• Survival or Victory?

    Survival or Victory?

    To Hell with Survival—We Will Only Be Satisfied with Victory!

    by Buddy Tucker

    During the 1950's the atomic bomb fear swept our nation, and the idea of survival sprang into being. This new ideology gave birth to a wide variety of innovations from the fall-out shelter to survival foods. Our people's indominable spirit of conquering new worlds was ridiculed as imperialism and colonialism. In its place was extoled the defensive, defeatism of survival. People were told about all the evils that would destroy them and that if they wanted to come through the assault, then they would have to start making preparations to hide out. The constant theme was Retreat, Run Away, Get Lost in the mountains, and be low-profile. Some of these pathetic souls went so far as packing all kinds of provisions in the mountains by mule trains, and then only to have the bears destroy all their stuff.

    These panders of survival-fear are parroting the enemies' propaganda. Our foe's desire is for us to leave our homes, land and communities. He wants to drive all opposition out into the wilderness or underground. Only a conquered people go underground, or run away. Therefore, these prophets of doom and gloom admit through their counsel that America is already a conquered providence. If this is true, no one will be safe anywhere. The same path that took the pack mules into the mountains will also take the enemy's forces to your front door.

    If America is a conquered providence, then we can never regain freedom by running away or any defensive method. We must be offensive. We must attack and fight, in order to win. Battles are never won in retreat. If America is not yet a conquered providence, then why quit and flee, thereby allowing it to become one without a fight from you.

    Our N.E.W.S. movement is not geared up for survival. We will not accept anything but complete VICTORY! I refuse to live in a conquered, Jew-Communist province.

    I will never be ruled by Jews, and forced to commit treason against nature and its God by allowing racial integration-mongreliration. I will never be satisfied with hiding out when our people cry out for deliverence. The blood of a heroic race of world conquerers wells up in my veins and causes me to rise up. I am not alone, but have been joined by MEN across America. We will never run away and abandon our people in order to survive—save our own hides.

    WAKE-UP—We will either win this war, or else no white man will survive to see his own grandchildren usher in the 21st century. The dye is cast. We only have one direction in which to move. We can't survive if we don't take the offensive, attack the enemy on every front, and use every weapon available. Force and violence will not be talked into defeat, but must be driven out through our actions.

    We have been undergoing a severe separation in our party. The COWARDS have already fled for refuge. The true men have stepped forward and fill the ranks. I was constantly being counseled to be more conservative. The counselors belong to the 19th century, and that is why they have never led our people anywhere except in retreat. They are not men enough to rise up and move foreward to engage the enemy so they constantly give ground at the foe's approach. There is no ground left to give, except the ground of self-respect, racial pride, and a glorious heritage. Our survival will never be bought at the price of subject slaves. The N.E.W.S. Party refuses to be the dispossed majority, but we will be the possessors OR else we will not be.

    There is a new day dawning. It will be a day of great struggles, where men will again be men filled with a heroic spirit. The cowardly cur will have already tucked his tail between his legs and Yelpingly run away. The battle lines will be arrayed for the final contest between light and darkness, white and colored, government by aliens or the divine Kingdom that our forefathers began centuries ago. This day will become an ordeal by fire, and all who walk through it will be great among men. They will be purified, tried, tested, and proven true. These heros will become the administrators in the most sublime government ever to be established upon this earth.

    No more will this be a government of people, by people, and for people, but America will become a new land of peace and prosperity under a new government of God, by God, and for the glory of God! The signers of the Mayflower Compact stated that they made their voyage to America "For the glory of God", and the fruit of our nation will be true to its roots.

    We have too noble a heritage, and glorious a future to be sold on the slavish, suicidal program of survival. Our forefather's spirit wells within us and we will only be satisfied with total VICTORY! AMEN!!!
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