• Obie & Visser Dead?

    Pulled Announcement From Main Feed:

    Hello again, dear kinsfolk!

    This is Pastor Visser of Covenant People's Ministry and Church located in Brooks, Georgia. Wanting to invite you once again to swing by every Wednesday night at 7 P.M. Eastern Standard Time where Obadiah and myself will be broadcasting.

    It looks as if we WILL be broadcasting tomorrow at seven ( I believe I can say as such ) although it's been quite difficult for us to be able to reach the outside world.

    As many of you may know, that Georgia ( at least southern Georgia where we’re living in Brooks ) has been being bombarded with flooding and indeed it hasn't stopped raining for even three weeks, it seems like. It’s even raining right now as I broadcast.

    So, without Obadiah 1:18 I unfortunately will NOT be broadcasting but I would like to invite you to swing by our website covenantpeoplesministry.org and thechristianidentityforum.net to stay abreast of the situation ( and so forth ). As it stands, it looks like I wasn't able to actually contact him in time. That’s my bad on my part so hopefully ya'll will swing by around 7 o'clock!

    I appreciate the few who DID show up although I don't know how you did because we never really sent out an announcement but it's good to see you guys papacat and Unkosher ( and so forth ) so just letting you know tomorrow seven and if not next Wednesday 7 P.M. Eastern Standard Time another “Obadiah 1:18 and Visser show.”

    Until next time, dear kinsfolk! This is Pastor Visser from the heart of the Dirty South wishing you and yours great studies.

    War for Christ! Amen.


    Note: This is a transcript of a CPM Pulled Announcement
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