• Nazis and Jews

    Nazis and Jews
    by James K. Warner

    I realize that the subject of this article is indeed, a touchy one. However, in view of recent events taking place in France, Europe and the United States, I believe it is one that most be broached.

    At the present time there are several court cases going on in Germany over the "Holocaust". German author, Heinz Roth, has been found guilty of "... slander and defamation ...", because he distributed material proving that the Anne Frank Diary was a hoax. He was given a $250,000.00 fine or six months in jail by a "German" court. His case is now on appeal to the Supreme Court in Karlsruhe, Germany.

    A recent article in the Jewish Chronicle (Nov. 14, 1980, p. 3) indicated that if the German Supreme Court upheld the conviction of Roth, the Jews in England would bring a similar suit against Richard Verrall, who they claim wrote Did Six Million Really Die? under the pen name Richard E. Harwood. Jews have also burned down the printing plant of the English Historical Review Press!

    The Jews are becoming extremely touchy on the subject of the "Holocaust" and the revisionists tearing it apart. An investigative group (Government) in West Germany recently issued a report saying that the Diary of Anne Frank was written with a type of ink not invented until the 50's!!! As the exposé of the "Holocaust" hoax grows, the Jews are taking desperate steps to stop all discussion and dissent on it. They realize that when the "Holoaust" hoax is totally exposed the Jews will lose the support of many of the people they have fooled over the years and it could bring an end of the State of Israel. They realize that the State of Israel is built on a myth, and have been counting on the false guilt complex they have instilled in non-Jews, to help them maintain their present position in world affairs.

    We certainly can have no doubt that the National Socialist movement, in Germany, was for the German Teutonic race. They were certainly for the survival and betterment of that branch of the White race. From all the material we can find, we can find no indication that their movement intended to incorporate other branches of the White race within its sphere of influence.

    The National Socialist régime was the only government in recorded history that was openly for the White "Aryan" race. They believed in a policy of Germany for the Germans and their racial laws were built around excluding other races from participating in the affairs of their state.

    The government of Germany realized that the Jews were troublemakers and could not keep out of the affairs of other people. Hitler believed that the Jews had a right to their own state and the right to protect their own race. All he asked was that they should leave Germany, and eventually Europe, and settle in a state of their own. The Germans and French both believed that Madagascar would be the ideal place for the Jews to establish their Jewish state. At the time the National Socialists assumed power in Germany, the Jewish run Soviet Govemment had already set up a state for the Jews within the Soviet Union, and that was Biro Bidjan. However, it failed because very few Jews would go there and do the necessary work needed to carve their own civilization out of the wilderness.

    The Germans wanted to get the Jews out of Europe and to Palestine as quickly as possible. They had NO intention of "exterminating" the Jews. The "final solution" meant relocating them in their own state.

    Articles in Middle East Perspective (Nov. 1979) and Jewish Guardian (Nov. 1978) have, with documentation, gone into the co-operation between the Zionists and Nazis from 1932 until 1945. The New York Times (Sept. 17. 1935) said, "Nazi sympathy for Zionism" was expressed in the Nuremburg laws (Sept. 15, 1935) which said, "The Swastika standard and the blue and white flag of Zionism in the future will be the only flags tolerated in the Third Reich."

    In 1933 the Nazi government set up a deal with the World Zionist Congress to reimburse Jews for up to 50,000 Reichsmarks in German goods for their property when they arrived in Palestine. The Jews were given the exclusive distributorship of German goods in Palestine! This agreement was announced at the World Zionist Congress in 1933.

    When the Jews refused to leave Germany of their own free will, Zionist leaders urged the Nazis to "put pressure on" to get hem to leave. The Hagana appointed one Feivel Polkes to represent them in this matter. He was the link between German, French intelligence and the Zionists. On Oct. 10 and 11, 1937, a Hagana Report says, "Polkes then praised the results of the anti-semitic terror in Germany: "Nationalist Jewish circles expressed their great joy over the radical German policy towards the Jews, as this policy would increase the Jewish population over the Arabs in the forseeable future."

    Eichmann made frequent trips between Berlin and Palestine and spoke fluent Yiddish. Whether, he was a Jew by race is a debatable question.

    It is however, a fact not denied by the Jews, that the Jewish leadership in Europe WILLINGLY worked with the Nazis in rounding up Jews to go to the concentration camps, as they believed their brothers would go from the camps to Palestine. However, many Jews bought their way out of the concentration camps and went to the United States, South America and Canada instead of to the "Promised Land." The same thing Russian Jews are doing today!

    Jews also supplied the majority of the guards in the Ghettos and Kapos (Jewish Police) in the concentration camps. The Warsaw Ghetto had over 200 Jewish police.

    (We will go into the farce of the Warsaw Ghetto in a future CDL Report. The Jews admit that before the Germans took action against them and destroyed the Warsaw Ghetto, they (Jews) were carrying guerilla warfare against the Germans and using the Ghetto as their base of operation. The Germans could not allow this to go on and had to put a stop to it. The official Stroop Report (Maj. Gen. Jürgen Stroop) gives the number of Germans fighting the Jews in the Ghetto as around 1,400. The Jews would have or believe that a horde of Nazis attacked them with superior weapons. The Nazis had one out-dated French tank they had captured and two cannons! The "SS" troops taking on the Jews were new recruits and rejects, according to Stroop.)

    The truth of the matter is, is that the Nazi and Jewish leaders had the same racial ideals in mind. The Nazis wanted a White European state and the Jews, a Jewish Palestinian state. Both were racist. The Germans took the Jews at their word and believed they could work with the Jews in finding an honorable solution to the Jewish problem. However, due to the war most of the Jews never made it to Palatine but were put to work in factories at the concentration camps and in war industries (see Did Six Million Really Die? for documentation on this). An epidemic of typhus and other diseases spread throughout war-torn Europe and along with Germans, Russians and other Europeans a number of Jews DID die from disease. This is a fact. However, dying from disease is a lot different from being killed by "gassing"—which never took place.

    As the Germans started losing the war and the Jews found they could make no more gains from their Nazi/Zionist alliance, they coldly decided to take advantage of the situation, and created the "Holocaust" myth. Former president of the World Jewish Congress, Dr. Nahumam Goldmann said, "I doubt if we would have a Jewish state today, if it had not been for the Nazi period." (Daily Telegraph, Nov. 11, 1978). The Jewish Zionist leadership is desperately trying to keep this information from coming to light. Their whole "Holocaust" myth is built upon a lie.

    The Jews have been racists as long as recorded history can reveal. Even though they have become a mixed race over the centuries, their inbreeding has moulded them into a new "mini race" which shares the same racial characteristics world wide.

    All of the Jewish laws in the Talmud are built around the segregation of and survival of the Jewish race. Anyone reading the six volume History of the Jews by Graetz, can see this with no difficulty. The Jews invented the Ghettos to keep themselves separated from the "goyim" to help maintain their racial "purity".

    The ultimate goal of the Zionist-Jewish leadership was the survival of the JEWISH RACE. Jewish leaders felt that Jews who claimed to be "Germans", "French", "Italian", etc., were traitors and would have to be brought back into the Jewish fold—with force if necessary.

    The Jewish leadership was only too happy to work with the Nazis to force errant Jews back into the fold. Knowing that WWII was on its way and that the coastal cities of Europe would be bombed. Zionist leaders were only too glad to have their kinsmen rounded up and shipped several hundred miles inland to safe concentration camps in Poland, far from the bombs of the allies. They never considered that the Germans would have a labor shortage and need their help. They also never had in mind that the allies would, through their bombing raids, bring almost all transport to a standstill, thus making it impossible for the Jews to move towards the "Promised Land." That the safety of the Jews was uppermost in the minds of the Nazi leadership was born out when Jewish prisoners from Poland and Russia were shipped en masse to Germany at the end of the war. They certainly could have been liquidated in Poland—the Germans weren't that short on ammunition. However, the Germans tied up vitally needed rail transportation to get the Jews from Poland to Germany. The arrival of the Jews at the German concentration camps in 1945 is a well-documented fact.

    With nothing to gain in defending their former allies, the Jews found it to their advantage to turn on the Nazis with a vengeance. Both Hannah Arendt (Eichmann in Jerusalem) and Ben Hecht (Perfidy) attest to the fact of the Nazi/Zionist co-operation and to the fact that the average rank and file Jew was NOT aware of the situation. The only Jews aware of the Nazi/Zionist alliance were the Zionist Jewish leadership in Europe and Palestine.

    So, it was an easy task for the Jewish leadership to point at the disease ridden corpses in the concentration camps and cry, "extermination" and under the hectic circumstances of those last days of the war, for both non-Jews and Jews to draw FALSE CONCLUSIONS after looking at what they earnestly BELIEVED to be "gassed" Jews.

    Once the Jews had turned on their former allies and denounced them, there was no turning back. The Jews knew that the Nazis had to be persecuted with a burning hatred, so their own people, as well as the non-Jews would be totally convinced of what they believed to be "horrible atrocities."

    The Zionist leadership has continued this vendetta of hate without letup, and continues it today. Authors like David Irving (not a Jew) and others have offered rewards to anyone who can prove the Jews were "gassed" or that Hitler ever planned to "exterminate" the Jews. No one has produced as much as one shread of EVIDENCE that would stand up in a court of law.

    The German government under Hitler was HONORABLE and tried to solve the "Jewish Problem" in a proper, civilized manner by re-settling the Jews in a land of the own. Their great mistake was in believing that the Jews were decent honorable people.

    That was their fatal mistake.