doesn't exist in the hearts of people.

    The resultant fallout is seen in every sphere of Aryan Culture: Multi-Culturalism and mongrelization on an unprecedented scale. Not just in terms of race, but in terms of all things. For example, crop rotation is the alternate to land Sabbaths, and the result is found in hybridized seed. Now, there is no seed that is not controlled by government that is not sterile. Hybridization of animals, plants, human/pig organ transplants and every manner of adulteration is taking place today in the absence of Biblical Law. It brings to mind the scripture from the book of Jasher, "And it was when man continued to rebel and transgress against God, and to corrupt their ways, that the earth also became corrupt."—Jasher 2:9.

    But, like the earth experienced a proliferation of the effects of man's sins, so does our culture—every aspect of it— xperience the results of the assault on the religion of the people.

    That is why when religion fails, when it is effectively undermined, the race of the people will soon collapse, and if not the race, most definitely the civilization in which those people dwell. The nation cannot survive the collapse of its religion. Period.

    Everywhere Christianity is under assault. And almost no whisper in its defense from the Watchmen. Where are the bold soldiers for Christ? Where are the 3000 who would not bow their knee to Baal?

    In the Republic Trading Group website, I read an article that reminded me of the current state of Christendom. It states:
    "The holidays are here which means that public school teachers across America are presenting their 'winter programs' with music selected to challenge students and delight parents, but too often sacrificing artistic music to avoid singing of the Bethlehem Babe. One program I attended featured songs about Santa, chimneys, and reindeer, plus five Hanukkah tunes and one Kwanza melody—even though the school had only one (non-practicing) jewish family, and not a single African American. Ninety musical minutes with nary a note about Jesus."
    Does anyone besides me see the sheer insanity of this? Whites now go out of their way to avoid any mention of Christian themes, all the while climbing all over themselves to please other races and cultures—even when they aren't there to witness it.

    But that is how badly the side of Christ, and therefore White Culture is losing in this battle. Over all the ages, finally the children of satan can smell victory.

    Look at these statistics (courtesy of New Covenant Messenger):
    26% of "born again" Christians believe that all religions are basically the same;
    59% believe that a life of good works will get you to heaven;
    35% do not believe that Christ physically rose from the dead;
    52% do not believe that the holy spirit is a living entity;
    45% do not believe that satan exists;
    10% believe in reincarnation;
    29% believe it is possible to communicate with the dead;
    33% accept same-sex marriage;
    39% believe that it is morally acceptable to live together before marriage;
    52% of all people involved in divorce claim to be Christians.

    This is the sign of a nation in the final throes of spiritual death. General religious apostasy toward Yahweh is at epidemic proportions, and it appears that the culture war is lost.

    Christianity is the most important front in the Culture War. When you hear jews plotting and planning their strategy, you will always find that the primary front in that war is Christianity.

    Christians need to understand this fact as well. Christianity is the one stabilizing force that can maintain the nation in times of calamity. It is supposed to be sacrosanct and inviolable. Our bulwark against the evil forces of the world.

    The jew understands that the only means at your disposal to beat him is through Christ. That is why he attacks your belief!

    If White Adamic Christians are to win in the Culture War, they must begin to return to the God of their ancestors, wholly and without reservation. All remnants of jewish thought must be eradicated from the Christian faith, and the LAW must be restored. Then, and only then, can White man begin to see progress in the other areas of the war on culture. Though I discussed the areas of Law, education and media in this booklet, I saved the front of religion for last because it is—in the end—the only one that matters. When Christians begin to repent of their sins, nationally, and call out to Yahweh, He will restore the nation. The restoration of Christian values within the Aryan Nations will be the precursor to all other fronts being won.
    "If My people who are called by My Name will humble themselves, and seek My Face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and forgive their sins and heal their land."—II Chron. 7:14.

    Many will, no doubt, tell me that what started out as a good booklet ended up as an indictment of jews. I admit, it was difficult to get through the first two chapters without indicting a single jew. But if you'll look closely, you'll see their names there. I just faced the facts. A true soldier will say what he knows to be fact and pray that the Creator of the universe will not find him wanting. I would hate to go before the Creator one day only to hear Him ask, "Why did you withhold the truth?"

    Some will say, "But all jews aren't bad!" Well, be that as it may, I try to adhere to the old axiom that "not all communists are jews, but all jews are communists." Certainly at the root of every single attack against White Culture is a jew. It is what they do, and I am thoroughly convinced that they have no control over it whatsoever.

    In the same way, one can see that every jew is an egalitarianist. Remember lesson two? That's spelled "COMMUNIST." I don't like it any more than you, but I didn't write the Plan. Yahweh did. I will, however, play out the role designated to me. I will not be brainwashed into neglecting my role in the most important battle in the history of the world.

    I also try to always remember the words of Adolf Hitler, who noticed the same phenomenon amongst the jew to always be in the center of White culture. He said:
    "What soon gave me cause for very serious consideration were the activities of the jews in certain branches of life ... was there any shady undertaking, any form of foulness, especially in cultural life, in which at least one jew did not participate? In putting the probing knife into that kind of abscess, one discovered, like a maggot in a putrescent body, a little jew who was often blinded by the sudden light."
    These may seem like very ugly and harsh words to someone who has not read the whole of Mein Kampf, but I assure you they were well-earned by the jews who had despoiled German culture.

    Hitler talked about jewish national culture, which was embodied in "Zionism" that he claimed asserted the idea of Judaism onto German society. The resultant chaos was much the same as what we've seen in America today—only in Hitler's day, people were not so hardened to evil.

    Prostitution, smut and general lawlessness were not the ideal in Hitler's Germany. Yet, it was being spewed out by jewish media, and it affected German society to such a degree that it flowed over into the streets. He was repulsed because he was a decent man. Yes, I said decent man! Read Mein Kampf and see if the morality of Adolf Hitler is paralleled in any modern leader of our nation. You won't find it.

    The only way that we will se through the "wiles of the devil" as it were, is to learn from examples of the past. But those examples have been demonized by our modern censors. See—so long as the censors say it's bad, people don't read it or talk about it. Therein lies the true power of the media: the power to keep something from going to print or from ever being read! Eli James says that the first soldier to engage the enemy is the editor. Why should it be any different in the Culture War?

    It is because of the negative slant of the editor that White Culture has developed into a Culture of guilt. It is because of the editor that we don't read the works of our true racial heroes, like Hitler. They've all been demonized as either evil racists or bigots.

    In terms of the war on memory, as we discussed briefly in Chapter Four, we can see that it is also being utilized against our heroes. Heroes are an aspect of folk culture! In a recent article in USA Today, an author talked about how our nation's schools are being renamed. The names of our heroes, such as Robert E. Lee or Nathan Bedford Forrest, are being removed from the schools and are being given culturally ambiguous names taken from nature. A school is now more likely to be named after a tree, or a body of water, or even an animal, but never after a White hero.

    We can also notice a trend toward the destruction of all White cultural monuments and symbols. On college campuses across the country, we see Civil War monuments being removed, and in some cases being replaced by others not of our race—an act of Cultural Imperialism, to be sure.

    At the University of Texas at Austin, I recently read an article where the statue of Stephen F. Austin was in controversy. What is controversial about him? He was involved in a war for freedom of Whites. That is controversial and not to be tolerated in this judaized society.

    Also, the symbols of our people are under assault. The biggest battle being fought today is over the so-called "rebel flag," which was the battle flag of the south. Our government vociferously attacks it in the tradition of Demented Cultural Abnegators, and already the soldiers on our side are in retreat. The Battle flag has been removed from the Capitol Dome and placed on the grounds. It's less conspicuous that way. But any way one looks at it, it is an assault on culture. Don't get me wrong, there are some good men involved in the fight for White Culture. Men like Kirk Lyons who fights daily within the judaized courts to win for White Culture, but the battle is joined in corrupt courts.

    The same can be said about our government. It is filled to the brim with Cultural Abnegators who crawl all over themselves to please everyone but their own racial kinsmen, and this to their own detriment! It doesn't have to be an issue that is dealt with or viewed in terms of "race," per se, but leaders must use their God-given intelligence to lead and to make decisions that will affect their nation. One does not place a basketball player in the position of rocket science simply because he exhibits good propulsion techniques.

    Listen to this quote form John Tait, in the Nationalist Times, Nov-Dec. 2008:
    "The methodical destruction of our race is the worst crime that the U.S. Government can commit. A nation can survive economic uncertainty, unnecessary wars, or a reduction of rights. Such wrongs can be made right. Destruction of one's race, however, if brought to its conclusion, is final."
    It is within the purview of government that White culture is being legislated into oblivion. There are still very few non-Whites in the sphere of government, so why is it that our own people seek our destruction? It is baffling.

    The fact is it is the presence of quasi-Whites (spelled JEWS) within our government who manipulate other Whites to sponsor their own demise.

    We now have a black president. I won't spend time talking about him because others are doing that quite well. I want to concentrate on what social ills precipitated his arrival into the highest political office in the world. What strange quirk within our national character allowed this farce to take place?

    The fact is that it is being said that the election of Barack Hussein Obama, a negro, to the office of president is the long-awaited coming home of the revolution of the '60s. Certainly it fits. The '60s sparked a revolution that has had devastating affects on our society. Free love, Multi-Culturalism, and drugs were the hallmarks of that revolution. Vast strides have been made since then in the area of "freedom," and these with the help of social activist groups such as the NAACP, the ADL, SPLC, MECHA, LA RAZA, LULUA, MaLDeF, and ACORN. All of which were funded by government and most of which were organized with the help of JEWS! The NAACP was founded in 1909 by jews and did not even have a black president until 1979, an astonishing 70 years after its formation.

    It was through these types of groups and their community activism that enabled a negro to be elected to the office of president. He, himself, says he was involved in community organizing (activism) in Chicago. In fact, laughably, that was his claim to administrative experience!

    Were it not for the presence of jews in American society, we would not have these problems today. Look back to your childhood for a glimpse of what it was like to live in a wholesome White world where you could leave your door and car unlocked, and neighbors knew each other, went to church together, and trusted each other. It's quite a change from the world in which we live today where White women cannot walk the streets in certain areas without the fear of being raped and where certain areas of the city are forbidden to Whites after dark. That is what the fallacy of blessing the jew gets us. Until we realize it, we are doomed!

    If Whites are to achieve victory in the War on Culture, they MUST recognize their ancestral and eternal enemy: the jew. In recognition of that, he will return to Yahweh with a whole heart. Until that day, I will continue to pray for my racial Nation with all earnest!

    Hail Christ's Victory!


    About the Author

    Allen Truitt is a Pastor for the Church of Jesus Christ Christian of Texas, and has been a student of the Christian Identity Theology for over 16 years. He is a student of the American Institute of Theology and holds an ordination from the Church of the National Knights as well.

    He is currently the co-editor of the Sacred Nation newsletter which is in its fourth year of publication and was the editor of Der Weltanschauung for three years prior to that. He has written dozens of articles, which have been widely published and is the author of two other booklets, A Common Sense Approach to Race Mixing and All Israel, which are distributed by the author.