• The American Farmer: 20th Century Slave

    The American Farmer: 20th Century Slave
    by James Wickstrom

    The American farmer, has finally begun to awaken from his sleep by the sudden shock of reality. In all the years that the farmer has warred and toiled, trying to be successful in working his land, he has lost his battle for survival not only for himself but his family and his once Chriitian republic. To whom has the farmer lost this battle—none other than the MONEY BARONS who hold the mortgages on the farmers' property and equipment and, at this moment, are on the verge of foreclosing.

    Pouring gas on the already blazing fire, the farmer, in a desperate attempt to save "something," turns to the present "man god" that everyone seems to ackpowledge at this late date in time: THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. The farmer feels Reagan and his boys will help them, not realizing that the federal government is one of the primary reasons he is in such a desperate financial situation. In essence, it's like asking Satan (the federal government) to help save him from the very situation that Satan got him into in the first place.

    In the very near future there will be a grab for land in America, making the Northern carpetbaggers and their deeds after the Civil War look like small potatoes. Today's land grabbing devils (John 8:42-47) have the approval of Big Brother, the federal government. Now evil men once again intend to financially and morally rape the CHRISTIAN AMERICAN PEOPLE—and worse than they did in the crash of 1929.

    The traitors controlling the federal government are going to strengthen their hands under the cloak of HUMAN RIGHTS and JUSTICE first in the manipulation of the farmer. Soon all Americans will acquiesce to the loss of their inalienable right, the right to own any land in the United States as the Constitution entitles them to do. This is federalism in full swing!

    Two treaties, if passed by the U.S. Senate, would allow the government to SEIZE ALL PRIVATELY OWNED PROPERTY:
    1. The United Nations Covenant on Civil and Political Rignts. 2. The United Nations Covenant on Economical, Social, and Cultural Rights.
    In order to verify the above information send a request to your Senator for copies. If he is still on the side of the people, he will send the evidence to you.

    One would think that if the American farmer were in serious financial difficulty, the federal government would come running to assist them, just like they do for the airlines, Chrylser Corporation, tobacco companies, railroads, and steel industries, to name a few.

    THE BANKS AND FEDERAL LOAN AGENCIES ARE WORKING HAND IN HAND, foreclosing on thousands of farms right now in America. They are, in essence, nationalizing farms as the farmer becomes a tenant slave on the land he once owned. After stealing the farmer's land, they have the gall to then ask the farmer to remain and run the farm for a modest $200 per week (if he's lucky) as their SERF, BONDSERVANT, or SLAVE.

    The farmer lost his battle years age when he LISTENED to and TRUSTED in Uncle Sam's super plans to personally expand the American farmers' potential so he could feed the whole world. The farmer buried himself in debt to the lending institutions by buying more land and more equipment. These actions by the farmer DEMANDED VERY HIGH INTEREST (usury), a direct violation of God's law (Deuteronomy 23:19).

    Now that the farmer was in debt up to his ears, the bankers who control the land and money values started to increase the value of the farmer's land in order to delude the farmer into thinking he was really getting ahead. The money-changers, regulating the value of real estate, have done this only to allow the farmer to get further ensnared by the international bankers' web through means of heavier financial obligations. This is, in reality, robbing him of his hard-earned substance under the pretext of law. The tapering off of land values is the straw that is breaking the farmer's back. THE BANKERS HAVE THE FARMER'S LAND TIED UP LOCK, STOCK, AND BARREL.

    The time has finally come to pay off the notes PLUS all of the UNGODLY INTEREST, but the farmer hasn't any credit or money to do so. The banks and federal loan agencies are committing treason, extortion, and outright theft under the guise Of LAW. They are doing the stealing under the pretense of being legal in the eyes of the local, state, and federal governments (man's laws), which IS OPPOSED to and in contravention with God's law. Helping them are the Phariseeic lawyers whose origins and nature we are only beginning to understand.

    The banks are now driving down the price of land for the final death blow before the farmers and their families are thrown into the street with nothing. Joel 1:4 fortells the dilemma of the farmer in the following words:
    That which the palmerworms (lenders) hath left hath the locust (federal taxes) eaten; and that which the locust hath left hath the cankerworm (state taxes) eaten; and that which the cankerworm hath left hath the caterpillar (hidden taxes and government agents) eaten. (Read in harmony also Luke 12:54-59).
    The farmer looks to the federal government, thinking it is going to help him, but this is just wishful thinking. The federal government follows a WELL REGULATED PLAN that goes hand in hand with the money barons who pay off the politicians that control the prices of the farm crops, to ensure that the farmer never gets ahead, no matter how hard he tries, then the farmer sells his hard-earned, SELF-INVESTED crops to the local cooperative, in turn practically giving the crops to our enemies for next to nothing. Since the farmer also pays taxes, his tax money is given to his enemy, who in turn uses it to purchase the farmer's grain, dirt cheap.

    America is in a severe, but deliberately created financial crisis. The farmer, as a last resort, is turning to the federal government which, in reality, is part of the "beast system" mentioned in the Bible. Instead of getting on his knees and begging Jesus the Christ to help him, his family and his Christian nation, the Christian believer is neutered by his preacher into believing it is morally wrong to be ACTIVELY OPPOSED to these evils prevailing in our land. In turning to the federal government, the farmer is saying to Jesus, "The federal government will take care of me and my family, I don't need you." (Matt. 6:24). Instead, the preachers should be telling the people:
    If my people which are called by my name (Christians) shall humble themselves, and pray: and seek, my face and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. (2 Chron. 7:14).
    During the depression of 1929, created by the Jew money barons, the FEDERAL RESERVE CORPORATION (a privately owned entity) took a great deal of money out of the business market, thus creating a severe money shortage. The depression followed. There were goods to be bought and men to work, but there was no money. The bankers controlled the money which they then used to buy up property at a fraction of the normal value.

    In 1929, 26% of White Christian America lived on farms and had their own gardens, cows, chickens, wells, and wood stoves and thereby could still survive. But today, only 3% live on farms. Things are much different. Heavy multiple taxes and complex zoning laws throughout America have further made it impractical for the small farmer to continue his past means of sustaining himself and his family. For many a farmer (but by no means all) his once fierce pride in personal achievement and independence, based upon the true foundation of Christian convictions and national pride, has faded away. Forced to conform to the federal scheme of things or face severe penalties he is now at the end of his rope. Many farmers have come to the conculsion that it's the political leaders of this country who need to be in this position (on the end of the rope).

    The farmer HAS BEEN MILKED DRY, while his sons have been sent off to fight no-win wars and die in the rice paddies of Asia. Daughters have been run off by cleverly calculated economic pressure designed to DESTROY THE FAMILY AS A UNIT throughout our society. If the independent, self-made farmer refused to conform to the will of the oppressor, he was reprimanded, fined, or pushed off of his land by one or more measures brought upon him by the various bureaucratic offices.

    The White Christian American now stands as a SERF upon the soil his forefathers fought, bled, and died to give him so he could have life, liberty, and property in the pursuit of happiness upon the sure "Rock" of Christian law.

    The White Christian American will soon be forced to surrender all or fight. If he chooses to fight against the taskmaster, those resisting will find themselves cut off from food supplies, materials, and support of any kind. Presidential Executive Order #11921, dated June 11, 1976. states that the federal government may confiscate any or all survival foods or materials during a national emergency—but the White House fails to classify "national emergency." This Executive Order also calls for a total dispersement of the "inner city" population into the countryside (guess who the government is bringing to supper). A copy of this Executive Order may be obtained through your library or Senator, but they might not be too anxious to help you obtain it.

    The farmers must prepare to defend their families and their land with their lives or surrender it all. In Luke 19:27, Jesus said, "Bring mine enemies before me and slay them." Jesus REDEEMED OUR people with His blood, and the time is drawing near for us when we shall have the opportunity to follow Him in redeeming our beloved Christian Republic. We must establish this country under God's laws, even if it means losing our life for Him. The scripture promises, "He that loseth his life for my sake shall find it." (Matt. 10:39).

    Well, farmers and fellow Christians, what will it be—liberty with God's law or enslavement? The decision is yours to make.
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